Rich Man Poor Man

Rich Man Poor Man

  1. Mike V
    Mike V01-10-2012

    The preorder link on amazon says its ONLY for kindle fire? Is that correct? Meaning, if I have an iPad with the kindle app or even a regular kindle, you can’t buy the book? Thanks

    • Allison

      That’s right. You can purchase on iTunes and have it in your iBooks when it’s released.

  2. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris01-12-2012

    Adam, who fucked this up? I want to buy this book to read on my andriod tablet or my PC but I don’t have a kindle fire or an i-what the fuck something device. Amazon will not sell me the book because it doesn’t think i have an app or the fire. Apple won’t sell it to me because it says its only for some i-fuck device. So, how the hell do I buy this treasure and wet your beak at the same time?

  3. Johnny

    Who owns Android Tablets? Seriously? You’re complaining you can’t read a book on an Android Tablet? I doubt the publishers are going to create a version for the 3 people out there that are trying to read this title on their Android Tablet. Get a Nook, Fire, or iBook and stop complaining and swearing.

    • John

      3 people? yeah ok…

  4. Darrell

    You’re a fucktard, Johnny. Android tablets make up 40% of the tablet market as of now.

    Also, Nook and Fire run on android, so all Amazon has to do is stop being assholes and allow the book to download to OTHER android devices.

  5. Turf

    I came here to buy this book, but I don’t have any of that stuff, I do have an Android phone.
    No simple .pdf?

  6. George G.
    George G.01-17-2012

    I have an ipod. Can i download this book? Amazon states that it is only for the kindle ebook. Any suggestions?

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