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Live from the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, Adam, Alison, and Mike Lynch (filling in for Bald Bryan) talk about Adam’s recent days going through various surgeries and dental exams. He also gives some updates on his dog Molly, and answers questions from the audience during a round of Q & Ace.

Patrick Warburton and Jim Shaughnessy join the stage next. They’re currently working together on a new Crackle web series. Adam talks to Jim about his rough history with Jay Leno, and Patrick discusses how he’s never been on the show. Adam also talks about working with Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Simmons during the Man Show days.

Moving into the news with Alison, the group discusses the continuing trial of Conrad Murray, and also how Amanda Knox is adapting to life outside of prison. They also discuss Hank Williams’ song being pulled from Monday Night Football because of his Obama-Hitler comments, and Alison reads an excerpt from a Rolling Stones article about ‘State of Shock.’ After a story about a site that provides you with a fake girlfriend, the show wraps up with a clip from Patrick and Jim’s new animated web series, and Alison reads an excerpt from her fake pregnancy memoir.


Visit http://www.crackle.com/c/Effin_with_Tonight to see episodes of ‘Effin With Tonight.’

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike August
Producer/Sound Effects: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Camera: Bryan Thompson
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Popcorn Tin
    Popcorn Tin10-07-2011

    It’s time for a new show opening song.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-07-2011

      Did Cheers ever change it’s opening song? Did All in the Family ever change it’s song? Did Monday Night Football ever change it’s…maybe you’re right.

  2. fart whisper
    fart whisper10-07-2011

    Complains about teeth cleaning, that’s nothing.

  3. Bobby Dobbs
    Bobby Dobbs10-07-2011

    I agree with Popcorn Tin. I love the Bosstones but a couple of years ago, I started skipping that song when I listened to the album. Now I’m skipping ahead 70 seconds+ every time I listen to the podcast.

  4. The Offender
    The Offender10-07-2011

    Fake girlfriend? This is the most sad and pathetic thing i have ever heard of.

  5. Not the Boot hater but...
    Not the Boot hater but...10-07-2011

    How many times does Alison say “Yeeees!”??

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-07-2011

      Not as many as Dr. Conrad Murry’s girlfriend.

  6. sara jay
    sara jay10-07-2011


  7. Thadeus J. Funkenheimer
    Thadeus J. Funkenheimer10-07-2011


  8. JustSomeDude

    Patrick Warburton really,REALLY!, slows this show down.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-07-2011

      “Yeah, that’s right.”

    • Joanne

      Just some ” gay” dude! Shut up! And get a job!

  9. Mr. O
    Mr. O10-07-2011

    no wonder he got fired from the Tonight Show.

  10. Empty Box
    Empty Box10-07-2011

    Adam talks to Jim about his rough history with Jay Leno, and Patrick discusses how he’s never been on the show. Adam also talks about working with Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Simmons during the Man Show days, and Patrick discusses how he’s never been on the show. Adam prattles on about swinging a hammer, making “The Hammer,” his many appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher, and Patrick discusses how he’s never been on the show.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett10-07-2011


  11. Tyler

    Pissing like you hate porcelain is now in the Urban Dictionary, sweet!

  12. HH

    right side of pic…one boot.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-07-2011

      It’s like a Where’s Waldo game.

  13. Blistered Vulva
    Blistered Vulva10-07-2011

    I hope Molly’s alright.

  14. Ledgewood

    Wow. Patrick Warburton is as drunk as I’m gonna be tonight.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-07-2011

      Before or after your gig in Cleveland?

      • Ledgewood

        Let’s say during.

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-07-2011

          Party On Garth…

  15. JessMan

    was warburton drunk or is he that hilarious all the time?

  16. JessMan

    ok seriously enough with state of shock. we know it sucks, but that’s no reason to get it stuck in my head

  17. Joe

    Michael Jackson and Randy Hansen wrote State of Shock. Jagger just sang on it.

