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Adam opens the show referring to a pep talk he just gave to one of the employees whose grandmother recently passed away. Adam then talks about showing up to special events early when things aren’t ready, and discusses the death of his mother-in-law. The guys then jump to the phones, where Adam talks to a high schooler who used one of Adam’s rants to pass a graduation test. Adam also speaks to a caller about becoming a dentist, and yells about the animators messing with his pilot.

After the break, Adam talks about oatmeal cookies with cranberries in them, and chats with another caller trying to battle depression. In the news, the top story is about a three-year-old who was stopped by the TSA. The group also talks about employees fired for wearing orange, and a new titleholder for the second largest fast food chain. The show wraps up with Adam donning a British accent.


TSA Video

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos03-26-2012

    This must be a special show. Looks like his best track suit.

    • Sean

      Oh, you sir get an upvote from me. Awesome!

    • peaceoutchucker

      Do I sense a little bit a of jealousy that you don’t get the luxury of wearing a track suit to work. Please try to internalize your self loathing. Don’t take it out on the Aceman.

      • Marc

        you must be new, welcome to the Internet

  2. Joe

    haha Adam looks like an unenthusiastic train engineer.

    • b

      Yeah, because we all know how enthusiastic train engineers typically are.

  3. dickface

    Nice job calling Adam’s grandmother an old dog you cow. Nice flannel, didn’t know L.L. Bean was a new sponsor. You should shut up more. Alot more.

    • tony

      go take some dick to the face, dickface

    • Lisa

      Wow……you are a dickface

    • theMisterLister

      dickface, why you hate the ladies?

    • 3rd Mijo
      3rd Mijo03-27-2012

      Excuse you, motherfucker! Hello, that shirt isn’t LL Bean, it’s Forever 31, ya dickface.

  4. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom03-26-2012

    No more pictures?

  5. Kyle

    Whats with the no pictures? You guys spend how much time talking about how Adam’s Viking art issues and we have no reference. Come on.

    Beyond that, keep up the good work.

    • David Hockenberger
      David Hockenberger03-26-2012

      Shirts with the Vicking artwork is in the apparel section of the store.

  6. zwb

    Bald Bryan as got to be the ugliest bald man I’ve ever seen. I’d say thank god its radio, but his voice is just as offensive.

    • Sean

      Good job poking at the dude with a freaking tumor in his brain. Perhaps that has to do with the head shape…

    • Cremotoa

      Bald Brian is a shining, golden god!

    • Joe

      Be nice, Anderson.

    • Dutch

      What the HELL is wrong with you and other assholes like you???!!! To come on this website and talk shit about someone who is entertaining you for free??? And to all you ASSHOLES if you dont like the podcast or the staff then go someplace else, like in the middle of traffic. Bald Bryan is great guy who has more talent than any of you haters!! Thats why he is on the podcast and YOU ARE NOT!!

      • zwb

        shut up wuss.

    • phil theejoo
      phil theejoo03-27-2012

      Bald bryans love of life and overall positive attitude is an inspiration!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sluggh

    “Unflappable because he has no wings.” Another gem.

    • Micah

      Line of the show.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-27-2012

        …could be line of the year.

  8. Chris

    I don’t know about you, but I think Alison looks delicious in her flannel shirt with buttons undone, mmmmmhhhmmmm. It looks good on you Alison. Not in a lesbo dike way, but in a sexy snuggle up way.

    • theMisterLister

      i totally agree with you , except for “Not in a lesbo dike way”

  9. Bewildered Tourist
    Bewildered Tourist03-26-2012

    Come on Alison… just 2 more buttons!

  10. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge03-26-2012

    Alison so so damn cute.

  11. theMisterLister

    You’re wrong on this one, ace.
    People who want cranberries in their oatmeal cookies are the 99%

    • Micah


      • theMisterLister

        what? you 1% and your fruitless oatmeal cookies are the primary reason the terrorists hate us

  12. Mark

    Alison, unbutton that flannel just a little more.

  13. stnuntrnd

    Few months ago, Bryan and Alison took video of their auctioned-off services (baby sitting, meal prep, mow lawns, etc.) experience; are they going to post the video?

  14. Lew

    That Alison Rosen is a fox

  15. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper03-26-2012

    Yeah, right, great way to start a Monday podcast – death, dying, dead bodies, etc. Fun, cheerful & uplifting.

  16. benyens


  17. Dean

    Lewis Black also says “dunkey.”

    P.S. Bryan: can you please incorporate that drop of Alison saying “butts up” more often? It cracks me up.

  18. Neil

    The EXACT MOMENT that Adam said he smelled something good and that someone was eating soup, someone walked into my office with soup that smells delicious! For a moment, time and space warped and I had no idea where I was.

  19. Jay

    Where are the pictures?

  20. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams03-26-2012

    Adam once again ignored and misunderstood the “Orange” woman group firing. Let me get this right, 14 people got together and decided to wear the color orange in order to mock the owners wife who’s a manager? 100% bullshit!

  21. DES

    I guess Dr. Bruce has had enough of the verbal abuse.

    Time to grow a pair

  22. Wilson King of Prussia
    Wilson King of Prussia03-26-2012

    that pictue looks like Ace just said “whos ready for a threesome”…………yes Alison always looks tasty, shes funny too. I can imagine her in bed with me cracking jokes about my little weiner after we make sweet, sweet love.

  23. LokiCola

    Love the episodes when it’s just the gang and no guests. These shows are fun and laid back.

  24. Serena

    Way to ruin flannel for me Alison! Love you!!!

  25. C Rip
    C Rip03-26-2012

    Where are the pictures???

