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Adam opens the show discussing youth sports and the time he got the most accolades as a player. He also talks about the SHINE Award from 1999 that was sent to him today, and why it took so long to receive. Alison then starts up the news discussing the unexpected death of Andrew Breitbart. The guys also talk about cigarette labels, and Nancy Grace’s appearance on The View.

Penn Jillette joins the studio next, and Adam talks with him briefly about the death penalty. Adam then takes a call from Dr. Drew to corroborate the story he told earlier about getting his SHINE Award. Adam and Penn also talk about why they did Celebrity Apprentice, and Penn tells stories about truckers, prison guards, and carnies. Later, the group plays a round of Tales From The Cheap.

Alison returns to the news discussing the former LA City Commissioner claiming he has a split personality after being caught distributing child pornography. The guys then play a round of Germany or Florida, and talk about a woman who set a tree on fire while doing drugs. Next up, Alison brings up a legal case surrounding Joe Francis and Madonna, and Adam recalls the time that Joe called into Loveline. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Penn’s electric car.

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  1. JewCelt

    R.I.P Morton Downey, Jr. the 2nd. (PS. In Morton Downey’s deffence, at least he was one hell of a piano player and singer, and had other possible lucrative options other than being a modern carney pusher). It’s a shame one real talent died before he understood his own respectable abilities.

  2. X marks the spot
    X marks the spot03-02-2012

    Matt Taibbi and his little mongoloid chiclet teeth must be so proud of that article.

    • John

      If you or Adam bother to read that Rolling Stone article, then you would actually know it was in many ways complimentary to Mr. Breitbart. Doing a little reading and research into topics related to politics before commenting on them obviously takes more effort than Adam is willing to exert. That is a shame since Adam seems compelled to share his vast and deep knowledge of politics with us more and more.

      • Melmel

        Agreed, the article isn’t as tasteless as it might appear from the title. But that doesn’t change the fact that Taibbi is a clumsy hack of a writer. And my lord, he does have “mongoloid chicklet teeth”. Freaky.

        • edawg

          Yeah, fuck Taibbi and his ugly teeth.

          Jesus Christ, is that the best you can do? Did you read this article? Taibbi certainly had plenty of personal reasons to detest Breitbart. And, he’s a hell of a writer who has done some excellent work on financial corruption, hardly a clumsy hack.

          Breitbart was a slimeball, self-promoting douchebag, whether he loved his family or not. He represented the worst that politics has become in this country. By the way, Adam, even psychopaths love their families. The fact that he loved his kids hardly excuses him from being a deceitful scumbag.

          And, he failed to follow Adam’s advice about respecting the dead when Ted Kennedy died, as you all would have realized if you took the time to read the Taibbi article.

          And if Adam is going to condemn Rolling Stone as a tabloid, he ought to at least read a printed word from time to time. Otherwise, he kinda sounds like a fucking idiot. Like when he complains about the lack of decorum in our society.

      • hunter

        lemme get this straight…you read rolling stone?

  3. HighPlainsToker

    Sunday School is awesome. Thanks for putting it on your network. Please don’t cancel it.

    • Mark

      Monkey Tuesday!

  4. pandera

    “When somebody dies – leave them alone” – Adam Carolla
    “He was a steaming pile of human excrement” -Andrew Breitbart, about Ted Kennedy, tweeted immediately after his death.
    Adam thinks that laziness is bad – except when it comes to doing any sort of research on any political issues or personalities that he decides to ignorantly spout off about. It’s sad to hear a smart guy like Adam sound like such an idiot so often. Educate yourself or shut the hell up. Based on the conversation, it’s clear that none of them actually read the Taibbi article “Death of a Douche” which was both fair and fairly complimentary towards Breitbart. Breitbart made a career of acting like a douche. A dishonest douche. Deal with it.

    • He did it, so its ok
      He did it, so its ok03-02-2012

      Human excrement piles should be insulted to be compared to Ted Kennedy.

