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As the show opens up, Adam complains about people not being able to stay quiet, even for a brief moment of silence. He also gives an update on his spider rant from yesterday, and seems to have had a breakthrough. Later, he dissects the George Lopez HBO special, and the guys jump to the phones to discuss Buffalo wings and life in Korea.

Today’s guest, Patrick Muldoon, enters the studio next. Adam talks with him about playing USC football with Junior Seau, and the guys commiserate over the sadness of not being able to personally play the sport anymore. They also talk about Starship Troopers, and what it was like to date a teenaged Denise Richards. Adam then plays a clip from his recent performance with Dennis Prager.

After a discussion about Penn State, Alison begins the news discussing the deaths of both astronaut Sally Ride, and actor Sherman Hemsley. The group also talks about Christian Bale’s visit to a group of the Aurora shooting victims. Another news story details a man who had his car stolen, only to find it on eBay decades later. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss Dennis Rodman meeting his estranged father, and more stories of Dark Knight violence.


Watch Patrick weekdays on Days of Our Lives on NBC. You can also follow him on Twitter @MuldoonPatrick https://twitter.com/#!/MuldoonPatrick.

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  1. Samir

    Lopez has lost both a sitcom and a talk show in the past few years so he feels insecure and unworthy. I doubt his ego could handle anymore rejection. So he goes for the most obvious, pandering material and feeds it to an audience that’s guaranteed to gleefully lap it up.
    It’s not really same with those Blue Collar guys. Their acts just seem like harmless, goofy parody more than anything else.

    • Mr. O
      Mr. O07-25-2012

      don’t change the subject. let’s stay focused on teenage Denise Richards.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle07-25-2012

        Teenage Denise Richards has moved up to the front of the spank bank.

    • Jack

      Yeah, and George Lopez should drop to his knees every night and pray that no other decent Hispanic comedian gets a break in Hollywood because, when that happens, he’ll be permanently retired as the unfunny fuck he is. And when he’s gone, he’s gone forever. You just won’t ever see some good young comic sitting to Jay Leno’s right saying, “When I was a young wisecracking Mexican boy, George Lopez was my role model.” Nobody aspires to suck. Not at first.

      • Tonymonterey


    • David E
      David E07-25-2012

      Lopez has virtually no talent. His talk show was a lot of phony, manufactured excitement. His rant about Romney was a desperate “career move”. He is an affirmative action latino comic, a token Hispanic. So long, George. Hope you put some money in the bank.

    • Sig

      I will say as a Latino…though I’m even questioning lately if I am Latino, I mean, I’m very American (5th generation), don’t know Spanish, never been south of the border (racially I’m Caucasian/Native American)…anyway, yeah, I don’t like G.Lo. Corny ass panderer and really not that funny.

      Also, look him up in his early days, he didn’t sound quite so ‘Chicano.’

  2. Jayson

    slight correction : ) actually Dennis Rodman’s Dad is based in the Philippines.
    btw ace man! we listen to your podcast here in the Philippines, Manila.

  3. douchebagel

    Please stop unbelievably boring and uninteresting sports talk Adam. How about some actual comedy like the good old days?! or something that stimulates a person’s brain instead of turning into soup.

  4. jg323

    all comedians tell jokes at the expense of other races except white comedians which are not allowed to…he mentioned blue collar comedy, when’s the last time you heard larry the cable guy tell at a joke at the expense of a black guy…and the reason daniel tosh gets away with it is because he might be gay witch gives him a free pass…ha!

    • Doc Chicken
      Doc Chicken07-25-2012

      Daniel Tosh is a gay witch?

  5. Right Wing Concept
    Right Wing Concept07-25-2012

    Turns out some of those shooting victims in Aurora CO, don’t have any HEALTH INSURANCE!!!!!!!!

    Guess who pays the BILL when they show up in the ER ? Tax payers. And no the adam corolla free clinic will not take them.

    The MANDATE was a conservative idea from the Heritage Foundation. It was meant for all the deadbeats that refuse to pay for their own insurance.

    Make irresponsible people become responsible.

    • GOD

      Dummy, in a free society, even irresponsible people have the right to be irresponsible. Just like a moron like you can continue to call a TAX INCREASE a MANDATE even though everyone else is saying it’s a TAX.

