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As the show opens up, Adam recalls his interactions with Jill Zarin, and their imaginary TV show ‘Hot Cup of Jill with Ace Over Easy.’ Teresa Strasser is also in studio, and jumps right into her list of the Parents of the Week. Along the way they discuss foster kids, the bartender code, and the use of Adam’s ceramics skills. They also talk about confrontations with cops, and Adam recalls some scary parents growing up.

Ray Romano and Tom Caltabiano join the studio next, and Adam talks with them about their new documentary, ’95 Miles To Go.’ Adam asks Ray about his infamous ‘mind bets,’ and they also commiserate over corporate gigs and segment producers who don’t approve of their jokes. Ray also relates to the difficulties of recording an audiobook, and the guys listen to an exclusive clip from Not Taco Bell Material.

In the news, Obama was recently on The View. The guys in studio play along to the same pop culture quiz that Obama took, and try to bet on the answers. The guys also discuss the differences between men and women’s sex dreams. Also in the news, Jay-Z and Manny Pacquiao have both expressed their opposing views of gay marriage. The last news story is about Amazon’s list of best-read cities, and show wraps up with a conversation about the trappings of fame and more stories about making the doc.


95 Miles To Go is out on DVD this Tuesday, May 22nd. Be sure to click through our Amazon link.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Bruce

    Love me some Adam, love me some Ray. SOOO looking forward to this podcast ! Will be fun drive home.

    • Gabriel.l

      Ray fucking sucks,,,,,,, what. A pussy. get the fuck out of my show u dick.

      Real funny is adam on the spot not ray,,, he did not say anything funny!!!!!!!!!

      • Tony

        The extra commas and exclamation points really drove your argument home.

        • angrybadger

          LOL, exactly….what a fruitcake

  2. jorm_valadez

    So cool that random anytime-visitors to the website get rewarded with an early cast. Thanks! (‘.’)/

  3. Takeda

    Adam should keep Ray handy like the average chicks keep an ugly one in the stable for trotting out on ladies night. Adam’s nasally drone sounded like a Pavarotti aria compared to that of Ray.

  4. Jeff

    Any updates on Larry Miller?

  5. Andrew

    Ray makes me want to go to sleep. What a disappointment of a show.

  6. Kain

    Just pre-ordered five copies of the book for me and some friends. Get it on!

  7. Dave

    OMG this show was hilarious. Adam hazed Ray for 40 minutes.

  8. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent05-16-2012

    I would love to hear Ray Romano and Adam record a duet cover of Mah Nà Mah Nà.

  9. Headley

    Jeez. That was about painful. I totally understand that he needs to maintain a clean public persona. But, he’s taken that to a ridiculous, almost compulsive level. Is his audience really going to flee if he shows he’s a bit of real person?

    • jay

      I remember he was on the marc maron podcast like 6-7 months ago and he was pretty good.

  10. Dave

    Why is Romano plugging a documentary that came out in 2006?

  11. Guitarzan

    The picture of the bad parent looks like the alien from the movie Mac and Me.

    • Gino

      Awesome!!! She does look like that alien. Nice call

  12. Terri

    I am so excited to see Ray Romano on the podcast. I just pray Adam lets him talk….

    • Balky

      Turns out, Ray didn’t really want to talk…

      • zero1media

        Second that motion. Now I know why Raymond was so good on his TV show: he was pretty much playing himself.

  13. Cal

    Another great show. Best part was the Stamps.com read at the end.

  14. Linda

    Great episode! Never knew Ray was so “reserved”. Why does Alison sound irked? 🙁

  15. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-16-2012

    starting to think romano is a poosy and doesnt want to go 1on1 improv with Aceman.

    Yep, two or three times at about 47 minute mark Aceman asks Ray to role play and then his handler jumps in with “Ray has bits he does”. Ray can’t speak for himself?

    I think this guy Romano is like Michael Jackson dont touch me italian style. He admits to being neurotic. Maybe not too far from Howard hughes psycho.

    Actually im overstating it. Everybody doesnt love Raymond, thats my point.

    Overall not a bad guest actually because Aceman has his attack mode on for whatever reason. Aceman just wants to go a few rounds with Network funnyman but the more Ray backs down the more Aceman wants to.

