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As the show opens up, Adam welcomes Michael Narren to the show. Recently the guys worked on a new eBook, ‘Rich Man, Poor Man,’ which Michael animated. They also talk about his journey moving out to LA and now working for Family Guy. The guys then jump to the Twitter feed to chose their favorite Rich Man Poor Man submissions, and take fan phone calls about forced sterilization, crapping at work, and the defunct blog ‘Adam Carolla is Wrong.’

Comedian Pete Holmes joins the podcast next, and talks about his experience as the voice of the eTrade baby. Adam relates to long voice over sessions, and complains about having to read new copy even after doing 400 takes. Adam and Pete also talk about a fierce competition to eliminate multiple cities with the same name.

In the last part of the show, Alison begins the news discussing John Huntsman dropping out of the Presidential race. Adam also talks about Martin Luther King, Jr., and says that it’s probably for the best that he died before the TMZ culture of today. Other stories include updates on the Italian cruise ship disaster, and a survey about the supposedly great places to have a ‘quicky.’



Romeo and Drewliet, by Michael Narren

John Huntsman

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin01-17-2012

    Having a front yard full of Mexicans.

    • José

      do shut up, RON.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-17-2012

      Having a front yard of Mexican bastards.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012

      Ron, that is gold.
      You could’ve won an iPad!

  2. MatthewM

    Why is today’s podcast 181 MB, or more than 4X the usual size?!?

    • Nick

      That’s what she said.

  3. Evan

    Dudes! 181MB podcast?

  4. Nolan

    Looking forward to this one as I’m a big fan of Pete’s podcast also.

  5. Joe

    Get it on.

  6. Nigel Tufnel
    Nigel Tufnel01-17-2012

    181 MB’s? what’s up with that?

  7. Tim

    181 MB? Okay.

  8. sCUM

    A 181MM file? Is this a 14 hour podcast?

  9. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-17-2012


    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-17-2012

      Brilliant minds think alike, today Howard Stern was saying almost verbatim what Adam said about the pissing soldiers in Afghanistan, PISS ON ALL OF THEM!

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee01-17-2012

        If Adam could play guitar he would play like “the two chord hack” known as George Thorogood?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle01-18-2012

        I would take a dump on them…just to be a “one-upper.”

        • Tyrone Washington
          Tyrone Washington01-18-2012

          Like I said before, don’t be a one upper.

  10. weskanaloa

    “Martin! Martin! Did you have a dream last night?!”

    Pete is hilarious and also a giant – or Adam is shrinking.

  11. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino01-17-2012

    FYI: “Forever” stamps are essentially grandfathered stamps. They are valid for the current rate regardless of when you bought them. If you need to buy stamps always get the “Forever” stamps.

  12. Joshua

    Complisult follows; Pete Holmes is the funniest guy I’ve never heard of. Get this guy back, he should be a recurring guest like DAG.

  13. ciga-Rhett

    Alison: What do you rub against?
    Adam: Momma’s urn.

    Fucking comedy gold!

    • eric-the-ded

      Super creepy.
      I was reading this post as Alison and Adam spoke the lines on my iPod.
      Literally right as my eyes scanned this post among the comments………………

  14. Dave

    Pete was hilarious. I’m a fan of his podcast “You Made It Weird” as well…he interviews comedian friends of his and talks to them about weird stuff from their life. Check it out!

  15. BlueRat

    Rich Man, Poor Man: Other people raise your kids. Nannies vs. Grannies (or DHS)

    My apologies if this was already done and I just think I came up with it.

  16. dimeforscale

    Finally, a good guest. Excited about this one.

  17. Mark

    A podcast packed with so many guests it’s 181MB!

  18. Cyrus

    Ahh so he’s the one you hooked up with the Family Guy job. Good to know

  19. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis01-17-2012

    181mb? I wish there was some way I could delete this file after I listen to it, so that it didn’t take up so much space. Alas, my punch card computing machine does not allow this.

  20. nate

    181 MB ,, this thing better be juicy .get it on.

  21. Connard

    Another remake which sounds the same as the original:
    Quiet RIot;s Cum on Feel the Noize sounds nearly identical to Slade’s Cum on Feel the Noize

  22. JessMan

    THOSE were the best rich man/poor mans??

  23. JessMan

    excellent shit discussion today! had me laughing at work

  24. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine01-17-2012

    Haha, Pete was a great guest.

  25. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine01-17-2012

    Haha, Pete was a great guest. I hope that he comes back sometime.

  26. Andrew

    A nice long podcast is great, especially considering that the MediaFly App saves your place automatically, but 181MB is pretty huge.
    Are you switching permanently to 256kbps / stereo? That seems a bit much for a podcast; you might want to consider continuing to offer the 64kbps / mono stream, since the audio quality is usually fine.

  27. Brazilana

    Pete was a great guest, I’ll have to check out his podcast. Overall an excellent, fun show today.

  28. Hey

    Great guest. I say he looks like Brenden Fraiser.

  29. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah01-17-2012

    great guest. best guest since harlen williams. this dudes funny and fast. needs a one on one.

  30. Jose

    Some of the best Improv a guest has done with Adam besides DAG. loved it. Great show

    • MF


  31. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks01-17-2012

    I believe the Miami Sound Machine version of Turn the Beat Around was on the soundtrack of the basic cable classic The Specialist. So maybe Sly or the producers made her do it.

  32. Travis

    256 kbps bit rate is uncalled for and unnecessary, why go from 64 kbps all the way to 256? Try 128 kbps or 192 kbps. That’s also a huge impact on paying for bandwidth, if people are downloading directly from this website. Gots to get it on, 256 kbps style, I can hear Allison’s nose hairs at this bit rate. Laterhosen!

