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Adam comments on a recent Dove commercial he saw about self esteem, and gets into an intense discussion with Alison and Bryan about how you would tell your obese kid to get in better shape. The guys also play a round of Made Up Movie and break down some Kenny Rogers classics.

Ultraman Rich Roll enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about why the Iron Man competition is such a specific distance. He chats about running five of his own Iron Mans, on five islands in five days. Adam also asks him about the vegan lifestyle, and Rich discusses how Adam’s podcast helped him break through during his training.

Today’s news opens with a story about texting while driving. A new case is asking whether or not the person who texted you while you were driving is to be blamed for your accident. Adam suggests this sort of thing will only happen more frequently now that technology makes driving easier and thus more likely to be distracted. The show wraps up with a conversation about the Unabomber’s Harvard reunion.


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Dove Commercial

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  1. Aaron

    I never expected to see Rich Roll on the podcast. Especially considering Adam’s strident anti-veg rhetoric.

    • Elle

      A friend was saying to me the other day about how much he hates Adam because Adam hates Christians. I said, “no he doesn’t.” My friend said, “yes he does, he thinks they’re stupid.” I never responded, but I should have added that Adam doesn’t hate them, yes he thinks they’re stupid but that doesn’t mean he hates them.
      Just because Adam may have a “strident anti-veg rhetoric” doesn’t mean that veg can’t be an Adam fan or that Adam can’t have him on the show.

      • Katherine

        I agree with you–Adam doesn’t hate Christians (or Jews). Most of the negative and ignorant comments on Christians/Christianity come from Allison. There are times Adam says things, but it’s clear to this ardent Christian/Catholic that most of the crappy things they say are based on a lack of knowledge on their part or based on the musings of some extremist type (who doesn’t represent the vast majority of us). I listen ever day–can’t get enough!

        • theMisterLister

          i’m pretty sure adam hates everybody but larry miller, dag, and stern

  2. s

    Wow, “trying too hard” has never been a more appropriate phrase.

  3. Simon

    you should have listeners sen in pics and tell them who they look like

  4. Abe

    I thought the Dove commercial was about girls being self-conscience about breast buds and lady things and not about fat girls.

    • wiley

      Hey Adam, what did fat kids do to you?

      • David

        Destroy our health care system?

        • wiley

          really? … because skinny people don’t get sick? Fucking Genius!

        • theMisterLister

          i thought adam routinely blamed mexicans for ruining the healthcare system, and in the same breath re-told the story of going to the emergency room to get his arm tended to and never paying the bill.

  5. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson05-29-2012

    How about not feeding the kid fucking McDonalds and unhealthy food all day? You don’t need to tell a 10 year old he needs to stop doing this or that. Just don’t let him have shit that makes him fat. It’s not the kids fault. Every damn 10 year old on the planet would eat unhealthy every day if he was allowed.

    • An Onny
      An Onny06-11-2012

      There was an article in Vogue magazine a couple months back about a mom who put her overweight 7 year old daughter on a diet. It caused quite an uproar that she would dare do something like that. Yet, the girl lost weight, looks great now, and eats healthy. The mom fully admitted that the reason the girl had gotten fat was just that she loved food, and had a bigger appetite than most kids. Once they cut down her portions and sweets and got her used to more veggies, she was able to get back to normal. What is wrong with that? That is helping a child, not smashing their esteem. If all parents just cared enough to monitor their kids’ diets, obesity could be eliminated. I suppose Bryan and Alison think, because they used to be fat kids, that it’s just too hard to lose weight once a kid has started down that path, but with a little work it is not. And will ultimately make a happier child in the end.

  6. ted

    back to the old player? I had no issues with the new one

  7. YesAndMan

    Interesting when first time guests are already Adam Carolla fans. They roll with it more and are not frustrated when the interview in not about them or whatever they are pushing at the time. That’s the AC style 😉

    Also, the reason Adam’s last name is mangled so many times is that all Windows & Mac auto-correctors will underline “Corolla” as a typo — unless it’s spelled within quotations like I just did here. So, just contact the source of those auto-correctors (Webster?) and voila! Fixed.

    • BigLAr

      Funny how you spelled it wrong in Quotations “Corolla” shouldn’t it be “Carolla” Or maybe i miss understood your comment.