  26. Monica Taylor
    Monica Taylor03-26-2012

    All the “cultural” MAC donalds commericals often play on BETor during soul train back in the day. love ya ACE….

    one of your loyal black fans

  27. mario

    great job today Terressa

  28. BuccaneerRon

    Where is Donny ??

    • theMisterLister

      he didn’t want to deal with some of the non-adam players at the garage, it’s covered on the state of the union podcast from jan 3rd

    • phil theejoo
      phil theejoo03-27-2012

      Donny pulled a jacky martling from the howard stern show he wanted more say so and more money so he got pissed and quit and he is starting his own podcast……one problem nobody in show business knows who he is buahahahhaha.

  29. MPG

    LOVED the comments about the insane levels of security in this dumbass country

    I’m so tired of the “9/11 changed everything” b.s.

    Apparently it DID change everything– it made us pussies.

  30. Ian

    Good day Adam, Bald Brian, and of course Alison,

    Just wanted to chime in and say great show! I’ve been a fan of Adams since The Man Show, Crank Yankers and Loveline. 2000 was a good year huh? I’ve been following the podcast from its begining, and I have to say; as much as I enjoy the awesome guests you have had over the years, my favorite episodes are the ones where Alison and Bald Brian get to speak up more. I love the group dynamic you all share. Both Brians and Alisons wit really compliment, and bring out the best of the Ace man. There are also of course guests I can’t get enough of, D.A.G., Larry Miller, and either Dr Bruce, or Alisons boyfriend Dr Drew, being the stand outs. I also of enjoy hearing some of my other favorite celebs randomly show up. Equally entertaining perhaps, are the guests that I didn’t like to start with. Insane Clown Posse being up there. But the way that you, Adam, talk to these people, you really seem to draw out their human side, shine a light through the celeb picture of who I thought they were. After hearing a guest on your show, I might still not like their product, but I can appreciate them as people just trying to get by.
    Sorry for the novel I left here, I have just wanted to praise you guys for so long, I thought I would just go ahead and gush all over your page. (ewww, sorry again)
    Love you guys!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-27-2012

      Adam doesn’t read.

  31. gendo1

    Best. Episode. Yet. You brought me down and then built me up. Great show Aceman, BB, Allison!

  32. TheMidsizeLebowski

    How do people know when to call in? Would it be possible to publicize that somehow? Put a notice up on the site or mention it during a podcast or something.

    I like the no guest shows every once in a while, good episode.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-27-2012


  33. Paul

    Great rant against showing ID when paying with a credit card but credit card companies don’t require card holders to show ID when making a purchase.

    In fact, they don’t even want merchants to ask card holders for ID. The last thing credit card companies want is people thinking it’s a hassle to use credit cards and start considering other options. Credit card companies have other less in-your-face fraud prevention measures in place.

    The last time I was asked to show ID I simply said: “The credit card company doesn’t require it and if you want to call to ensure the card is good, go right ahead.” The cashier quickly completed the transaction without another word and I was on my way.

    They buyer is the one with the money and the merchants are the ones that want your money. You have the upper hand. Don’t jump in Lake Stupid and Dam Retarded!

  34. Reb

    MMA guests: massive bore

  35. stnuntrnd

    Re the rant about The Burger King, Adam had a good interview with Jack, CEO of Jack in the Box,
    on the ACPodcast 4/24/2009.

  36. ARZ

    The only reason the cartoon illustrators come back with the wrong art work the first time every time is BECAUSE THEY ARE PAID BY THE HOUR!!!

    If they do it wrong the first time, they get paid a second time to do it again, and again, and again. Hope that helps prove you are not going insane.

  37. Scott

    The show has slowly turned into the Adam Carolla Podcast featuring Alison Rosen…it sucks, zip it woman

  38. JC

    Check this out Adam and tell me what you think about this website.

  39. TwiceOnSundays

    More Alison Rosen!
    Less douchebags complaining about Alison Rosen!

    Were it not for AR, we’d be treated to same show again and again. I like Adam, but left in a vacuum he ironically goes stale.

  40. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac03-28-2012

    Doesn’t the Porsche Panorama have driver’s side window locks so the driver can turn the power off to the rear window switches? Adam could’ve rolled up the window from his seat, locked the rear switch, and told Natalia, “pie down down, Daddy is trying to make something funny out of this situation and all the wind buffeting is annoying”. The swing level bit was very funny, but this car window child rearing moment by the nations’s newest Kathy Lee had a simple and obvious fix (I assume a $200,000.00 Porsche comes equipped with the driver’s side control switch to all the windows); painful rant.

    • brianguy

      Panamera? don’t you feel silly now… but hey, not everyone’s a car buff. I know people who would claim I’m not really a car buff because I don’t go wrenching or racing every other weekend, or own 50 cars like Adam. but yeah it’s Panamera.

  41. Andy90

    We were promised pictures?

    • brianguy

      what he said.

  42. Jeffer90

    Wowie, whats going on with alison’s shirt, couple buttons undone, we need a better shot here guys.

  43. brianguy

    I must say, I’m a regular listener of the podcast but have been away doing other things (work and family) for the past couple month.

    one question, because it’s driving me nuts and can’t tell if it’s just me: where’s the damn photos they always mention on the podcast? shouldn’t there just be a giant section of the website called PHOTOS? or at least have them here in this post about said episode.

    or maybe cancer boy simply forgot.

    • brianguy

      months. months. fawk me.

  44. Amir

    That sound that Allison makes after Ace says the bar isn’t open yet…I can totally relate, like once a month at least. It’s such a shit, helpless, frustrating feeling.

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