    • burga

      yeah I’ve had enough of Carolla’s hypocrisy. im done with the show. peace guys

    • Doug

      Thanks, Pandera. I heard an allusion to that on yesterday’s PBS NewsHour and when I heard Adam ranting about how the dead should be left alone, I looked up the transcript from the show:

      ADAM, you’re funny. If you’re going to rant about shit like this, then at least READ SOMETHING. We know you hate to read, but otherwise all those empty thoughts rolling around in your head come out and you end up sounding like an ill-informed ignoramus…

    • HamiltonNJ

      Well Breitbart did actually think Kennedy was evil for allowing a woman to die without trying to help, then getting off because he was a Kennedy…so it’s kind of a special case on this one.

    • What


      Breitbart was and a major, harmful, damaging douche. Adam’s political opinions and analysis are consistent with someone who barely graduated high school and has a disdain for people who learn from their mistakes as opposed to being doomed to repeat them.

      Read Taibbi’s article. Read any of his articles. He actually conducts research on the issues, unlike say…. Fox “news” where Alison used to “report” on pop-culture.

      I appreciate Adam’s common sense approach to many issues. But some issues require research and complex understanding which, I don’t believe, Adam is capable of.

    • Craig

      If Rolling Stone want people to read the article as fair and balanced, then why the hell did they title it “Death of a Douche”?

      So Tiabbi but the extreme bias in the tittle and put the fair part at the end.

  5. Silent Running
    Silent Running03-02-2012

    R.I.P. Andrew. The Right has lost one of its few coherent voices.

  6. marky mark
    marky mark03-02-2012

    When Ted Kennedy died this is what Breitbart said – “a villain, a prick, a big ass motherfucker, a duplicitous bastard and a special pile of human excrement.”

  7. jd

    So it was okay for Breitbart to be a douche when Ted Kennedy died, but nobody’s allowed to call this giant douche a giant douche when he dies? nice.

    • Tim

      Exactly,..great guy??? Condolences to his family, but the vitriol he spewed, and the reaction he got was what he wanted, so why would people be so incensed that he is getting back exactly the same hate?
      sad on all fronts.

  8. Keeg

    The university of Texas shooter was Charles Whitman not Charles Starkweather. Whitman did have a tumor in his brain. He had a bolt action and pump action rifle along with a few handguns and a shotgun.

  9. Rick Rottman
    Rick Rottman03-02-2012

    Shirley Sherrod has a family too, yet Andrew Breitbart didn’t give two shits.

    • back sack& Ass crack
      back sack& Ass crack03-02-2012

      She still lives off the government doll,Andrews family won’t …RETARD!

      • Rick Rottman
        Rick Rottman03-03-2012

        You mean government dole? No she doesn’t. She now works in the private sector. That’s because Breitbart got her fired.

      • Marv

        It’s “dole” not “doll”… RETARD!

    • ConspiracyTruth

      Death is a little more serious than losing your job, I think.

  10. nick

    Youtube loveline bad father.
    Adam was GREAT on loveline. Compelling stuff.

  11. boss

    Sounds like Penn has read “Incognito”. (the story about the shooter Whitman and the tumors was in that book, and I believe the autopsy revealed that he did, in fact, have a brain tumor, as he suspected.) If Adam could bring himself to read a few books, he’d probably really enjoy it. Adam, read “Atlas Shrugged”. Get it on Audible.

  12. TheCapn

    Didn’t Breitbart not even wait until Ted Kennedy’s body was cold before he started talking shit about him? I’d say one good turn deserves another.

  13. Paul J
    Paul J03-02-2012

    Ahhhh, Adam & Penn… A Gay Love affair made in Heaven! Glad you guys hooked up! Great show.

  14. Albert

    “Death of a Douche”; rarely has an epitaph been so accurate and funny at the same time. People think it bad manners to talk ill of the dead but I say better late than never and it always better to know all the dirt.

  15. Greg Wardell
    Greg Wardell03-02-2012

    can’t shed any tears for your boy Breitbart, he was a douche nozzle. He was talkin shit about Teddy Kennedy the day Ted died.

  16. Redd Green
    Redd Green03-02-2012

    Maybe someone should mention to Adam Breitbart’s words about Ted Kennedy’s death. Of course speaking poorly of the dead is always wrong, but Adam sounds like a fool criticizing the Rolling Stone article.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-03-2012

      Duct Tape it C_nt!