    • Rock'em Sock'em Sexy Robots.
      Rock'em Sock'em Sexy Robots.01-17-2012

      No, it was not. Quality is not a compromise. You’re arguing for shit, for shit’s sake.

      • Travis

        One 181MB, 256 kbps podcast is reason for argument. There are other pods that have a 40 kbps, barely pushing 50 MB per episode, and have the same, if not better sound quality….ahhhh f-it, who cares. I’m too drunk to care. White guy problems.

    • UptightPinto

      “256 kbps bit rate is uncalled for ” OMG, that is SO white LOL ‘that’s uncalled for!’

      • Travis

        Hey man, 256K is also what I earn annually, well…before taxes, also before child support, before student loan debt, massive credit card debt and I’m underwater on my McMansion. So I guess the real question is, do you need a white guy to take care of your yard?

  33. D

    Who is this Pete guy? F’ing hilarious! Have him back! Also does anyone know where bryan’s “This isn’t a game… THIS IS MY LIFE!” drop is from?

  34. James

    The guest was fucking hilarious! Get him back soon.

  35. donewithidiots

    Only heard up to the scum bags multiplying and paying them to stop reproducing. The Dag stuff was awesome too. Best show I’ve heard yet. Love this one a lot.

  36. Dickie McJingles
    Dickie McJingles01-17-2012

    Molto Bene! Molto Bene!

  37. Romulus

    Pete Holmes is great. Please have him back soon!

    • Evan


  38. DES

    ETrade baby commercials are the best thing on tv

  39. Rock'em Sock'em Sexy Robots.
    Rock'em Sock'em Sexy Robots.01-17-2012

    Adam’s teeth look real, but the guest whom I surmise was born in 1990’s (because of his flimsey fingers) , his teeth look like plastic, almost a mouth guard, clown teeth.

    Something is wrong with the water. I have noticed.

  40. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-17-2012

    A cruise ship listing sideways engenders all sorts of nightmares, such as me underwater, fighting in my underwear, gasping for air and no where to go, but it’s funny. Funny because it’s such a pompous vessel.

  41. Scott S
    Scott S01-17-2012

    I like hearing Bryan in the background, tossing out “Ha” like Mrs. Krabapple. I’m not sure if it was Pete laughing loudly through the end of the show or Michael Narren, but his laugh wasn’t as pleasant as Bryan’s, to my ears.

  42. Balky

    If Adam is 6’2, is every single guest just really tall? Just taking the last three for example — Pete Holmes, Dr. Bruce, and Donald Faison — all are basically the same height or taller. I realize 6’2 isn’t THAT tall, but your average dude is usually closer to 5’10.

  43. westgoldrun

    Nice job with the O. Henry and tabula rasa comments all in one episode last week.
    A heady mix of the high and low here.

  44. TS

    Surprisingly good episode.

  45. JPickett

    Awesome eppie. Pete was like a long-time member of the podcast just ducking in to help out even though it was his first appearance. Loved it

  46. Susie

    Pete was incredibly funny! Please have him back on!!

  47. Lou Bonaduce
    Lou Bonaduce01-18-2012

    My stamps are grandfathered in haha they say forever on them and the dude told me they’d always be good…..sweet cuz i bought a book since I mail a check every 6 months…..so they better be forever damnit

  48. lauren

    I’m not a regular commenter here (at all) but I felt that i must write in to say: pete is really funny. let’s make him a regular.

  49. Mr_SKIA

    I’ve obviously seen the commercials, but I’d never heard of this guy, and I have to say that he was a great guest. Definitely bring him back; blended right in and brought a lot to the table.

  50. Snoops Butt
    Snoops Butt01-18-2012

    Holy shit the joke about using snoop’s asshole as a carb is not only the funniest thing on the podcast for 2012, it’s better than anything in 2011.

  51. JoFo

    Still haven’t reached the Pete Holmes part of the show (which I am looking forward to) but Micheal giving Adam the Japanense “Hai” was hilariously unnoticed.

  52. theshaj

    Great guest! Very funny stuff today. Beats the hell out of a going for a drive show. Those were a bit of a pod low.

  53. Ol' Cock & Balls
    Ol' Cock & Balls01-19-2012

    A week or so again Ace asked Alison if he was a dick for forcing Lynette to finish the small champagne bottle she bought because free champagne was available in the lobby. But his argument was that he’s “out of work” etc. We’ll I’m listening to the Carcast and here’s the barometer for Dickishness. If you are wealthy enough to buy race cars (currently purchasing race cars…Fitzy Datsun e.g.)…you can’t give your wife shit for buying a $30 bottle of champagne. You are a dick if you do that. And Alison is a toady for saying no (when she knew better). Ace, I love you…but calling a spade a spade.

    We all do dickish things.

    Ol’ Cock & Balls

    • Cyrus

      You’re a douche. When you come from absolute poverty, ‘being cheap’ sticks with you, asshole.

      And how nice of you to know exactly what other people e.g. Alison are THINKING!?!?!

      You epitomize everything about douchiness. And hey, JUST CALLIN A SPADE A SPADE!!! Hardy har har!!

  54. Rob

    I tried listening to Pete Holme’s podcast but his obnoxious laugh and calling everyone a sharpshooter when they just point out one of his many flaws made me stop pretty early. The Marc Maron episode was okay, because I could pretend he was interviewing a hack instead of some hack having a podcast with a legitimate talent as a guest.

  55. C

    Holy shit that was a funny episode.

  56. Cyrus

    F that chef. That site goes to his facebook page, where I saw a picture of him proudly holding up some goat cheese yogurt….douche.

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