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Show Summary

Adam opens the show discussing the acoustics of the studio, and how the crew is trying to figure out a way to make it better. He also recalls a meal at Oklahoma Joes in Kansas City that Jimmy mandated the guys had to have. Later, Adam breaks down a pizza debacle from the previous night, and hangs out with David Wild to chat about Joe Walsh, Jerry Lee Lewis, and crappy 80s music.

Paul F. Tompkins steps inside the studio next. Adam talks to him about being a comedian versus an actor, and Paul discusses his upcoming standup special. The guys recall some crappy jobs that neither of them could get, and then the gang watches a trailer for a new cliché-packed movie. Inspired by this, the guys take your tweets for a round of Made Up Movie. As the show wraps up, the guys respond to news stories about cops doing strip searches, Sarah Palin guest hosting the Today show, and a sequel to Twins.


Visit http://PaulFTompkins.com, and follow him on Twitter @PFTompkins.

You can also follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

Also Follow @JoeWalsh, and preorder his new album HERE.


Lockout trailer

Sarah Palin reporting

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Katie

    You may want to point Molly into a new career path



    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-03-2012

      Mmmm, pie.

  2. donny

    you screwed the link up again guys, nice job.

    • garysmith

      Fixed. Thanks.

    • Germajesty

      Is that THE Donny???

      • Charles


  3. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed04-02-2012

    Stop bringing that fat little man on as a guest,

    • b

      You are unstable. The guy is in the upper tier (you will need to look that word up, I imagine) of guests. Your feelings toward him should therefore be positive or neutral.

      • HighPlainsToker


        Yeah, this guy is a real menace. He needs some stability in his life.

      • theMisterLister

        no he’s crap

        who in the world would have to look up the word “tier”

      • Rex Montana
        Rex Montana04-03-2012

        “Feelings” are your own and irrefutable (subjective), regardless of any class structure rules. I don’t understand your point. If you think he’s an idiot, state why.

    • MrMind

      @Wildy He is the one bringing all the guests, why would they stop bringing him on?

    • tom

      You’re an idiot. Wild is a great guest.

    • Charles

      I talked with him extensively last night. He is as nice of a person as you could imagine.

  4. Sarah

    I miss me some Teresa. Any way she could visit the show some more, be a regular guest even? I wanna know what she’s up to, how that baby is treating her, all that… She’s just a kick ass girl and there just isn’t enough around (save for Alison, of course). Bring back T!!

    • MrMind

      @Sarah. If you were really a fan of hers you would know about her Blog http://exploitingmybaby.com/

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee04-03-2012

        Yea Sarah! What MrDoucheMind says!

    • Big T
      Big T04-03-2012

      We don’t need another suicide watch episode.

    • Amy

      Teresa, is that you?

    • big jim
      big jim04-03-2012

      Agreed! Speaking of which, how bout some more Dameshek?

    • Heather

      I agree!!! T needs to be a guest, w/ Adam and BB. We need some KSLX flashbacks at times. Miss me some T!!!

    • turdferguson

      yeah thats whats missing someone who thinks they are as entertaining as adam and interupts him in the middle of his rants

    • Dogs eat pie
      Dogs eat pie04-03-2012

      Agreed. Need to hear from T again…

    • Riggz

      You miss Terresa? You gotta be shittin’ me? I dare you to go back and listen to some of those episodes with her. She would constantly try to finish whatever Adam was saying by getting really excited and really loud and cutting him off…. or how about this one: where she would constantly feel the need to interpret what Adam was saying… god damn, that broad was even more annoying than Alison Rosen.

  5. Adam

    You fixed the acoustics! 😀

    Yesterday’s podcast sounded like you were all in Matt Fondiler’s favorite room.

  6. mike L
    mike L04-03-2012

    make sure you go to Phil’s BBQ in San Diego when you come down with Dennis Prager…always a line out the door wrapped around the strip mall

  7. Howrad

    Can we please get some captions back on this photos?
    Great show!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-03-2012

      point your mouse thingy on them before opening…

      • e40

        That doesn’t work on touch screen devices. Bring back the photo captions.

