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As the show opens up, David Wild joins the gang in studio and talks about a new documentary he saw at Phil Rosenthal’s house. Adam talks about his back pain over the weekend, and the joys of watching Fast Five on Vicodin. The guys then chat about David’s experience being on the radio with David Lee Roth, and Alison reads a letter about recent guest Commander Kirk Lippold trying to get a Mangrate through airport security.

Alison goes into the news next, talking about the next generations of Beatles, which may be formed by the children of the original band. Another news story deals with the latest in the upcoming Trayvon Martin trial, and the guys talk about how bounties work. As the news wraps up, the group questions why predators and thieves have not gotten hip to advancements in cameras and technology.

Oriol Servia joins the podcast, and talks with Adam about the upcoming Toyota Grand Prix. The guys are both excited for their races, even though they’re on different days. Later, Alison returns to the news discussing the deaths of both artist Thomas Kincaid, and broadcasting legend Mike Wallace. They also discuss a new comedy Facebook poll and Adam Sandler’s latest remake. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about wasting paper trying to print articles from the internet.


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Also be sure to visit http://OriolServia.com, and follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Len Riojas
    Len Riojas04-09-2012

    Gotta love Oooooriel Servia! Going back to the C.A.R.T./Champ Car days…
    Good Times!

  2. nAAter

    Whew! So much for McCartney being the cute Beatle…

  3. Hutch

    if Sean Lennons in the band then they gotta suck.he gets his musical “talent” from his mom

  4. Silent Running
    Silent Running04-10-2012

    Sean got Yoko’s talent.

  5. Chet

    let’s space out the wild man a bit, no?

    • theMisterLister


    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis04-10-2012


    • PJVermont


    • Kebin


    • Piss


    • Silent Running
      Silent Running04-11-2012

      Double no.

    • steve

      give us more Wild and Bruce imo

    • Angelus

      Less David Wild please. The guy is a motor mouth and screws with the flow of the show. Why so much of him lately?

  6. Lee

    I suggest a Leftie Fan Club!

  7. TipCT

    Seriously, David Wild again? He’s got great stories, but he’s a warehouse, not a factory, and he tries way too hard to impress.

    • Ricotastic

      Couldn’t agree more. And the guy’s a non-stop name dropper.

      Don’t be a one-upper, like I said before….

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-10-2012

      I disagree, I like David and he sure knows a lot of people, imagine Sir Paul on the Adam Carolla show…

    • Sig

      David is going to/and has been bringing in guests, that’s why they keep having him back.

  8. Brian

    Who does the bookings for these shows? Can they get anyone marginally famous? I think I could do a better job and I don’t have any experience in that industry.

    • Julian

      No experience but you know better ? That’s a real american !

      • Brian

        My point was is that Adam’s guests are so obscure lately that it seems likely that a random person pulled off the street could do a better job with these bookings.

    • Charles

      One man.. Mike August…. (bolt of lightning and a thunderclap)

  9. Cameron

    How’s Larry doing?

  10. Another Another Adam
    Another Another Adam04-10-2012

    Acting legend Yaphet Kotto (Live And Let Die, Alien, The Running Man) is Jewish, I’m surprised that wasn’t mentioned.

  11. rosemary

    I knew what “brick” was about. I figured it out all by myself when it came out. made perfect sense to me.

    • rosemary

      maaacaroni & cheeeeeze

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee04-10-2012

        I have secretly hoped Brian will play certain sound bites at the end of the show many times and he definitely came through yesterday with Sonny and today with Mac and Cheese, kudos BB…

  12. Boston Greg
    Boston Greg04-10-2012

    You guys spelled Thomas Kinkade wrong lol

  13. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker04-10-2012

    Adam just so you know I bought The Hammer from Amazon in case you want to check on Weinstein.

  14. Kebin

    David Wild is an awesome guest every time! Keep him on the crew of that pirate ship!

  15. Patrico Suave
    Patrico Suave04-10-2012

    LOVE LOVE LOVE David Wild but the math on his Twitter war with Rick Astley is abysmal. With 12k Tweets and almost an equal number of followers, he might as well have just emailed each of us personally to ask us to follow him. Astley on the other hand, has sent out 69 Tweets and still managed to garner a similar number of followers, which means that where each of Wild’s Tweets yields LESS than one follower, each one of Astley’s is worth 180+!!! Claiming a victory is like comparing number of home runs with a player that has about a half percentage (0.5%) as many at bats.

  16. Fieldengineer

    I grew up in the same era as Carolla. I agree with Adam on his music tastes.
    Still buy cds because of the “album” quality not single downloads.
    Shopped with my teenage daughter for vinyl and purchased albums just for the old album cover art.

    Anyway: Suggestion for Ms. Rosen or Mr. Bishop for gift cds for their employer Adam at Christmas:
    1. Mary Chapin Carpenter – State of the Heart : “This Shirt”
    2. Tom Petty – Southern Accents : “Southern Accents”
    3. Sting – Mercury Falling: “I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying”
    4. Mana – Unplugged: accoustical live album

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    • Kristin

      Me too. As a child of the 70s and a vinyl collector, I am totally on board with Adam’s take on music.