  17. thedecade

    ‘It’s just weird, it feels weird, it seems weird, it’s kinda weird, shaded weirdly, it’s all weird. ‘ (drinking game for the show)

    Good show though.

    • marco

      You forgot “really weird”

  18. Paul

    Breitbart was not a “good guy”. Breitbart deserves as much respect in his death as he gaves others. Breitbart called Ted Kennedy, within hours after his death, a “villian”, a “duplicitous bastard”, a “prick”, and “a special pile of human excrement”. If all Breitbart is being called in his death is a “douche”, then that is more respect than he deserves.

  19. alex

    Why does Breitbart deserve respect after death when he disrespected others who had just died???

  20. Numby

    In the hours immediately following Senator Ted Kennedy’s death, Breitbart called Kennedy a “villain”, a “duplicitous bastard”, a “prick”and “a special pile of human excrement”.

  21. Spinback

    Breitbart on Ted Kennedy, hours after he died:


    Karma is a bitch.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running03-03-2012

      Awwww, poor Teddy. An incredibly powerful, girl-murdering drunk who spent 48 years fucking this country just can’t get a break. (sniffle)

      Personally, I say fuck decorum. Not every right-winger wants to regress to a Mad Men fantasy. The political divide in this country is not one of genuinely patriotic Americans who disagree on method; it’s one of fundamental enemies fighting an existential war. Breitbart understood this, even as most Republicans do not. That’s why the Left sets rules of engagement and discourse and the “Right” cravenly follows. No nation so divided can endure, and the USA is no exception.

      I danced a jig when Kennedy died. My only regret is that he didn’t die much, much sooner. For those who say the same about Breitbart: that suits me just fine. See you in the field.

      • Mark

        I could not have written it any better, Silent Running. The Left wants to cut the Right’s head off with the machete (as they should), while the Right is content to throw limp-wristed slaps in retaliation. That is why they are winning the propaganda war by a country war. The sooner more conservatives realize this, the better off they will be.

      • edawg

        “See you in the field.” Classic. How’s your stash of MREs and 5.56, SR?

        Just out of curiosity, do you have any experience in “the field,” or are you mostly holed up in momma’s basement? Just curious.

        “That’s why the Left sets rules of engagement and discourse and the “Right” cravenly follows.”

        That last is so deeply delusional it’s hard to know how you can even hold a job or wipe your own ass. Maybe you don’t.

  22. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace03-02-2012

    very difficult to find a better lineup than Ace, Penn & the D-man…

  23. AR

    As someone with a pretty robust douche-radar, I’m shocked Adam doesn’t know how much of a douche Andrew Breitbart was. This is the same dude that got a women fired by purposely editing a video to imply that she was racist when her speech depicted the exact opposite. What “good dude” do you know would do something like that? This is the same guy that tweeted maliciious things about Ted Kennedy HOURS after he died, but anyone who says the same about Breitbart now is a terrible human being? Do you see the irony Adam? BTW, almost every adult who dies has a spouse and kids. That doesn’t change the way the impacted other’s lives. And, he had a negative impact on most people outside of his inner circle. That’s not my definition of a “good dude”.

  24. glee

    I understand calling out Taibbi for calling Brietbart a douchebag a day after his death. Would also be fair to note that Brietbart tweeted this about Ted Kennedy hours after his death – “Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement.” We are all people in the end, and usually, you get what you give.

    • Brownie

      Must have missed where Breitbart left a woman to drown in a car for 24 hours (it was estimated she was down there alive for 15) and got away with it because of his family’s weath and political prestige like Kennedy did.

  25. JessMan

    nit-pick: lobos are UNM, not NM State

  26. Pitch White
    Pitch White03-02-2012

    I call bullshit. Charles Starkweather was the inspiration for the movie “Badlands.” Charles Whitman was the one in Texas.

