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At the top of the show, Adam talks about the crazy lady in his neighborhood who always needs rides up the hill and was a total bitch the one time he picked her up. David Wild is also in studio, and the guys take a call from Brad Paisley to talk about the memoir they worked on together. Adam then talks about his weekend racing up in Sonoma, and an awkward interview with Leif Garrett.

Pia Zadora enters the studio next, and Adam talks with her about the proper pronunciation of her name. They also talk about her journey from Broadway to the silver screen, and some of the crazier experiences she experienced along the way. Later they chat about her relationship with Don King, and why her son is in the Israeli army.

Alison opens the news discussing a number of people who passed away this weekend, including Richard Dawson and Dick Beals, the voice of Gumby. David then talks with Pia about her work with legends like Orson Welles and Frank Sinatra, and the power that each of those men had. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the latest updates in the George Zimmerman trial, Doritos tacos, and Pia’s Penthouse cover.


Visit http://PiaZadora.com, and be sure to see her July 27th and 28th at the Smith Center in Las Vegas. You can also follow her on Twitter @OfficialPiaZ.

David Wild’s Twitter is @WildAboutMusic, and Brad is @BradPaisley. You can also click through our Amazon link to purchase Brad’s new book, Diary of a Player.


Race Footage

Apples and Oranges

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Takeda

    Piegh Izzy Doughrah

    • Brian

      Davy and Goliath was brought to us by the Lutheran Church not the Latter-Day Saints. Don’t pin that crap on the Mormons.

      • stnuntrnd

        Yes, and the guys associated the Orson Welles “sell no wine before it’s time” commercials with
        E&J Gallo !!

        • MC White
          MC White06-06-2012

          Was it E and J? I thought it was another wine company.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-06-2012

        What’s the difference.

  2. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver06-05-2012

    who didnt want to spank PIA back in the day….. still do

  3. Pia Zadora? Seriously?
    Pia Zadora? Seriously?06-05-2012

    The woman has had *no* career since the ’90s. She’s had no *significant* career since the ’80s. Carolla’s not really having a handle on her name *30 years ago* makes her a worthwhile guest?

    • joe baker
      joe baker06-09-2012

      At least she speaks and has an opinion. Better than some

  4. Peter North
    Peter North06-05-2012

    David Wild referred to something as “The BEST…”? I’m shocked!

  5. AD

    Don Ameche is my Pia Zadora. People always made it sound like Donna Meche. Didn’t figure that out til I was 30.

  6. dave

    really david? use the track of a dude on whom you wrote a biography. shill much?

  7. Joe

    Your “Dead or Alive” list should have Christopher Lloyd on it from the “Back to the Future” films.

    • Dhuvy

      How dare you, he just had a major motion picture released, haven’t you heard of Piranha 3DD? Good day sir!

  8. JessMan

    the podcast just got a shout-out on tony kornheiser’s radio show here in dc

  9. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino06-05-2012

    When the discussion of great guitarists come up the two names that immediately come to mind are Steve Vai and Steve Morse. They are both incredible guitarists. If you’ve not heard of them go check them out on YouTube.

    • Fingers Freddy(the noun not the verb)
      Fingers Freddy(the noun not the verb)06-06-2012

      or Satriani
      or Van Halen
      or Holdsworth
      or Malmsteen
      or etc etc

  10. Balki

    I stopped listening when the hack David Wild opened his mouth.

  11. Matt

    What is the name of the Blues Traveler song?

    • Evan

      “Look Around”

      • joe baker
        joe baker06-09-2012

        Thanks was looking too

  12. Melinda Bourn
    Melinda Bourn06-05-2012

    somebody is high in the tree with the apples and oranges…

  13. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-05-2012

    Damn…I’d still take a garden hose to Pia. Adam, two possible name’s for the list: Ed Asner, Ernest Borgnine.

    • Dan Herron
      Dan Herron06-05-2012

      I’m working on Ernie Borgnie right now to come on the show. 🙂

      • Admiral Kent
        Admiral Kent06-06-2012

        Cool! Get him to proclaim “eeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiiiil!”

  14. thedecade

    I ‘ve seen that crazy woman in the hills too. Not good times

  15. Ben

    Great show today.

  16. Neil

    What up my outrigga!?

  17. Dan

    I feel like “Jed Clampett was a real guy and I knew him well” is an upcoming drop.

