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Adam opens the show discussing his exhausting past few days. He talks about the hours in the car driving from venue to venue with August and Lynch, and why Seattle is such a great city. Penn Jillette then calls in to talk about Adam’s firing on Celebrity Apprentice, and Adam rants about the fake story lines that were created during his episode.

Captain Sean Parnell joins the show next, and talks with Adam and the gang about some of the bizarre things he saw in Afghanistan. He describes his job of hunting out the Taliban, and proudly explains that no civilians were ever hurt or killed. Adam asks him how he feels about ‘trouble in the Middle East,’ news coverage, and Sean suggests some interesting ways to resolve the continuing crisis. He also talks about a harrowing experience where he and his men were outnumbered 4-to-1, and talks about readjusting to civilian life back in America.

Alison opens the news talking about the Afghan massacre where 16 civilians, including 9 children, were killed near an American base. The guys also talk about their hatred of Daylight Saving Time, and go through a list of the most well rested jobs. Other news stories include ‘Meatless Mondays,’ ‘Pizza Roulette’, and the cancelation of ‘All-American Muslim.’

Pick up a copy of Sean’s book, ‘Outlaw Platoon’ on Amazon.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. James

    Fuck Trump

    • Dick Gizenya
      Dick Gizenya03-14-2012

      I never watched any apprentice shows before but cuz Carolla’s on it, I did, and I just saw the latest episode, it was total bullshit, but this is one Trump and NBC have wet dreams about, they must be pissing their pants waiting for the ratings! They managed to turn the Guy’s team into a Drama Fest!!
      The girl’s team, of course there’s drama, even when they win there’s drama, and with that group of chicks, nobody’s worried about a lack of drama, EVER.
      But the GUYS, been standing strong, Backing each other up, Project leaders ready to take the bullet!!!
      And then Adam, you pissed off the Don, you had the balls to say,
      “Uh……nah…… not picking anybody else,” I thought Trump’s lid was gonna flip back like the hood of a ’96 Crown Vic at 70 MPH! “If WE lost, I lost.” So the Don, rained fire upon the men’s team!!!!
      As a result Trump has created “drama” on the Guy’s team, by slipping Lou into the position of a Gomer Pyle, and not a Jim Nabors Gomer Pyle, a FULL METAL JACKET BAR OF SOAP IN A SOCK PRIVATE PYLE!!!
      It’s TV genius,

    • Andy

      No integrity Trump!

  2. Pork Chop
    Pork Chop03-13-2012

    I still say that Adam wanted out of Celebrity Apprentice. He could have easily got Mike A or Lou fired, but took the high road. It’s just like his Dancing experience: “It sounded cool, I tried with some minimum effort, I can always say I did it, I’m not so bad with losing”. It doesn’t sound like he really wanted to hang out in NYC for the entire time.

  3. Connard

    Aubrey O’Day isn’t the hottest gal on earth, but I’d still make love on her.

  4. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk03-13-2012

    Get it on !

  5. jorm_valadez

    Who the hell is Steven Jobs?

    • Patrick

      Maximum trolling!

  6. Wilson

    Adam, so glad you (injustly) got fired so I can stop watching this joke of a show. An hour dedicated to the boardroom so we can hear “THE” debbie gibson snipe at her team, are you kidding me? The Apprentice lost all credibility, and Buick came off horribly for their humorless execs. Can’t wait to hear this rant!

  7. Joe

    LMAO. Funniest shit on point in the world of how crazy the crowd is. Jesus, I can’t stop laughing

  8. PhillyPhil

    Lookin good, Ace!

  9. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol03-13-2012

    Great job on The Celebrity Apprentice. Sad to see you go, but inspired by the way you handled yourself in the boardroom …I’m assuming you were masturbating under the table …and for going down with the ship.

    Can’t wait to hear this podcast. Time to get it on!

  10. Cody

    I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Captain Sean Parnell.