  27. Tony

    Breitbart couldn’t be more of a scum bag. Sorry if you thought he was a nice guy based on the briefs encounters you had and the zero research you did but his record speaks for itself. Just look at the vile shit he said about Ted Kennedy after he died. Minutes after the man was pronounced dead he called him a pile of shit, on twitter.

    Shitting out a few kids, having a wife and paying your taxes does not a good guy make. Those describe the same characteristics of any number of scumbags on the planet. The man was a complete asshole and we are better off without him.

  28. Zapoli

    Whether decorum prohibits calling Breitbart a douche after he died is a fair question. But what he said about Ted Kennedy really only bears on the separate issue of whether Breitbart actually was a douche, since no one would mistake Breitbart for a model of decorum. The only salient factor is whether he went to dinner and a movie with Adam.

    If Sherwood Schwartz, for example, never went to dinner and a movie with Adam, then proper decorum would dictate a remembrance to the effect of, “Good, I’m glad. He was a fucking hack.” The relative merits of Gilligan’s Island are neither here nor there.

    • Aced it
      Aced it03-05-2012

      Yes yes, the only thing I would argue is whether we hold Adam to the same standard as a written article. Without debating it because I need to take a shit, I would say no; lesser standard. I would also propose legislation be sent to congress, officially recognizing the 70’s and certain writers therein, as a creative void. Perhaps paving the way for the world’s largest class action.

  29. Yourdad

    Adam you are a dueche too!
    racist think alike, oh poor stupid Adam he doesn’t know shit or worse, he bats for those dueche’s
    I love the country too!

  30. The Hoss
    The Hoss03-02-2012

    Match made in Podcast heaven.

  31. hey hey hey
    hey hey hey03-02-2012

    The classic “We hated him for doing it so now we get to do it to him” argument. Not only logical but so classy. So the murderer Ted Kennedy deserved better than what Breitbart did but Breitbart doesn’t?

  32. burga

    love how he is saying the “take one for the team” stuff – Carolla when have you EVER done that, you’re mr. got to be center of attention.

  33. Doug

    There are some people so mean-spirited that I’m glad they’re no longer on earth. Breitbart is one of them. And the BRIGHT SIDE: We don’t have to hear his factually incorrect, unchallenged half wit thoughts on this podcast anymore!

  34. Roberto Duran
    Roberto Duran03-02-2012

    Love Sunday School! One suggestion though – please turn up the level on the microphones, I can barely hear the show over the low din of stupidity I find myself in at work everyday…

  35. Reality Check
    Reality Check03-02-2012

    Good riddance Bretibart.

  36. Trevor Corey
    Trevor Corey03-02-2012

    This Penn guy is a first class idiot. Can’t believe Adam wants to be associated with him.

  37. maggie

    @pandera Excellent comment. Thank you.

  38. HamiltonNJ

    You people have to get over this whole Breitbart going after Ted Kennedy after he died. This was not an everyday case of someone you disagreeing with dying…Kennedy allowed a woman to die without lifting a finger to help. Breitbart obviously had a big problem with that, so normal decorum kinda went out the window. Again, he allowed a woman to die…how he is revered by the left is just beyond me. 3 out of 4 good Kennedy brothers ain’t bad people…Ted was a dick.

  39. MPG

    Drew doesn’t look ugly or crippled in that picture, but it IS horrible. The lighting and the positioning is amateurish at best.

  40. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington03-02-2012

    I know most of you guys were born in the 90s, so you should Google “Chappaquiddick” to read about why Breitbart would call Ted Kennedy a pile of excrement. It explains the kind of privilege that being a blue blood used to get you.

    Not saying I would defame him after his death, but Kennedy was miles above Breitbart on the reprehensible scale.

  41. Juice4000

    May I just point something out: NONE of the people posting the Breitbart-Kennedy justification had ANY idea about Breitbart smashing Kennedy when they were smashing Breitbart hours after his death. Only today did they find out the Kennedy quote and are now retrofitting the ‘so what he did it too so its okay’ justification BACK into what they did (before knowing anything about Kennedy tweets).
    Just pointing that out so you all can feel stupid. Thanks.