  8. Bonzer Wolf
    Bonzer Wolf05-29-2012

    Surprised to hear that Adam has bought into the myth that fast food is cheap food. The very cheapest fast food is the $1 menu items, and there are very few $1 found on most fast-food menus. But even If a family of five each gets three $1 items, it costs $15 plus tax. Ditto for a pizza dinner plus drinks, with a coupon. Most fast food costs significantly more, than “home cooking”. For that same $15 you could have a large, delicious dinner of chili or lasagna or even a roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables, plus salad, drinks and even bread. A fresh home-cooked meal gives you the best bang for your buck.

    • Chris

      Yeah but that would require someone to 1) be able to cook, 2) go to the store and purchase the ingredients, and 3) spend at least an hour preparing the meal, and 4) spend 30 minutes doing dishes. None of which most people want to spend the time doing anymore after spending 9 hours at work.

      But home cooking is the best, especially if there are several meals worth of leftovers 🙂

  9. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams05-29-2012

    Adam’s not going to call this world class super human athlete “gay” to his face for being vegan or tell him “you’re suppose to eat meat because BBQ (sauce) smells good”???!!!

  10. dave

    Again? Really?

    Do you realize that you have “repeat” listeners? So you are talking about Kenny Rogers song RUBY again? It’s like you’re freaking old and senile in an old folks home and I have to hear you talk about the same crap again and again.

    You’re just filling air time – I get it.

    • J

      It’s free.

    • Hallie

      Fuck off dave. I laughed my ass off at that part of the podcast. I’ve heard Adam make reference to Becky being ganged raped, but didn’t really understand the true story till I was actually really listenting this time. Kenny Rogers is a sick twisted bastard. But, whatever, I’ll still sing my ass off should that song ever pop up on the radio. It has a good beat. Sue me.

  11. J-Bob

    Ok Rich is super healthy but it is probably only even money that he will out live Adam. My Grandma smokes and drinks and she is over 90. My uncle on the other side of the family ran everyday and he was dead before 65. You can’t outrun genes.

    • reb

      that would be a really good point if it were all about living the most years

    • An Onny
      An Onny06-11-2012

      Running isn’t really good for the body. It stresses it out, and stress is one of the main reasons the body creates inflammation.

  12. Scott

    If your kid is fat and he’s 8, it’s your fault as a parent. My child’s school does a great job of talking about healthy choices at lunch, more so than I’ve ever done. Parents need to be accountable for the shit they are shoveling into their kids. Kids don’t have a choice whether to drive to the McDonald’s or say no to a large Dairy Queen blizzard.

    • Chris

      Agreed. There is no accountability for parenting anymore. If your kid sucks at school, its your fault. If your kid is fat, its your fault. Stop blaming society for your shortcomings as a parent.

      • reb

        Yes; we really need to go back to 1963, the last year that there was Accountability.

  13. stnuntrnd

    Gallery no. 8 should be Morton-Roll?

  14. DonnySac

    I’ve heard the “Ruby” bit several times and always thought it was funny. Somehow the day after Memorial Day – not so funny.

    • reb

      You have an actual, lingering emotional response to Memorial Day? Or you thought this was a good way to present yourself as a right-thinking person who “supports the troops”?

  15. richelle moffett
    richelle moffett05-29-2012

    nothing makes me laugh harder than hearing adam break down “coward of the county.” good times…

  16. TT Boy
    TT Boy05-29-2012

    Wow, Alison jumped into the obese kid discussion with the same fervor that Joe Rogan had when the discussion turned to marijuana.

  17. bb

    That rich roll guy is combining the cheesy biker look with the justin beiber look with the hipster look into one steaming pile of fashion feces. Even with the ability to run 100 miles he still can’t get away from all the voices making fun of his attire.

    • reb

      i suspect it bothers him a lot less than it would you

  18. stnuntrnd

    In the 54-inch square pizza challenge, does each team member have to consume on average the equivalent of two 16-inch pizzas?

  19. Patrick

    For the sake of Adam’s kids, I sure hope nothing ever happens to Lynette. If those kids are raised by Adam, they will be a train wreck of neurosis and emotional problems. The idea that he translates everything into football examples is pretty ridiculous. FYI, dude… you played peewee and high school football… give it a rest. You sound way too much like Al Bundy.

    But – a comment about yesterday.’s show. it was AWESOME. The Shek is great and should be on more.