  11. Callen

    It’s not too soon that I hear Penn Gillette. Ace Broadcast gets great guests in regular fashion, and there’s a reason Adam is #1.

    • Marv

      Because he drops a podcast every day?

  12. Andrew

    Already read Captain Sean Parnell…great book. Thanks for having him on.

  13. Chase

    “…that’s why Buick’s Buick, but that’s just middle of the road milk toast…”
    Great quote. I couldn’t agree more.

  14. Andrew

    Footage of schoolbuses being shredded by warthogs.

    Talk about scared straight!!!

    Funniest episode ever!

  15. mark lofquist
    mark lofquist03-13-2012

    Great pic of the crowd Ace!!

  16. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge03-13-2012

    Thats funny, why would anyone ever drive a Buick unless their grandmother died and left a shirty one for their loser grand kid? Also I love Adam but not enough to watch a reality show.

    • reb

      It seems as if a Buick could only be acquired as an accidental/mistaken purchase or by theft. And even then — even if it were stolen and thus free — it’s likely that you’d be trying to get rid of it.

      A great many of the “hard working Americans” are in the image of the Buick dullards. And guys like that don’t have the range or ability to ever be other than in their absurd role of speaking in stilted talking points and avoiding any creativity, humor, or joy. Perhaps it’s slightly better than what totalitarian socialism produces; but I certainly wouldn’t fight a war to preserve capitalism if those clowns are what we produce.

  17. djnc

    why does adam keep calling him “steven jobs?”

    • Jfroh

      I was wondering the same thing. Who the hell calls steve jobs “steven jobs”??

      • social bobcat
        social bobcat03-14-2012

        Why, after all these years and being friends with Seth MacFarlane, does he keep calling it “THE Family Guy”? Just one of those enjoyably persistent gaffes.

        love the show – keep up the good work Ace and crew!

    • Andy

      It doesn’t matter! All he did was make cool electronics.

      • Jeff

        Err, Chinese 12 year olds make the cool electronics.

  18. Hand_to_God

    I think if Aceman had brought Lou and Michael into the boardroom he would still be on the show, trump would have fired Andretti. I don’t even want to watch celebrity apprentice anymore.

  19. Lauren

    Great show! More people need to get the message about what the troops are going through and the good work that they are doing. Thank you.

  20. Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs03-13-2012

    ‘Steve Jobs’. ‘Steve’. ‘Jobs’. Not ‘Steven’. Just ‘Steve’.

    • Alisons V
      Alisons V03-14-2012

      You can stop licking Steven Jobs’ nutsack, he’s dead.

  21. Informed Ex Soldier
    Informed Ex Soldier03-13-2012

    If Iran is arming the Taliban then why were they the only ones supporting the northern alliance before any of us gave a shit about Afghanistan.

    Following the emergence of the Taliban and their harsh treatment of Afghanistan’s Shi’a ethnic Hazaras, Iran stepped up assistance to the Northern Alliance. Relations with the Taliban deteriorated further in 1998 after Taliban forces seized the Iranian consulate in Mazari Sharif and executed Iranian diplomats. Following this incident, Iran almost went to war with the Taliban but intervention by the United Nations Security Council and the United States prevented it.

    Nice to see “honorable” service members spreading false bullshit around. Too bad they seem too focused on who his next “enemy of freedom” might be instead of winning a war that started when he was still fucking cheerleaders in high school.

    • Ron

      Informed ex soldier, well put. Facts tend to be the first casualty in war, and though what you say may be true, no active soldier, or uninformed ignorant (in this case, American) citizen will want to hear what you’re saying.

    • Justin

      Right … there are no shifting allegiances in that region. Thanks for the enlightenment.

      Here’s a comparable syllogism: The US supported the mujahideen in the 1980s. The mujahids grew friendly with and eventually became indistinguishable from the Talibs. Therefore, the US could not and would not go to war against the Taliban. (Or Iraq. Or Libya. I could go on and on.)