  8. JB

    Aceman! You look fat

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-03-2012

      but look at those calves

    • Riggz

      Yeah, not sure if it’s the new studio lighting, but Adam looks like he has a set of man knockers.

  9. james madore
    james madore04-03-2012

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  10. H. Bird
    H. Bird04-03-2012

    Wait, what the f_ck? Do other people really find women with a sharp pair of glasses and a classy hair bun not to be gorgeous? I don’t want to live in this country anymore.

  11. Matt

    LOL @ the guy behind Adam at Oklahoma Joes. Jorts!

  12. Rachel

    You keep mentioning youre in the new studio, you should post a video tour, or at least some pictures! I’m curious!

    Also, Alison is doing an awesome job. I had my doubts that anyone could fill Teresa’s shoes adequately, but Alison has moved right into the news girl position, and is doing a fabulous job. Kudos!

    • wyoclyde

      Cosigned! Show us the digs.

  13. Wes Kanaloa
    Wes Kanaloa04-03-2012

    Acers – I for one appreciate your efforts. I also like David Wild. To the naysayers, I say: good day.

  14. Mark bench
    Mark bench04-03-2012

    Wonder how Adam would rate my Pizza choices.

    If no meat: Mushroom and black olive

    If meat: Sliced meatballs, roasted garlic, and fresh basil.

  15. markinlouisville

    PLEASE start a music podcast with David Wild.

    • reece


    • Holland

      Great idea

  16. Joe

    Paul F. Tompkins is one of the funniest dudes on the planet. Can’t wait to listen.

  17. Kurtis

    hell yes. Oklahoma Joe’s love all the way.

  18. tom

    Love David Wild on the show. Great stories. anyone who doesn’t like david wild does not get it. They are of the jack silver clan.

    Also, would love for you to bring Teresa back sometime.

    • theMisterLister

      i guess that is me 🙁

      i like when harland williams is on the show too

      i feel like i represent the AceFans 1%

      i share in all the racism though, will you welcome me me back into the fold?

      • smegma cheff
        smegma cheff04-03-2012

        i absolutely adore harland, too.

        we are the 1% , so what.

  19. T-Money

    I love the first picture with the creeper in the background.

  20. Bobby

    Sorry Adam but Shooting Star by Bad Company is a good song on one of the better debut albums.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-03-2012

      Silver Blue and Gold is better “my raiiiinnnnbow is overdue oooh oooh yea”

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

        …my favorite Bad Co. song.

  21. william

    Totally got the unchewed mushroom in your shit thing. You’re hot.

  22. Matt H
    Matt H04-03-2012

    I like David Wild but he seems to be on a lot recently. Is he helping Ace with another book or a possible podcast? Just curious why he’s around so often (like Larry Miller often).

  23. Kristen

    What’s up with the ACE Broadcasting panels obstructing the window? Can’t believe Adam would stand for that! I like the color scheme, though. And, the sound was noticeably better on todays pod. It’s coming along. Best wishes!

  24. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick04-03-2012

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Harold Butler purchased Naugles in 1979 when the chain consisted of three restaurants. The chain was expanded by a system of non-exclusive franchises, which later was ruled unlawful by a federal court.[1] Butler built Naugles up to 225 restaurants by 1986, when he sold the chain to Collins Food International.[2] Naugles merged with Del Taco in 1988.[3] A few of the Naugles menu items, such as those with the “Macho” designation, found their way into the regular Del Taco menu. Also, the Naugles Taco Sandwich (Del Taco called it a “bun taco”) can still be ordered from Del Taco even though it does not appear listed on the menu.

    A few independent franchises kept the Naugles name until 1995.

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  25. theMisterLister

    enough with all the david wild already!

    i wonder if adam will talk about Drive and Abracadabra?