      • RoyalDryness

        You’re aware that the only people who will pay this “tax” are people who are financial able to afford health insurance and just make the ridiculously irresponsible decision to not buy it? That’s at most 1% of the population (the rest are either poor enough to get government subsidized coverage, or smart enough to buy health coverage).

      • Van

        “Dummy, in a free society, even irresponsible people have the right to be irresponsible.”

        Sure, as long as it’s not at everyone else’s expense. it’s easy to be irresponsible when you don’t have to pay for it.

  6. Jake

    Whenever George Lopez gets cancelled, he blames racism. He doesn’t realize that he’s just not funny. And the damn Low Rider song he’s obsessed with…I can’t even listen to it anymore.

  7. T Money (no hyphen)
    T Money (no hyphen)07-25-2012

    Whew, I was worried Ace lost that shirt

  8. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield07-25-2012

    You know, I remember as a kid thinking that Jeff was one vile dude. He took Kelly from Zack, and then shows up at The Attic with another girl! Damn him!

    Then as I got older, I realized he was a college guy scaming on a 15 year old.

    Chris Hansen should be dealing with Jeff, not Zack and the gang.

    One hell of a good looking dude though.

  9. _TimMcLaren

    Reason #3720 why Alison is awesome: “Starship Poopers.”

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-25-2012

      Starship Pooper, good name for A’s A.

  10. TIMOTH

    Everyone in America is too scared of being labeled a racist, so we will all stand by with our mouths shut and watch our country turn into fucking Mexico.

    • Mike

      too bad racist dick!

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-25-2012


    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman07-28-2012

      This country was ALREADY Mexico, then it got stolen by whitey.

  11. Aldo

    Sad that the show is becoming overtly right-wing. I’m not a liberal but don’t enjoy hate and racism.

    • stnuntrnd

      no one enjoys it when the inspector tells him that his home has got a severe problem,
      but the inspector is not engaging in hate speech.

  12. legendary burro
    legendary burro07-25-2012

    Lets face it white people are boring, so there is no “white material” adam do 15 mins on stage on why your mom is white and poor. Cuz white people are hardley poor

    • chugly

      there is as many poor white people as there are mesicans in the u.s.
      for the best exaggeration of white people look at ned flanders

  13. Bill

    In your discussion of George Lopez’s HBO special, you touched on something I’ve actually noted about comics before. There are a bunch of different comic styles, but only 2 successful reactions comedians get. There’s actual laughter, a reflexive action to something funny, and “WHOOOO!!” George Lopez is a “Whoo” comic, or at least the part you played. Dane Cook is a “Whoo” comic. Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Dave Atell, etc…they’re funny comics.

    • goatfucker

      ya, good points, arsenio hall was the same whooo comic style on his old talk show…that crap never seems to last.

    • adamsunibrow

      Every comic must find his voice. Lopez struggled early on doing impersonations and topical humor. He didn’t find noticeable success until he developed the persona he perfoms now. Yes, the humor is easy and not very humorous at that. Because U.S. media is not very inclusive of latino culture, any celebration of that culture is embraced by latin communities. Not defending him or his lame humor, but many minority comics performs the same act…. we’re this way and white americans are that way….haahaaa. Remember Yakov Smirnov…..In russia we do this…………

  14. Dustin

    Ugh, I can’t wait till this dark knight shooting is forgotten about by everyone. Should be about two more weeks and we can stop talking about it. Assuming a bigger news story doesn’t happen before then, in which case it will be sooner. Then it only has to come up as a comparison to another later massacre, see Virgina Tech, not talked about since it happened…. except when THIS happened.

  15. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett07-25-2012

    What? No David Wild? I’m skipping this one.

  16. HamiltonNJ

    How does Alison or Brian not mention that this guy is the dick that stole Kelly from Zack Morris?

  17. Patrick

    Damn, some of those TV guys just don’t age!

  18. faulty

    Pandering with a special on HBO? Seems like a bad choice of venue. How many of “his people” actually have HBO?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-26-2012

      They all get HBO illegally.

  19. Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Nature Boy Ric Flair07-25-2012

    Dad is great, he gives us the chocolate cake!