      Finally: tell us where you get your “information,” bright guy. If your SAP access is still valid, I’d bet your not spreading the good word on the Adam Carolla comments page.

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-14-2012

      Obviously by “informed” you mean “informed by Wikipedia” since all you did was a cut-and-paste job.

      And incidentally, did it ever occur to you Iran will support whomever it is necessary to support to keep Afghanistan permanently destabilized and weak?

  22. bill

    I can’t believe how naive Adam is about the reality T.V. MO. I mean there’s a disclaimer at the end of all these shitty shows saying the judges – in conjunction with the producers – are the ones cutting people. And also, the show is fucking “celebrity” apprentice, so its not surprising that the editors would cook the show to play to the popular perceptions of these people.

    • reb

      He recognizes that things are edited. His quarrel is not with editing that sharpens the narrative or eliminates dull, irrelevant, or unfunny content. Rather, he is talking about altering things so that they bear no resemblance whatsoever to what actually happened. “Reality TV” is only interesting and worth having if there is some actual element of reality.

  23. Doosh Joosh
    Doosh Joosh03-13-2012

    I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but this guy isn’t gonna be another one of those a-holes who thinks that working hard, applying himself to write a book, traveling around to market it, is gonna make him money that he’ll deserve to keep, right? What a dick. Doesn’t he know that other people who didn’t put any work into his product deserve his money? Doesn’t he know that? If he sells enough units to reach some arbitrary level of income that we deem too high, that we deserve more of his success? Isn’t that why he risked death for our country, so that his future earnings could be taken at the whim of those less successful?

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge03-13-2012

      Not funny and total internet douche move to bitch with no idea what you are talking about. You are bitching just to bitch at this point…

    • Zapoli

      Considering he’s devoted his life so far to infantry, academia, and social work, I’m guessing he’s not an anti-tax douche. Didn’t really come up though.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

      Listen first, then comment.

    • reb

      Anyone who risked his life in any of the recent terrorism-related wars in the belief that his ability to run a profitable business or have “free speech” were in jeopardy was misinformed.

  24. J ROC
    J ROC03-13-2012

    Decent guest.

  25. Josh

    Doug Benson said it perfectly last week. Sad Ace is off Celebrity Apprentice. Happy I’ll never have to watch Celebrity Apprentice again.

  26. PD

    Ace, you should grab a beer with the sub-mariner whose stories you questioned last week. Also, I giggle everytime you do a live read for your newest sponsor considering the previous rants.

  27. CarollaFan

    Why are these not posting to iTunes until late in the day? I miss getting it on in a timely manner driving to work? Anybody else notice this?

    • Micah

      Mine downloaded seemingly immediately (had it by 3am EDT yesterday). Check your settings.

  28. Dan

    Donald, you’re fired.

  29. the point man
    the point man03-13-2012

    That adam lost a CAR challenge to clueless women is incomprehensible. Trump’s shenanigans notwithstanding.

  30. Drew

    Bought Captain Parnell’s book before I even finished listening to the podcast. Great interview with a great guest, Aceman. I’m now living in constant fear of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leaks.

  31. C-Fiddy

    Thanks for the Apprentice follow-up. When Trump kept saying “Carolla’s a very funny guy” it was clear that he doesn’t know anything about the people on his show. How many car shows, radio shows, comedy pilots, best-selling books, podcast networks and romantic boxing movies does a guy have to produce before you get any respect? You are more inspiring than that blow-hard will ever be. Go Aceman!

  32. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos03-13-2012

    Hope you didn’t pay for that photographer in the Moore theatre. All that work for a photo that isn’t level, has bad motion blur, and the wrong white balance.

    • HotBlackDesoto

      Adam doesn’t have that many black fans so how balanced do you want it?

      Oh, wait….. you’re that nerd.