  18. Blake Chambers
    Blake Chambers10-07-2011

    Possibly worst guests ever. The cripple dude was boring as shit – no surprise he got fired – and Warburton was a quiet brooding drunk it the corner.

    • Joanne

      Loser! Is leno’s show funnier! Puke!

  19. Dude

    Wow, that guy being bitter about being fired was totally in his right to feel that way but very uncomfortable and not funny to hear.

  20. Stubby

    I’m so psyched that Warburton is doign an arc on Celebrity Rehab! Spoiler alert- At step 9 of 12 he apologizes to everyone who watched The Tick.

  21. Dr. Doctor
    Dr. Doctor10-07-2011

    I thought Patrick was acting when he was The Tick, but after hearing him today I think he was being himself.

  22. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-07-2011

    60 degrees in Tempe, AZ BBBRRRRRR!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-07-2011

      81 today in Chicago. Love that global warming.

  23. wllm

    I usually enjoy the live shows, but this blew. Horrible guests and Allison unfunny (par for the course).

    Audio is horrible. Dawson went to school to learn how to clip audio and mix poorly? Not a good endorsement for Pinnacle College.

  24. Ryan II
    Ryan II10-07-2011

    Sagging viewership, low in seniority, never saw it coming…

  25. toorude89

    Thanks Ace!

  26. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross10-07-2011

    I admire Jerry, he’s a a great talent. Just don’t like him making a billion dollars for charity being funny.

  27. Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy
    Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy10-07-2011

    What a wonderfully awkward show…

  28. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron10-07-2011

    I think Warburton was shit-canned during this show!! I thought it was kind of funny!

    I am so sick of hearing that stupid State of Shock rant!! God I hate that song!! I don’t want to hear it anymore!!

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II10-07-2011

      Is shit canned really a term for being drunk?
      Here in fly over land it’s:
      Shit canned-fired
      Shit faced-drunk

  29. Pedro Gomez
    Pedro Gomez10-07-2011

    Allison please. You are destroying the podcast. Less is more

  30. Graham "Tyrone" Hernandez
    Graham "Tyrone" Hernandez10-07-2011

    Patrick Warburton is the finest drunk since Foster Brooks. I demand a live show with Warburton, Frank Stallone, and free booze. Get Ira Glass up there and you got yourself a show.

    Tell Ira you’ll throw in a free fake girlfriend.

  31. deckard54

    Adam at his worst is still funnier than anything else out there. Plus, why would you bitch about a free podcast? You can turn it off if you don’t like it…. Bad audio!? It’s a spoken word podcast not the Boston symphony. People bitching about nothing is one of Adam’s pet rants. Take a lesson from the ace man’s wisdom.

    • Joanne

      Apparently is was “gay night” cuz that statement sounded so gay.

  32. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-07-2011


    You got me on my knees. Please, Adam, Please.

  33. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-07-2011

    Wow. Warburton was trashed. Hope he didn’t drive home that night.

  34. Alisons Ass
    Alisons Ass10-07-2011


  35. CoolGuy

    dear god! Honestly, Alison is not funny! When her voice deepens and becomes louder for her punch lines is excruciating and painful to endure.

    • CoolGuy

      But then again I don’t really know funny. I spend most of the time wanking of to old issues of Boys Life magazine.

  36. Justin

    Now that Alison was upset on air about negative comments, I see every anti-Alison comment as just a poor attempt to get her to talk about it so whoever says it can get a minute amount of attention on the show on the off chance it upsets her enough to talk about. Genius on her part 🙂 Love Alison and Ace!

    • Justin

      Me personally, I just think Alison is chubby and easy.

      • EMPTY BOX
        EMPTY BOX10-07-2011

        I notice there haven’t been any pictures of her on the website from the neck down sing 09/28. She must really be packing it on.

  37. Terri

    Not an Alison fan. I wish she would support Adam and keep her comments to a minimum. Enjoy Bryan as always but it is getting tougher and tougher to listen through the news and really hate her sign off.