  42. Adam C
    Adam C03-02-2012

    Adam’s becoming an annoying right wing cheerleader. What used to make Adam interesting was that he seemed to think ALL these guys are jerks, so even if I didn’t agree with Adam I knew he was coming from a place of common sense. But now with Preager, Breitbar, that jerk earlier this week, and him going on O’Reilly and Beck – I think Adam is drinking the Kool-Aid. In another here he’ll be a born again.

  43. Daniel

    Do none of you people remember Chappaquiddick? Ted Kennedy was a murdering-piece of shit, and anyone who defends him is equally a piece of shit. I normally don’t believe in speaking ill of the dead, but Breitbart was right on that one. If he had been anyone but a Kennedy he would have spent the rest of his pathetic life in prison, and it amazes me that people still defend him.

    • Marv

      I don’t believe one of these comments defended Ted Kennedy. To say that Breitbart did the exact thing Adam is saying should be off limits is not a defense of Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick.

  44. Sam

    Does anyone read the god damn comments before they post? We don’t need the same fact pointed out 18 times.

    • alex

      they took a while to load. and its a big point that they failed to mention.

    • Marv

      When you go on a rant with that much ignorance involved, it should be pointed out 1,000 times.

  45. Biff

    Not to pile on the Breitbart topic, but maybe the guy had a “media persona” must have been a character right? I don’t agree with what he said or did, nor do I claim to have an in depth knowledge of him or his politics, but from what I remember he was pretty much an asshole and a blowhard in all his TV appearances, and said some really venomous things.

    Word to the wise to Adam, and those who run the show: Most people come here to listen to your COMEDY!!! Keep POLITICS as much as possible out of the show… I’m tired of hearing crappy analogies about people rowing boats. But in Adam’s defense, he did have guys like Bill Maher & Marc Maron on just recently and they didn’t talk politics though they lie on the left side of the political spectrum.

    …I doubt anyone will even read this lol

  46. Mobey

    The guy was one big antagonizier. I”m liberal but his m.o. was playing extreme hardball w/ peoples lives. He was by far a saint.

  47. Citylife80

    Guy’s, you just don’t get it. THEY HAD A BURGER TOGETHER!!! HE’S A GREAT GUY!

  48. a.j.

    ‘Aceball’. Wow, wildly clever.

  49. Pb

    Skip minute 28-31 unles you want to hear the second hand smoke rant

  50. ConspiracyTruth

    Certainly is a shame about Breitbart’s family and friends. He was young and that always makes it a tragedy. He may have been a grade A knob of a man but I have little doubt we will see the same kind of situation occur when the guys like him on the other side of the fence die like Bill Mahar. Men whose careers are predicated on character assassination and mass generalization rarely make out well in the eyes of the public when they die.

  51. Brad

    The world is neither better off nor worse off without Andrew Breitbart. Why? Because he was worthless and contributed nothing to the world. He produced nothing. He contributed nothing. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Returning to the nothingness from whence he came.

  52. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone03-04-2012

    I am disappointed in Adam and especially Penn, who really should know better since he is so active in the skeptic community, for giving Brietbart a pass and calling him a nice guy.
    Brietbart may have been a cool guy to hang out with and loved his family but he was a race baiting asshole on camera. Kudos to him for showing ACORN employees behaving poorly, if not criminally but he deserves a healthy dose of vitriol for what he did to Shirley Sherrod.
    And guys and Alison. Read the Rolling Stone article if you are going to talk about it. I know Adam likes to do things off the cuff but the news person and the skeptic magician should be at least a little prepared. The article is nearly the polar opposite of what Penn and Adam think it is about.
    @juice4000, you make a pretty bold claim about not knowing about the Kennedy slam. When I heard Brietbart died I did some reading up on him to make sure I had some facts and information before I decided the guy was an asshole. There is a clip of him on Bill Maher’s show where he says being called a racist is one of the worst things a person can do but that is exactly what he did to Sherrod. Even though he knew it wasn’t true. That is racist bullshit.
    Brietbart was a parodist and he wasn’t putting on act. He was using lies and manipulation to make a black woman look like a bigot so she would get fired. And it worked. I still don’t know why there is footage of him screaming “stop raping people” at an occupy wall street protest so I will just assume that was a wind up but he came across as deranged. You could argue that he was being provocative in this instance but not in the Sherrod case.
    Brietbart wasn’t a good guy. He may have passed himself off as one but good guys aren’t racist assholes.
    Tech Note. More compression and gain on “Sunday School”. As someone else pointed out the podcast is pretty low level and difficult to hear if there is any ambient noise.
    Love both shows but please, please, please try and do at least a little research if you are going to try and let some bigot off the hook. It is just embarrassing.

