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Adam opens the show with David Wild in studio. David will be writing for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards, and Adam recalls when he hosted that show over a decade ago. He also talks about completing the audiobook today, and rants about coleslaw. David and Adam then exchange some great songs, and discuss the best live bands they’ve ever seen. Later, Adam talks to a caller about Santana, and jokes with David about Lenny Kravitz and Prince.

Rich Eisen joins the podcast next, and talks to Adam about some of the craziness going on in the NFL. They discuss the weird way team owners dress, and also recall the old Ancient Chinese Secret commercial. Further discussing the NFL, the guys chat about Junior Seau, Randy Moss, and the competition between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

In the news, Alison plays a clip from the Colombian prostitute in the secret service scandal. They also discuss a 13-year-old boy playing hockey on a girls team, and Alex Trebek’s pending retirement. As the show wraps up, Rich talks about his new reality show, ‘The Great Escape.’


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Ancient Chinese Secret

Deacon Jones

Secret Service Prostitute Scandal

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  1. Katie


    enjoy! this bit from Friday is still making its impression. In fact, Fridays show was one of the greats, I had too many things to chose from to draw! Bring him back 🙂



    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-10-2012

      “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.”

  2. John Donovan
    John Donovan05-08-2012

    David, NRBQ great choice. Seen them a few times, really great shows.

    • Piss

      Agreed, John. Scraps is another good NRBQ album.

    • Bill in Reno
      Bill in Reno05-08-2012

      Fuck yeah. Another reason to like the visits from David. A great choice indeed, although I would’ve been fine with Green Light, too.

  3. LJ Romanoff
    LJ Romanoff05-08-2012

    ’72 VW Squareback Limo (Type 3) – $12500 (San Diego No Co)


  4. David Straitharn's Calves
    David Straitharn's Calves05-08-2012

    David Wild is on? Let the name-dropping……..begin!

  5. Kyle

    Adam mentioned his gay club named Mister Fister’s, does that club have any connection to the tranny bar Mister Sister? – Cody Price

  6. wikipedia

    “Adam Carolla (born sometime between 1962 and 1966) is an American radio personality…”

  7. SLS

    Nice spin Ace, sounds like Howard Stern.
    PLEASE don’t turn into Stern.

    Bald Brian is the shit.

  8. Ignorant in East Dakota
    Ignorant in East Dakota05-08-2012

    When the Aceman references old men wearing a ‘gee’, what is the actual spelling of that term? I do not know.

  9. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett05-08-2012

    Green Day?! Best live show?! Really!? Fucking hilarious!

    • Mt

      You’ve obviously never been to one of there shows then. Adam is not the first one I’ve heard say this

  10. Great Show
    Great Show05-08-2012

    Calgon Lady looks like Asian Janeane Garofalo

  11. westgoldrun

    guest suggestion: Charles Murray to talk about his new book

  12. JessMan

    so you’re saying the colombian prostitute has a penis?

  13. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross05-08-2012

    The salad days of whoring. Them was the days Aceman

  14. Crazy Chris
    Crazy Chris05-08-2012

    “Just Me and the Boys”. Good song. I think this same version was in the 1983 movie “Spring Break”

  15. Bo B
    Bo B05-08-2012

    Tool is the best live show…screw Green Day!

    • evosero

      Yeah, watching Maynard hide behind a screen swaying back and forth singing about his mom is entirely worth $80. Tool is probably the most overrated band of the last decade.

      Maynard was great with APC and Tool before he completely deepthroated his own dick with his ego.

      • Bo B
        Bo B05-08-2012

        evosero, you may be right about maynard hiding but I was watching the contortionists, painting red, contorting from the top of the stage…and backdrop visuals.

      • Stacey E
        Stacey E05-08-2012

        say what you want about him, but he cranks out some great wines. I’m outta here.

    • Serena

      I’m dying to see Tool! I saw APC last summer and they were great. Can’t wait for Maynard to hit the road again!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-09-2012

      Arizona Bay.

  16. Tom Axe
    Tom Axe05-08-2012

    NRBQ…great underrated band, but Wild is wildly inaccurate on which album “Me and the Boys” is on…it’s on 1980’s “Tiddlywinks” album, not “NRBQ at Yankee Stadium”(1978). “Yankee Stadium” is indeed a brilliant album, though…get ’em both.

  17. Paul

    I enjoy David’s regular appearances, but NRBQ is a poor choice. “Me and the boys…just me and the boys…” Really?? Terrible F. See you next week.

  18. back sack& Ass crack
    back sack& Ass crack05-08-2012

    David Wild, best guest and not afraid to drop names!

  19. Cole

    Does David Wild really have to be on every week. I have nothing against the guy but he really doesn’t add anything to the show and the name dropping gets old.

    • Gina

      I agree. I want to like him, but the name dropping is distracting. It’s not even really name dropping, it’s more like, who you’re talking about, he’s been to their house, etc.

      Come to think of it, that might be a new podcast drinking game.

  20. BJ's for PJ
    BJ's for PJ05-08-2012

    Did anybody else notice that Jade has moved from Stage 4 to Stage 3? Good for her! She’s earned it. Next stop stage 2!!!! You go girl.

    • swinging level
      swinging level05-09-2012

      very funny observation! thanks bj’s for pi’s 🙂
      haven’t listened to this episode yet, but do enjoy the cherry pie “jade stage 4…” diversions quite a lot.

      to ron mexico’s comment regarding adam’s lack of musical knowledge: i couldn’t disagree more. he has an almost encyclopedic memory for genres, band names, and his beloved horn sections. i will say this though – lauding elvis costello for his writing of “… peace love and understanding” (a nick lowe tune) was pretty sad, considering his professed love for both song writers. i also get pissed when he bad-mouths r.e.m., only because i happen to be friends with their keyboard/bassist.

      get it the f#$& on!!!!