    What would it take to get the Daves back? Would additional sponsors do it? Why the hell did they leave? Why has Adam never spoke of this?

    • snake

      Alison does what AC pays her to do, including using the sign off he gave her. Sorry you don’t get to produce the show. The D’s left because they didn’t want to do the show (as evident by the multiple week gaps between shows). Keep paying attention.

  38. Jessica

    Patrick is not funny at all. Not even interesting.

    • Joanne

      Love Patrick ! Let me guess Jessica, you like the jersey shore! Just saying

  39. Tune a Fish
    Tune a Fish10-07-2011

    Mike Lynch is waaaaaay better at Brian’s job than Brian.

    It was so nice not to hear brian laughing his ass off at his own horrible jokes.

  40. bluetone

    Uh, yeah, he’s great at playing absolutely no drops.

    • Tune a Fish
      Tune a Fish10-07-2011

      I know but I just like to complain about things I can’t control. Or drink my own pee. I like that too.

  41. Jason Grey
    Jason Grey10-07-2011

    If Alison still reads these boards–just wanted to say you’re doing a great job and add to the show.

  42. Dustin

    Spaghetti tastes really good.

    that is all.

  43. Patrick

    Aceman quoted on… nationalreivew.com of all places. A conservative print and on-line magazine.


    They referenced Adam’s interview with Ken Burns.

  44. Pulseczar

    I would have felt much worse for Jim Shaughnessy getting fired from the Leno gig if a) he had said one funny thing this entire show, and b) he wasn’t still bitching about it two years later. Was he the biggest bummer to ever do this podcast?

    • Joanne

      Seriously! You thought that the MD guy was the bad part of the show?? Let me guess, you’re the loser who watches Leno now. Team Coco baby!

  45. jojo

    forcing out a weird fake laugh & shouting yes is a great contribution to the show, thank you alison

    • Holly

      she’s been conditioned to respond “yes” or “yes and” by her boss. she’s finally caught on. BB, on the other hand, is holding strong and disagreeing whenever possible.

      • jojo

        But I am still going to complain. Complaining about people that are more talented than me makes me feel better about my own sad existence.

  46. Dave

    The thing I love about the aceman is He fucks his friends more then his enemies nobody escapes this guy the MS guy Leno fired and been in everything actor whos never been on the Tonight show hilarious.Whens the next tour in Lenos garage

  47. BIRDY

    Patty “the tick” Warburton gets my vote for Drunkiest guest this year! ( Are we still going to get the ace awards for the podcadt this year?)

    • AfghanIStained

      He was high, not drunk. Totally different dimension.

  48. crashed

    Don’t know why Leno fired this guy. He’s as funny as being rolled under a semi. Oh wait…That’s probably why Leno canned him. Don’t like Leno but Jerry Lewis is funny except to those that think it’s REALLY cool to knock the old guys as hacks, meantime they are usually the hacks.

    • Joanne

      Let me guess! You think the tonight show is funnier now! He us a writer!! That’s what I heard anyway. Maybe you were drunk when you heard it. I don’t recall him saying he was a performer. Jerk!

  49. Occupy Wallstreet
    Occupy Wallstreet10-07-2011

    Hank Williams Jr. come on down ur an out of work reecist!

    Hermain Cain: Blame everyone except Wall Street

    It ain’t no pee-party here

    NO koch funded organization here

    All low income people will be registered to vote and U will have to DEAL with the 99% .

    1% owns 20% of the wealth fight in 0% of wars because ur r kitties p ussies

  50. Joanne

    Really great podcast! Patrick Warburton was hilarious and of course Carolla funny as usual. Going to check out this new web series! Funny clip!

  51. Matt

    John Hyatt sucks

    • Steve

      Seriously, he REALLY sucks! It’s music for people who don’t really listen to music but need somthing humming in the backround.

  52. Steve

    Well, that was a total train wreck.

