Rich Man, Poor Man

Rich Man Poor Man

Rich Man Poor Man


KINDLE FIRE (Sorry, no Kindles for this color eBook)


APPLE: iBOOKS app for iPAD and iPHONE (3g or later) or iPod Touch (2nd generation or later)

About “Rich Man, Poor Man”

If you turn on the evening news or listen to NPR you’ll be bombarded with a non-stop parade of commentators pontificating on the ever expanding gap between the rich and the poor. But is the chasm really that wide? In Rich Man Poor Man, comedian and bestselling author Adam Carolla exposes the phenomena that are embraced by the really rich and the really poor–but never the middle class–like having an outdoor shower, wearing your pajamas all day, or always having your dog with you. Combining Adam’s inimitable comedic voice and four-color illustrations by his friend Michael Narren, Rich Man Poor Man is a hilariously accurate look at what the people born with silver spoons in their mouths have in common with the people whose only utensils are plastic sporks stolen from a Shakey’s.


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  1. JK

    Trying to buy pre-order with no success!

    I don’t have a tablet and have tried booth the Kindle and Nook app for PC. Amazon does not accept preorders without Kindle Serial Number and BN does not accept non-US billing addresses.

    What can I do?

    Faithful fan,

    • Dane

      if you have an android phone or iphone you can download the app there.

  2. kwheat

    I can’t download it to my kindle app, amazon tells me that it is only available on the Kindle Fire.

    • Jim

      ibooks app

      • Jason in Burbank
        Jason in Burbank01-18-2012

        I have tried to buy the book via iTunes for my iPad (iBooks) and get a message from iTunes that says: “Your request could not be completed. The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.S. store.”

        Please fix!

    • TJ

      Amazon restricting it to Fire’s only is infuriating.
      I have two Fire’s in my house (wife and kid), but I use a different Android tablet which is color and has the Kindle app. I want to support the pirate ship, but don’t want to be forced to steal a Fire from the wife to do so …

      Adam* – please get Amazon to fix this.
      (* – And by Adam, I mean your agent / Amazon rep / whatever.)

      (PS – I wonder if I use the Fire to buy it if it will then show up in the account and be viewable on my tabloet … Hmm, probably not – but I might give that a shot!)

  3. Dee

    I have preordered it but I get no reciept until the book actually comes in and the amount is charged to my account. How do I email you proof or preorder?

    • alex

      A screenshot from your computer or phone will work. Or you can follow up your original email with your receipt when you do receive it.

  4. Carlos

    dont own a kindle or anything like that.. how can i get this book?


    • Jay

      I’m with Carlos! Is there a way to just download it as a pdf and read it on the computer? Not into the e-reader things… but would like to read this even though I won’t be buying an e-reader. Is this the second book Adam has been talking about on the podcast or just an infill between the first and second? I was hoping the second would have a printed edition for those of us that aren’t tech savy like Adam…

      • garysmith

        This is not the 2nd book Adam has been alluding to but rather a smaller project in between.. We’re looking into the details but we’ve been told that you can simply download the Kindle or Nook app to your computer and read it on there. Thanks for the question

        • Jim

          It appears that you must have a registered Kindle Fire to be able to Pre-order this on Amazon. After January 17, when the book is released, you may then purchase the ebook and select for it be delivered to your Reading App instead of your Kindle. That should work, but doesn’t allow you to be included in Adam’s Pre-Order offering. Nuts…

      • alex

        This is a 73 page illustrated eBook title in between his memoir which hits stores everywhere May 15th, 2012

    • alex

      An iPhone (3g or later) and even an IPod touch with IBooks will work.

  5. Mike V
    Mike V01-10-2012

    Where do we preorder the book from? Having trouble seeing it on amazon

  6. Steven

    Attempted to pre order but it says it is only available Kindle Fire… not good….

  7. Jim

    Same here, I have last year’s Kindle but not the new Kindle Fire, Amazon will not let me purchase the ebook, even though I also have the reading app on my PC.

    • alex

      Color Kindles are the future. This book is not carried on regular Kindles.

  8. Mark

    Worked great on iTunes. I’ll send in the receipt when Apple emails it to me!

    • Mark

      Same thing happened to me. Apple took the pre-order for iBooks, but I didn’t get an email to forward until today.
      There’s always something right?! You guys thought this would be easy!

  9. Lynette

    How about for the Sony Reader? Ace, throw us a bone!

  10. Miguel Ramirez
    Miguel Ramirez01-10-2012

    I have an Kindle app on my Android phone but wont let me preorder because I don’t have a Kindle Fire… How do I preorder?

    • alex

      Currently only available on the Iphone, Ipad, IPod Touch, Nook Color, or Kindle Fire.

