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As the show opens up, Adam talks about a fan he met with a micro-pierced earring, which he found very bizarre. Penn Jillette then calls in, and chats with Adam and the gang about getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice. Adam also discusses a melt down that Sonny’s teacher had, and why he’s glad that the teacher yelled at everyone.

Teresa Strasser joins the studio next, and her pregnancy reminds Adam of the terrible pregnancy makeup used in The Fast and the Furious. Teresa agrees, and says that at least Jessica Simpson looks very pregnant. Teresa also brings in some stories about terrible parents, and Adam explains the importance of not appeasing your kids.

Alison jumps in with the news, discussing a couple updates in the Zimmerman/Martin trial. The guys discuss Spike Lee’s racism, and joke about police officers and coal miners getting fired and paid out. Adam also recalls getting suspended from school, and the show wraps up as the guys laugh about the terrible commercials used to convince you to go to school.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. JoeFromKC

    Cool! Love you T! and A as well.

    • Dennis

      I love “T and A” as well. It would be a great name for a podcast.

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis04-24-2012

      “Mornings with T & A”, new podcast.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-24-2012

      Why is it such a big deal to some of you if both T and A are on the show? What a bunch of cyber douche nozzle cry babies! Sheeeeesh!

    • awildermode

      Everyone loves T and A.

  2. Stan

    why oh why is T a part of this show again and retreading a pregnancy thing? This is really disappointing that she seemingly has a regular presence on the show.

    • RofPortland

      Learn grammar, then maybe we’ll listen.

      • travcm


      • DonnySac

        English was never my best subject, but what is wrong with those sentences – or is it sentenci?

        • Michael Pemulis
          Michael Pemulis04-24-2012

          Just pick up a copy of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. It’s a very small, slim book and it contains all you’ll ever need to know about written American English.

    • Geoff

      go fuck yourself

      • turdferguson

        dear internet toughguy sorry for having an opinion

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington04-24-2012

      Your name is Stan

    • Dolantrack

      I totally agree Stan!!

    • Assburger

      Your just a waste of my time!

    • HMD

      agreed. Team Alison!

  3. Listener

    It seems a little inappropriate to bring Teresa on the show… so she can read the news?? Alison’s great.

    • Listener

      That said, Alison is what they call a “disingenuous white liberal” when it comes to Zimmerman/Trayvon. The kind who says all the right things but never seems to live in a diverse neighborhood. I can’t believe it when someone can’t see how outrageous, hateful, and racist Spike Lee’s bounty-Tweet was. Adam summed up Lee nicely: “Despicable.”

  4. TJeanius

    LOVE having Teresa back – feels like home.

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge04-24-2012

      Home is a morning radio show that was around for three years?

  5. Matt

    team Alison

  6. Gary

    Any time Teressa and Alison are in the same room, there’s a good chance the universe will implode. It’s uncanny how similar they are. So yeah, don’t need Teressa on the show anymore.

    Also, Jillette should get on a better phone line.

  7. MrDinosaur

    I like Teresa and it seems like Alison’s cool with the whole thing.
    Also, the more they’re on the show together, the better the odds are of them making out and the more I make reasonable mathematical calculations about lesbians, the more hot women I’ll get to have sex with.

    • marco

      I like the cut of your jib!

  8. I Love Alison Rosen
    I Love Alison Rosen04-23-2012

    Sorry, Alison is 200x better than Teresa. She should have been the news girl in 2006, and if not her Claudia DiFolco. I know it’s blasphemous to say this, but there are some episodes when I find that Alison is much funnier than Adam!! And that’s hard to do.

  9. jknox00juices

    I have to say this now:
    – Adam and Penn both lost on tasks that most people would have said their teams won. Sadly, the companies decided that. At the very least it was close.
    – Adam was fired for as good a reason as any. Being the task manager, essentially a professional presenter who know how to make entertaining high-energy presentations but allowed Andretti to mumble and say the horrible ‘uh.. ya i like this car’ which is something like saying ‘do not buy this car’ in the context.
    – Penn Jillette is a brilliant magician and IS NO SMARTER OR MORE INTELLIGENT THAN ANY OTHER AVERAGE PERSON. Sorry. This really needs to be said. Even worse – he is a HORRIBLE philosopher, theologian and I suspect a lot of atheists actually wish he did NOT try and become the next ‘Horseman’ because he SUCKS at it.
    Penn was fired for as good a reason as anyone else. In 2012 the Trumps DO NOT want to be telling people ‘I earned it’ (I deserve it, its mine cuz im that good, etc). EVEN IF they believed that. You DO NOT say that.
    Enough with the Steven Jobs story or us acting like Penn is some kind of mastermind (and he isn’t dumb either).
    Okay.. got that off my chest. Now say what you like. Just happy to blast that out there.
    *and btw – I was hugely cheering for Adam and even though Penn is slightly obnoxious I liked (and admired) a lot of what he was doing too. Nearly ‘floater’ of the year had he kept going.

