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As the show opens up, Adam and the gang talk about the theme to Robert Blake’s TV show, ‘Helltown.’ Adam also refers to a Tweet that reminded him about being in the SAG union. This leads Adam into a big rant about why he doesn’t want to be in a union. Adam’s buddy Ray is also in studio, and the guys answer a home improvement question about replacing charred wood near a barbeque.

Alison starts up the news discussing the recent controversy involving actor Fred Willard and an adult movie theater. The guys also talk about the Emmy nominations, including Jimmy Kimmel Live getting a nod for Best Variety Show. Later the gang takes calls about visiting California, losing MMA fights, and gun control. Alison brings up one last news story involving a robbery gone wrong, and the show wraps up with a rant about ill-informed drivers in California. [02-emmys]


Hear more of Adam and Ray weekly on Ace on the House. New episodes released every Saturday. Follow Ray on Twitter @RayOldhafer.


Helltown Intro

Baretta Intro

Ace on the House Video Question

Mainway Toys

Surveillance Video

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Steeew

    Despite Ray being awesome, he looks like a madman you just pulled off the street and snapped a photo with.

    • Badger

      How apt.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett07-20-2012

      Fey, I think is the word.

    • Tiny Tyrant
      Tiny Tyrant07-20-2012

      great ep. love Ray and love the long term friendship on display.

      union fees? look at it as a ‘thank you’ for safe working conditions, 40 hour week and weekends. if organized labour didn’t fight for these basic rights we’d never have ’em. though they are disappearing again along with the rate of union membership in the labour force. huh.

      also, following this latest gun nut’s murder spree, re-visit Adam’s lame “packin’ Salt and Pepper guy” solution to a world of crazies wielding guns (read: sem-automatics). imagine if everyone in that theater had a semi-automatic? brutal.

      please, Alison, Bald, can you shit on Adam’s ill-conceived and obtuse points a little more? i know you want to and you’ve demonstrated in the past that you can run rings around him. makes for good pod.

      • YoussefChristian

        Stop listening.

        • BW

          stop replying

        • Dan

          Stop praying.

        • andygirlll

          Is that what Ace Broadcasting wants? For those who don’t agree with some rants to stop listening instaed of giving feedback? I thought ACE wants the pitrate ship to stay afloat and listeners are needed in order for the $$$ to keep flowing in.

      • Jay

        You can stop saying “semi-automatics” every time you mention a gun. I know it’s this great buzzword you gun Nazis just discovered and love to throw around like it makes you sound informed. Semi-auto guns are a 100+ year old development, pre-WW1 almost civil war era tech. It’s like describing every car as a car “WITH FOUR WHEELS!!! OMG!” and one of those new-fangled ‘internal combustion engines’.

        • Steve

          also it makes him sound retarded, pretty much all guns are semi-automatic…. and if everyone had a “semi- automatic” in that theater the dude might have gotten off a couple shots before everyone open fired on him.

      • Steve

        Unions are worthless. They are for lazy assholes who want everything and don’t want to work for it. scum of the earth.

        • Tibor Warski
          Tibor Warski08-11-2012

          Unions are worthless? You’re worthless you goddamn clueless jackass! Do you know why you have weekends? Do you know why small children aren’t used for slave labor? Do you know why there’s any laws at all that protect ALL OF US?

          Go get your head crushed by a metal stamper and die slow!

      • An Onny
        An Onny08-15-2012

        Tiny, have you not listened to one word Adam said? He’s not against the unions that DO fight for those things! The unions that protect workers who work in dangerous conditions, etc. He’s against the stupid fluff unions like SAG and AFTRA. What do they exactly DO for their workers? I’ve known actors myself who have had very small roles here and there and HATE having to cough up money for that stupid union when they barely make a few dollars to begin with. SAG does NOTHING to make sure actors have stable working hours or enough money to live off of. It’s a big scam, and Adam is 100% right.

    • Steeew


    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-20-2012

      You know, for a corpse, Ray isn’t a bad guest…

  2. trent

    I know Adam does it on a daily basis, but can we bring back – this week in rage?

    • lawrence810

      YES!!! PLEASE!!!

  3. Pumpkin Bits
    Pumpkin Bits07-19-2012

    Oh great. Adam’s loser friend who always wants to fight or say stupid things.

    • Badger

      I bet he’s a shitload more fun than hanging out with you.

    • TonyMonterey

      Oh great, another Internet pussy who would never have the ball’s to say this to Ray’s face.