  26. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-03-2012

    I hate a meat lover’s pizza partially because of the salty, greasy mess aspect, but the main reason is because they put fucking ground beef on it!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-03-2012

      “the salty, greasy mess aspect”, and your point?

  27. Nick

    Is it just me or does today’s file sound noticeably lower bitrate/quality?

  28. Another Adam
    Another Adam04-03-2012

    Love when he does the morning radio dj. Sounds just like my local tard station.

  29. dimeforscale


  30. kite high
    kite high04-03-2012

    Lets get a youtube virtual tour of the studio and see the workmanship of that fine crew you got there. Is the orange couch out on the curb, if so DIBS

  31. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton04-03-2012

    Ryan Adams writes the best slow, sad songs

  32. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis04-03-2012

    Has Adam not learned his lesson, about assigning certain complex tasks to Gary? I’m thinking specifically of the glulam beam debacle, on The Adam Carolla Project.

  33. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-03-2012

    Adam cares too much about song lyrics and writing. I could give a fuck about the lyrics to Jukebox hero but I like the slow burn sound of it. Also who cares if Rod Stewart can’t write a good song if he sounds good singing somebody else’s song?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-03-2012

      He did cut one earbud off on his iPhone and apparently only listens to one side of a song, weird!

    • asdf

      I agree. I don’t give two shits about song lyrics either. They have always been way secondary to the music itself.

      A great song can have shitty lyrics and people will still listen to it. A really shitty song could have brilliant lyrics and nobody would listen or give a fuck.

  34. AceFan!

    Aceman is the best!

  35. Terri

    Love David Wilde…great guest and love the stories he has. Bring him in often. I would also love to hear from Teresa once in a while.

  36. Pete

    This is for those of you complaining that Bald Bryan only has 10 drops that he uses over and over again. It should be known that he has almost 16 or 17 (cue the Rick Astley).

  37. Joel M
    Joel M04-03-2012

    I hope Adam Carolla gets strip searched. I really do. I buy stuff all the time from Amazon. But I never go through Adam’s site. Defending this strip search is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. The fact that they can legally strip search you for an infraction is not a step in the wrong direction?! This is the douche-bag that defends the Patriot Act. What a fucking coward to blindly accept this shit. I’m not gonna listen to this shit.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-03-2012

      No wonder you stopped doing the show Joel M cChale, it’s political…

    • kite high
      kite high04-03-2012

      Keep your pants up! I cant tell if your ok with the search or not. Patriot act OK? Parking ticket harassment not? Anyway, the best power move is to put on hazards and slow down to 20 mph until you find the next bank parking lot to pull into so you can say I wanted to find a safe place to pull over with servailance cameras. Then when the cop starts to walk towards the car tell him, “do not aproach my car until a second squad car is here for my safety.” They will get back in there car until another car rolls up. As long as you don’t have beer bottles rolling around under your seat and a roach on the dash, might as well get the most out of it.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana04-03-2012

      Most messages here are “hitting on moms” repartee. (She sat on a dollar and four quarters spat out.)

      If you drink, don’t smoke. The combination can lead to eye disease.

      Thats “one to grow on”. Cue the stupid NBC star and the public service interstitial with the ding-dong music.

  38. Kevin Rubio
    Kevin Rubio04-03-2012

    Thanks for the John Hiatt song. Brings back memories.

  39. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-03-2012

    I signed up for twitter and found it boring and since it’s become apparent that no one from the show gives Ace a heads up when “many people” on here ask for pictures of the new studio, what’s the point people. I appreciate Poochie’s Uncles diligence to go on here and comment to other people’s comments so I go read yesterdays comments every morning, atta boy Pooch and I always enjoy Katie’s pics of the day but unless you have your lips firmly planted on Ace’s twitter arse nothing gets responded to from this message board unless it’s a screw up (link problem)… just sayin!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      My comment is awaiting moderation.

