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The show opens with Adam and the gang sharing their love of the game ‘Blah Blah Blog’. Alison talks about her new life cohabitating with her boyfriend, and the guys discuss how gross it is to smell burps. Bryan also talks about a wild bachelor party, and the guys play their beloved Blah Blah Blog.

Adam then welcomes Phil Collen to the show and talks with him about the early days of Def Leppard. They also discuss drummer Rick Allen, and Adam recalls some bizarre music videos where A&M Records doubled as an exotic location. In the news, Alison discusses the dangers of trampolines. The guys also talk about the drop in cars purchased by 18-34 year olds, and the consideration of micro-apartments in San Francisco. As the show wraps up, Adam talks with Phil about the Goodwood Festival.


Grab your copy of the Man Raze album by visiting http://PhilCollen.com. Or you can follow today’s guest on Twitter @PhilKCollen.


The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger

The Tubes – She’s A Beauty

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Associate Producer: Gary Smith
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-28-2012

    Nice guest. Great show.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol10-02-2012

      GET IT ON!

  2. AP

    Adam missed the math class in high school when they taught “percentages”.

  3. weskanaloa

    Regarding the lyrics I go with: 80% rhyming convenience; 20% the diary author was hanging from the tree.

  4. Travis

    Who’s got the Anti Romney (TWO ANTI ROMNEY bits on the blog game…? wtf ) bent on this show? Good for Adam for standing up to his staff’s silly spin. Keep politics out of this show please with the exception of Adams Over the TOp rants of course.

    I do worry Dawson is going to permanently damage his voice …how can anyone maintain such a contrived raspy deep ‘radio voice’ for a career. Talk normal Mike…leave the phoney voices Gilbert and Stern…Mr Compression Mike Dawson. hilarious. Funny Show.

    • Jordan

      The blog game is meant to show off blowhardy people. It happens that a lot of celebrities are liberal and those tend to be the kind of people who have blowhardy blogs. Did you really not get that? They aren’t endorsing liberalism necessarily, but showing off douchebags. If anything, you get it exactly backwards.
      Plus, Romney is pretty terrible. I mean, it’s all terrible, but Romney/Ryan is a mess. That shit’s JV.

    • Rick

      Loved the show. Phil Collen seems like a great guy.

      Dawson….start focusing on what you are saying, instead of how you say it.

  5. Travis

    sht…Every blog bit is a Romney bash. Very even handed. You should offer this game to CNN. Irritating beyond belief.

    • REB

      Did you notice the the “bashing” was dumb and the work of insufferable blowhards? Can you see how that doesn’t actually work out to be “anti-Romney” unless you’re a dolt who already accepts the overheated messages – the latest version of those who claimed they would move to another country if Reagan or Bush or Bush were elected.

  6. GOD

    Any updates on Larry Miller?

  7. Gimme Abreak
    Gimme Abreak09-28-2012

    Douchebag Carolla doesn’t understand what capital gains are.

    • jrock1970

      ALOT of money to made from right wing hate radio…I hope he isn’t trying to make the leap like his douche nozzle pal Prager. Prager does realize Ace is an atheist right?

  8. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-28-2012

    “Get ready for the big C!”

  9. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH09-28-2012

    I had no idea who Phil Collen was, but somehow I could tell from the picture that he would have a British accent.

    • Jonathan

      former lead singer of Genesis

      • jrock1970

        your kidding right?

    • Bill

      Phil was there and saw what you did, saw it with his own two eyes.

      So you can wipe off that grin, Phil knows where you’ve been, it’s all been a pack of lies

  10. Ryno

    Ace was off on trampoline accidents by 6k?? how does no one give him credit for that amazing shot in the dar??

  11. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-28-2012

    No Dameshek this week. I’m so sad. It just doesn’t feel like football without him.

  12. SamuelJH

    Thank you Adam Carolla, Phil Collen, supporting cast and crew.

  13. Douglas Fairbanks
    Douglas Fairbanks09-28-2012

    I scanned through the pictures before listening and assumed that the Blah Blah Blog ones were implying that the outer two people would produce an offspring that looked like the middle person. Pretty solid except for Hughley/Streisand/Bacon I think.