    • Steve

      Good points indeed

    • skeet

      why don’t you watch a few episodes of Bullshit, and then say that Penn isn’t more intelligent than the average person

  10. Chris

    We got some T & A. This is never a bad combination.

  11. Jeffrey Ramsey
    Jeffrey Ramsey04-24-2012

    I use your show to laugh and help take my mind off the extreme spasms and pain. Ty. By the way I ordered your book and ebook. Tc Jeff

  12. Getchman

    Bring T back.. Sorry A

  13. adam

    I like both Teresa n alison! kinda hot!

  14. Steve

    You know what the funny part is, T is such an egomaniac that she will read these comments seeking validation and then be depressed when she sees that people are not in love with her. She is a talent though.

  15. Horus

    Teresa Strasser is ALWAYS welcome.

  16. D

    I know you don’t read this, but how come every time the Trayvon Martin case is brought up, the only issue you talk about is how Spike Lee is a racist? That is the ONLY comment you had in a news story about Zimmerman being released from jail. I’m a big fan, but this annoys me and is exactly why people call you xenophobic / a bigot. Let me emphasize that I don’t think this, but in a case where a teenage boy unjustly lost his life, regardless if provoked or unprovoked – TBD through the trial, why focus on this? This is what you typically complain about the media; they focus on one issue in a case and spin it to try to get their point across? Are you doing anything different?

    • Jenn

      I agree–usually I can tolerate Adam’s political viewpoints (I’m a centrist) but this is one case where he is totally off. Really frustrating and disappointing that he insists on taking this stance.

    • Matt

      I think people should take race out of the Stand Your Ground/Trayvon Martin situation (which they won’t). I think the real and biggest issue is the Stand Your Ground law itself. What other law has been subjective? Anyone can shoot someone if they “feel” “threatened.” We shouldn’t have laws that are subjective; all laws should be objective.

  17. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield04-24-2012

    Anyone else notice that for episodes older than November of 2011 you have to pay for? Bummer. I use to really enjoy mining the archives on the weekends. Oh well, at least it’s cheap.

  18. Mike P
    Mike P04-24-2012

    It’s like having two different brands of jew news (Jews?) to choose from. You have the deeper voiced smokey Alison blend, and the slightly sing songier Teresa.

    I’d have to choose Alison because she is my best friend and has that squeak inhale laugh when she is cracking up that lets me know when something is really funny.

    • Hugh

      Agreed. Teresa -was- great. Alison is our new best friend. Don’t fuck with that.

  19. Steve

    Glad to have both the girls, gotta love a little T&A… heyo…

  20. john

    Can we please stop with Teresa? Ace, your fans aren’t the parenting demographic. They’re just not.

    • Zapoli

      What are you talking about? Adam is a middle-aged, married father of two 5-year-olds. We all are.

  21. jordan

    I hope they arent thinking about getting rid of alison and bringing back teresa. I love teresa but alison is so much funnier its not even funny. Teresa couldnt even imagine coming close to being as funny as alison.

  22. phil landers
    phil landers04-24-2012

    I want Teresa on any time she can make it…love Alison too. It is not Yankees vs Redsox, you need not have a team.

  23. Mitch

    Alison is looking fine!

  24. jeffiba

    YESSS, SOO happy Teresa is back. Love Alison too, this is gonna be awesome!

  25. Izzy

    I must admit it is odd to have T back, doing the same things, retreading her tired pregnancy stories. Women can be pregnant and still care about other things.

  26. jordan

    also nobody gives a shit that teresa is pregnant again. woo hoo. go on lynettes show. no one gives a shit on this show.

  27. Kyle

    Move on with the Diana stuff. So a television show is rigged, who gives a shit.

    • veronica

      Agreed. Adam’s Celebrity Apprentice rants are beginning to sound like sour grapes. Of course the show is rigged. Donald Trump is a self-imprtant blowhard and there is only room for ONE of those on HIS show. So Penn and Adam knew they’d never win. I believe the contestants get paid to be on the show, even though they’re competing for charities. They get money and free publicity, so boo hoo.

  28. TS

    BTW, morning radio bit was some of the best work Bald Bryan has ever done.

    • Micah

      He was a little late on the music bed, but it was good stuff. Adam’s “traffic traffic traffic traffic traffic” was a highlight of the show for me.