  18. DubipR

    Thank you for having Pia Zadora on the podcast.
    I remember that issue of Penthouse where she posed nude; sneaking into my dad’s night table and looking at it….ah, memories.

    Pia was a true delight; her inside knowledge about Sinatra was great!

  19. pistoljack

    what up my outrigger! bald bryan at his best

    • Dhuvy

      Careful, if you’re white, you said it wrong. You have to end it with the “ah” sound for it to not be racist…

    • Reb

      Quick & brilliant. Definitely beats a reflexive “yeah”/fake laugh

  20. The Archjduke
    The Archjduke06-05-2012

    P. Is a Doora

  21. goatfucker

    sounds like pia is going into the acemans spankbank.

    great show!

  22. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore06-05-2012

    Huell Howser drops….every day….unceasing…for years on end…no way that could get old.

  23. Snoopy

    Did someone count how many times David Wild used the words “The best…”? I ran out of fingers and toes.

  24. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch06-05-2012

    Im with Adam. Growing up, I always thought she was being called “P. Izzadora”. Granted, I didn’t drone on about it for 45 minutes……

    Btw, who comes in and sweeps up all the names after the show?

    • REB

      Maybe Frank O’Harris. But the assumption that someone is named P (or Pee) is absurd. And how do you completely avoid seeing a name of someone famous in writing.

    • An Onny
      An Onny06-22-2012

      Me too, as a kid in the ’70s. Adam is the first person I’ve ever heard of who brought it up.

  25. rosemary

    this was a great pod. i love that little Pia. she is a pistol.

  26. Tony Chappell
    Tony Chappell06-05-2012

    Adam, I’m totally with you about P. Isadora. It wasn’t until I was an adult and saw Pia Zadora’s written in print that I realized her name wasn’t “P. Isadora” but in fact Pia Zadora.

  27. kid_ugly

    holy hell, the way David said “Burgess Meredith?!” in astonishment, made me smile so much. too damn awesome

  28. Ju

    The shitty country solo was shitty.

  29. Milo

    The “X” Aceman. Explain to Pia that concept and suggest a rendezvous, because i believe you 2 have intersected, sir.

  30. mrsharkattack

    Great show today. Again. What was that Blues Traveler song you were playing? Thanks for giving props to BT. Excellent band. Under-rated.


    • Biased Blues Traveler Fan
      Biased Blues Traveler Fan06-05-2012

      mrsharkattack, that song is Look Around from the album Four.

      First time I have agreed with Adam on a song choice but he hit this one out of the park.

    • Mpanth84us

      The Blues Traveler song is called “Look Around”

  31. david

    I’m in love with her voice.

  32. Cheechu

    Still looks great. She was single handedly responsible for keeping Kleenex in business in the late 70’s and early 80’s!

  33. Terri

    Love that David Wilde and the stories he has to tell. Pia wasn’t a great guest and why the heck is it so hard to find great female guests. About 1 out of the 3 is actually entertaining. Anyway, as always, thanks for the podcast.

  34. Gottagetiton

    Mmmmm, giblet icecream..

  35. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian06-05-2012

    Portland keeping it real! We don’t drink the country kool-aid. What up my outrigga!?

  36. Aceman P1
    Aceman P106-05-2012

    Never commented before, but David Wild is ruining the show. PLEASE STOP

  37. dave

    drinking game….ever time wild mentions some dumb artist as “one of my favorites” take a drink.

    also let s see if aceman can get through an episode without saying “jimmy kimmel”

  38. Andy Small
    Andy Small06-05-2012

    Can tell Adam hadn’t raced at Sonoma before he’s missing his apexes left and right.

    Adam, try iRacing to get a feel for tracks.

  39. Clint Scriven
    Clint Scriven06-05-2012

    I’ve never known who the hell this chick was, but I heard her name all the time in the early 80’s and I ALWAYS heard it as P. Isador. Even when she said her own stupid name I heard it as P. Isador.

  40. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell06-05-2012

    David Wild cracks me up: “One day I was eating lunch with Johnny and June, at Frank’s house, when Dylan stopped by with George, to deliver the new record from Jeff Beck (The Best), so we could play it for my good friend Tom Petty (also the best).

  41. edge323

    Surprised adam didn’t talk about the running man for rich dawson! 80s action movie haha

  42. The Hoss
    The Hoss06-05-2012

    David Wild days have turned into 10-minute segments of music for guys in their 50’s. Let’s mix it up.