    • the point man
      the point man05-29-2012

      Yeh! Al Bundy Polk High hero – 4 touchdowns in one game! That’s Adam…

    • Chad

      Carolla loves football because it provided him the structure he needed when he didn’t have any. His kids will have structure because he isn’t an incompetent parent like his were, so they won’t need football the same way he did.

      • reb

        Exactly; and he was quite good – a way above average football player. He’s often frustrated that most people have never been very good at anything, and are still fundamentally the insecure 13 year-old who was intimidated by football players. From his perspective, it’s difficult to understand the way those people are constantly fretting about how others will receive them; examining every word other people say to figure out how they are being slighted; and generally being what he calls a “puss.”

    • Jim

      …more like Uncle Rico, in Napoleon Dynamite. Sad, really.

      • reb

        Rabbit Angstron is the “sad” washed-up athlete. Adam’s a bit redundant perhaps; but there’s almost nothing sad or pathetic about him. You need to learn some new adjectives; “hating” and “sad” don’t actually cover every situation.

    • Adam's Hypocrisy
      Adam's Hypocrisy05-30-2012

      This is what I think every time he talks about football. I played Division One college football and was good enough to receive a full scholarship, and still never bring it up. I was surprized with all his talk, when he said he quite in Juior College because it was too much for him. If you can’t handle playing Junior College ball, or good enough to play past high school, than you should not ever bring it up. Otherwise it makes you look like one of those old pathitic fools that can’t let go of the past.

      • reb

        that’s really cool how you never being up having been a D.I football player, getting a scholarship, or your generally modest disposition

  20. Jack Sunday
    Jack Sunday05-29-2012

    Boy, what a disappointment to hear a reference to Propofol in the news and not have Brian run a clip of DAG.

    • reb

      agreed; you have to nail that and not resort constantly to “just a waste of my time.”

      however, i can’t get enough of “let’s get drunk and rape!”

  21. angrybadger

    Adam is Sampras with downs……

  22. moeman99

    Please stop with the made up movies, it’s not funny.

    • cg

      Only part of the show I ever fast forward through. Tried to like it. Could not.

    • Kirston

      I SO agree about the Made Up Movie bit. It’s stupid and unfunny.

  23. John

    Surprized it took that long for the Rick-Roll.

  24. Mark

    Rich Roll looks like Andy Dick in Road Trip or Old School

    • cg

      AW MAN … beat me to the Andy Dick comparison. Was going to say “Andy Dick’s retarded brother” though.

      Either one works.

  25. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell05-29-2012

    Does Adam realize that he’s repeating the ‘Ruby’ bit for the zillionth time or is his brain skipping?

  26. Jeremy

    Why is Rich Roll wearing a trash bag that says LA on it?

  27. Cody

    I watched a special on the death penalty. Some of the people on death row go insane because they are in their cell alone for 22 hours a day.

    • reb

      Will never understand why not being able to socialize with other prisoners is a bad thing

  28. steve

    His name is really “Rick Roll” ?!

  29. Myassisa

    To Adam You Giant Pussy,

    Dear Sir – to hear you whine about other people’s kids is like hearing Mel Gibson complain about the invention of the oven. I have heard these spoiled, future Hollywood Oxycontin-addicts go on and on in the Dr. Drew Bonus Episode, like a Denny’s full of Methodist’s kids on a Sunday Morning; meanwhile, the faintest breeze of a protest can be heard, slowly blowing through your vagina’s lips.

    As Lou Ferrigno surely clings to framed bits of decades-old Hulk merchandise, you too must gaze wistfully onto pictures of your highschool football team, and of that year you spent as a construction worker – pictures, of course, on your 4S iPhone as you wait in line at a Starbucks in California, or before meeting with some Jews.

    P.S. I still have no idea what Brian does for a living, and the girl has a fat voice.

    P.P.S Love the show keep it up

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-30-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

    • reb

      Keep up the good cliches

    • Hallie

      It took MyAss two day to write that (what she thinks) a clever little peice, and look, no one read it except poochie’s uncle and reb.

  30. Frank

    Interesting show. Although Rich Roll looks like and initially comes off as as another come-to-LA-and-try-to-get famous doucebag type , he seems like an OK guy. Helpful hint for Rich: You seem to have perfected your lifestyle. Now it is time to start living a life. Don’t confuse the two.