    • jo ke
      jo ke07-25-2012

      LoL good old BC

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-26-2012

      “That’s nutrition!”

  20. Craig

    I agree with Adam on the racial humor.
    Lopez is trying to do the same sort of exclusive racial self-depricating humor that black comedians use when they use the “n” word. But it’s just ridiculous with a hispanic theme. Hispanics are just another recent immigrant group. They weren’t singled out for prejudice the way blacks were.

    • Adam's a Racist
      Adam's a Racist07-25-2012

      Exactly! Hispanics shouldn’t be able you make self-deprecating racial jokes about Hispanics. That’s hackney when they do that. Only Adam can make deprecating racial jokes about Hispanics, because it’s only okay if it comes from him.

      And yeah, they are just recent immigrants to California. California was only first officially made a part of Mexico in 1821, where as blacks where forcibly immigrated 200 years earlier. That’s only about 200 years that Mexicans have officially been here, as compared to 400 plus years of black people. Much more recent. Good point.

    • Zapoli

      >> “Hispanics are just another recent immigrant group.”

      400 years is not actually all that recent.

      Even still.

  21. christian

    Adam goes on and one about the benefits of organized football–how it builds “character,” etc.– even suggesting that public schools should drop art classes to fund more football. I hope the Penn State scandal has opened his eyes to the type of “character” hyper-masculine football promotes. More high school art classes. Wake up, Adam.

  22. idiotman

    The views generally exposed about the modern south is frighting.

  23. idiotman

    The views generally exposed about the modern south are frighting. — hope you see adjustment this mod.

  24. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll07-25-2012

    WTF Alison had the right definition for la raza the first time. Too bad it shit on Adam’s point. Gustavo Arellano needs to be a guest on this podcast.

  25. TripleP

    Adam seems to have a chip on his shoulder when it comes to all things Mexican related, including humor. He suggested that George Lopez was somehow different than the comedians found on the blue collar and def comedy jam circuits, but I really don’t see the difference. Both rely on predictable material in order to appeal to a specific demographic. One of Adam’s major complains of Lopez was his stereotypical immitation of an uptight white dude, but Adam is actually playing that part to a T by suggesting that his brand of humor is somehow undermining American society, ha ha.

    Love him or hate him, Lopez had a popular sitcom on one of the major networks, so how can Adam claim that he doesn’t have mainstream appeal? By the way, just because Lopez has found his niche by using Mexican related material, it doesn’t mean that there can’t be room for other Mexican American comedians who put less of an emphasis on their cultural background. For instance, one of the very guys Adam cited as an example of a mainstream comic was Louis C.K., who also happens to be of Mexican descent.

    • Jeremy

      George Lopez’ show runs around 2am in the great lakes/midwest. I’ve never seen it get prime time billing. No matter his race–just not that funny.

  26. David

    Adam, … the “look it up” response no longer works these days … I can Google or Wikipedia from my iPhone on the spot whenever anyone says “look it up” …

  27. maxi

    ¡ viva la raza cosmica cabrones !

  28. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah07-25-2012

    Speaking of Starship Troopers being a good movie and finding an audience over time — don’t discount the fact that it came from a great book by the same name! The reason it’s got the depth that it has is that Robert Heinlein was one of the most loved sci-fi writers of our time… He wrote Starship Troopers the book in 1959, people!

  29. MikeA

    Why can’t Alison say the word “also?” She pronounces it “ahso.” Drives me nuts almost as much as when Adam says “ahmens” for “almonds.” WTF

  30. T Money (no hyphen)
    T Money (no hyphen)07-25-2012

    I’m still pissed at Muldoon for stealing Kelly away from Zack

  31. Blimey

    The debate the other day between Bryan and Adam about gardener prices was rather amusing because Bryan is mostly an idiot, but he’s so confidant of his opinion. Of course there’s a grain of truth in what he’s saying but Adam is 90% right. If there’s an oversupply of gardeners then prices have already reached a very low equilibrium. According to Bryan, disregarding the whole leaf blower thing you could tell your gardener, “spend another half hour on my lawn and charge me nothing because there are plenty of other gardeners.” People are already making this kind of demand which is why prices are already low. If a new law is put in place that increases the length of workday of gardners and they are unable to increase the price, a certain number will find other work, like migrant farm work.

