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Adam and Rich Eisen

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Adam opens the show discussing how the tooth fairy visited Natalia last night, and also complains about buying Christmas gifts for his friends’ kids. Adam then takes a call from Kevin Nealon, and asks him about the depressed period in his life. The guys also talk about Kevin’s upcoming stand-up gig, and Kevin talks about playing the banjo.

Next up is the news with Alison. First she discusses Romney’s victory in the New Hampshire primary, and Adam goes on a jag about fat Al Sharpton. The guys also discuss a Make-A-Wish foundation mistake, where they let a healing child blow up a building. Adam also talks about an NBC party, and explains why Larry Holmes is his hero.

Rich Eisen joins the podcast next, and Adam recalls his recent appearance on Rich’s show. The guys also talk about the NFL playoffs, and break down some incredible football plays. Later, Adam and Rich discuss the proper field goal height, and Adam points out an interesting college football discovery. As the show wraps up, Alison does a final news story about decency laws and censorship.


Get two-for-one tickets for Kevin’s show at the Largo tonight. http://KevinNealon.com

Also visit http://NFL.com/RichEisen, and check out the Rich Eisen Podcast on iTunes

Larry Holmes

Champ Bailey

Adam and Rich

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. utah34

    Keven Nealon 2012: Return of the Giant Crocs!

  2. James

    Awesome show..Eisen should do stand up. He is hilarious on NFL Network.

  3. Sluggh

    So many thanks. What a great, free show this is.

  4. Joe

    Get it on!

  5. x

    Somebody tell this boring jackass Eisen that you do NOT lose most of your body heat through your head like he thinks. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2008/dec/17/medicalresearch-humanbehaviour

    • Blah Blah Blog
      Blah Blah Blog01-11-2012

      That article is baloney. Sugar does NOT make kids hyperactive?!?!?!

      • x

        The article is correct, as is your question about sugar. Turns out believing something absurd for your entire life doesn’t make it true.

      • Alex Navarro
        Alex Navarro01-13-2012

        no, u

  6. BPiddy

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blah Blah Blog
      Blah Blah Blog01-11-2012

      Ron Paul 1912.

  7. Any link to the FG kicking?
    Any link to the FG kicking?01-11-2012

    Don’t see it.

  8. Tyler

    Have to have video of the back sac kicks by Mr. Eisen somewhere, can’t find it anywhere!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-11-2012

      It’s right below the Show Summary in the Links section. Click on Adam and Rich.

  9. JessMan

    just saw nealon at the late sunday show in dc, and he brought it!

  10. leeanne

    thankful for you and this show everyday.

    • stnuntrnd

      Yes, it is wonderful. And what was even more wonderful was live streaming video of each podcast on Ustream. Now, 11 days into the new year without live streaming video, and also no announcement why it was terminated. Perhaps we’ll find out in a few months…

  11. Richie

    Is it just me or this new(ish) website design difficult to navigate? How do I find the episode page for the 1/6/12 podcast with Matt Atchity?

    • garysmith

      In the main top navigation bar you need to go to ‘Episodes’ (2nd from the left) then click on ‘Past Episodes’ (2nd one down) – Hope this helps.

      • jim

        How do I find episodes from last week. When I go to past episodes I get sow from months ago ?

    • the casual observer
      the casual observer01-12-2012

      my brotha, i agree wholeheartedly…this new site design is unclear and not very inviting. i appreciate the effort but i find myself visiting it much less than the old one. btw…i just discovered the archived shows can be found when you click the “search” tab at the top right of the home page.

  12. Pike

    That picture of Kelly Brook is HOT! I love that woman!

    • Richie

      Yes, amazing. I imagine that picture has at least a little bit of touch-up photoshop. She can’t possibly be that perfect, can she?

  13. Murphy

    The chemistry between Ace and Alison had been dialed in nicely. All the shows since the new year have been solid as sears. Go Pats!

  14. I have a squeegee in the shower
    I have a squeegee in the shower01-11-2012

    “Like muppet’s strangling you”

    This really cracked me up. Alison, I think you’re underappreciated sometimes.

  15. Bill Fulginiti
    Bill Fulginiti01-11-2012

    If Gronk hit it, would have been a Pole colliding with a pole.