  33. Kain

    Adams team did a much better job on Celb Appr, of course they would pick the women to win on the show to avoid being sexist since those pussz at Buick were tailoring to a lame gentle product.
    Not to mention Aubrey couldn’t even pronouce the name of the car correct three times.
    I’m glad Adam took the high road and didnt bow before Donalds limp dik asz.

  34. cg





  35. lodstudios

    Funny to see the suits from Buick loving Ace’s talking points on the Verano and then cut to him being fired, I can’t honestly believe that they liked Forte’s presentation more. Aubrey said the name of the car wrong twice, not to mention they had no facts on the automobile. I hope Lampanelli takes the whole thing, she is damn good and seems to be the only woman not taking herself seriously.

  36. Scott in Seattle
    Scott in Seattle03-13-2012

    I was pretty pissed about your short stay on the Celebrity Apprentice show. Not watching the rest of the season. Good to hear your side of the episode….no surprise about the editing they did. Buick blows.
    Glad you enjoyed Seattle Adam.
    Great guest.
    Thanks for the entertaining podcast.

  37. The voice of Seattle
    The voice of Seattle03-13-2012

    Thanks for the props to Seattle but if you really loved us you’d get up here and kick Bonadouchebag off our radio airwaves.

  38. bubba

    What’s with the delay in getting these up on itunes lately, you slackers?

  39. carolla fan 427
    carolla fan 42703-13-2012

    I heard the matchgame downer horns riff after you did the Tiger woods joke!

  40. Dick Face
    Dick Face03-13-2012

    Alison Alison, relax little eager beaver let Adam do the interviewing…you’ll get your turn on your show, which I gotta say is pretty good.

  41. Joel

    So Michael Andretti got fired because he didn’t “step up,” regardless of any logical reason; and Adam got fired because he didn’t “throw Andretti under the bus” Yeah, I follow Trump’s egotistical, “you should do what I’m thinking, even though it makes for a worse outcome” logic; It’s why I don’t like Trump, and I find it hard why he’s considered entertainment. The Donald has bankrupted himself at least twice, and the expense of many hardworking Americans. The reason why Trump’s “successful” is twofold — one, he had his dad’s business to provide enough momentum to crony himself into corporate-driven politics, and two, he had a name that could be turned into a brand name (franchising his name is probably his only true profitable enterprise he’s had over the long term.)

    With that in mind, I refrain from doing anything related to the Donald. I even stayed at the Essex House over the Plaza when he owned it. The only reason why I watched this show was because of the podcast interviews with the contestants. Now, I’m going to stop watching this show, for fear that I may find 2% body-fat Lou bending over for the Donald.

  42. stnuntrnd

    This is the second ACS podcast where Georgia Tech was cited instead of Virginia Tech.
    If the guest Sean hadn’t made the correction, would nobody have said anything?

    • Micah

      I thought Bryan corrected (but I could be wrong, and am not going back to check).

  43. midwest

    great guest! I’m getting that book.

  44. chantall

    GREAT guest and podcast! Have him on again as soon as possible.

  45. Jessiey

    I love ya Aceman but Steve Jobs Presentations 101: Get Yourself a black turtleneck. That Apprentice ep was pretty much a blueprint to understand how Trump has failed in the past. He’s so oblivious to common sense.

  46. TraciX2

    Wow, great guest. Great sense of humor…too bad he’s married 🙁

  47. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco03-13-2012

    Buick and Trump messed up trying to depreciate the guys with the most downloaded podcast in the world. Ungrateful

  48. Winsten Dan
    Winsten Dan03-13-2012

    I hear Chna has no time difference within their country, its all the same time there.
    China is just as big as USA too.

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-14-2012

      There are five time zones in China.

      • Mr. Brightside
        Mr. Brightside03-14-2012

        Sorry, WERE five. Now you’re right.

  49. Oscar

    I am so glad I don’t have to watch that horrible show anymore now that ACE is gone!