  32. hood

    It’d be interesting to find out if a stolen car insurance claim had ever been paid on that Austin Healey because the car would then belong to the Insurance Company.

    • Jeremy

      Good point. 🙂

  33. r

    Hey man whats wrong with lenetta?

  34. Yourdad

    George Lopez has his audience, you have yours.
    where the hell is your HBO special?
    that’s right you suck and no one will give you one, as for the guinness book of records.
    I doubt Ricky had to plead to his fans to get him the record.
    fake ass record!
    get over yourself!

    • Princessbuttercup

      Harsh, but good point. No one is beating down his door to offer him an HBO special. I suppose his several failed sitcom attempts tell the story.

    VIVA LA RAZA07-25-2012

    Listen to adam sometimes it so obvious he is racist who is scared of mexicans and blacks.

    He knows we are taking over America because mexicans are tougher and work much harder than fat lazy americans which is why so many white women are marrying latino men because we are much sexier and work harder.




    • Josh

      LOL taking over America? If you were so great why is Mexico a s hole? It is true though that some Mexicans do work very hard and I welcome them to the USA so long as they do it legally.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running07-25-2012

      Ha ha ha, your country is a 3rd world dump. You come here for jobs that we provide, because the economic powerhouse that is Mexico is too busy losing a civil war with overgrown drug gangs to give you one. If by some act of Jesus you took over, how do you think you would live without us? The way Mexicans live in Mexico. You just changed the scenery.

      P.S. I see a lot more Latina/White Guy couples than vice versa. 🙂 Viva blanquemiento! Viva mejorar la raza!

    • TripleP

      Clearly, the poster “Viva La Raza” is a troll posing as Mexican in order to get a rise out of ignorant xenophobes like the posters above. First of all, Mexicans don’t say “LA Mexico”, which translates to “THE Mexico” (just like you wouldn’t say “The America”). Second of all, I’ve never known a Mexican dude who boasted about how he along with his compadres are “sexier” than some other group of guys. That’s considered a very effeminate thing to say.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-26-2012

        1) Who gives a fuck what Mexicans call their dump?

        2) If you can point to something false in my comment, do so.

        • TripleP

          You act like immigrants coming to this country in search of employment and better opportunities is somehow a new trend. Millions upon millions of immigrants arrived here from all over the world for the very same reason, so I don’t see your point there.

          Guess who’s funding those cartels? That’s right, American drug consumers. Not only are Americans funding their violence, the US government knowingly provided them with weapons used to inflict terror on the Mexican population, which is part of the reason that Mexicans are fleeing here in the first place. So let’s not pretend like our hands are somehow clean.

          Lastly, Mexican American men and women marry outside their ethnic group at roughly the same rate, so your perception is incorrect.

    • HakKat

      STFU and mow my lawn.

  36. Kevin


    For the wings issue. Take the wing and place it (length wise) perpendicular to the table, hold it at the very top of the wing with the tips of all your fingers. While holding all your fingers tight push down, this will shear all the meat from the bone to the very end of the wing. Bite the meat off no more chewing like a troglodyte!

  37. Fernando

    I think the spiders feel more exposed to predators on a glossy surface – – – – –

  38. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode07-25-2012

    Adam and I have the same phone cover, I need a flannel shirt now…

  39. Robert

    I completely agree with Ace about Lopez. And Bald Bryan has been on fire lately!

  40. Brother P-Touch
    Brother P-Touch07-25-2012

    I do enjoy when these guests come on and talk about “playing at College X”, and then as the conversation keeps going, we work our way down to the truth. What opened with, “Says here you played TE at USC!”, should have been, “Says here you were a 6’2 walk-on scout team player who never saw a lick of real game time, but oddly enough you claim to still be great friends with a plethora of former NFL stars.”

    I give Joel McHale a ton of credit. When the question comes up about being on the Washington football team, he at least has the decency to be honest about being a tackling dummy, and not pretending to lump himself in with the real players. He appreciates what the opportunity was, and moves on with his life. Kudos, Mr. McHale.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-26-2012

      Yeah but still…
      he banged a 19 year old Denise Richards.
      ‘Nuff said.

