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Patton Oswalt joins the gang right from the top of the show. The guys chat about Patton’s work with ‘Young Adult’ director Jason Reitman, and Adam talks about working with Jason’s dad, Ivan. They also commiserate over rude fans who tape their act, and talk about the scourge of paparazzi. Later, they share stories of people not believing in you, and play a round of Totally Topical Tivo Trivia.

Alison opens the news talking about how food allergies are not as rampant as people think they are. They also talk discuss Demi Moore being rushed to the hospital, and whether or not she is naturally hot. Also in the news, 50 Cent may tweet a penis picture if the Giants lose the Superbowl.

In the last part of the show, the guys talk about a teacher who is handing out bathroom vouchers to her students. The group reflects on their own school days, and Adam describes his sneaky way of cutting class. Patton also talks about his dad’s experience as a test pilot in Vietnam, which really gets Adam excited. As the show wraps up, the guys hear a list of the worst cities to get a job, and Adam takes a couple fan phone calls.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Guitarzan

    Patton is great in The Heart, She Holler!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-26-2012

      I liked him in Big Fan.

  2. The Offender
    The Offender01-26-2012

    Patton is my all time favorite guest. I am so very happy to see him on the show.

  3. Ron

    After reviewing the tape KIRK had it! Is Adam going to be coming out with an audio version of Rich man Poor man?

  4. Badger

    Just reporting in to remind Joe that he’s the worst poster 😉

  5. douchebagel

    Great episode! I love Patton.

  6. big jim
    big jim01-26-2012

    Truly a banner week of guests! Keep up the good work there, August, ya Mongoloid genius, you.

  7. GuyDudeBro

    it’s about time, something worth listening to. Get It On!

  8. Chad

    PATTON OSWALT!! This is exciting–this dude is really funny. Really, really looking forward to this one.

  9. Jim

    I heard that the houses with two front doors were mormon houses. There was a wall that would divide the home into two and the husband would use the appropriate front door depending on which wife he would be with on that particular day.

  10. JT

    Great show everyone!. Patton is the best.

  11. Toya

    I love Patton! And I sympathize with him about his feelings regarding people wanting to tape stuff all the time.

    Adam has a lot of fun when other comedians come through. Shame he also has to let holier than thou people come on the show as well.

  12. Wayne

    I have never heard of Patton Oswalt until today and he was absolutely hilarious. You must have him come back soon!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

      Do you live under a rock?

      • wayne

        No, I have a life. Loser.

  13. edgar

    Get it on (NERD Style)!! Love me some Patton.

  14. cg

    Yesterday Jon Stewart, today Patton Oswalt … I’m OUTRAGED … so many liberals!! I won’t be clicking through here to rent my Amazon movie tonight, I’ll tellya’ that right now!!

    All you crazy dimwits who got the vapors when long-time friend of Ace, Dennis Prager, was on the show a few days ago … see how ridiculous and narrow-minded this sounds?

    • Cdam Aarolla
      Cdam Aarolla01-26-2012

      Well said.

    • Bobby

      Agree 100%. It won’t do one bit of good but well delivered punch to the Marxist/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Collectivist gut!

  15. Jayson

    greatest. guest. ever.

  16. Prison Mike
    Prison Mike01-26-2012

    Demi Moore is not naturally hot? Huh? Mr. Analogy whiffed on that one.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

      I understand what Ace was getting at but he could’ve used a better example than Demi Moore.
      Someone like Shannen Doherty would be a better example.

  17. Emma

    Still can’t find your book on iTunes. Love Patton Oswalt…please please just have comedians on the show!!! There is a ton of talent you are missing out on to have authors of obscure books and c-list actors on the “cast”. Jim Short is an amazing comedian, seriously…book him.

    • Jim Short
      Jim Short01-26-2012

      Thanks mommy!

  18. Charlie Rose
    Charlie Rose01-26-2012

    Patton and Norm are the two best guests Adam has had on the show. Great stuff. Loved Patton in “Big Fan” too.

  19. JB

    BTW on another podcast Patton said who the celebs were, Scarlett Johannsen and Drew Barrymore.

  20. Evan

    Amazing episode.

  21. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-26-2012

    Great Pod! laughing my ass off…

  22. Dustin

    I hate Patton Oswalt, he’s a spoiled bitch. But I will listen and see if my mind can be changed.