  4. Ipswich

    Good show. Always fun when it’s just the ‘gang’ and no true guest.

    I’m now firmly convinced Adam was touched inappropriately as a kid while either ‘Land of the Lost’ or Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ was on in the background. And that’s where his Sid and Marty Krofft hatred comes from.

  5. Dutch

    I love me some Ray, and he’s one of the best guests this show gets to see…but with that said, he looks like a homeless dude in that picture.

  6. sloozen1

    You’re doing God’s work Adam!

    • reb

      Soon, imbeciles like you who believe in ‘god’ will be the only listeners

      • Badger

        How’s the weather on your planet buddy? Overly warm with a possible afternoon shower of daddy issues?

  7. Rudy Eugene
    Rudy Eugene07-19-2012

    Holy crap, apparently wherever Carolla grew up, it causes people to age insanely prematurely.

    Ray looks closer to 70 than 50.

    • Scott

      The guy has been working construction outside since he left high school and he smokes, you’d age prematurely too.

    • Dan

      It’s called “the sun.”

    • Steve from Sac town
      Steve from Sac town07-20-2012

      HAHAHA, And he will look 70 for the next 50 years….GET IT ON!!! +_+

  8. YouKnowImRight

    The Adam Corolla Show Programming Guide

    Monday- Whine about Blacks

    Tuesday- Whine about how Mexicans have turned LA into a dump

    Wednesday- Whine about class warfare

    Thursday- Whine about Obama

    Friday- Whine about Unions

    So when is the announcement FOX NEWS is picking up the show coming?

    • Badger

      YouKnowImFat’s Programming Guide.

      Monday – Sunday: Be a fucking loser

    • Uhhhh

      That announcement seems unlikely, Fox News probably wouldn’t want someone with the “liberal” views Carolla holds and talks about topics that you seem to choose to not be mentioning.

    • GOD

      YouKnowImRight comment guide

      Monday – Whines about the adam carolla show.

      Tuesday – Whines about the adam carolla show.

      Wednesday – Whines about the adam carolla show.

      Thursday – Whines about the adam carolla show.

      Friday – Whines about the adam carolla show

      Saturday – Whines about mom making him mow the lawn.

      For someone who doesn’t like something, you spend an awful lot of time downloading and listening to it. Move on dumbass.

      • May Kadoode
        May Kadoode07-20-2012

        That’s really funny, even for you GOD!

    • reb

      As I have said many times before, society . . .

    • DrAwkward

      Oh no, my delicate sensibilities!

    • Brett

      Its seems you like to listen to the whining……sorry I dont mean to feed the trolls…

  9. Joe

    Ray looks like a special ed student who spends too much time in the gym. Look at those cannons!!

    • Tiny Tyrant
      Tiny Tyrant07-20-2012


      nice one.

      i fukn love Ray.

    • Rick

      Ray is always fun…totally real.

  10. Ricotastic

    Jesus. I don’t know why anyone bothers calling into the show at this point. They just get yelled at and hung up on by Adam.

    • Badger

      Let me guess, you calling in once and got yelled at and hung up on?

      Just kidding, using a phone would involve effort. You’re not an effort-driven person I’m just guessing.

      • Ricotastic

        Hey Badger, go fuck youself.

        • Badger

          Ladies first.

      • Dan

        god damn you’re a horrible troll, Badger.

    • Lori

      That guy that called about going to CA was just dumb! I was glad Adam hung up on him.

    • Brett

      Welcome to every radio show in the U.S. (and probably the world, I just wouldn’t know.)

    • Adrian Larson
      Adrian Larson07-20-2012

      Most of them are idiots. Fuck them.

    • Jay


      I know. I feel bad for the callers. Yeah, they have a hard time getting to the point, but that’s no way to treat a fan.

    • snooch

      have you ever listened to Adam before? Is that supposed to be a troll comment?

    • An Onny
      An Onny08-15-2012

      Isn’t that why we all loved Loveline?

  11. Victor C
    Victor C07-20-2012

    Love the show, Ace Man

  12. zyzz

    Ray, Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin’ huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.

  13. jc

    Ace is great and I listen often, but he doesn’t know what he’s talking about regarding unions.

    Unions are disappearing. If Adam thinks wages wil rise after their gone, he’s CLUELESS. When/if that happens, the majority of US jobs will resemble WallMart jobs.

    Unions are a democracy for the worker. Like all democracies, there are corrupt leaders. They need to be reformed, but Scott Walker and others want to destroy them.