  29. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk04-24-2012

    Team Alison AND Team Teresa !

    Get it on !

  30. The Amazing Spider-Man
    The Amazing Spider-Man04-24-2012

    It’s -great- having T back in the mix. Welcome back!!!

  31. Chuck

    Teresa was great back in the day but the pirate ship took a HUGE leap forward when Alison came aboard.

  32. Marc

    big blow hard, Adam or Penn?

  33. Dervorbote

    There’s no way Jordana Brewster is 6 feet.

  34. Brett

    I miss the naming of “T’s V”.

  35. Tim

    FREE ROSEN!!!!!!!

  36. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll04-24-2012

    T and A all the way.

    Hell yeah.

  37. Brian

    How many more times is Adam going to bring up the bounty issued by the New Black Panthers before he mentions that it was for Zimmerman ALIVE? He’s talking out of his ass again.

    • chuckiegorman

      that really doesn’t make it ok. not even remotely.
      though yes, adam is talking out of his ass on this issue.

  38. andrew

    Who gives a crap if they are both there, it does not take away from the show. They are both great.

  39. Lindsay

    Hey Adam!

    If I add items to my Amazon wedding registry (basically by adding items to an Amazon wish list) by clicking through your site, does that work in your favor or am I just wasting a ton of time? Just wondering- if it helps support your podcast, I’ll gladly add items to our registry this way.

    As always, thanks for such a great podcast!

    • Micah

      Probably not. I’d imagine the code has to be attached to the order of the purchaser.

  40. rakattakpat

    not good pod…..

  41. A.J.

    Alison is the best!!

  42. Guinny_Ire

    What’s the latest on Larry? Is he doing okay?

  43. Daneezzy

    that “Stupid and Petty in the morning” bit had me crackin up at work. good one ace man

  44. Dave

    Couldn’t agree more with Listener – Yeah go team Alison. T’s cute ‘n all, but A’s should be the main girl

  45. Nick

    Are Alison and Teresa twins? They look nearly identical

  46. Ingo B
    Ingo B04-24-2012

    “You don’t have sex with any regularity”. That’s a t-shirt if I ever saw one

  47. paddym

    “news news news news. top of the hour”. Dude, you’ve ran that bit into the goddamn ground. if you are gonna revisit it, don’t harp on in for ten goddamned minutes.

  48. Jerry

    A cologne with the slogan “Trust your Instinct”? “In-Stink”?, Sounds like Lisa Lamponelli’s cooter.

  49. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick04-24-2012

    It seems Debbie is not a big player over at Dootson anymore.


  50. Tim

    Question I’ve had for a while, couldn’t find an answer elsewhere…why is Kimmel never on the show? A contractual thing with ABC, I assume?

  51. wow

    “Why would you fly without a Xanax?”

    are you kidding me?

  52. daniel-nyc

    ah, love alison, but great to have t back on the show as well. she’s so good with roleplaying.

  53. Shaley

    Alison gets her own podcast because we love to listen to her, Teresa doesn’t because no one wants to. Send her home so she can blog about being pregnant, not interested.

  54. DavesFan

    I have room for both t and a in my life. . .

  55. Matt

    I love listening to the segments about Celebrity Apprentice!

  56. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-24-2012

    I think they started putting sulphur in Non-Medical Nitrous Oxide to keep people from huffing it – The More You Know!

  57. theMisterLister

    adam has a point about how mad people would be if the races in the trayvon martin case were reversed, but if history teaches us anything about which races are most likely to lynch somebody prior to trial, i’m pretty sure Zimmerman would already be dead

    • Sam

      There’s much more black-on-white crime than there is white-on-black crime in America. What were you saying, again?

      • ross

        Do you have anything besides your racist beliefs to back that statement up?

      • Avery

        Sam, you are correct. Unfortunately the mods here censor the truth.

  58. theMisterLister

    Yay! T&A


  59. Terri

    Adam, Teresa and Bryan….life is good.

  60. Mar

    Glad T’s V is back on the show, feel like she has a better rapport with adam and brian.

  61. T's A and A's V
    T's A and A's V04-24-2012

    I like T. But Alison is funnier and T’s constant descriptions of the various ways she hates herself get extremely fucking tedious.

  62. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-24-2012

    Gardena, just west of Compton, Steel Fabricators and Gangstas… Nice!

  63. Dave

    T’s back again?? Must be a slow week. Get it on.. I guess.

  64. Dirk Dootson
    Dirk Dootson04-24-2012

    Wow. I can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did during the last 5 min. of this episode!!! “She likes to macrame owls when she’s not driving an 18 wheeler.” Thanks for making all my co-workers think I’m insane Aceman!