  23. Steve

    Dennis Haysbert… also starred in The Unit.

  24. Jeff Tinoco (Ti-no-- ko)
    Jeff Tinoco (Ti-no-- ko)01-26-2012

    You need to go on the military chanel and take your hard on for Military Avation, I would watch that show. Yeah that would be cool you hosting top military planes with a lite dusting of jet engine rape. I will support anything you do cant wait for the new book I mean audio book because you can dumb things down for you followers books are for smart people and storage libary’s and adams book is read to us by him like a bedtime story for dumb people.

    Im keeping the pirate ship a float,
    Jeff Tinoco

    mangrate,audio book, amazon,legal zoom and discount tire and soon to come zero one because i smash my i-pad gass

  25. Susie-Q

    Love Patton Oswalt! He’s right up there with Dana Gould and DAG as one of my all-time favorite guests!

  26. Joe

    Patton is hilarious. Great show

  27. Jeff

    Definiately one of the best shows, Patton-Carolla combo is hilarious. Looking forward for his return.

  28. Dan

    One of the funniest guests ever…and Adam and Patton are def. a funny match and Alison and bald B. are funny today…just a damn funny show today!

  29. Toonanim8r

    Patton looks like Mr. Heat miser! Love that show!! HA!

  30. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-26-2012

    I hope Patton’s dad is listening, what Hero Worship from Ace! Good Times!

  31. John

    If someone asked me to guess Patton’s dad’s occupation, I think fighter pilot would have been guessed somewhere in the mid thousands. My first guess may have been podiatrist or actuary.

  32. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron01-26-2012

    Yep, Patton is an awesome guest. Great show.

  33. reb

    patton oswalt: nice enough guy, but not very funny. and a kind of annoying habit of chuckling while he says things that aren’t very funny.

    Aceman: CRE-ate, not “crate.”

  34. Dave

    Spank du Jour: Jessica Alba, OMG

  35. bill

    The show is great patton was very witty

  36. Scott

    Patton works so well on the podcast! I’m glad he stuck around for the whole show.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-26-2012

      me too… “you are a meth head quoting poetry while doing burnouts in the parking lot” – Patton Oswald Fucking Hillarious!

  37. Steven

    F-4 is awesome but the A-10 by a mile…

  38. Mark

    This show was great.

  39. Bartenational

    Adam, any time time you wanna talk about planes, do it! love that stuff!

  40. Dick Face
    Dick Face01-26-2012

    ROFL!!! the pussy cannon, it’s far better than the potato cannon!…nothing but fur and slim everywhere.

  41. jd

    Bald Brian, still a moron. This guy had a movie podcast and he didn’t know who Rick Baker or Paul Schrader are? And he thought that Brazil was a failure? God, I hate this guy.

    • R

      Learn grammar, then hate on people with inoperable brain tumors. You are complete shit.

  42. Marko

    Patton was great as ususal.
    Wow, yesterday Jon Stewart, today Patton Oswalt – two guys who went to The College of William and Mary – what are the odds.

  43. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks01-26-2012

    Courtney Cox more naturally beautiful that Demi Moore? When they were younger Demi was way hotter. Courtney Cox in that Springsteen video from the 80’s looks like a boy. Today they both have the middle-aged hollywood actress thing going with the plastic surgery and the crazy working out to the point where they’re hard and buff but not actually hot. I think ace has mentioned this before about Madonna.

  44. Cadfael

    It’s been a phenomenal run of guests recently. Both the big name guests and the others have been much better being great participants with the news and games. Donald Faison and Patton have been the best two out of this great run. GET IT ON.

  45. Mick from up shit crick
    Mick from up shit crick01-26-2012

    Sooo Aceman, you’re commanding much higher prices this year on tour, eh? 170 bucks general admission in Seattle, and 80 for balcony…..$230 for floor seating..? I mean, yes it’s the Moore, but hand to god none of your real fans can pay that….consequently the audience won’t be to your liking (aka level of inebriation/low levels of humour)

    I bid you adieu.

    Well until tomorrow anyway

    • mikelynch

      You must have a scalper site. Click through the link on our site to the ticket page. The highest ticket price is $48.

  46. Mike

    Patton perfectly surmising every one of Adam’s analogies:

    “you are like a meth addict, that has stolen the idea of poetry, and you’re just doing donuts with it in a parking lot and burning out all the gears, and they’re just like ‘would you please give us poetry back?'”