    • jcb

      Scott Walker is the man. Screw unions. The open market is democracy for workers, moron. If you are worth more $$$ to an employer, take your earning power to ANOTHER COMPANY who will pay you what you’re worth. Unions can’t stand competition, thus you can only work union jobs, or suck unemployment.

      • Tiny Tyrant
        Tiny Tyrant07-21-2012

        ah, i see we have a scholar of industrialization here.

      • RoyalDryness

        You do realize that before unions the open market for workers meant 12-16 hour workdays (7 days a week), unsafe working conditions (with no compensation or care if and when you are inured by those conditions), child labor, insanely low wages, and just a general raping of the workforce.

      • BJN

        Heh, just like Adam’s rant about how poor people used to look at the rich guy who drove the expensive car and looked at him as a hard worker and something to aim for, people used to look at union members as smart people who were working together to make sure jobs stayed in the US and had some security in their employment. It is strange that both things have changed in opposite directions. Maybe people just used to have more respect overall.

        JCB, you may have the correct theory in mind about employment, but I think ignorance in bliss for you in the real world. That is just not how it works for most people. You may be right that a truly talented and hard working person can and will find a way to succeed, and people should be rewarded for hard work and talent with higher pay and more money. No argument there. But at the same time, why demonize people that just want to PROTECT their job and have a small say in their working conditions? People are pretty shitty overall in business. Not just management, but supervisors, other employees and customers too. So a union helps people work together to make sure nobody is left to fend for themselves in the work place, to fight against massive layoffs, and to fight businesses from shipping jobs overseas. Why is this bad?

        Oh, and unions are not bankrupting governments. A good talking point, but unfortunately also not true. When people say that, I wonder if they have ever considered that union members actually want their businesses to succeed financially? You know, because their jobs are tied to the success of the company?

        • J Rock 1970
          J Rock 197007-27-2012

          I work in one of the last bastions of manufacturing, making 737’s that all your loved ones fly in. If it wasn’t for the unions I would be making 1/3 less salary and have little to no health coverage. The chinese couldn’t even get fuckin dog food right, you really want them building your airplanes? Those who oppose unions have no fucking clue what rights they fought and died for in order to get you working conditions all you uninformed douchebags take for granted! Get a little knowledge on what your ranting about before flying off the handle.

  14. mike

    AWESOME!!! I could listen to Ray every day. Even when he’s not being funny, he still kinda makes me laugh. Loved the Ray chapter in the book, and have heard almost every episode of Ace on the House.

  15. Q

    Ray looks like David Letterman but a slightly creepier version

    • Ledgewood

      HA. my first thought as well.

  16. reb

    Do we get the diatribe about how Ray lives in an apartment, all ‘successful’ people own a house?

    • Badger

      I dunno, do we get the usual dickhead comments from someone who didn’t listen but felt the need to pipe up?

      • Tiny Tyrant
        Tiny Tyrant07-21-2012

        didn’t listen but still called it.

        what does that say about us giant brains that continue to listen to the same ish, over and over… ?

  17. Kohnyman

    Use a pressure washer on that wood fence, my brother used a pressure washer on our parents whole deck and it looked like new wood.

  18. Cameron

    I think Fred’s wife is constantly in his face when he’s at home. One of those co-dependent type bitches. Hence why he has to go to a place like this to get some private time.

  19. BrockEmerson

    Ray looks like a strung out David Letterman.

  20. Travis

    GE-TIT-ON everybody! I was wondering if y’all could help me out – can anybody tell me what song that was that played during the GoDaddy spot at the very beginning of the show? Thank you!

  21. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee07-20-2012

    Ray in the house, looking forward to this one…

  22. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee07-20-2012

    Had to skip yesterday’s comment page, too many words and stuff????

  23. Tracy

    If Kevin Bacon and David Letterman had a kid it would look like Ray.

  24. Tom

    Ray has some guns !

  25. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-20-2012

    I thought David Letterman was on the show today.

  26. Tim Holmes
    Tim Holmes07-20-2012

    Geez, seems like a bunch of people who don’t like the show have posted comments. I LOVE me some Aceman! Have dug Adam since the Love Line daze. As Tony The Tiger used to say, “He’s……G-R-E-A-T!!
    If you want a show without smart and funny righteous anger, move the eff on dudes. Adam seldom pulls punches (he will play some softball with certain guests on certain subjects. But, hey, he’s gotta live in that town, ya know?). If you want someone different, listen to someone different. Sniff. There you go. Okay, what’s next, baby girl. Would love to love me some Alison. Numnum.