  21. Huck

    Anyone else think Bald Brian wishes he could bring the drops with him outside of the studio for when he makes zingers to his friends?

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running05-08-2012



  22. Cam

    Uh…. Everyone knows David Wild has been a music journalist for Rolling Stone magazine for the last 3 or so decades (or thereabouts), so yeah, he’s met a few cool guys and has cool stories about them. That’s kinda why he’s on the show.
    I don’t know why people get their panties in a bunch about his “Name-dropping”. I mean, he’s only had this long and interesting career JUST so he could name drop, so give him a break!
    And Green Day is a great live show. They have a hell of a lot more energy and charisma than most bands out there. God forbid the Aceman has an opinion.

    • Labowner

      No his problem, like Adam, is to turn every fucking thing mentioned into a story about himself. Ala an attention whore. Rolling Stones is a has been magazine so who cares about this fat fark. Never once have i have ever heard one musician talk about David, good or bad. He is a legend in his own mind.

  23. Steve Schlesinger
    Steve Schlesinger05-08-2012

    The Calgon commercial was subtly racist? The Chinese woman in the commercial looks like she came from the rice patties or off the wall in a Chinese restaurant. I can see the people making the commercial now thinking “Hmm, this woman is obviously Chinese but her voice is so American so we need to figure out some way to communicate it . Can we put a photo of the great wall of China in the background? No? How about a rickshaw? Maybe we can have her eating sweet and sour pork? No? How about a big portrait of Chairman Mao? No? Okay, so here’s what we’ll do. Let’s get her dressed up like a six year old coming from a Hong Kong slumber party with pigtails and all, and have her husband look like Bruce Lee, but works at launder-mat. And instead of those large institutional washing machines lets have them use some crappy washing machine they picked up from JC Penny’s.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-09-2012

      I think you are reading into it way to much.

    • Dick Manclaw
      Dick Manclaw05-15-2012


  24. joegagan

    great pod!

  25. HotBlackDesoto

    Anyone who has not checked out Ace on the House is really missing out on some great Adam and Ray conversation. I have very little interest in home improvement, however those two boyhood friends keep me entertained for an hour every week with their stories of past insane shop teachers and anecdotes of former misdeeds of their youth.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the video tour of the new studio from the last episode.

    Check it out!

  26. Ron Mexico
    Ron Mexico05-08-2012

    Love you Adam, and agree with 9 out of 10 points of view. However, you don’t know shit about music.

    • ZekeG

      It’s an opinion man. You probably don’t know shit about music either!

  27. Hutch

    ‘The Great Escape.’ tanked in the rating’s,should have been called “The Great Product Placement” don’t expect a second season of that piece of crap.

  28. sean h
    sean h05-09-2012

    Good call on Morphine Alison. Great live band, well they were. RIP Mark Sandman. Saw them a few times in a small club near my alma mater.

  29. BC

    Holy crap! David WIld brought back great memories by bringing up NRBQ. Being in CT I had to have seen them at least 50 times back in the day. They only song that ever got airplay was Ridin’ In My Car, but my favorite has always been Howard Johnson’s Got His HoJo Workin’. I think Al Anderson is based in Nashville and writing CW music still. Best memory was seeing him one Christmas night at a local club where it was just him sitting on a stool playing an acoustical set of NRBQ songs. Thanks David!!!

  30. Elle

    Adam – I hate cranberries in my oatmeal cookies too, and don’t even get me started on raisins!
    I do LOVE oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but I digress. I’ve been told by my baking friends that oatmeal cookies tend to get dry and the cranberries or raisins are in there to offset the dryness.

  31. David Straitharn's Calves
    David Straitharn's Calves05-09-2012

    The name-dropping from David Wild does get tiring after awhile (every reference has to lead to an uninteresting experience he’s had with every celebrity). And he’s way too sycophantic. If he could have a few negative things to say about these people, it would be more interesting. Instead, everyone is “the best” or “the greatest” or “his favourite”.

  32. Dick Face
    Dick Face05-09-2012

    Ace your right there is a Calgon bath commercial;


  33. Richie

    ooohhh la la I loved Alison’s filthy mouth while talking about the Colombian prostitutes.

  34. BW

    Hey Adam , mr Al Davis (R.I.P.) loved his raiders & football was his life. He knew everyone in the nfl & knew all his players families names too. He is missed.

  35. The White Pathfinder
    The White Pathfinder05-10-2012

    I like that David Wild finally disagreed with Adam when it came to Prince.
    Prince is an amazing musical talent. Carolla has a horrible taste in music…… Green day,really?

    • OvieTheGr8

      Seriously. Green Day is one of the most overrated bands ever and considering Carolla is such an open conservative, I’m surprised he’d support such a bleeding heart liberal group.

      • Dick Manclaw
        Dick Manclaw05-15-2012

        he supports a FEW conservative ideas. he repeats over and over again he’s not a conservative, his views reflect that. but leave it to a hipster to say something as dumb as you typed.

  36. Dick Manclaw
    Dick Manclaw05-15-2012

    god i hate football.

  37. Dick Manclaw
    Dick Manclaw05-15-2012

    i hate these message boards so much…. i read them only to be angry…

  38. da.awful.truth

    I like David Wild plus he seems to give something for Adam to go back and forth.

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