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Adam, Petros and Money

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Adam, Petros, and Money

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Show Summary

As the show opens up, Adam talks with Petros and Money about their long relationship and how well they work together. The guys flash back to the earlier days of KROQ, but quickly find themselves dealing with closed freeways. Later the guys talk about messing up your own property so it doesn’t get stolen, and they make fun of the old faceplate stereos.

Adam and the guys also discuss ‘the dumbest athletes on the planet,’ and Adam speaks about his Hawaii controversy. Adam makes fun of Bob Dylan and the Grammys, and the guys talk about the awesomeness that is Red Dawn. After discussing a few more classic 80s films, the guys wrap the show right as they pull into the venue parking lot.


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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. toorude89

    Wow, tough week. Last week was so strong then you dangle the Norm carrot and keep giving us these lame car casts. Free daily podcast? Yea I can complain about that…

    • Nathan

      Tough week for what? Guests? How is it a bad week when so far there have been four guests that I at least knew of before they came on? I didn’t have to google any of these guests, and Petros and Money and Norm Macdonald? Come on, thats a solid couple of days

  2. Sal

    Were do you go to see the fan pics Adam takes after the show???

  3. MC White
    MC White12-21-2011

    Hey wait a second! I used to have one of those faceplate stereos!!! I still have the face, since the car got towed by a tow company, and I refused to pay to get the car back, fucking Saturn! Fucking, “Ace in the Hole Towing,” Tracy, CA!!! You guys suck! Hope they’re not a sponsor, Ace Man!!!! Love the show!!!

    • Mik3

      I work in Tracy and see those trucks all the time. Small world

  4. rushbaby

    Better than the last podcast in a car… what’s next?… 48 minutes of adam taking a dump?…. or adam takes a trip to home depot and rants about it?….oh wait that would be funny!…the sound quality was excellent…maybe adam should get a GPS….GET IT ON!

    • annoyed

      Shut up, douche!

  5. GOD

    That was good pod.

  6. Lola

    This was one of the worst podcast episodes I’ve heard in a while. Would rather have heard a repeat of another episode!

  7. chucker

    gotomeeting.com is a really good video conference service.
    props to adam for teaming with this company.

    • DefinitelyNOTaJEW

      Nice try gotomeeting.com CEO

  8. David

    I like these guys, but at least the first 15 minutes is just them talking about what road to take. Couldn’t be worse pod. I’m actually working instead of listening.

    • Jack

      For those of us who either live or have lived Southern California Freeways, you can fully appreciate the thought that it takes to move through that God Forsaken Place! There’s always at least 3 different ways to go by freeway from any place in the southland.

  9. Melinda Bourn
    Melinda Bourn12-21-2011

    My Dad took me to see Red Dawn when I was 8, then made me hide in the bathroom for 20 min, come out and watch it again for free…never sat by the windows in my rural country school ever again…this could turn into a tale from the cheap real easy

  10. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.12-21-2011

    This isn’t showing up for me on the app. I wish they would realize that consistently is a key to success. If listeners can’t get the show at the same time every day, without fault, then the show becomes unprofessional and just like any other random podcast on the Internet.

  11. shway-Z

    really? another cop out podcast on the road, replete with inane banter about directions….thanks Aceman, good wednesday to you too

  12. The King
    The King12-21-2011

    Come on guys!!! Where are any entertaining people!! These last few shows suck!!! I would rather you didn’t have a guest. These are all people I don’t give a shit about!!! This shit is getting really boring to listen to!! Either boring not entertaining guest or rich white man complaints….fucking sucks!! I use to identify with Adam on many subjects, now he just pisses and moans about rich white people shit!!!

    Bring back some entertaining people!!

  13. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith12-21-2011

    Sorry for re-posting this to each show’s comments – I can’t get any traction with Adam’s staff to have it promoted on the show and I really think it will boost Adam’s revenue and “keep the lights on.”

    Anyhow, after forgetting to click through Adam’s website to buy something from Amazon for the umpteenth time, I decided to make an extension for the google chrome browser that reminds you to go through adam’s amazon link if you had instead typed in amazon.com directly.

    That’s all it does. No spying. Just the reminder.

    Search the google chrome extension gallery for “Adam Amazon”. Email me for source if you want to check or if you want to help me make it better. Let’s make this popular on our own and help Adam out!

    • Emsheb

      Matt – I am so impressed with you Chrome extension. Thank you, Buddy. I have added it to my work and home computer and sent it to boyfriend as well. <3. Thanks for helping us remember to "wet the beak". Smiles, Emily

    • DefinitelyNOTaJEW

      You’re doing the lords work. Too bad Ace doesn’t read or give a shit about these comments here. Maybe whoever is moderating for him could pass your extension on to him. Would love for it to make the POD. We all know Adam needs to keep his beak wet, this is a great way to keep him nice and moist.

  14. The King
    The King12-21-2011

    Don’t give a shit about football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, or hockey!! Those are boring so called sports!! Only sport worth talking about or watching is boxing or MMA. So therefore Petros and Money are not interesting or entertaining at all!! 10 minutes into podcast I turned it off and deleted it. Sad!! I have been listening to Adam since the mid nineties and now I will have to find some other show to listen to.
    R.I.P. Adam Carolla Podcast.