  40. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-03-2012

    mood walls? They look purple today and the banners overlap the window, is that an “Architectural Feature”?

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover04-03-2012

      Yeah – whats up with that flat screen overlap on the wall Ace? Did Ray build a booby trap for someone to smash their face on if they walk around the corner? Midnight blue wall – get over your celb apprentice scolding from Lou – bring back the orange couch! Sounds like the echo is gone so that is good – Dr Spaz episode sounded like sitting in the garage next to the Datsun. Good pod though.

      And big ups to Molly the one eared wonder dog for shitting on Adam’s point in the pie test. What did you expect Ace? Pie crust is made with butter, eggs and lard – I know you skipped science class but that has your ‘they want protein’ in all three ingredients.

  41. Ryan

    don’t listen to those other fools, david wild is great, i hope he gets his own show on the ace broadcasting network and is a regular guest like larry miller, whom i also enjoy

  42. Paul C.
    Paul C.04-03-2012

    Keep David Wild coming back, dammit!

  43. timmy

    The set sounds MUCH better today! Excellent work on the acoustics Aceman.

  44. Nolan

    Very excited to hear Paul F. Tompkins on the podcast for the first time but kind of dreading the idea of hearing Adam complain about the same 5-6 songs while complimenting the same 3-4 artists. Here’s an idea, try listening to some music released in the last 15 years.

  45. kite high
    kite high04-03-2012

    hawaiian add bacon, chicken sub tomato sauce for bbq sauce, go against the grain with thin crust, dip in ranch. do the same with nachos

  46. Hunter S
    Hunter S04-03-2012

    There is no reason for anyone to submit to having their 4th Amendment rights infringed upon with no probable cause. I don’t understand Adam. One on hand he hates the cops that hand out chicken-shit tickets but on the other hand he has no problem with allowing a uniformed tyrant to arbitrarily humiliate him. That makes no sense!!

    He hates the TSA making his daughter kick off the flip-flops but ok with the local PD strip-searching his wife for any reason? I doubt it.

    Don’t ever give the cops or the courts any leeway to take away your rights!

    Big fan of the show. I listen to all of ACE’s pods but I really think Adam needs to spread his libertarian roots into civil liberties and not just drugs and alcohol.

    • Riggz

      Hunter, you hit the nail right on the head. This is a horrible thing. People like Adam who never learned the Constitution in school and never studied history, (and “NO”, watching watered down documentaries on the history channel does not count as studying actual history), don’t have a clue as to why our founding Fathers specifically felt the need for the fourth amendment. This is exactly what the globalists want – a society full of people who gladly give up their rights.

      I listen to Adam because I find him to be one of the funniest guys on the planet and a great story teller. I can’t stand his political ignorance, or his musical opinions… John Hyatt??? The guy blows Donkey Dick… stick to the funny Ace Man.

  47. Ras

    Aceman – if you are going to have Joe Walsh as a quest – please make sure you have plenty of video being taken. Fans will love to see this rock legend play the guitar if he brings his guitar in. This is going to make your already popular podcast even more popular with rock fans.

    BTW – why am I banned from posting on your website? I am one of your biggest supporters. Don’t moderate too harshly or else this forum loses meaning.

  48. Jack Sunday
    Jack Sunday04-03-2012

    David Wild is an OLYMPIC class name dropper. And I don’t mean that to sound pejorative. “I was traveling to Argentina and dying for a steak. . . . . but I was with the McCartneys!” “I was running to the phone to answer Jimmy Page’s call and I tripped over Joe Cocker on the floor with a Philippine ladyboy, breaking my prerelease copy of Pure Prairie League’s latest. But the worst part is that I missed dinner with the reunited Van Halen.”

    Maybe I made that last one up.

  49. Funky Buttlovin
    Funky Buttlovin04-03-2012

    Love the show,
    but Adam has terrible taste in music.

    Get off John Hyatt’s dick,
    it voids all your opinions regarding music.