    Maybe Ray cant go anywhere without his handler pushing people away. And Soup? he does a bit about soup? An unfunny bit about soup? is it supposed to be unfunny?

    I hold that Aceman has more funny in his left nut than Ray Romano currently has in his whole being. Maybe it didnt used to be that way but now its a rout.

  16. formerjackman

    I do not like Raymond

  17. Mike

    GREAT pod!

  18. father crispy
    father crispy05-16-2012

    Why didn’t adam answer the most upvoted question for his reddit thing?

    • Steve

      Adam had the thread read to him and didn’t see the questions himself.

  19. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron05-16-2012

    That was classic! Adam had Ramano squirming practically the entire time!

  20. Fiyah

    Was Ray high or something? He seemed weird and oblivious to almost everything Adam brought up lol.

  21. Kyle

    Romano is an awkward dude.

  22. Dave

    “It’s like lets put him in a fuckin dunk tank and put lipstick around his nipples.” – Classic.

  23. Skizzo

    Wow, Adam is good but Ray is such a pussy about stories.

  24. Ken

    Great Show.
    Tom was great because he drew out stories from Ray and gave Adam a person to banter without losing face for anyone person. Good Format.

    On Gay marriage – the analogy should be to interracial marriage NOT slavery. Or one could argue about interreligious marriage when Protestants could not marry Catholics “back in the day”. Allison tried to go there with Women voting – but could not finish the point.

    Adams point was that every one plays the “race card” or “slavery card” when it is not necessary to make the point of whatever debate.

    I am personally for Gay Divorce – speaking as a divorced Dad – who gets to ‘visit’ his angry children every other weeekend! Gay people need Divorce just like the rest of us so that it balances the economy between Gay Divorced Households. It might be a solution for the economic mess the country is in.

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Lucas

    best name would be “noname” brand.

  26. Neil

    Well… you tried Aceman.

  27. Dave

    Love me some Ray! Going to listen to this right NOW!

  28. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian05-16-2012

    People that comment on how good or bad an episode is going to be before listening are lame.

  29. rosemary

    agree, since when is the president required to be on silly TV shows????? he should just say no.
    ramano is wacky….mind bets? my boyfriend does the self punishment thing but not to Ramanos extreme.

  30. Andrew

    These summaries get facts 100% wrong. Get it together, Porcelain Punisher.

  31. rushbaby

    Great, great fun.

  32. Brandoneus

    Wow, Ray is a bit of a douche,(surprise surprise) Very strange that his friend had to ring any sort of remarkable story out of him.

  33. KATHY

    One of the BEST podcast EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MP

      Ray’s publicist? Or wife?

  34. Nick

    My God does Ray NOT want to be on this show. Please do everyone (including Ray) a favor and don’t have him back on the show. Fucking disappointing.

  35. Heywood Jablowmie
    Heywood Jablowmie05-16-2012

    Wow. Romano, grow a sack, ok? You’re a millionaire. You can say what you want. Jesus, what a pussy.

  36. Mike

    This episode was missing “eeehresvertral” and “macaroni and cheese”

  37. CACAHD

    Aww! Poor Alison. I get that you were referencing Ray’s mind bet at the end
    when you said “if he loses can you watch tv?”. I don’t think he got it. It was a call back.

  38. Bowlsworth

    wow… that tom guy… just horrible

  39. Tony

    Anyone else annoyed that “Tom” did so much talking? Who the fuck are you Tom and why are you on the show? How about let Adam and Ray do the talking douche!

  40. Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell05-16-2012

    Good thing that Tom dude was there.

  41. Everybody is bored by Raymond
    Everybody is bored by Raymond05-16-2012

    Amazing, Romano in the flesh is exactly like his show, dull, annoying and not funny. His friend or whatever that guy was was 10x funnier, more engaging, quick witted and interesting.

  42. Donny Lee
    Donny Lee05-16-2012

    Wow, is Ray Romano the most boring unfunny millionaire comedian ever? Tom whats-your-name? Feel free to shut up a bit. What was that? I’m still numb.

  43. Bert

    Hey Everyone, loving the show. Was wondering when will Alanna Ubach be back?