    • Jack

      Well I can assure you that based on your personality that leaks out through your messages that even ACE probably couldn’t care less about losing you as a listener. 😉

  15. The King
    The King12-21-2011


  16. Chad


  17. Hood

    Yeah, William Smith Super Movie Villian Bad Ass. Not to be confused with the fresh prince of Bel Air.

  18. Sarah

    Love Adam and the podcast, but I’m tired of the driving episodes. The constant direction- giving is really annoying. I stopped listening after the first 15 minutes of directions and discussions of traffic.

  19. Angel

    Great show

  20. Paul in NYC
    Paul in NYC12-21-2011

    Has anyone signed up for Facebook JUST to enter the Discount Tire contest?

    I would love to win; but considering the odds, its not worth having to join Facebook.

    Just saying…

    • NSXGOD

      Facebook is lame and frankly why even bother with it! Its to bad you can only use FB! Adam, what about a contest that you don’t have to give up your privacy to join?

  21. JessMan

    LOVE the hot, regional traffic talk! what’s next, yesterday’s weather?

    • stnuntrnd

      Thought they said the slow traffic was caused by some rain in LA … so you got your weather fix,too.

  22. Sig

    thanks for the warning guys, sounds like a snoozer. but in defense, c’mon, you can’t expect daily gold and this man works other jobs, quit your whining.

  23. Aaron


  24. Steve

    Okay, time to stop doing podcasts from the car!

  25. MikeB

    I’ve never heard of a person who attended a Bob Dylan NOT be wildly disappointed. Even the most rabid Dylan fans walk away bitter.

  26. the point man
    the point man12-21-2011

    Really? what next? listening to adam snoring and farting at night?

  27. Rob

    Really another car podcast these suck someone please listen and tell adam this is un professional and makes his podcast look bad really sick of these pretty lame weak. You cant just do a podcast anytime anywhere and it will be great its so much better when its organized in studio this car cast is not the product that ive been a fan of sense the start. Sorry for the negativity been a loyal fan sense early love line but this stuff is annoying and needs to be heard that a lot of people aren’t a fan of this half assed product. Sorry again.

  28. Heartsonthehouse2

    WOW. Literally phoning it in for this one….geez!

  29. Frankie

    I dont get it, you can’t talk on your cell phone while driving, but yet you can conduct a whole podcast radio show in your car while driving?…….LOL
    I see another chicken shit ticket in your future Adam……LOL

  30. Ric

    GREAT show! thanks Adam for a free show every day.

  31. Bobby

    Good podcast.

  32. Jason

    Adam “mixing it up” a bit… Not bad for a few FREE Podcasts… Enjoyed!

  33. DES

    I hope ACE finds his way back into a daily FM Talk type show on the radio soon…
    i hate to be negative but this show has been lacking for awhile and the constant format changes ruin all desire to tun ein..am i getting a comedy show or a interview show or a road show etc?

    ACE needs a 4 hr window daily to combine all his shows under one roof like the old days…

    sorry but i CANT GET IT ON!!

  34. Jim

    I thought the show was great. I understand and appreciate that you can blast out a show while on the road to save some time in the studio while still providing us a show every day. It’s a great idea and thanks again for another great, free podcast.

  35. jorm_valadez

    Another driving cast? Pass.

  36. Scott Terror
    Scott Terror12-21-2011

    Why is everyone bitching? I thought the navigation thru LA was pretty cool.

    • Jack

      Same here. I loved it as I was a courier in LA area for 2 years and know every inch of every freeway. As they’re making their decisions I could totally imagine it even after many years of not living in that S*^thole!

  37. billy

    driving casts are cool, help tell u areas to avoid, saves money, thanks

  38. utah34

    Ok so there is a bit of traffic talk, but I don’t jack off to this show so it is definitely worth a listen.

  39. dave

    glad i found adam agin

  40. mike

    where is 12-22-2011 podcast!

  41. Emsheb

    My boyfriend and I were at the second Minnesota show* at the Varsity Theater. It’s silly, but I felt immensely giddy when Adam called Minnesota women smart and Money said that “Minnesota was the most under-rated state in terms of attractiveness of women”. Your Minnesota show was great, we cherished your signature on our copy of “In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks” and the picture we took with you was my Facebook profile for quite some time. Please come back anytime – we’ll be here.

    *Thank you for adding a second show, Adam, even though we know you abhor them.

  42. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town12-22-2011

    The saying “just saying” I hate that saying, just saying!!!

  43. Kristina W.
    Kristina W.12-22-2011

    Adam’s call towards the end reminded me of Huell Howser’s call to the owner of the Bagdad Cafe. LOL

  44. pissed

    what bullshit adam. do a podcast or don’t. and to interrupt the which road do with take with commercials? you’re give huel a run for his money.

  45. Lamb

    I hate LA traffic. But I did like the fact that they had to navigate while I enjoyed a mangria in my robe. Weren’t we supposed to solve the traffic issue through GPS and cell phones.

  46. An Onny
    An Onny01-10-2012

    This was a fun episode, don’t know what people are complaining about. Originally from L.A., I enjoyed laughing about all the freeway confusion. And interesting about Petro Papadakis and his dad’s restaurant in San Pedro, where I lived for many years. I’ve eaten there a few times and it was a very interesting experience. It would have been a good decade after his years as an 8 year old busboy, though. “Where the ghetto meets the sea!” ha ha, that’s great!

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