  43. Ricotastic

    You could also play “David Wild Countdown” where you take bets on how long it takes for David Wild to mention a famous musician that he knows…

    • Joe E Tata
      Joe E Tata06-05-2012

      … or take bets on when David Wild says someone is “The Best” or “The Greatest”.

    • Britalian

      I would prefer two versions of the show – one with David Wild and one without.

      I know which one I would go for, be useful to save scrubbing through the track.

  44. Bookman

    Love the show but found Pia more than a bit annoying.

  45. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton06-05-2012

    The Blues Traveler song sounds like it is called “Look Around”

  46. Micah

    Two shocking things happened today:

    1) Adam picked a decent song (and one I’ve actually never heard).

    2) David Wild said Brad Paisley’s one of the top 3 best guitarists alive. I… am no [insert anyone with the clout to proclaim a “best guitar ever”], but, c’mon now.

    Great pod, though.

  47. Mpanth84us

    Please post the name of the Blues Traveler song!!! Thanks 🙂

  48. Jared

    Name of the Blues Traveler song is “Look Around”.

  49. Stan

    Fantastic show. So many good moments, when Bryan and Adam recreated the question about Don King and the Army I nearly had to pull over.

  50. Lime

    I thought the same thing until I think I read her name somewhere, and I would assume many others did. It always sounded like “P Izadora” or something.

  51. mitchw

    nice pass there, Ace.

  52. Knuckles Goldberg
    Knuckles Goldberg06-05-2012

    Listening to them watch that racing clip was like watching Huell Howser on the phone asking about a picture of Burt Lancaster.

  53. John Atherton
    John Atherton06-05-2012

    Is there anybody that David Wild hasn’t met or worked for? They should play a game where they name a celebrity and guess if David has worked or met that person. Odds are, he has.

  54. the point man
    the point man06-05-2012

    Hey david, maybe we can listen to the music if you STFU!
    good day!

  55. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Surprisingly great guest, P was really funny. Paisley was good too, get him on the show and have him bring his guitar, that man can play.

  56. TheStillFrame

    I use to date a girl named Pia. The first thing my dad asked her was “Do you know what your name would be if you married Ronnie Lott?”

  57. Jesse Quemada
    Jesse Quemada06-05-2012

    Check out James Adomian, and Comedy Bang Bang for more Huell Howser.

    • Pumpkin Bits
      Pumpkin Bits06-05-2012

      Yeah for real. Not just him either. I’ve heard a lot of people make fun of Huell Howser. James Adomian does a much better impression than Dana Gould, but I don’t know which I find funnier.

  58. Gregg Scott
    Gregg Scott06-05-2012

    David Wild is a great guest. He’s a natural fit for the show. Please make him a weekly co-host.

    Great drops Bryan–especially the Huell Howser riff. Strong work!

  59. Jim

    Wow, did Pia even know the answers to any questions? See what percocet does? Call Drew.I also like how David Wild promotes people by mentioning someone of equal or lesser value, then throws in the “arguably the best fill in the blank”. Brad Paisley compared to Jeff Beck?

  60. andrew

    I want to put my D into P’s V.

  61. MC White
    MC White06-06-2012

    Surprised, I thought y’all would trash Pia Z, as a horrible guest. I think having her in your spankbank, might affect y’all’s opinion of her. I have this fuzzy memory of her name being spelled with a large P, and then smaller letters, on covers of magazines, maybe Penthouse? Not sure. In any event, I don’t remember the P pronounciation, but I do remember the way it was written/spelled, was confusing.

    • MC White
      MC White06-07-2012

      Wow, nobody commented, on the written “spelling” of her name. I’m pretty sure that’s what Adam is probably remembering. He probably pronounced it that way, in his head, when he saw it spelled that way on the covers of magazines, etc. I know I’m right, I’m like Adam. I’m always right! Wait a second! Adam can’t read, damn, I think I screwed up on this one!

  62. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III06-06-2012

    She was quicker than I thought and Brad was slower than I thought. David Mild thought everyone was amazing and the best. 🙂

  63. Mr. Rational
    Mr. Rational06-06-2012

    David Wild has become unbearable to listen to. It reminds me of the time I was hanging out with Tom Petty at the 1988 Grammys. I said to Tom (I called him Tom because I’m his best friend), “you are literally, literally, the best guitar player I have ever heard.” He said we should write a book together.