  11. Eric

    Attempted to pre order for Kindle application for Android. Says only available for Kindle Fire. When compatibility is expanded to all Kindles, I will definitely purchase. Hopefully soon…like real soon….like now…now’s good.

  12. Dutch Gatto
    Dutch Gatto01-10-2012

    Kindle Fire only? Something Gus would do.

  13. JK

    Pre-ordered through itunes, counting the days till the 17th!

  14. shawn

    Is there a reason I can’t purchase this on my regular kindle. I don’t have a tablet and have no desire to get one. $6 is a steal for this book and I can’t wait to read it

    • alex

      Shawn – unfortunately for Amazon they require a Kindle Fire.

  15. Derek

    tried to preorder – amazon says i need a kindle fire – I don’t use apple anything but tried to order it. Turns out that because I live in Canada I get the good old Fuck You on this one. Awesome

  16. Matt

    I want to order this as a Google eBook. Will it be available on that format? I purchased “In Forty Years We’ll All Be Chicks” this way and want to keep the books together.

  17. Alexander C
    Alexander C01-11-2012

    Pre-ordered, screen-capped the invoice and emailed it with the order number and other info. Is that acceptable, or do I need to wait until the 17th?

    • alex

      EXCELLENT! You’re all good.

  18. charlie ague
    charlie ague01-11-2012

    I Preordered the book, but don’t get a receipt until it is available, I guess? I used the iPhone, and Ibook. anyone else get a receipt?

  19. Jrumble

    Counting down the minutes!

  20. Carlos ^squared
    Carlos ^squared01-11-2012

    Not available in iTunes Canada. C’mon!
    Hey Adam et.al., can you get Apple or the book publisher to get it on up in the great white north?

    • Vancanuck

      Tried to order from Canada as well -no luck

  21. Jason

    I definitely want to pre-order the book and receive the autographed print, but I want to simply pre-order the actual BOOK and not the digital Kindle version.

    Why can we not pre-order the actual BOOK?


    • Nick

      There is no BOOK. E-book only.

  22. ted

    Will there be a printed version as well?

  23. Justin

    No iPad, no NOOK, no Kindle Fire… Waiting to purchase until I can actually read this book.

    Exclusive agreements like this are the hallmark of the big publishing companies you’ve been railing against, Aceman.

  24. Gabriel

    Damnit! I was ready to order this for my Kindle….but it’s only available on the Kindle Fire.

    Also, last time I pre-ordered Adam’s “In Fifty years…” I never received the signed book plate.

    I’m trying to support the pirate ship!

    • Matt

      The book plate thing must have been a USPS screw up. Or maybe you missed the deadline? If there was one. I received mine about a month or so after sending it in, and Adam is VERY cool to burn the calories doing that. I can’t imagine signing my name AND the fan’s name thousands of time a week. I feel like I have to sign my name too much in MY gig.

  25. Canada

    No good on the canadian iTunes store… BRUTAL!

  26. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris01-12-2012

    Adam, who fucked this up? I want to buy this book to read on my andriod tablet or my PC but I don’t have a kindle fire or an i-what the fuck something device. Amazon will not sell me the book because it doesn’t think i have an app or the fire. Apple won’t sell it to me because it says its only for some i-fuck device. So, how the hell do I buy this treasure and wet your beak at the same time?

  27. MrMind

    I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and i can not pre-order the damn ebook. That sucks because i wanted the signed sketch by adam. But oh well.

  28. Leif

    So iPad users aren’t eligible to enter the contest? Super gay Aceman, super gay.

  29. Doug

    I just preordered the kindle fire version, how do I know if I am in the first 2000?

  30. Matt

    I chose a fantastic time to get my hands on a Kindle Fire, from the looks of things. Seriously, if you guys don’t have one you should look into it. Great little reader/tablet for an even greater value.

    God I hope I get that sketch. Based on the slew of people unable to order it yet I like my chances…

  31. Kris

    Hey I preordered the book and sent a screenshot just seeing if you need anything else on my end for the sweet sketch

  32. Justin

    Why not make this available through the Books app and android marketplace?

    • y2kdread

      + 1

      I really would like to pick up the book but can’t.

  33. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-14-2012

    Weenies, the Kindle fire with “Prime” is a good deal, a mere $70. Lots of good video: 24, some good cult movies, BBC stuff, Channel 4 stuff like Gordon Ramsey, and a free app of the day. And two-day shipping is free.

    Amazon’s idea is to destroy both Apple and the cable company, and I agree. Software should be open, both access and distribution. Microsoft never attempted an hegemony on distribution. Apple is far more evil.

  34. Meagan

    So seriously, I’m not eligible for this even though I already preordered this on iBooks? That’s ridiculous.

  35. Dave

    Like others, tried to order it via I-tunes and it is only available in the U.S.
    Must be another thing that Donny f-ed up.