    • Stacey E
      Stacey E04-03-2012

      It could be worse, he could be going on and on about Bruce Springsteen. I cringe everytime someone I like goes squishy about how “great” he is. I found him boring and creepy in fourth grade, and I still do 8 million years later. He always looks like someone just smacked him in the forehead with a plank. Slack jawed goofball.

  50. Tread

    can you guys please work on the LEVELS!?!?! I can only hear Adam and Allison consistently. When Brian talks, guests talk or sound bites are played its very low and muffled. thanks. good POD..

    • HotBlackDesoto

      That would be Sonny’s job….Angry Birds have levels!

    • angryAdam

      Oh shut up about Angry Birds already. We get it, you be really good at it.

  51. ryan

    plays it by the pamphlet. ha

  52. kite high
    kite high04-03-2012

    This pirate ship is looking more like a 1000 ft cruise liner. Your terrestrial show was 6-10 and i needed twice that much ace. How bouts 3-4 hr shows, of nasally drone, and lets use that studio we built, MORE ACE MORE ACE MORE ACE!, otherwise back to youporn(tear, spank)

  53. jw

    Here’s “Don’t Think About Her When You’re Trying To Drive”–http://youtu.be/VyfJM—tzE

  54. Architect

    If you get Joe Walsh on the show you have to have Billy West on at the same time!

  55. Dave

    The studio looks redone. Post up some photos why don’t you!!

  56. Tracy

    David Wild again? Somebody has a man crush.

  57. Chase

    The pizza discussion made me think of Celebrity Apprentice. It’s like the new studio is Adam’s boardroom. Alison and Bryan are the two kids on either side. David’s the special guest judge and the staff are the contestants. I was almost expecting Matt and Mike to battle it out like a final boardroom scene and then hear a “you’re fired” at the end of it. Ace has the power now.

  58. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-03-2012

    Make the boss happy, pretend to like John Hiatt!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      …and pie…and cake donuts…and cars…and porn…and

  59. Patrick

    There is NO reason to bring Teresa back. One neurotic chick on the show is enough.

    And Adam doesn’t really have a taste in “music”. It’s really more like he has an opinion on the Lyrics of songs. If it’s the lyrics that matter, go read poetry. If you enjoy music, don’t worry about the lyrics so much.

  60. T's new best friend
    T's new best friend04-03-2012

    vegetarians are typically people who hate food, but love having everyone make a special effort to fulfill their choices

  61. Ricotastic

    Great, more music talk. We get it, John Hiatt is god, everything else is shit. Goddamn Ace. Just listen to your ipod, or cd’s. Stop listening to radio if you hate everything that they are playing!

  62. BS

    Adam judges music solely on lyrics. That is all he hears and thinks about. He should judge poetry not music

  63. Botched Circumcision
    Botched Circumcision04-03-2012


    And may I be the first to suggest that David Wild is fast becoming the Aceman’s Rasputin. Maybe he doesn’t annoy everyone yet with his sycophantic praise, and yeah, he does have great stories and bring in great guests….but he doesn’t need to be a guest on the show every time. Adam is under his supposed superfan spell (He used the same line to Fitzsimmons about listening to his podcast while his wife sleeps, on Fitzdog last year), and soon enough, we’ll all be trying to poison him…..or something.

  64. unpleased

    was it me, or do you agree this show was boorrring. here we come, Tom.

  65. HotBlackDesoto

    I have never gotten more hungry listening to any past episode like I did with this one. What sounds better, pizza or barbecue?

  66. Gamblin' Fool
    Gamblin' Fool04-03-2012

    My GAWD some of you who get all worked up over some of the things Adam says crack me up. If you’re a “big fan of the show” perhaps you’d know by now much of it is sarcasm or at least tongue in cheek. His rants are some of greatest moments!!! Don’t take them so seriously. Unless he says “hand to God”, in which case, that’s the gospel truth without fail!!!