    • REB

      Sunday School is good – but for the tiresome hack working with Penn and inserting courtesy laughs.

      • Aced it
        Aced it03-05-2012

        Like anyone cares about a lawyers unsolicited opinion. 😉

  53. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone03-04-2012

    Sorry, this line “Brietbart was a parodist and he wasn’t putting on act. ” should be he wasn’t a parodist. He wasn’t. He was a racist. Race baiting is racism. And it is evil. Even us atheists know that, right Penn?

  54. Matthew Holloway
    Matthew Holloway03-04-2012

    Breitbart edited a video to make a woman appear racist and got her fired for no good reason. He contributed toward the defunding of ACORN who help poor people exercise their legal right to vote and again he did it based on video editing tricks. There will be thousands of people who are unable to vote because of him.

    He might have been a nice man in person but he caused a lot of harm to our society. If you judge a man on his actions then he was no good.

  55. The King of Nothing
    The King of Nothing03-04-2012

    Completely agree with Penn’s take on the lady crying in the theater being a hero for having awareness of others. It’s understandable that she’s upset at the whole drowning thing but most people would not understand others point of view and how there is no way they would have known.

    Also the whole second hand smoke thing…how do they even come to the conclusion that someone died of second hand smoke? Seems like they would have to make a reach to classify a death as second hand smoke.

  56. Dryness

    While I’m sure that Breitbart was not the same vitriolic person when he’s out to dinner with friends or lending a hand to a coworker, the bottom line is he made a living publicly maligning other people. The Ted Kennedy quotes are just one example of the type of hate that Breitbart spewed for anyone whose politics were anywhere left of his. He was well known for creating evidence against liberals that was not just inaccurate but outright lies. I’m sorry his kids lost a father, I’m sorry his wife lost the families breadwinner, maybe Adam could hook her up with Grant Cardone since it seems that she likes her men to be ignorant douchebags.

  57. Jonah

    I like bikes and I like trees. The trees like me and so do the bikes.

  58. Aced it
    Aced it03-05-2012

    What all you “did he read the article” guys are missing is that he intimately knew the deceased. Also, you’re trying to rationalize taking pot shots at the recently deceased. I know you want to get on your keyboard and argue but I would recommend that you think about all that you’re defending before you start typing. If I talked for hours a day I know I’d contradict myself all the time. There’s excusable contradictions and there’s inexcusable contradictions. I’ll let you decide which one this, a guy defending his dead friend, is. His thesis is don’t talk bad about the recently dead. You’d have to infer that he likely wouldn’t defend Breitbart’s comments against the bloated one.

    Also, RS is not what it used to be, I blame that on the 90’s.

    That said, I didn’t respect the pointed editing attack job Breitbart did on that Ag Admin lady. That was worse than all of RS’s many horrible articles combined.

  59. Cliff

    Haaaaaahaaaa I think its hilarious that the only response on here about Breitbart was his Ted Kennedy tweets. Holy shit, how obvious all you leftists read hoffpo at the same time to form your opinions. Just awesome!

  60. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-06-2012

    Did Adam really play sports? I mean fairly. Two teams/players ONE set of rules. If death makes you off limits then it should apply to everyone and not just the one’s you’ve met and/or like. Breitbart triggered the balance by his own actions. Which just exposes the worst of these situations: endless payback.

    If you are going to have two sets of rules then you have no right to call for others to bend to your will. Freewill is a bitch.

  61. Dick Face
    Dick Face03-08-2012

    Matt was just a little over the top and it’s not the language I would use…sound familiar Rush?…Hmm
    Romney? so fuck Brietbart!

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