  36. Dave

    Gotta love competition!

    Kindle (New Only) not for iOS.
    But Apple, iBooks only, (not my iPhone/iPad/PC Kindle reader.)

    And of course B&N now owns all the digital books that I downloaded to my Palm in the year 2000.

    Can’t we all getta-along?

    Oh yeah, prices keep going down.
    I LOVE this country!

  37. Matt

    Any reason why the order page has been removed on Barnes and Noble’s website? I’m trying to buy the book for my Nook.

  38. APeff

    when you can’t get around to reading adam’s new book #richmanpoorman

  39. Ryan

    Is it going to be available on Kobo, or Android Marketplace in Canada?

  40. Adam

    Shit, it’s not available outside the U.S. how disappointing.

  41. Brian

    I can’t buy the book from Barnes and Noble for Nook, any help would be greatly appreciated. I bought In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks, and laughed like crazy, and I want to buy this book as well.

  42. TJ

    Hard to wet the beak, Aceman, when it can’t be had in any form on the iPad.

  43. Jason

    Would love to buy, but don’t have any of these devices to read it. How about a simple PDF or myraid other formats not locked-in to any company?

  44. Brian

    No go ordering this for Kindle for PC. C’mon ACE, help us help you! We need more compatibility for this baby.

  45. Jackie

    Having trouble with iBooks!! I can’t download it! It keeps telling me the request is not available. Is anyone else having this issu?

  46. Greg Fitzsimmons
    Greg Fitzsimmons01-17-2012

    Yo Ace Man!

    I am trying to read your new book, “Rich Man, Poor Man”, but I am having trouble.

    I have a Nook Touch, but Barnes and Noble does not support this format. B&N does not have an online way to read either.

    So, I go to Amazon. Click Through ! Go Pats ! But, I do not have a Kindle Fire. $?|+ ! Ah, but there is the Kindle Cloud Reader. Cool %^& !!!! So, I go to buy it. BUT, Amazon WILL NOT LET ME BUY because I do not have a Kindle. $?|+ !!

    I am starting to feel like a Green-Ellis, breaking tackles left and right, going for the touchdown !

    So, now I run to iTunes. I search on the Ace Man. I see “In Fifty Years…”. I see “Not Taco Bell Material”. Good title Ace Man !

    Wait, I don’t see “Rich Man, Poor Man”on iTunes !

    $?|+ !!!

    Okay, I come to this link… it says use iBooks. So, I try to use iBooks on my iPhone and search for i”Rich man, Poor Man”. But I don’t see it !

    $?|+ !!!!

    Can’t a man just but a pdf ?

    GO PATS !

    — Greg

  47. Alex

    I want to thank you adam and crew for doing all the work so we can enjoy your free content. I click thru amazon as much i can, buy the man grate and try to turn people on to you. Bought your first book at retail cost, and will spend to help keep this going, but its a let down not being able to get this book. Hope theres a fix for this in the future, if not sooner.

  48. Johnny

    would love to buy but have no idevices/kindle 🙁

  49. Shaun McG
    Shaun McG01-18-2012

    I went to order on iTunes and it said that it was not available in US. Did it get pulled for some reason? I also tried iBooks app on my iPhone 4 and it does not show up at all. I notice above that other people are having issues with iTunes now. What is happening???

  50. Jordan

    I cant find the book anywhere in ibooks,where is it?

  51. Jennifer

    Not available in i-book, I hope you can get Apple to fix this so I can give you $.

  52. Andrew

    Cheers for including australia in this.

  53. Tal (Israel)
    Tal (Israel)01-18-2012

    Hey Adam,

    No love for your overseas listeners?!

    You know your podcast is global, right?

    Get it on!

  54. dr_nic

    Just tried to download this from iBooks and was told it’s not available in the US store. What’s going on?

  55. Richard L
    Richard L01-18-2012

    Just FYI – at 8am PT on Wednesday Jan 18, the book still isn’t showing up for me in iTunes; I’m still getting the message that it’s not available in the US.

    Also, despite the fact that I have the Kindle app on my iPad, I find it strange that I can’t buy the Kindle version through Amazon. All these limitations are making it strangely hard for me to give my money to these people to get your product.

  56. Shaun McG
    Shaun McG01-18-2012

    **Update** It’s 2:00 PM Eastern and I was just now able to buy it through iTunes on my computer, then transfer to my iPhone 4 through the cloud. It was still not available in the iBooks store though. Weird!! At least I got it though (finally!).

  57. Giles

    They may have really fucked the pooch on this was, I was going to buy this but I have an android tablet… Asus eee pad… It’s color Adam! should have made this an epub or PDF would have sold more.

  58. Jesse

    I tried through the iBooks app, through iTunes on my computer, and no luck.

    Can not figure out how to buy this book.