  14. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-28-2012

    Goodwood Shmoodwood, is anybody else watching The Isle of Man TT on Velocity Channel? I can’t even imagine a race like this ever being held in the U.S. If you want to see “All Balls” not “JV” point to point motorcycle time trials at insane speeds you’ve got to watch this, don’t miss the side cars. Velocity repeats everything alot so set your Tivo’s kiddies you won’t be dissapointed…

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-28-2012

      also, I’ve had an “impacted ass full” of this grey background, just saying…

  15. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-28-2012

    Cool, the second singer after Peter Gabriel for Genesis 🙂 “and the lamb, lies down, on Broaaadway”

    • bubbles

      NO, that’s Phil COLLINS. This dude is the guitarist for Def Leppard – Phil Collen.

      Does anyone bother listening before leaving comments?

      • jrock1970

        thank YOU!!! That dude looks NOTHING like Phil Collins!

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-01-2012

        No Bubbles no troubles and joff1970 I guess I should leave the joking to Adam

  16. Terri

    What is happening to the overall quality and premise of this show???? I started listening to Adam after Howard moved on. Love Howard…didn’t like his show but once Adam came aboard, loved him, loved his staff. But what is happening these days. Adam’s intolerance to 70’s music or any music he doesn’t like is fine…I just don’t want to hear about it over and over. Part of the appeal of Adam and his show was his open dialog about his life, his friends, his family and of course the guests he had on. Now he is either dissing someone’s music, discussing his politics which I have to tell you…conservatives or at least not many are listening to this type of show and for “F’ sakes…blowing off his mouth about whose paying how much taxes. Drop it Adam…it’s a subject far more complex and detailed than you make it out to be. You keep forgetting you had plenty of breaks. There are plenty of folks out there smarter and harder working than you and without the help from others..they will never get to where you have gotten. So shuttee about this crap. I do appreciate that he seems to be doing better about interviewing his guests instead of always talking over them although he needs to talk less and draw them out more. Adam…I think the world of you but we don’t need another talk show host whose spouting off his views and basically just spends the hour tearing down everyone or everything that needs work. Stick to the humor and good guests.

    • Jack


      The podcast was much more better when he went to therapy. Now everyday he just vents on air with no retort.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana09-28-2012

      No, it’s not complex. The first principle should be: no one should be getting more than they’re paying-in unless they have a disability. But the current system has a large portion of the population, able-bodied but benefit from government largess. It’s like a nation of secretary bimbos. There’s two many tits and not enough dicks. Not sustainable.

      And smarter and harder has nothing to do with success. It’s about about wit and industry.

    • Bobby

      You’d be surprised by how many conservatives listen to this show. This remains the most entertaining podcast available. That’s primarily due to Adam’s personality. He’s made it clear that he has no problem with our tax dollars temporarily assisting those people in legitimate need, however, the suicidal trend toward nanny state socialism, he does not support (neither do the vast majority of Americans).

  17. Oppalocka

    Very good show today. Phil was a great guest.

  18. Chris in Houston
    Chris in Houston09-28-2012

    She left it under that tree because she planted it a place where he would find it. “He hangs out under that tree all the time….. I’ll be subtle and just drop off my diary telling him how I’m not interested.” Well played woman from the 70’s….. well played.

  19. nick

    I’ve heard this rant about taxes so many times. As Mr. Nouveau riche, he sure knows how to talk out of both sides of his mouth on these sorts of things. Yes, 2.8 million is a higher number than 10,000, great observation.

    • Jonathan

      I really wish someone on this show would challenge Adam’s sophomoric ideas on government and politics. If Hollywood is full of liberals, they must also be pussies afraid to speak their minds.

    • Jost

      Adam’s just repeating this rant so much to help Obama since he can’t seem to understand the differences between income tax and capital gains taxes. There’s a reason Capital Gains taxes are lower, to encourage investments.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana09-28-2012

        Wall Street can securitize anything. It’s not necessarily an “investment”, and there are ways to hide wash sales. Let’s call a spade a spade — it’s income.

  20. Friend of Show
    Friend of Show09-28-2012

    was adam high when recording this?