    And for the love of god stop playing that Jackson/Jagger song! It always gets stuck in my head. Make it stop!

  53. Allison Rosen's Murkin
    Allison Rosen's Murkin10-07-2011

    the cripple MD guy was the WORST guest ever. the biggest downer ever. that guy should turn the car on in the garage and take a nap. maybe then he’ll STFU about getting S-canned from Leno. At least Leno did something right putting him out curbside……

    • Joanne

      Wow! Alison ! You forgot your Prozac again ! You must be such a nice person! Really?? So, the tonight show is doing so much better now! Not!!! Leno needs to retire! And you should take your meds!

  54. John

    Best episode ever

    • Joanne

      Love you John! A man of taste finally! Adam, finally you have a great fan! The rest are retards!

  55. John

    just kidding, it sucked

    • Joanne

      Ok! One of the retards!

  56. Ian

    MJ did a duet with Paul McCartney in the 80’s that was even worse than that song. It’s called “The Girl is Mine” and it’s the cheesiest crap you’ll ever hear.

    • AfghanIStained

      “Ebony an Irony”

    • Feed a Carp
      Feed a Carp10-08-2011

      They did another one called “Say Say Say” that was also horrible.

  57. Mickey

    When can we can Dameshek to check in?!?!

  58. AfghanIStained

    If JFK was such a liberal, how come no black people on the moon?

    • AfghanIStained

      Not the “Right Stuff” I imagine.

  59. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy10-08-2011

    Freddy Fresneck here….hey, is it just me or is
    this show rapidly going down the drain? The Aceman
    is becoming the Spaceman.

      NOT VERY CREATIVE10-08-2011


      Same tired rants. Not your Louie C.K.

      Brags about not reading, yet knows everything about all political events throughout his uninformed world. Complains about being a millionaire WHINER. Gets old quick. Board filled FLUFFERS that love to FLUFF for FREE!

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-08-2011

        What’s a fluffer?

  60. Jim

    If I donated a camera with more than 2 megapixel capability, would someone use it to take the main photo for each podcast? I’ve seen 60s bigfoot photos that are way more clear than these.

  61. sld

    Who the fuck is Jim and why is he one the podcast. He contributed nothing to the show except to bitch and complain about Leno. More Patrick Warburton please!! He’s actually funny and has an awesome voice. You wasted time with the guy.

    • Joanne

      Loser! Another Leno employee! He created “Effin with tonight” that’s why he was on. I was there and I heard a lot of people laugh even at some of Jim’s jokes. But it’s so crazy to see these comments.

  62. Sweet Dolce
    Sweet Dolce10-08-2011

    I’m ok with Allison on the show even though she’s not funny but for the love of god, please stop with the pregnancy bit. Excruciating and makes my ears bleed.

  63. BenR

    is that a stage or a fucking rape room? Seriously those walls look fucking creepy. It almost looks like some crazed fan with a machine gun kidnapped Patrick and Adam and that crippled douche bag, and made them talk with microphones in a creepy white room at gun point. Then after he finishes jerking off to Adam’s ranting about how much he hates state of shock, he blows his fucking brains out. Now that would be a fucking live show!!!!!

  64. BenR

    Jim in that picture looks like hes either thrusting on a vibrating butt plug or trying to not shit himself on stage. I still don’t get why he was on the show, you can tell after a few minutes of talking to him Adam really didn’t know either.

    • Joanne

      Jim created the show Patrick is starring in. And if you watch it on crackle, it’s very funny. But, you are suchca dumb loser and probably drank to much to get it! Adam was very aware of why but didn’t know Jim and wanted to know more about him.

  65. Occupy Wallstreet
    Occupy Wallstreet10-09-2011

    Jion the movement

    Occupy Wallstreet

    Unless you are the 12% that believes in the Congre$$!

    Not corporate funded
    No koch bros
    No dick morris

    • Or not
      Or not10-09-2011

      Or, better yet, learn to spell, get a job, and stop waiting around for a handout like a useless lazy bum.