  50. someguy

    There’s a sweet A-10 scene in the movie Terminator Salvation

  51. soboredskin

    Big Ace fan, love the show and listen everyday. But one thing that Adam has said a handful of times (Ace repeating himself? I know) that has made my skin crawl is when talking about the United States and it’s problems, part of it is that we’re not fighting any “real wars”. Unknowingly Sean was directly referring to this sentiment when he said (paraphrasing) that the United States Military is at war while the general public feels no ramifications and thus, are not. When making those comments, Ace is the poster boy for this attitude and I have always wanted someone to call him out on that. With a service member sitting in studio and the subject already broached, yesterday would have been a great time. No matter. I’ll be listening tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that . . .

  52. Lisa

    Trump should know that branding infringement can be big problems. Michael Andretti could possibly incur legal problems if he endorses a competitve product. Very unfair that they think that he should have done that. You were unfairly judged because Trump and Buick were pissed that they didn’t get Andretti to back their product for free. Selfish!

    • Davera

      Lisa, I was thinking that the entire show.

  53. Hudabelle

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Mr Andretti didn’t want to be project manager (or talk up the car) based solely on the fact that he couldn’t, in good conscience, put his name on that car. It’s a Buick for crying out loud. He knows his name is synonymous with cars and I am sure he has to think long and hard about who gets to use his name to sell something, along with a nice paycheck for it that Buick wasn’t about to give for this project. Of course those execs were salivating to get his name on their car for the whole of $30,000 “extra” for charity.

    • Davera


  54. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-13-2012

    Alison was definatly into this dude……..so was Bald, know what I mean? Penn Gillette is such a massive blowhard its hard to tell if he is even being serious. Hes such a douche he still has a ponytail……enough said. Penn is that creepy guy at the bar at 2am trying to hit on anything that moves…….yuck, what a creep

  55. curtis

    I find it funny that the Buick executives didn’t think Adam didn’t convey the Buick “voice”. Hey Buick, you’ve had Laryngitis for over 25 years! Try working on being relevant first before criticizing a guy who makes a nice living for himself speaking. Great guest, great show and the Father Time strip club bit had me in tears!

  56. Lauren

    Had to stop watching Celebrity apprentice because they made Adam look like a pompous a$s. Pissed that they cut up the presentation. Curious to see how far Penn gets, but I don’t think I can stand it any more knowing how they edit the thing. I can’t believe that Lou hasn’t got kicked off yet, he’s a useless cry baby! I think the steroids have permenently damaged his brain.

    The only good thing about it is he got some great interviews with Lisa, Debbie, Clay, Arsinio and Penn. Also now having Penn on the network ranked #1 on iTunes!

  57. Jay

    Good guest today, actually kept up with the conversation which is nice for a change rather than the people who sit back and just zone out.

  58. Jay

    best part of apprentice was stumping trump on the word tumescent.

  59. The Night Ridin Fan of Santa Rosa
    The Night Ridin Fan of Santa Rosa03-13-2012

    Meatless American tables are due to crappy jobs and low pay….WiTNESS: falling down the food
    chain and taking a gas station job to stay alive…..on minimum wage MEAT is a save-for item! My
    new American Dream is a steak dinner! Counting every blessing as we slave to stay afloat!!!!

    Keep on Rockin’ in the F.R.E.E. world!

    Thanks for all you do—all of yins!!!!

  60. Fozman

    At least I can stop watching Celebrity Apprentice.

    Thank you Captain Sean Parnell – you were more of a man at 24 than I will ever be.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

      Amen brother.

  61. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy03-13-2012

    Aceman…………when you coming up to Fresno? I can guarantee me and 6 of my buddies that work the farm will go. By the way, 4 of my 6 buddies are named Jose….go figure

  62. Halo909

    Adam kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking about celebrity Apprentice. It makes you sound bitter and cry baby Aceman. Besides that i love the show.