    • zender

      How much playing time did you get on your Division 1 football team? That’s what I thought.

  41. Anniepatra

    George Lopez is a derivative, unfunny hack. Period.

  42. Joker

    I have to weigh in on the Lopez thing. I was recently thinking, I know Adam loves Jay Leno but I wonder if Adam ever watches his act objectively. Leno might be a great guy but has never been funny. Adam says how Lopez is a great guy but the former has recently realized that the latter is not funny. Check this out: I’ve known Lopez is not funny for a really long time. That’s because I’ve seen his bit many times. Adam: Please watch Jay Leno.

  43. 7hardway

    Adam, your gut is showing in this pic. More rope, less dope!

  44. Quentin

    There are other countries about as tough as South Korea but more mellow, and quietly still very tough. Finland, Norway, and probably Sweden. Finland is the toughest and Norway is a very close second. Sweden learned from seeing bad things happen to their neighbors on each side. Then during the Cold War they had fun dealing with the Soviet Union as their crazy threatening neighbor.

    Finland fought off Russia almost alone (tricked the Nazi’s into giving them aid, and had to fight them too later) during WWII when everyone else was distracted with Germany and Japan. Now they’re still stuck being next door to Putin. Good times.

    Norway had to deal with the Nazi’s occupying them and wasn’t too happy. Pretty sure they have a “never again” attitude towards invaders.

    Note Finland, Norway, and Poland are helping NATO in Afghanistan well instead of wussing out like France.

  45. Quentin

    Also, RIP Sally Ride. Lesbian or Bi? Who cares, you were great!

  46. liberalsRstupid

    La Raza first and foremost is just another Social Justice left-wing, race based organization that is no different than Acorn or any number of taxpayer funded, permanently pissed off cry babies that spend their days demanding I give up my hard earned property (cash) and give it to them. Filtered through the DNC then Obama then the administrators (family members) and eventually just enough pennies flow to the morons that elected them to make them want more.

    No one has ever called me a “Dumb Englishman”. Think about it…

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Okay what ever you say Dumb Englishman.

    • Adam's Hypocrisy
      Adam's Hypocrisy07-26-2012

      You are a Dumb Englishman…now, forevermore, you can no longer make claim.

  47. liberalsRstupid

    All I remember about Starship Troopers was a hot chick with nice ta tas. I hoped it would be whatsherface (sheens ex wife) tatas but actually much nicer.

  48. Matt

    Adam, where the hell is your HBO special?
    There is a reason why no one has given you one.
    these shows continue to be more racist, with bad music

    • HakKat

      And yet you continue to listen.

  49. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-26-2012

    At 45:20, I love the way Adam trips over himself to answer Patrick’s question of “Did your guys ever play football?”

  50. Cramp

    “maybe it was… I don’t think it was but yeah…”.
    That’s just pure improv genius right there.

  51. zender

    Is Rodman’s dad trying to be ironic with the “son” in quotes? Or is that unintentional irony.

  52. Cbock

    My fiance is a huge DOL fan, she DVR’s every episode, I gotta say I can’t stand Patrick Muldoon’s character on that show. He’s such a puss, but I will say I was pleasently suprised by the real Muldoon. Great guest, you can always tell which guests vibe with Adam and Co.

    P.S. George Lopez is a HACK!

  53. Elle

    Buffalo sauce is NASTY!!

    I’ve been catching up on my Melrose Place on Netflix!!

  54. Eric

    There is an actual store in the town where my grandparents live named “Goin’ Postal” that sells postal supplies and the first time I saw it I thought it was wildly inappropriate. Can’t wait to see the Ace Man in Buffalo in 2 days!

  55. Carson Ogen
    Carson Ogen07-27-2012

    re Rodman’s dad. Adam, BRAVO. I’ve been saying this for years. The definition of evil needs to be “not taking care of your kids”. Judge away!

  56. Stevie OneLeg
    Stevie OneLeg08-01-2012

    I like this Patrick Muldoon fellow. Very personable and a good guest, and he pitched in during the news section, which for some reason seems to intimidate so many other guests. He can come back any time, in my opinion.

    And Denise Richards is definitely a hottie, but Dina Meyer got all my attention in Starship Troopers.

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