  21. Doug

    Damn, Adam: I wish you’d google the phrase “progressive tax system” and then you’ll figure it out: individuals with higher income pay more than those individuals who make less. For such a smart guy you sure know how to play dumb…

    • Murph


      Adam understands what it means. He just doesn’t understand how so many other people don’t understand that, even at the SAME tax rate, a “rich guy” already pays WAY more taxes than the “poor guy.” His point is that it is not fair, sort of like if both rich and poor guys went to the movie, and they charged the rich guy $1,000 for a movie ticket, and let the poor guy in for $1.00. For such a dumb guy, you sure know how to play dumb!

      • steve smith
        steve smith09-30-2012

        No the analogy is this .If I buy a car for a 100k my sales tax should be higher on that purchase than a guy who buys a 15k Toyota corolla shouldn’t it ?the same for income if you make more you can afford to pay more pretty goddamn simple. Should we expect to run this country on the wages of 50k people please take your head out of your ass.

        • Murph

          And one more thing, Idiot Steve:

          “Should *we* expect to *run this country* on the wages…..” WHO THE FUCK IS THIS “WE”, AND WHO SAID THAT “THEY” COULD RUN THIS COUNTRY? Speak for yourself, although I am sure YOU don’t run anything, except your big mouth! This country was founded by the People, of the People, and for the People, and liberty was the overriding theme, including liberty to keep what you earn. Taxation without representation was THE REASON this country was born, jerk!!!!

  22. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer09-28-2012

    Does Adam know that Dawson slipped in a commercial for his show? Laterhosen

  23. raysbuckteeth

    Phil Collon ? Any relation to Phil McCracken ?

  24. Or a Woman ...
    Or a Woman ...09-28-2012

    Phil Collon, ACE’s gay porn name.

  25. Bill

    I realized that I am totally tuning out when they do these trivia things. Is that bad?

  26. Bill

    I’ll some up the days comments:

    this gues blows
    this guest rocks
    Adam’s an idiot and shutup about politics
    Right on Adam! Get er done
    Larry Miller is dead?
    Adam has the worst taste in music

    Maybe, just maybe people. If we settled on one, lonely consensus about something, the mods of this board might actually pass the word and the show could improve on that a little bit, maybe, possibly.

    I nominate the culture-throwback / ass licking segments with David Wild. Discuss.

  27. Wuil

    I come here for laughs, but do enjoy political talk.
    Here is an idea, because it seems like during an election year adam can’t comments without expressing political views. Adam, Age, marriage, kids, money and social groups tend to convert even the best Yippie into the trunk of the GOP.

    The show should dedicate a day a week talking politics and adam should allow the rest of the staff speak their mind. Bring in guest such that represent both sides, seems like adam likes to REASON His point, but most of it seems mis placed and containing Low Level arguments that are a joke to anyone who has thought about the issues passed their seft-centered view points. or MOM/DAD issues.

    OR Just Keep it funny! Political talk without counter point is everywhere in radio and if we want to here one sided rants we can go to Rush, Hannity, Oreilly, Dennis or Franklin.

    • Murph


      Well stated.


      Spelling and Grammar

  28. Curious

    Allen actually interviewed this guest.

  29. Andrea

    So the gist of Adam’s tax argument is that the rich should pay a lower percentage in taxes because they put so much into the system.

    The losers out there making less than 50K or whatever should be taxed at a higher percentage because their tax dollars are so low compared to what a rich person puts in.

    Do I have it right?

    By the way I agree with Adam about the entitlement mentality and working for hard for success. That I agree with.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana09-28-2012

      The losers pay 10,000% more of their disposable income for food — that’s not right, so let’s have a progressive cash register at the supermarket. Issue everyone a government food card, which is not so crazy — pretend it’s WWII during Ration times. It’s for the common good.

      It will be like progressive food stamps. We can give discounts to vegetables. Nonsense, right? But that’s the BS you’re fed.

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana09-28-2012

        And of course, when you pay for a bag of Doritos, it will be $100

    • jrock1970

      Regardless of how much INDIVIDUALS pay, in what planet is it ok for OIL corporations to still be getting government subsidies? And the whole reason for the Bush era tax breaks was to create jobs. What happened to all the jobs? I just wish people would do their own investigating instead of regurgitating the same tired soundbites from the right wing hate machine.