  63. Tracy500

    Thank goodness Adam is off the Apprentice so I don’t have to waste one more minute watching it! I had never watched that horrible atrocity before and the only reason I watched it this time was to see Adam. I can’t think of a show that’s as unwatchable as that one. I can’t believe it has lasted as long as it has. I never new how repulsive Donald Trump was before. Good lord! I think of all the beautiful women who have fucked him……. There’s not enough money in the world!!!!

  64. Tish

    Can’t believe “Unanimous” didn’t win the challenge. Adam’s team did great, quite frankly “Forte’s” presentation fell flat. I think the producers just figured it was time for the men to lose a challenge. You would have lost no matter what you did. I respect the way you handled it. I won’t be watching the rest of the season now that you’re gone.

    CPT Parnell was a great guest. Have him back again soon. He was interesting and funny.

  65. MikeV

    Trump clearly had it out for Andretti from the second he opted not to be project manager. So much so that Buick threw the competition to the women (yours was clearly better), and THEN when you tried to force him to fire you, he changed the rules to still be able to fire Andretti. Good job showcasing a little bit of the ridiculousness of the show. Was definitely fun to watch you on it, but I can’t blame you for basically throwing up your hands at that point.

  66. Johnnyrocket

    I can’t help but notice how many replies state that Adam got fired. If I understood him correctly he stated he said he wasn’t picking anyone on his team instead he wanted the producer fired and he walked off celeb. apprentice. They chopped it up and cut out the producer line and added the trump firing him. BTW, my wife brought to my attention that they didnt show Adam discussing anything on the ride back to the hotel. Just fucking shady as they come.

  67. Sig

    All their anti-Oreo talk just makes me want to eat some Oreos. So what if they’re overrated?

  68. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town03-13-2012

    GR8 POD!!! +_+

  69. Mexican Jew
    Mexican Jew03-13-2012

    C.A. is a metaphor of a corporation whose senior management is out of touch with the rest of the company. Adam was unanimously selected by the team, (rightfully so) and had the respect of nearly everyone (‘cept Lou) under his direction. He formulated a plan, did his homework, showed leadership and garnered the respect of all his teammates. He admitted mistakes, and shared the spotlight when appropriate. He even made the comment to the effect, “When a name like Michael Andretti’s endorsing the car, what more can you ask for?” Instead of recognizing success and leadership, management (Trump), shits on the achievement because it wasn’t their idea, or didn’t fit into their box….nice.

    Suck it, Trump. You’re out of touch.

  70. Steve Gates
    Steve Gates03-13-2012

    Adam Carolla today admitted that he’s the last American to realize that reality tv is not in fact 100% real.

    Grow up, Carolla, you were the project manager and the producers gamed you and dumb-sh*t Penn into spiking your own presentation. Congratultions, you got owned by the flunkie tv producers you mock. They no doubt enjoyed using you like a b*tch for their own fun.

  71. Roger

    Sorry to see Ace gone, but glad I don’t have to watch this show any more.

  72. nick

    Weird that the Trumps kept insisting on whoring out Michael’s family name, when it was obvious drivers aren’t presenters. And why is Buick synonymous with Andretti, a racing name? Anyone here actually think of the brand name Buick before thinking of BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura? Come on.

    Adam handled himself the best way he could, in that he didn’t go down in flames yelling and crying and embarrassing himself before getting shit canned. Good for him. Now that he’s done there’s no reason to watch the rest of the season.

  73. Phil

    You guys are so clearly and scientifically wrong on Oreos, I’m now interested in seeing Drive.

    It probably was the best picture . . .

    • reb

      Do you also get angry when people say McDonald’s sucks?

  74. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Wait, wait, did Alison imply that Dr. Bruce will be back on the show? Please no. Despite what Adam thinks, he’s always a huge dick whenever Bruce is on, and it isn’t funny, it’s just awkward and painful to listen to. Bruce brings it on himself a bit with his general weirdness and boring radio presence…but isn’t that another sign that he shouldn’t be allowed on the air? His theme song is funny, fine, but that’s not worth the disaster that follows it every time. I was relieved when Adam said Bruce was done forever the last time he was on, hopefully that’s still the plan.