    • snooch


    • Chubby knees
      Chubby knees07-23-2012

      Lots to love.

  27. JPat

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for shooting hot tub water out of his ass.

  28. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson07-20-2012

    Ray looks like Jim Carey trying to be Kevin Bacon. Which seems oddly appropiate once you’ve read/listened to his chapter in Not Taco Bell Material

  29. Brandon Tosnio
    Brandon Tosnio07-20-2012

    Why does Adam keep lamenting this retarted white trash piece of shit’s exploits? I know they’re friends but Adam, You’re a Millionaire and a success, leave the Trailor Park trash at the trailor park and definitely keep him off your flagship podcast.

  30. GreatCalves82

    Thanks for dressing up for the show Ray. I love the Fruit of the Loom shirt thats been washed 150 times. Im suprised its not showing the yellow dinge under the armpits. That being said,…. hes in great shape for a “maturing man” Does he jump rope too?

  31. big jim
    big jim07-20-2012

    Taking calls! Home improvement tips straight from the Aceman’s lips to those in need!

  32. Heady Money
    Heady Money07-20-2012

    Is Youknowimright implying that Adam is racist? That was such an origional and well thought out post. You should start your own podcast and maybe CNN or MSNBC will pick it up. Keep up the good work troll.

  33. Robert

    Ray is the best, and I crack up every time Bald Bryan hits the drop after the $69 read. Im mature.

  34. LouE

    TIL SAG and the writers union blows ass.

  35. Neil

    As much as the Aceman talks about loving Canada… I can’t watch the Mainways clip because Hulu STILL doesn’t fucking let us watch their goddamn videos. If I drive less than an hour east, I’m in New York state and would have no problem.

  36. john

    Very eerie! Ace talking to a guy about carrying concealed guns in theaters before the Batman Massacre happened….

    • snooch

      was just about to say that

    • jcb

      One law-abiding movie attendee with a gun, ONE single bullet, could’ve saved 12 lives. Duck and cower is not defense against a madman. A concealed weapon works great. 2nd amendment, baby!

      • RoyalDryness

        JCB, even the radical NRA’s official position in a situation like that is to attempt to escape and leave your gun holstered as more weapons being drawn will only create even further chaos and confusion and likely lead to more death. If someone or multiple someones had drawn their weapons who’s to know if they are a “good guy” trying to take out the shooter, or working with him in the slaughter?

  37. Michael Moore
    Michael Moore07-20-2012

    Anyone else find the concealed weapon call super foreboding considering what happened in Colorado about an hour after they got done recording the show?

    • Mike

      Yes…he has always pointed out how when he talks about something obsure, it turns around and happens.

  38. JP

    Run red lights that are inconvenient. Run bicyclists off the road because you’re bigger. Jack off on long car trips because you’re bored. You shouldn’t be promoting this stuff dude.

  39. Robey

    Follow ACE-man on (the) shitter…..

    nice one! Although hasn’t that been the position of Matt Fondiler to date?

  40. GREG

    i have a buddy who looks/acts just like Ray. Classic, nothing better than a loose cannon…

  41. hood

    I’ve been trying to call in for three days to ask Adam and the crew if I should have a grape popcicle.

  42. DanC

    Ray looks really different from hen he was on the TLC show. I wish Adam had a TV show with his buddies still. Adam why not have some camera and broadcast the video of your daily podcast? I would pay for that.


  43. Ledgewood

    Ray is completely insane. I love him.

  44. ChoppinBrockolli

    Ray looks like David Letterman – except more roidy and bath salty.

  45. JimJ

    “Follow Ace on Shitter” Dawson, you RULE!

  46. Jnine

    Adam, I gave your show another shot this morning (hey – it takes a while to break an addiction) and once again had to turn it off. Hating on unions? Dude, you have seriously jumped the shark now. Have you ever considered that some of us are just as, if not smarter than you? Maybe we aren’t “technically millionaires” (although some of us are), but that does not automatically mean that we are stupid and lazy. YOU are not the only person who pays fucking taxes!!! YOU do not even count as part of the 1%. You’d have to be as rich as someone like Bill Gates to be a 1%er. Why do you insist that all government rules and regulations are directed at YOU? Narcissist? Perhaps. Are you considering a career with Fox or something? It seems as though you might be headed in that direction. That would be just sad – kind of like Dennis Miller and Monday Night Football.

    • miguel jaksun
      miguel jaksun07-20-2012

      check ur facts son, adam is definetly in the top 1% of US earners, anyone who’s making more than a few million a year is.