  59. Ras

    Ace Broadcasting,
    Next time I suggest you review the eBook options with the publisher and make sure you enable a wider amount of choices for people to purchase your book. Right now people can only purchase this book if they have a Kindle Fire or they purchase for their iPad. There are MANY people who wish to buy this book but have neither.

    I understand some may not be able to enjoy Michael Narren’s work in full color but isn’t there a way for people to at least purchase and see the book on any eReader? Also, why does this not work for any other COLOR Android Tablet? Something does not seem right here. Just sayin’

  60. Giles

    My gripe is that I have the kindle app that comes with my Asus Transformer.. Why in gods name would I not be able to buy the book… Its via Kindle, Via Amazon… and it’s a color device…

    I feel bad for Adam being so “technologically inept” he probably just went with the flow and someone fucked this up real bad for him. I bet he could have sold 200 – 300 more copies by now just by allowing all devices to download.

  61. Danny

    I don’t have a iPad or i phone or whateverthefuck. can i just buy the book at watch it on my macbook?

  62. Andy

    Ace Man! I ordered this book through Barnes and Noble and downloaded the app, but it says it is unable to download to this device! What gives? I have tried the NOOK for PC app on both my home and work computer and I cannot get your book to download. At this point I am hoping the Barnes and Noble follow in the footsteps of Borders, since they have been the opposite of helpful. Any ideas? Im find with never seeing the money again, but I was really hoping to read this book.

  63. Jay

    Ace, if you have not already included this in “Rich Man , Poor Man” here is another WTH….
    The “Barret-Jackson collector car auction”
    I live in Scottsdale and our Walmarts have been cleaned out of Glenlivet and Pabst.

  64. Greg Fitzsimmons
    Greg Fitzsimmons01-19-2012

    Yo Ace Man!

    I just downloaded your book onto my iPhone.


    Go Pats!


    • Bryan

      Why don’t you tell us all how the fuck you did it so we can too

  65. BRIAN


  66. Greg Fitzsimmons
    Greg Fitzsimmons01-19-2012

    Yo Ace Man!

    I think I spent more time trying to download your ebook than I did trying to read it!

    Funny stuff – glad I bought it.

    GO PATS !!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. Greg Fitzsimmons
    Greg Fitzsimmons01-19-2012

    Yo Ace Man!

    I think I spent more time trying to download your ebook than I did trying to read it!

    Funny stuff – glad I bought it.

    GO PATS !!!!!!!!!!!!


  68. Martin

    Our household has a few older non-touch ipads, a b&w Kindle, and all Android phones. I want to purchase this book, but I cannot… 🙁

  69. Marie

    PLEASE, I have recenty downloaded the Kindle reader on my computer and know I would LOVE this book. However Amazon won’t let me download!!!!!!! I’d almost buy a Kindle fire for it–my daughter has a Nook–but it’d be nice to just be able to read it, without any fancy stuff, on the Kindle app on my PC.

  70. Chris Coufos
    Chris Coufos01-23-2012

    Hey Ace

    Your book does not appear in iBooks – I’m Australia should that make a god damn difference?

    Your number one fan from oz

    • Andy

      did you manage to get it? I can’t get any of his books in the australian iTunes store. wtf?

  71. Victor

    When can i buy the audio version?

  72. Aaron

    Same as everyone else, I want to buy to support the pirate ship (and Mike Narren) but Amazon won’t let me. Sell the PDF and I’m all over it.

  73. Bryan

    I love Adam. Been supporting the pirate ship from day one, buy my amazon shit through the website etc. But who wants to fuck with no kindle e reader for iPad. I bought the first book, tried to buy this one but someone dropped the ball on this thing.

  74. Adam

    Please make this available to people outside the us.

  75. Walt

    When will your new book be on Itunes Canada? Not able to download and purchase from USA Itunes.

  76. Sterling

    I got my copy on the release date on my iPad..no problem. I simple placed the preorder and the rest worked perfectly. I enjoyed the book, but enjoyed having a way to help suport your work and vision for unrestricted expression and humor. Keep up the great work Adams and team,

  77. Cody M.
    Cody M.01-30-2012

    @JK (faithful fan in Norway)

    If you’d like to move to the U.S. – Oklahoma, specifically, I would be willing to move to Norway and trade homes with you in exchange for a Kindle Fire with Rich Man, Poor Man on it.

    Just throwin’ it out there.

  78. alex

    No itunes Canada store? FOUL

  79. Joseph

    Just received the signed book plate from the pre-order, thanks Adam!

  80. Jake

    When is the coffee table print book coming out? I would FOR SURE put this in my living room. I’m sure all the frustrated people above would love a print version too. Is there a reason it isn’t available in hard copy?

  81. JOHN

    Is this book Available in AUDIO??

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