  44. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell05-16-2012

    Lordy, Ramono is a wimp. He makes WonderBread appear zesty by comparison. I hope they go back and listen to this if they ever consider booking him again.

  45. sol

    Good show, the best shows are just the three of them, but variety is good. Whats with the Tom guy brown nosing? jeez.

  46. JerryY

    Bring Ray back! he was actually pretty good 😀

  47. Cindy C
    Cindy C05-16-2012

    Adam, what is up? First Glen Beck and now Dennis Miller? Come on! Why ya gotta hate?

  48. Tim

    Adam was such a loser in Highschool. 7 pottery classes. If you don’t put anything into it you don’t get anything out of it. He is lucky he is funny.

  49. Juiceman6000

    Romano’s fear of saying anything controversial with ‘mmguhh’ did make me laugh. Not directly related to this episode but I am PSYCHED at the idea of Dennis Miller-Carolla getting together! Awesome and its about time!

  50. NotDeadYet

    Amazing! The perfect odd couple! More Ray and Adam!

  51. NotDeadYet

    but it seems as if Ray my not want to come back.

  52. Huck

    You can really tell how much talent Adam has when he’s with so-called funny people like Ray.

    Alison, we want an update on the Zimmerman story! There are some interesting new facts about the injuries of Trayvon and George.

  53. BG

    Fuck Ray Romano. Adam is definitely not aspergers, if he was he would have kicked this douche out the door. Network TV is really makes your shit smell like roses. If this cocksucker was up and coming nobody would book him.

  54. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch05-16-2012

    That Tom guy was AMAZING! I really dont know how he did it, but I could here him clear as a bell despite the fact he had Ray’s nuts in his mouth the entire show. That guy is going places…

  55. Gabriel.l

    What the fuck!!!!!! What tell the story off mic. At 1:38 bad bad bad bad bad bad bad !!!!!!!

    Go drink some soup and get the fuck out off the aceship!!!

  56. Dzhjon

    That soup bit was so built up. Holy shit it ended up bad. I’m sure Ray has some good jokes about airplane food too.

  57. Justin

    I’m surprised Tom was able to talk AND suck Ray’s cock the whole show at the same time!

  58. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town05-16-2012

    Aw relax, the soup thing was low key clever…Ray is reserved and his “tom boy” talks way too much… I liked the show tho!!! GET IT ON!!!

  59. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town05-16-2012

    Ray is reserved, and his buddy Tom talks too much!!! However I liked the show tho!! GET IT ON!!!
    Oh and Tom, SHUT UP!!!

  60. the point man
    the point man05-16-2012

    Hilarious show. Nice rebound from the Joel Stein debacle! Stick to the funny.

  61. Goldy

    Guitarzan, that was my immediate thought too, though I couldn’t think of that title. Hahaha. She sure does look like that alien.

  62. Guy McG
    Guy McG05-16-2012

    This episode underscored the frustration of being an Ace fan. Yeah, Ray Romano was overly sensitive, but he made a good point when he said that when he was certain he could never get another job on TV he would call everyone a c**t. This tiny bit of discipline is the difference between Ace and Romano. And Ace and Kimmel. And Ace and Dr. Drew. Ace is more talented than all of them, but has had a tiny fraction of their successes. Why? Because he has no discipline. He called Sherri Shepard a c**t for no reason. Why do that? She’s not funny or interesting, but why call her the worst name you can call a woman. What for? For half a laugh? Ace always says that if it doesn’t make you money and it doesn’t mak you happy then don’t do it. Well, he keeps costing himself money with each of these useless outbursts. Three tv pilots down the drain. Burned bridges everywhere. Now all he has left is this constant pandering to the Glenn Beck audience. Alison, you have to save him from himself and rein him in!

    • Dustin

      Hmmm…. perhaps not spending every waking moment of his life living in constant fear of what he might be caught saying makes Adam happy. Just a thought. I’d take adam’s form of success (complete freedom AND a good income) over Ramano’s.

    • Meh

      EXACTLY GUY McG!!!!!!! Ray’s sensitivity is the reason why he doesn’t have to work another day in his life……..while Adam will be doing live shows until he’s well into his 80’s.