    • Stretcher

      I almost wrecked my car laughing so hard at that part of the show! Patton is just awesome!

  47. Da Mann
    Da Mann01-26-2012

    Maybe Adam and Patton could do a TV show?

  48. cow14

    that’s some damn good pod. whew

  49. Gabriel

    Patton is one of my favorite guests to be on this podcast. He worked with Adam well, and he brought out the best in Adam when it came to comedy.

  50. andrew

    Patten has little appeal, never found that interesting or entertaining, and I loved the Allen Gregory show lol. I found myself tuning out most of the show 🙁

    • R

      Wow, I can’t believe the two of us live in the same reality. Your experiences must be vastly different from mine.

  51. MannbrandonSEA

    Wow Patton is funny, he is now a little ahead of DAG on my fav guest list.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

      That’s racist.

  52. dimeforscale

    Yay, Patton!

    Please, more comedians.

  53. jay

    cop out by kevin smith and nobody knew it…that was diabolical entry.

  54. d

    Patton was awesome on the podcast! One of my favorite guests ever. Now I have to go watch all his stuff.

    Thanks for having people with brains and personalities lately, rather than the playboy bunnies and models.

    What’s up with that Dustin Hoffman movie you were talking about, Short time? I couldn’t even find it. Buried is right.

  55. Balky

    Re: FM Bradley/50 Cent

    Adam: It’s not like anybody is gonna be like “Hey, I recognize that thing from the 80’s”.
    Alison: Yeah, it’s wearing leg warmers.


  56. anthony

    It’s Straight Time with Dustin Hoffman, not Short Time.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-27-2012

      I caught that too.

    • d


  57. Jake

    Absolutely love Patton! That squat little knob totally cracks me up!
    Whatever happened to King of Queens? That shit was dope!

  58. TS

    Love Oswalt. Great ep. Dixon/Stewart/Violinist guy were great too.

  59. stnuntrnd

    Talk near end of podcast about Kevin Hart comedy CD and how much is missing vs. DVD sums up pretty much how really, really miss the nightly Ustream of the ACS.
    Adam’s gestures and Alison’s facial expressions added so much to the experience.

  60. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco01-26-2012

    What if Dora Dora, the person that bet 50 Cent, is really a dude? Face and Boobs will be a good laugh on 50 Cent

  61. MikeVonZ

    Patton is a great comedian. Great pod.

  62. R

    I wish that just on the issue of attractiveness Ace man could figure out that it IS subjective and that his ideals aren’t universal or THE ideals just because he, Adam fucking Carolla, holds them. A young demi, to me, is a fucking beautiful woman. On the flip side, Jessica Alba isn’t that hot.

  63. Morgan

    Patton is awsome! Big Fan is amazing movie. Great Pod.

  64. Jeff

    Another great show – thanks guys!!!

  65. Matt Valentine
    Matt Valentine01-27-2012

    Patton is hilarious. Great guest!

  66. Shoshana

    People do stop when they are being rushed to the hospital. When I was a kid, I fell and broke my wrist. My brother n’ law not only stopped to pick up his best friend, but stopped for donuts too.

    • Ivan

      wow, what a dick

  67. Peggy

    Adam is the great american beat-off poet. (Bald Bryan is ignored again)

  68. Will

    Patton is seriously one of the greatest guests. Also Ace man I came to your show in ATL and for those who havent seen him it’s hilarious. keep it up

  69. Ivan

    Awesome show. Everyone was great.

  70. Jon

    I enjoyed Patton’s request for a Donald Sutherland drop.
    In the 3 seconds of silence that followed I was thinking, .
    “If Will Farrell didn’t say it, Bald Bryan doesn’t have it cued up”

  71. Miguel

    I love ACE but I don’t agree with his celebrity/professional athlete analogy – why do professional athletes and celebrities make millions of dollars? because they’re the product … 24/7 – they get to endorse shoes, and get paid to show up at parties … so you can’t just say “I’m going to do my job from 9-5 and don’t bother me outside when I’m working” – now, to make his analogy work on the “they chose it” – the “getting bothered outside ‘work hours'” is part of the job requirement for an athlete or a celebrity … so yes, they did choose it … goes with the job you do which gets millions of dollars on the bank account.

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