  47. Ray is Gay
    Ray is Gay07-20-2012

    Censorship pussies ! I thought this board was anti-PC? Guess not ur board is filled with pussies that can’t handle criticism ! PUSSIES !

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-20-2012

      But here’s the real question: Are they pussies?

  48. Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Nature Boy Ric Flair07-20-2012

    Must be weird for Adam to be so wealthy while his old buddies to be living such crappy lives. i know they made their own beds, but I would feel odd if I was Adam. Maybe that’s why he lets them all hang around.


  49. Robert

    Dawson! I cant find Adam on Shitter!?!? How high are you???

  50. YoussefChristian

    So Ray is fucking jacked?? His right arm looks Satanic.

  51. West

    Just paused the show to come here and check out the Hell Town intro. I have to ask what’s the deal with all the livestock in the intro? According to Wikipedia the show was set in LA, not exactly a farming community.

  52. Another Another Adam
    Another Another Adam07-20-2012

    There’s no stopping Mr Oldhafer now! It’s next stop the Tonight Show for Ray. I was thinking the other day that it would be funny if Ray was the only guest on TACS. I wasn’t disappointed.
    Ray has lost significant pod-air time now that the ever popular* “Life Lessons” has sadly met its demise. I hope that, by way of compensation, Carolla Digital can adjust their programming to accommodate more Ray.

    *This is a lie.

  53. atticus finch
    atticus finch07-20-2012

    one year of listening and here are my conclusions. best podcast ive ever heard. adam has his faults but he is brilliant and hilarious. a little bit of alison goes a long way. bald bryan is a master at what he does. “who” drop makes me laugh everytime. “cherry pie ” is also a never fail drop. 99.9 percent of the live shows are far less entertaining than the studio shows. alison is particularly annoying on the live shows.

    • miguel jaksun
      miguel jaksun07-20-2012

      agreed 100%. Alison call adam on his shit… crush him with that jew knowledge

  54. BW

    Look, I’ve said this a million times….

  55. Rene

    Ray looks so much like David Letterman in this picture. lol.

  56. MBelley

    I know this is a simple dumb question but I was just wondering, What are everyones thoughts to the begining of the show, from the “Your listening to the ACE Broadcasing Network” to “This is Carolla Digital”

    • Just Me
      Just Me07-20-2012

      Yeah, I first noticed Carolla Digital on the site’s nav bar before hearing. Imagine it came about the same time as the new logo. Guess it’s all about updating an image, though I prefer the old school “Broadcasting Network” to “Digital,” which is a bit sterile.

    • Dotsquad

      I’m with you @MBelley – “Carolla Digital” sounds like a new and improved proctological procedure

  57. Tony in DC
    Tony in DC07-20-2012

    Good show!

    One request for Monday. Ace, please don’t rant about how you’re surprised that shooting sprees don’t happen more often. It’s hard to listen to and makes you sound like a horrible person.


  58. testing1two

    I think Ray goes to the same dentist as Flea

  59. pesky

    Ray is Adams Neal Cassady

  60. Bill

    Ace seemed a little pissy this episode…

  61. Drone

    Ray: What doctor Drew would look like strung out on crank.

  62. Ken

    Good Podcast.

    CORRECTION: The story I heard and read on a Pee Wee interview was that he was visiting his parents down in Florida. He did not want to “take care of business” as an adult in his parent’s house – so he visited an Adult Theater (not an arcade) – he then got caught by the cops who were patrolling the theater.

    Now you know the rest of the story.

    Not sure what is worse – Adam’s story of watching a super 8mm porno in his grandparents bedroom or an adult Pee Wee getting lewd conduct in a adult theater. I sort of respect Pee wee not having his mother walk in on him as an adult visiting her house.

    Keep up the good work.

  63. Ken


    Your rant on the common man having his head up his ass about decisions falls flat when common man is deciding to “run red arrows” and impaling motorcycles that “I did not see him”.

    The caller did not see a cop behind him – yet you believe that this imbecile will see an oncoming motorcycles.

    Most red arrows are for “blinds” so that you don’t pull in front of a moto who has the right of way.

    Not on board with Adam’s take on running red lights.

    Keep up the good work.

  64. Kyle

    What Carolla says about his father and him never having a relationship because of the lack of shared interests is poignant and true. My own father hadn’t much passion for anything, nor did he try to get me involved in hobbies as a child, so we really had no common activities or interests to build a relationship and memories on. You cannot force a relationship with someone — even if that someone is family, being predisposed toward it — if you cannot relate to them or understand them on shared ground.