  30. Scott

    Adam you almost nailed that song on the first try…

    “I found your diary under the duvet cover
    Then started reading about your gay lover”

  31. ;EnoughAllReady

    Please SHUT UP about the TAXES. You already had the economist on that told you, you are WRONG
    you are a comedian.

    • Murph

      Dear EnoughAllReady,

      You can get two “economists” to preach two, diametrically opposite viewpoints when it comes to the government’s intervention into a market economy. Taxes are nothing more than legalized theft.

  32. J.C. O'Callaghan
    J.C. O'Callaghan09-29-2012

    This show used to help get me through a lot of long workdays and tedious commutes. It was clever, funny, strangely inclusive and insightful. Now it is increasingly becoming a soundboard for unencumbered, unintelligent right-wing ranting. Adam will one day wonder why his show’s popularity dwindled to irrelevance and blame everyone but himself. Show’s getting super stale and increasingly shrill. I think it’s time for Adam to spend some time traveling the world, seeing how life is for people unlike himself, and smoking some green. He’s really getting boring and needs to learn something new.

    • Murph

      J.C. O’Callaghan,

      Obviously you would prefer unencumbered, unintelligent left-wing ranting? So go watch NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, or CNN, and stop listening to the ACS. Idiot.

  33. VDM

    Is there any reason to be a guest on this show anymore? Don’t these guys have something they want to plug? Between this guy and Jeff Timmons, Adam asks them 1 or 2 quick ‘How did you get started’ question then immediately goes into a long tangent and starts up the news. The guest gets about 30 seconds to talk.

    If the guest is being boring, then go ahead and talk over them. But at least give them the chance in the first place.

  34. Rob

    Lots of one-armed drummer talk, yet nary a single Phil Collins-Phil Collen joke?
    C’moy guys!

  35. Clydog

    Stripper with a SCRAM bracelet… If only she had the duel SCRAM and GPS bracelets going.

  36. B-Real

    Great guest, but I wanted to hear more from him. How about some stories about doing blow and banging multiple groupies? Or what it was like, in general, to be a world famous rockstar back in the 80’s? I mean, we learned that Phil almost broke his nose as a kid on a trampoline. I guess that something. Ask the guest more questions.

    • SparkleLoung

      Adam treated Phil just like Adam complained about being treated by people who couldn’t care to read a little wikipedia on him before an interview.

      Adam to Phil: So, you’re from Iceland, right?
      Phil: No, I am from London.
      Adam: So, you play country music, right?
      Phil: No, I’m in a rock band.
      Adam: So, when you were growing up in Iceland playing country music, you got a sex change operation, huh?
      Phil: No, I’m a dude – always been a dude.

      Shame on you Adam for a being a fuckin’ hypocrit!

  37. lillywhite

    Bob Dylan may also have wanted to keep the pirate ship afloat. YES AND!!

  38. Shannon Murphy
    Shannon Murphy09-29-2012

    Don’t forget about the remnants of the high banks of “Brooklands” near Weybridge in Surrey. And of course Silverstone, home of the BRDC. I’ve only been to the UK in my mind(and some video games), but I love their motor racing history. Hope to see you in Austin for the Grand Prix!! Cheers from High Ridge, MO

  39. jrock1970

    Seriously, less politics, more comedy! Unless you have a masters degree in political science or have been in the political realm I really don’t care what your politics are. If I need a political fix I’ll turn on 24 hour news, not look to the guy whose claim to fame are fart jokes, crank yankers & something called a juggy

  40. steve smith
    steve smith09-30-2012

    It’s called a progressive tax rate Carolla, U are 1 stupid F**k.

  41. Joker

    Today I heard Adam say ‘problem’ and ‘prom’ in the same sentence and found that to him they are the same word.

  42. SubDude

    Carollas incessant retardation on taxes is just plain TIRED. He needs to STFU and stick with comedy until he can finish a college course on economics. Taxing the lower class at 20% and the multi millionaires at 13% is unfair no matter how you spin it and those mythical people that supposedly pay no taxes? They are the elderly, the disabled and people with no income. Good job demonizing them.

  43. Aaron

    More highly informative and entertaining tax talk! Can’t get enough.

  44. Elle

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t 14% of $50,000.00 LESS THAN 14% of $20,000,000.00?

  45. Elle

    Was it Adam who lit the candle at the beginning of the video?

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