  66. Alain-Christian

    Pat was so drunk but he still managed to mumble out some funny quips.

  67. DanofSac

    When I heard the John Hyatt “Pirate” song this week, I thought I was listening to Jimmy Buffet. I could see Hyatt’s music being a guilty pleasure for someone, but I cannot comprehend Adam’s infatuation with it. When I listen to the podcast and Adam is ripping on the Eagles I yell, “Yes! So True!” and when extols the virtues of bands like “X”, I am all ears, but this Hyatt thing I will never understand. Poor Sonny, someone call CPS!

  68. Dano

    Bitter man in a wheelchair and a loud drunk. Is it Thanksgiving?

    • Gobble Gobble
      Gobble Gobble10-09-2011

      as a matter of fact, today is Canadian Thanksgiving.

  69. JuicePlus

    Just an idea for the next eBay thing: Auction phone calls from Alison and Bryan. Since most people who listen are (i guess) from outside the LA area. You can record the conversation for podcast comedy (or not). I’d bid on that for sure!

  70. joker

    Adam’s shoulder out-of-socket story cracked me up.

    I missed a BMX high ramp landing when I was 16 and landed shoulder first. This was the day before my junior year began. Even though I could not move my arm I didn’t go to the hospital/doctor because I was too scared to tell my parents.

    Anyway, I think I can equal Adam’s “record” of a four day dislocated shoulder except, in my case, I didn’t go to specialists a few times to reset it as he did. I just went around school for days with a sore dangling arm until the swelling went down and the joint moved back into place.

    Oh well. None of you care but I thought I would challenge the record. Thanks.

  71. Christopher

    ‘State of Shock’ was originally performed with Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury. Freddie was doing some…er…booger sugar and MJ didn’t dig that. You can find the original version on Youtube.

  72. Chuck E
    Chuck E10-10-2011

    Wow these live shows are awful.

  73. sburns2421

    I would rather listen to Alison plugging her boyfriend’s toilet than these two fucks again. Warburton was completely wasted, for a minute I thought they were replaying Jacko with Dr. Murray. And the other “joke writer” is exactly the type of guy Ace complains about, a no-talent douchebag hack. Said nothing funny the entire show. It was like Leno was his ex-husband and all he could do is bitch about getting fired. Fuck that guy.

  74. big t
    big t10-10-2011

    I wish Alison would zip it a little. Now that she’s comfortable on the show she is making too much noise. Carolla is a seasoned entertainer, he does fine on his own without a newsgirl chiming in with “Yeah!” or “I know!” to his every other thought.

  75. Scott

    That Jim guy was a total waste. He only bitched about being fire from Leno…TWO YEARS AGO. Not funny at all. Probably why he was fired. And I love Warburton as an actor/voice guy, but for the the second time on the podcast the guy contributed jack shit…

  76. Kaiser Soso
    Kaiser Soso10-10-2011

    I think we all need to show some support for Allison so she lands a real gig somewhere. This way she’s no longer stepping on jokes and she’s working on a career where we don’t have to hear her punchy jokes. That’s how the real world works folks. You are stuck with people until they’re promoted or find a more lucrative position elsewhere.

  77. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer10-11-2011

    This episode was uncomfortable to listen to. Jim is a curmudgeon. Listen to the DAG episode two times instead. DAG is the funniest guest ever.

  78. Blake

    I agree, this live show sucked. I don’t like the live shows as much as the other shows but this one really sucked. I also don’t really care for Alison. She is never funny!!! I hope she finds a real job.

  79. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-11-2011

    disappointing. pat was an anoying retard this time

  80. Will T.
    Will T.10-12-2011

    Paddywarbucks didn’t want to be there. He shat on many Carolla rants.

  81. steve

    The MD guy was an asshole, Warburton is a surly drunk

  82. Olive Garden
    Olive Garden10-17-2011

    Amanda Knox is now a hostess at a local Olive Garden.

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