  65. A's V T's A A"sTV T"sATV
    A's V T's A A"sTV T"sATV04-24-2012

    How the hell could there be 2 news stories about Ted Nugent and Ace didnt rip on his music once? Come on dude, Fred Bear is prob the worst song thats ever been recorded. Its because Ace doesnt ever rip on anything Fox News supports. You can tell by the way he brings up the new Black Panther party that he only watches the extreme right wing channel……The NUGE SUCKS (but he’s a draft dodger like the Aceman so maybe they are friends)

    • marco

      Great name, stupid post – you should just stick to coming up with funny names.

  66. Mensyn

    Thank you Adam, for bringing logic to discussions of race. If the Spike Lee situation was reversed, everyone would be outraged, but we just brush it off like it was a mistake?? I wish you had someone in the studio on a regular basis who could engage with you philosophically.

    • ross

      If anybody were to try he would just shout them down. Adam doesn’t let other people be right

  67. Rob

    I’m all for T & A as well. & I’m apparently unique in that I don’t see them as being too similar. Plenty of room for both. Why not mix in another voice every week or so, especially now that ep’s are consistently over 90 minutes.

  68. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver04-24-2012

    Isn’t this T’s 3rd or 4th kid? T’s V has got to looking like a man-hole ( good one )

  69. phil theejoo
    phil theejoo04-24-2012

    Love me some teresa strasser biting wit.But I hope my baby alison stays on the show she plays the drums,guitar,writes and she is hot what more can you ask for.

  70. G. Coeling
    G. Coeling04-24-2012

    NOS IS NOT A WORD!!! N.O.S. is a company. En oh es not nawwzzzzz. Stop using that term because you sound retarded!!!!

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw04-26-2012

      Nitrous oxide, N2O, a gas commonly referred to as “nitrous” or “NOS” in vehicle racing & Nitric oxide synthase, a class of enzymes

      turns out you’re retarded!

  71. dori

    Having T and A on together is awesome. I love them both, and am hoping T can continue being on regularly. The parent-judging feature is a great idea. I might have to go buy something expensive on Amazon to express my thanks.

  72. ross

    I wish Adam would stop bitching about Celeb Apprentice. We get it, you’re pissed you lost. Nobody gives a fuck. Did you really think a reality show like that was gonna be anything other than a bullshit, rigged popularity contest? Especially one run by such a blowhardy douchebag as Trump…

  73. Joe

    Love how Adam constantly rants against society branding people as racists, then does the exact same thing to Spike Lee when it serves his point.

  74. Danielle

    I was thinking about the mini diamond stud earring… I knew someone who wore her young daughter’s earrings after she died… maybe that dude lost a baby girl and is just wearing one of her mini baby diamonds she got when her ears were pierced. That is if it’s really just a chip diamond.

    • Dirk Dootson
      Dirk Dootson04-25-2012

      How about you leave the joking to Adam?

      • hudabelle

        Sorry I didn’t realize I was joking? Next time I’ll know better.

      • Micah

        haha, this.

  75. David Abrahamian
    David Abrahamian04-25-2012

    great memories of TV commercials!


    Zachary All – even at age 10 he made me want a suit
    Earl Sheib –

  76. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac04-25-2012

    The radio bit is always funny, and Bryan playing the part of “Fat Turd” (Fat Tad??) “jes kick me in the balls” was damn funny stuff.

  77. Alex

    Eh, my wife didn’t really put on any weight other than the baby, it happens that way for some women.

  78. Kelly

    Welcome back T!

  79. Tyrone Washington
    Tyrone Washington04-26-2012

    I wonder when the chimp tore off Debbie Dootson’s face.

  80. dman

    love to hear teresa again!

  81. J's A
    J's A05-02-2012

    One note for the people who post the episode summaries on iTunes…couldn’t you say “Penn Jillette calls in to talk Celebrity Apprentice” instead of “…calls in to discuss his elimination from Celebrity Apprentice?” Kind of a spoiler for a getting-towards-late-Sunday-night-two-hour-show that is probably sitting on a lot of people’s DVRs… Granted, we might still make the leap to the same conclusion, but at least it isn’t the lead. Maybe something like that would work better when the next fire-ee calls in. (Ever notice how a podcast that features a lot of ranting draws lots of amateur ranters to the forum? Weird, huh?)

  82. Landon

    “Trust your instincts” for a cologne? I’m going to trust my instincts and assume this cologne stinks.

  83. Bryan

    Alison is great! That being said, It was so nice to hear Teresa and Adam together again.

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