  67. kite high
    kite high04-03-2012

    fyi, johan sabasjan bach, if thats how you spell it, also married his cousin in 1707ish, and but still…get it on! NO SHAME NO GAME

  68. Jill

    Was Paul Tompkins the guy from MASH?

  69. kite high
    kite high04-03-2012

    if you dont dig “why cant we be friends”by war, you might be a redneck

  70. Steve

    Enjoyed the John Hiatt and Little Village discussion. I went to a Little Village show at the Beacon Theatre back in ’92 and have been to a dozen plus hiatt shows over the years. He played the Fitzgerald Theatre as well.

    I’ve liked him since Radio Girl!

  71. Mike

    When will the video tour of the new studio be posted?
    And even some before and after pics comparing old to new. Come on Porcelain punisher!

  72. Riggz

    I don’t think I can ever get mushrooms on a pizza again after hearing about Alison Rosen taking a shit and whole mushrooms ending up in her stool, floating around in the toilet.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      That didn’t turn you on?

  73. Simon

    miss you on the apprentice adam, but I have to say that it’s not doing Lisa any favours. I really can’t stand her any more. Get Arsenio back on the show and please bring in Dayana. The podcast probably isn’t her most flattering medium, but just one picture would would make it worth listening to.

  74. sam jones
    sam jones04-03-2012

    We need more David Wild stories. Great stuff.

  75. malcolm

    You guys need to do a GROUP PICTURE…Adam, Bryan, Alison, Lynch, Dawson….

  76. Ivan

    Adam, you need to recalibrate. Your bitterness is getting in the way of your wit, and it’s getting old. You’ve got so much talent. Don’t let bitterness get in the way. Let your guests share their stories. Stop using them only as launching pads for your rants. It’s getting boring and predictable. Your better than that, and some of your guests have more to offer. Fore example, Chris Isaak is very witty and a great story teller. For gods sake, if you don’t let like him contribute to the podcast, no one has a chance. What’s wrong? Please figure it out. Good luck.

  77. TheMidsizeLebowski

    I love how often David Wild’s been on the show recently, keep him coming back!

  78. Mike

    Yawn, John Hiatt this, John Hiatt that

  79. Adam

    Who has to clean the studio after David Wild drops all those names on the floor?!?

    • JP

      You. Hopefully.

  80. Real Electrician
    Real Electrician04-04-2012

    I think I’ve found a crack in the Carolla construction expertise. EMT is NOT Rigid conduit. EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) is thinwall conduit. Rigid is thickwall conduit. Also, it doesn’t come in 12 foot lengths. It comes in 10 foot lengths. OH THE HUMANITY!! I feel ill. My question is, did he use compression couplings or screw type?

  81. Shayna

    I now love Paul F Tompkins. I don’t mind David Wild, I just think he is a bad influence on Adam. He gets him riled up about really old music that I don’t care about.

  82. RoyalDryness

    I can’t believe that movie trailer is real…it’s one giant cliche!

  83. Bobby F
    Bobby F04-04-2012

    Anybody think the logo on that Naugles menu had influence of a young Anthony Kedis and John Frusciante?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-05-2012

      Funny observation.

  84. JJ

    Naugles and Postum radio segment had me laughing.

  85. PuNk AZZ SON Beotch
    PuNk AZZ SON Beotch04-04-2012

    PAUL F< G< H< I< J< K< L < M< N< O< P Q< R< S< T< U< V< W < X< Y< Z< HopKINS WHO ?

    Get Da Puck out, of my Muder pucking house, beotch.

  86. e40

    Where’s the video of the race lap?

  87. jamfu

    john hiatt still sucks

    • Avery

      Agreed, as does David Wild.

      • JP


  88. mike

    fyi: adam is not wearing pants in the picture at the very top of this page.

  89. Julia

    Naugle’s did exist in the early 80s. We used to hit the drive thru late night in Waukegan IL when I was in high school.

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