  16. rushbaby

    Great show again!…You guys rule!

  17. Jessica

    Alison was particularly funny today. ACE – phenominal as always.

  18. Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Luis Gonzales Hernandez
    Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Luis Gonzales Hernandez01-11-2012

    Say what you will about Kevin Nealon, but this is one of the funniest sketches on SNL EVER:


  19. Shea


    You keep plugging the Napolean Dynamite cartoon, hope you have actually seen an episode and it does not SUCK. Guess we’ll see

  20. CACAHD

    Hmm…A benefit for Big Joe, a benefit for Bald Bryan. What! No benefit for “A’s,V”?

  21. travcm

    Someone teach Adam about the Pythagorean theorem. Running diagonally across a football field is not equivalent to running 150 yards.

    • Alex Navarro
      Alex Navarro01-13-2012

      I’m sure he was just using that as a quick estimate for the audience. We’re all VERY impressed you know basic high school math though…

  22. Unbald BrIan
    Unbald BrIan01-11-2012

    Nealon is the best guest. Get him in studio and not repeat the carpet story again. Him and ace need to get together and talk about something new. It will be pure gold.

  23. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-11-2012

    I think “Tooth Faggot” is the accepted term now.

  24. donewithidiots

    Good show. Totally agree on the obscenity of nasty stuff that has invaded our family time/areas every where. No common sense.

  25. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-11-2012

    Man, I was a sceptic at first, but the way Adam brings everyone together with his courage and optimism, I’m starting to believe in this whole “Atheism” thing. It doesn’t make much sense, but I’m sold.

    (Kneeling on one knee, middle finger to sky.)

  26. Kaveman

    If Romney v. Obama is the political equivalent of Holmes v. Cooney then Obama v. Gingrich must be the equivalent of Holmes v. Butterbean.

  27. von spiel
    von spiel01-11-2012

    what’s this now about them there banjos? Kevin come on in, you can keep your Banjo in the new studio; next to Ace’s Pop’s trumpet

  28. Blaze446

    Great Show…lot of umm fun!!

    • Alisons V
      Alisons V01-13-2012

      Lol, yeah it was!

  29. Flying dropkick Holmes!
    Flying dropkick Holmes!01-12-2012

    Holmes does a running dropkick off of a car!! Look up Trevor Berbick/Holmes on youtube…..

    Also, Bryan you were thinking of the guy who flexes his bicep and calls a boxer a “Ho-mo” which is ubiquitous with funny sports moment countdowns….

  30. Flying dropkick Holmes!
    Flying dropkick Holmes!01-12-2012

    whoops i typed that before i heard them look it up hahahahaha

  31. BuckIV

    A while back Nealon was filling in for Adam and the guest was Superdave Osbourne. One of the funniest episodes I can remember. SD was trying to tell a dirty joke but didn’t know if he was allowed to swear, and Nealon played him out masterfully.

  32. Phineas

    And Fat Albert Shit-A-Ton – the totally PHONY reverend – never,ever, will apologize for Tawanabwanna Brawley….and certainly not the Freddy’s Dept Store Massacre, which he has the blood of EIGHT INNOCENT people on his ugly,waxy RACIST hands.

    • Phineas

      The reason why a racist Black devil like Shit-A-Ton could get away with wearing a track suit and jewelry ,like he did? Simple….LEFTIST White Guilt / Paternalism / Patronization / Masochism,etc – and the White POOR and WORKING CLASS get all the blame and attacks.No White Man could EVER be allowed to get away with shit like that, but the LEFTISTS that are the TRUE Whites in power,allow Black Racists to get away with it – ALWAYS HAVE and always will. Whites-That-Are-PROUD-To-Be-White,have no White Guilt, and no guilt whatsoever about “The Past”,that we committed nowhere near the crimes against Blacks and the rest of the world, that JUDAISM AND ISLAM has, should be the ONLY WHITES in charge, and the rest of you will KISS OUR ASSES.

  33. Phineas

    Won’t that be just like the LEFT WING White,Jewish and Black RACISTS – the media,especially,but politicians and celebrities – to make this Romney vs BOYbama the big ,deliberately ugly race farce they WANT it to be? Anything to get Dear Leader re-elected, to assuage their self-righteous White Guilt,a LEFTIST mindset.

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