  75. Nunz

    Urban dictionary has an entry for “Man Love Thursday”. There must be something to it!

  76. Marc

    Car looks like ass. You could tell Adam was holding back the laughter when he said “180hp and171ft.lbs of torque”.

    Also the Paul Tuttle “YOU SUCK!”, then Clay does the wrap it up hand signal is fucking rediculous.

  77. JessMan

    buick’s buick

    • Tracy500


  78. DrunktankDan

    In response to Sean’s comment about the inability of warriors to reintegrate to civilian life: I would suggest the Aceman brings a week’s worth of privates, low level officers, all of the meat and bones of the military with combat experience on to his show so that they can talk about their experiences and communicate it to the American public. Adam seems interested in supporting the troops, and his show has a huge bullhorn. He could advertise the shit out of it and just give these troops a voice so that they don’t have to feel quite so afraid of expressing themselves.

    It’s not like the public can’t take it. We want to hear. And we will do what we can to support you.. Just educate us and tell us what you need.

    (California Hippy, but also respects our warrior class)

  79. DonnySac

    Why would the producers of Celeb App chose to eliminate the ONLY entertaining celebrity – Penn and Lisa are funny but aren’t showing it on the show. Trump is vindictive and probably heard about Adam’s slant on the Marriage Ref. Won’t be watching any more episodes.

    • DonnySac

      Penn did have a hilarious line when he said “Nice shot Oswald.”

  80. jen

    Perfect show! I loved hearing the behind the scenes take on the Apprentice. And now that Adam is off the show, I’m glad that I don’t have to watch anymore. And Captain Sean Parnell was a great guest. And as an added bonus, pretty hot!

  81. Jim

    Trouble in the middle east! We should stop enabling them but stopping sending them boat loads of money!

  82. Keith

    Boy, he sure likes Subway all of a sudden.

  83. rosemary

    my daughter watched the CA, she at her house & me at mine, we texted through the entire show. The editing is always obvious on those types of shows, but even with the editing we thought Adam nailed it (much better than the women, one who didn’t even pronounce the car name correctly) so we both thought Rigged!

  84. Will T.
    Will T.03-14-2012

    Maybe Penn wanted Ace to lose?? He has a way of silencing people (Teller).

  85. Ryan

    So glad I don’t have to watch that awful show anymore. No longer will I have to see that blowhard and his born on third thought they hit a triple kids. Makes me want to vomit.

  86. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-14-2012

    Do a fuckin image search for “SpeechJammer” and you will see that the Japanese invention (the one Adam is shitting on Dr Bruce over) IS box shaped. To call it ‘shoe-box’ sized is not far of the mark(allowing for conservation of volume). It has a grip mounted on the bottom, but that just makes it look like a ‘shoe-box’ with a toilet paper roll stuck to it.

    Making it look like an actual gun would be pretty ^%$@ stupid.

    I want Adam to do a show with one pointed at him.

  87. Samson

    Sorry to see you go from the Dump Truck show…. I’ll miss your humor enormously. I’m pulling for Arsenio & Clay all the way! You guys were robbed.

  88. donewithidiots

    Penn Gillette was good, loyalty is a scarce virtue these days. Couldn’t stand the whole C.A. show. Captain Parnell was a great interview as well. I hope he does well in life. Ace, great insightful interview.

  89. TCWNY

    Why do we call these “reality” shows? They are game shows, plain and simple.

  90. Bryan

    Definitely not watching that show anymore. They are completely oblivious… How many times do they have to explain why Andretti didn’t take the lead? It couldn’t have been put any more plainly than the way Adam explained it with the fantasy football analogy.
    And as far as the Buick execs choosing the women’s team as the winner, that shows either pure ignorance or them having sand in their vaginas because they didn’t get some dream fulfilled Andretti endorsement. The men’s team clearly gave a better presentation of the product and were still punished for some reason unbeknownst to us.