  63. Po

    Great show. As always. Ray is a funny dude. He kinda reminded me of the character he played on the office for a minute. Why is everyone hating on Ray? Did you ever notice that in seasons like 5 and 6 of Macgyver every episode was about some social issue and no longer cool government stuff? Weird

  64. Chuck

    hilarious how Ace was pressing Ray and his boy to do the “what else you got?” bit, but they didn’t get it, and were actually talking about going on talk shows, and Ace was frothing at the mouth about “DO MY BIT, GIVE ME THE OPEN!”

    and then they did and it was crap because Ray and his boy only got the joke halfway.

  65. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats05-17-2012

    Ok we get it, you’re redundant.
    -Quiz Time-
    Q: If you’ve said it once:

    A) You’ll say it again
    B) You’ve said it a thousand times
    C) You’ve said it a million times
    D) All the above
    E) All the above(see what I did there?)

  66. Mrs JFK
    Mrs JFK05-17-2012

    Apparently, Ray Romano does better in a scripted format.

    This was a painful podcast to listen to. And who is this Tom guy? Ray’s caregiver? I wanted him to just shut up and let Ray and Adam talk.

    Adam tried his best. Next time, just Ray. Wait, no next time.

    Love you Ace Man!

  67. JEFF

    WTF? Ray, why do promotion and/or go on ACS if you are afraid of your own shadow. Top 5 let down guest.

  68. DMC

    I thought this was one of the funniest shows in a long time. I think Tom was great bringing out the stories. I’m amazed Ray is so compulsive. How awful to be stuck in the cycle of mind bets. I really loved this show – I laughed so much. Thanks!

  69. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian05-17-2012

    Rays show wasn’t funny. He lived up to that expectation today. Ace was good as usual.

  70. Terri

    Ray came on this show and put himself out there and what does he get but a bunch of criticism for wanting to watch the content of what he speaks to and the words he uses? If you have watched any of his work you will see that much of what comes into play is really parts and pieces of who the man is. He had a wonderful show that was cancelled (Men of a Certain Age) and now I see that some of the characters traits came straight from his own life. I found him to be genuine, very real and honest in his compulsions and worries. He’s a great guy and I want to thank Adam for bringing him on and would love to hear from him often. Tom was a great guest too. Great show guys.

  71. bored senseless
    bored senseless05-17-2012

    Good show until Ray and his toadie came along. Gotta echo others here: not funny in the least. Ace kept trying to extract something, anything…to no avail. The soup joke was so bad, I was hoping it was tongue-in-cheek, but based on his stand-up, I’d have to say it’s about par for the course.
    That documentary of his must be the most boring piece of shit ever – prolly feels like *walking* 95 miles.
    I’d love to see it, much like I used to watch “Saved by the Bell” in order to sit in awe of how dreadful it was.

    You stink, Romano.

  72. Justin

    Adam is one funny dude. But his podcast is turning into Fox News-lite. It’s getting old. If I wanted to listen to someone repeat right wing talking points, I would just listen to Rush Limbaugh.

    • Ryan

      I wonder what about his ‘right wing talking points’ you object to? Hard work? Accountability?

  73. ponyfarts

    That Tom dude is serious comedy kryptonite. Stepped all over everyone’s jokes and couldn’t follow the conversation. Ray sucked too.

  74. Yak

    I didn’t watch his crappy, unfunny show, and I’m not listening to this podcast. Ray Romano is about as funny as Jay Leno. He no doubt has “Seinfeld amounts” of money from syndication royalties, which is probably why he phones in his work now, if you call this work.

  75. bill

    anyone watch 95 Miles to Go? It gets horrible reviews on the internet but yet Adam endorses it…

  76. Gean

    What a disappointment. Ray comes off like the wettest of blankets.

  77. Kelly

    Loved Ray and T!

  78. marco

    First time “what else you got?” has actually worked

  79. Doug

    Ray Romano was a real letdown. Boring as hell and his buddy talked too much.

  80. Peggy

    This is the best podcast in a super long time. WHEEEEE!!!! Loved it.

  81. angrybadger

    Funny show – although one would think that Ray has enough FUCK YOU money by now to tell whatever story he wants without walking on egg shells! wtf! Something about him is still funny, like his FACE!

  82. beechcraftstarang

    Caltabiano is good name for T’s V.

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