    • reb

      When he was, for instance, winning NCAA titles on the Stanford swim team and banging the hottest girls around. After that, he had a healthy period of drug addiction; went to law school; got married; had kids. Perhaps you could specify what he’s missing out on.

  31. Jim

    Had to wait until the very end of the show to hear a joke about Rick Roll?….and then it came from Rich himself? Lame. Should have introduced him with his “theme song”.

  32. Leon

    Saw this on the local front page today – http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/more-news/soft-love-is-breeding-a-generation-of-bullies/story-fn7x8me2-1226373055164

    Looks like Ace man has some support from a professor about what she calls the “failed self-esteem movement”.

  33. DrAwkward

    There are hundreds of podcasts out there. I listen to the ones I like, and, THIS IS IMPORTANT, I do not listen to (or bother commenting on) ones I don’t like.

    It is a simple system and it works great.

    • reb

      I listen to some I don’t like very much; sometimes comment; and sometimes come away with a different view than I came in with.

      I also find it easy not to be affronted by posts I don’t agree with. Is it that difficult? Or are you compelled to describe you little doctrine in all-caps until everyone does exactly as you do?

      • DrAwkward

        Just pointing out there are those who seem to be listening to ACS every day for free, then go on about how Adam is not funny, the show sucks,etc. Don’t be an a-hole.

  34. phil landers
    phil landers05-30-2012

    I live on an island that hosts a triathalon and has competitors training year here round…you will never meet a more concentrated group of narcissists that are able to do anything athletic outside of individual sports

    • smithers


  35. bill

    Remember all those times on loveline where Adam ranted how we as a society are so mean to fat people?

    • reb

      And now he’s distinguishing between simply being honest and being mean

  36. Brian M.
    Brian M.05-30-2012

    Great show. Keep it up Adam and gang.

  37. Elle

    This is part of the reason why I could never have kids…. Adam’s right in telling Sonny that hitting a home run would be deluding him, but what do you say?! The best route I can think of, esp for someone like Adam who’s an active person, is to instill in your kids that being active & eating right is the way to go. If Sonny or Natalia were overweight, Adam could just have them start skipping rope with him, or go out of his way to do workouts that could include them, or make sure they do sports. If parents are healthy & active, they should have kids that are, and then they shouldn’t be overweight, ideally. The kids that are overweight likely have parents that are, and therefore it’s impossible to instill in a child not to be overweight or lazy if their parents are.

    And another thing I’d like to point out…. a friend was saying to me the other day about how much he hates Adam because Adam hates Christians. I said, “no he doesn’t.” My friend said, “yes he does, he thinks they’re stupid.” I never responded, but I should have added that Adam doesn’t hate them, yes he thinks they’re stupid but that doesn’t mean he hates them. Like Aaron commenting that he didn’t expect someone like Rich Roll to be on this podcast due to “Adam’s strident anti-veg rhetoric.” Doesn’t mean that person can’t be an Adam fan or that Adam can’t have him on the show.

  38. Elle

    ….. and all the girls in that Dove commercial are [fairly] pretty and [fairly] thin.

  39. Omnipanzer

    Rich Roll looks like Dave Coulier.

  40. bill

    Wow, hit a nerve with the fat kid thing with the ex-fat kids in the studio. I think Adam is probably correct in the tough love approach, for most kids altho if you are a native american (pima) or Samoan you probably will have to just accept that you will be bigger.

  41. goatfucker

    good gawd, tough crowd ace, trying to get through that dove commercial rant & your staff is splitting hairs & dragging it out.

  42. Cat

    B.B. deserves more kudos for ‘liti-guini with claims’!

  43. Hulkerino

    I think Adam is missing the part of the Coward of the County song where Tommy is a total dick. He comes home to a freshly raped Becky and instead of comforting her or taking her to the hospital, he weeps over his daddy’s picture and leaves her lying in a pool of blood and semen while he goes out to beat the shit out of some douchebags.

    If you’re going to be a puss, at least be a sensitive puss.

  44. Ken


    Adam’s philosophy is Tough Love- whether it is Diet or T-ball help.

    It is why a Two Parent Family is the best – because Lynette can then be the SOFT LOVE part of the equation.

    Kids need the Father’s straight talk to be raised right and they need the Mother’s shoulder to be consoled on.

    Good show.

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