    Only in my twenties when both my dad and I began getting interested in economics and debating with one another for many hours over the phone or cups of coffee, did a relationship start to flower.

  65. Riggz

    I guess I’m the only one to find Ray to be annoying and not interesting. So sick of his fecal and urination stories, if this punk ass bitch tried something like that with me he would be spitting teeth out! Sorry Adam, your same 10 stories you constantly repeat about your stupid friends are tired and fucked out. I know people way more insane and interesting than these clowns.

  66. Matt

    Adam, you say you hate subsidizing others’ healthcare via SAG, and yet you readily admit that your healthcare was subsidized by others when you used to accept free healthcare at the ER and skip out on the bill.

  67. Gene McFeen
    Gene McFeen07-21-2012

    ray is the tits

  68. John in PDX
    John in PDX07-21-2012

    Best quote of the show “When I was writing the book, I should have given you chapter 11, Ray”

  69. rick

    How about Tony Barbieri for a guest ? (in or out of character) He`s damned funny can improvise and maybe some new adam stories would surface.

  70. Stan

    Good show. I’m really glad they had Damshek and Ray on and didn’t squeeze some irrelevant/bad guest on. I hope they use “regulars” more such as these two, Dr. Bruce and Larry Miller when healthy instead of forcing a lame guest.

    With that said, PLEASE stop taking open phone calls, the connections are terrible and the callers grind the show to a halt 99% of the time.

  71. b albers
    b albers07-22-2012

    liberal pussies…. Cant handle any opinion that challanges their precious little world view. Adam has already said it. If you dont like it than “LICK HIS SALTY BALLS” How many times has he told you bleeding vag’es to toss off.

    My favorite comedian is dana gould, and you know what, we are polar opposites idiologically. I dont feel the need to whine like a fag on his messageboard when he makes a political joke i disagree with.

  72. gordie shea
    gordie shea07-22-2012

    More Ray! Love the banter between the two of you and all the old stories.

  73. GuyDudeBro

    holy fuck when did david letterman get into construction, blow and creatine.

    all joking aside Ray is fucking awesome.

    Get It On

  74. Bobby

    Adam is 100% correct in his assessment of unions in general but particularly PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS. They are blood sucking abominations on our Republic that even labor icons of the past said should never exist in America. Let me tell you why……The founders of the labor movement viewed unions as a way to get workers more of the PROFITS they help create. GOVERNMENT WORKERS, however, don’t generate profits. They merely negotiate for more tax money. When government unions strike, they strike against TAXPAYERS. An untouchable icon of the big government liberal crowd, F.D.R. no less, said the existence of public unions and their potential strikes against the American taxpayer, would be “intolerable and unthinkable”. That’s F.D.R.!! George Meany, a God among the big labor crowd said “Government collective bargaining must never be allowed because it will mean that voters will no longer have the final say on public policy. Our elected representatives that are supposed to execute the will of the people for the common good will instead be negotiating spending and policy decisions with unions.” Union contracts make it next to impossible to reward great teachers or to fire horrible ones. Union contracts give government employees gold-plated benefits at the cost of higher taxes and less spending on other priorities. The reason you heard all the screaming and gnashing of teeth in Wisconsin is because Governor Walker’s plan takes the power out of union hands and reasserts voter control over government policy and the unions will do ANYTHING to deceive the public about that simple truth.

    • b albers
      b albers07-23-2012

      bobby is right….that is all

  75. Steve

    Love the Aceman,hi friend Ray sounds like a dumby though.

  76. fenom

    how did adam know to foreshadow the batman shooting with this video? haha

  77. Clay

    It’s RAAAAAAAAAY-vid LETTERMAN!! Ray’s my favorite ape.

  78. ArrestedDeveloper

    Ray needs to come on the main podcast more often. Also some more Ozzy, Chris, and Donny (if Ace can swallow his pride).

    • George

      it’s not just Ace, bro’s always have a hard time admitting there was an issue.

  79. Blimey

    If criminals think you have a lot of guns in your house it makes you a target. They wait until you’re gone and break in to steal your guns. There are few things in your home that have so much value and are as easy to carry as guns.

  80. Wendy

    Here, Here, on the traffic rant, Norman Raye. Law enforcement does little to facilitate the flow of traffic.

  81. George

    the asian cop in the video with old guy shooting is hot!

  82. customcartoons

    Whoa, nobody mentioned Ray had such fantastic arms! Humina humina!

  83. AD

    That Ray is veiny

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