    Props for manning up, standing up to them and taking the bullet Adam.

  91. joe

    i enjoyed adam telling the afghans to ‘bring it on” after they cried foul about the US murder-rampage. was he hiding behind sean parnell when he said it, to complete the effect?

  92. Zeno

    For some reason, I like it when guests laugh at Adam’s jokes. The Captain seems like a pretty cool guy.

  93. MJB ATX
    MJB ATX03-15-2012

    I liked Sean Parnell on here a lot. He jumped right into the mix in conversations and didn’t seem overwhelmed by Adam like a lot of guests do, even the celebrity ones. I’d like Adam to have him on again sometime soon.

  94. the_crc

    I dig the Captain. Good dude.

  95. Norman Wong
    Norman Wong03-15-2012

    Adam got screwed! Even though we all know the show is completely cooked and edited to tell a story; if you look at the presentations at face value, the men still won. Comparing apples to apples: the men were more informative, clever, humorous and demonstrated a strong sense of product knowledge that the women lacked. The women’s presentation felt completely rehearsed and falsified. It’s bewildering that they didn’t lose just solely on the basis of aubrey’s mispronunciation (twice) of the product. For trump’s self-awareness of brand identity, he really gave them a free pass on that one. In regards to not using Andretti as the project manager I say this; does the best player on the team coach the team as well?? Of course not. Keep Andretti in the game and bring out his talent. It’s more convincing with Adam (an accomplished stage person and interviewer) to get Andretti’s endorsement by way of q & a rather than for Andretti to spit off all the reasons why he loves the Buick. Sorry Adam, I really thought you could have won the whole thing. Major miscue from the Donald 

  96. wendy

    :*( you’re the only reason we watched celebrity apprentice.

  97. Tommy Lang
    Tommy Lang03-17-2012

    Adam, Class Act! You won me over as a life long fan with your no BS stand-up attitude to the “follically challenged” Donald Trump. What a dog-and-pony show he has going on. I love it at the end of his show when he ask his kids how he did and they sit there like “bobble head dolls” giving him the gratuitous “you did what you had to do” daddy.

  98. Geoff

    So glad you are off that shit show. Ugh, I’ve dropped about 20 IQ points watching that trash.

  99. Yossarian

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed Adam repeatedly saying “StevEN Jobs.” WTH? The guy has been famous for years and known to the world only as Steve. Where did Ace get “Steven?” I guess that’s like Sonny calling him “Father.”

  100. Mirkat

    Yossarian, every time he said “Stephen Jobs,” I thought, “Wow, Adam must have NEVER heard of Steve Jobs before. Somehow.”

  101. Bianca Stern
    Bianca Stern03-26-2012

    The fact of the matter is that michael andretti was a last minute fill in. He had no
    personality nor star power. If u paid attention you heard adam get
    grilled by ALL of the trumps for not choosing andretti as the project
    manager, they kept harping on it. (because buick’s a car company)
    This was a lynching of andretti from the start of this task. Trump
    didn’t want adam gone, trump wanted andretti gone but he had to get
    rid of adam too because Adam was clearly making trump look like the
    ass that he is. (‘waterboard her Donald’ comment etc lol)
    AGT coming In May! Hey Now!

    • Elissa Katherine
      Elissa Katherine03-27-2012

      ***Hey Bald Bryan.:

      Audio Drop Request please:

      Get that base line sound/Tiger Woods joke from “The Apprentice” drop!!!

      ****Hi to Producer Gary from FCOL!

      You should really read the message board where us pirate ship members post (mostly) solid feedback.

  102. Jaxon

    Adam, I am like you. I like you. You should give advice on what it was like when your wife was pregnant. I am going through that now and would like your advice on different situations as I am just like you; same age, same gripes and same rants. Thanks and one other thing, I know you have to make a buck but you should keep the advertisements shorter in length. You can have more of them but keep them shorter. Thanks again. Jaxon from MA

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