    Nice experiment, Ace, but this is a gots-to-go situation. Get back to the standard formula that’s been working so well for so long.

  64. dickandballs

    The Caillou song reminds me of the theme to Crank Yankers.

  65. Mike

    David Wild you suck, STFU!

    • Plain

      Wild is a really great guest. I learn things from him every appearance.

  66. Dan

    Looks like the Blues Traveler song is called “Look Around”.

  67. Aaron

    Who knows who the best guitarist alive is? Nobody, but I have definitely heard better guitarists than Jeff Beck…mostly unknowns. I think only an expert in the field, possibly a guitarist, is qualified to judge that. That being said, Pat Metheney is the greatest guitarist alive.

  68. AdamFan

    Love the podcast – David Wild is lame and needs to go immediately. I am sick of being subjected to his horrible taste in music. Jeff Beck? Best of all time? Please…

  69. Spank Bank
    Spank Bank06-06-2012

    DAVID WILD BINGO (Kids’ Version)

    1st ROW: “The Best…” / Meeting Bob Dylan / Sucking Up To Adam
    2nd ROW: “My All-time Favorite…” / FREE SPACE / Meeting Pia Zadora
    3rd ROW: “Oh, I co-wrote his book!” / Meeting Tom Petty / “…is the Greatest”

    • McDouche

      Don’t forget, “I wrote the liner notes…”

  70. greg

    i love when 60 year old women dumb themselves down to sound 16. “like, o-m-g-“

  71. Jerry

    I’ve never posted on a comments page in my life, but Aaron absolutely nailed it – Pat Metheny is the greatest guitarist alive. And probably the greatest guitarist to have lived on the face of this earth.

  72. Reb

    On what planet is Pia Zadora “hot” (except among guys who make tired jackoff/Keenex jokes).

    As I have said many times, society…

  73. Mitchell

    I used to think Mario Andretti was two guys. Mario and Dretti. I also am among those who once thought she was Pi Izadora.

  74. McDouche

    I love me some David Wild, but dude, lay off the superlatives.

  75. Lisa

    I can’t stand David Wild!! BB should play the “Don’t be a one-upper” drop every time Wild interrupts to talk about how he knows the person they’re talking about and how that person is “the best singer/guitar player/performer/trash man.” He is so completely annoying. Please stop his weekly appearances.

  76. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese06-07-2012

    Unlike most of the commenters here I don’t have any problems with David Wild. He does say ” so and so is the best” fairly often, but it doesn’t bother me. He’s a name dropper, but it’s his line of work. Not his fault he’s met and worked with a lot of famous people.

    I was worried at first with Pia. Her non answers to the Don King and Israeli army questions made me think she would be a non-entity. However she turned it around and went with the jokes, and flowed well with the group. Nice podcast.

  77. Mike

    Way to go Adam. Talk to Pia for a scant 10 minutes and then shut it down to go to the news. Bored already? Glad David asked the Sinatra questions and got the conversation going in a more interesting direction. Also why talk over the Richard Dawson song? Couldn’t hear how bad it really was with all that yaking going on over the top of it.

  78. Peggy

    David Wild needs to do his own show and leave this one alone.

  79. No Stinkin Badges
    No Stinkin Badges06-07-2012

    It was truly cool hearing from Pia Zadora, She was current, engaging and nicely candid… Thanks for great interview..

  80. Erin

    Oh my god, is Don King your son’s godfather too?!

  81. Yossarian

    I still like David Wild but he needs to get an electric shock every time he says “literally.”

  82. Yossarian

    Don’t usually agree with Ace on music but loved the comments on Blues Traveler. John Popper definitely deserves much more credit for his vocals.

  83. edge323

    The song is RUN around.. not look around

  84. Russ

    Somebody already mentioned it, but Adam needs to get him some racing video games. While they can’t replicate the exact racing physics, they can accurately simulate the course and at least give him an idea of where he’s going and what the line is. There are a bunch of games out there that have Sonoma on them.

  85. fred herman
    fred herman06-17-2012

    David Wild needs to tone down the kiss ass routine to become listenable. Unless of course this is ingrained in his personality, which is more likely.

  86. Jeanette

    I had the P. Izadora problem my whole life too, Aceman. I couldn’t figure out why someone would go by the first initial “P”. I felt seriously annoyed the first time I saw her name written out. WTF?

    • kathy

      you have never seen her name written out?? how old are you 20? you dont read?

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