  17. jd

    Can’t believe that a guy with a film podcast kept hitting the “WHO?!?” button every time Yaphett Kotto’s name was mentioned. What an idiot.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee04-10-2012

      The patient detective in “The Star Chamber” with Michael Douglas

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-11-2012

      Adam has a picture of Yaphett Kotto hanging on the wall in the studio.

    • chuckiegorman

      i think he’s just doing it to hassle ace, not because he doesn’t actually know the answer himself.

  18. Thomas

    As a member of the Toner community, I can say that there is a major conspiracy between Big Toner and Big Printer to waste as much toner as possible with….. aahhhhhhh… uugghhh…

    There is nothing to see here, please return to your normal commenting.

  19. harry L
    harry L04-10-2012

    I’ve been wondering how much Donny will be present in the new book. They were best friends growing up and presumably plays a big part in a lot of the stories that will be in the book, but they are not even speaking to each other right now. Curious to read it and find out.

  20. Paul C.
    Paul C.04-10-2012

    Fantastic show – David Wild adds so much on his appearances!

  21. reb

    good thing that long beach auto race doesn’t shut down the streets like bike riders do

  22. Fieldengineer

    Carolla just had another great podcast moment defining the American Experience and the definition of success.
    His comment on Sandler movies and about “success” is insightful. Modern American “pop culture” defines success as “how much money you make” or how many “units were sold” and what was your “profit margin”.
    While other great societies define “success” as whether you produced something that can stand the test of time and who you are as a human being and what you contribute to the human experience.

    Adam’s son will never define his Father’s “success” as how much money he made or how many cars he collected – but by the fact that he was there for him, his Sister and their Mother.

    Thanks for the podcast everyone – gotta get to work….

  23. chucker

    vicodin has acetaminophen in it. Mixing acetaminophen and alcohol causes liver damage.
    The two should never be mixed, doctors always say.

    • HotBlackDesoto

      Really???…………..fuuuuuuuuuck, no wonder my piss is brown and lumpy

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle04-11-2012

        Rub some dirt on it, you’ll be alright.

  24. Christine

    ~ “Repetition is the sustenance for the Tards.” ~

    • Eric

      The use of “retard” as an insult is mean and unnecessary.

      Retarded people are born with their condition. Assholes are not.

  25. Luke

    per the discussion regarding radio… David, Ace, et all should listen to 89.3 The Current out of Minneapolis. it’s an NPR station, so there are no commercials. I’ve even heard them play John Hiatt! http://minnesota.publicradio.org/radio/services/the_current/

  26. Higgs

    I haven’t listened to every minute of every show recently, so I haven’t heard if there’s been any update on Larry Miller. Hope he’s ok, love hearing him on the show. Send Larry our regards.

  27. Connard

    Bald Bryan is such a dumb-ass. He hosts a film podcast and he doesn’t even know who Yaphet Kotto is. Lol

  28. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett04-10-2012

    Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, John Hiatt. Rinse. Repeat.

  29. Listener

    I’m a lefty and I play guitar right-handed. Same logic as with the gearshift: It’s better to have your stronger hand on the fretboard. Strumming is easy enough.

    • Jared

      I’ve always wondered why more people dont do this? It makes sense to me

  30. Darren

    OK, so Adam likes Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson, we get it. But is there anyone else he likes (preferably from the last five years)?

    I liked Wild Colonials’ Charm too, cheers.

  31. Mark

    Thomas Kinkade…..the Dan Brown of art.

  32. Wendy

    What was the name/artist of the song that Adam was talking about in the show.. something like “Charm”? When I search Charm and Adam Carolla, I get his “charm” adding to other things, but not the song. 😉

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-10-2012

      Wild Colonials.

  33. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett04-10-2012

    Wild Colonials. Possibly the dullest band on the face of the earth. But, yea, sounds great, sure, awesome.

  34. anthony in Ireland
    anthony in Ireland04-10-2012

    Hey Adam hope you read this…well someone reads it for you. Cos i live in Ireland , we dont get cool shows like The Man Show or Crank Yankers , we just get horse shit like Two and a Half Men and the New Adventures of Old Christine…i can’t even buy your book in the shops over here so i thought i’d take matters into my own hands which is also my policy on ejaculating and bought 4 seasons of The Man Show , The Hammer and your book on Amazon and it’s all just arrived today , great work and todays show was brilliant. Macaroni and cheese….macaroni and cheese

  35. Ras

    Wow – you can tell Adam was drugged up and was V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-W-W-W-W-W!!!!!
    Come on staff – you need to pick up the slack and keep the pace of the show rolling when it looks like Adam is drugged up and needs help. Alison – don’t just sit back and wait for someone to tell you to take initiative.

  36. Mike

    Unbelieveable. Adam likes something else other than Hiatt, Costello, and Joe Jackson? And this Charm song is not from 30 years ago? Even more amazing. Something is wrong here. This podcast must be a knockoff from China.

  37. dusty

    David Wild what was that 15 Jewish jokes? No wonder those award shows are always so hysterical.

  38. jorm

    Tried to vote for Adam’s cast, couldn’t find the poll. Apple’s face is a convoluted mess.

  39. Mœ

    Maybe I missed, but how about an update on Larry Miller.

  40. Katie

    Adams macaroni and cheese bit was great… I think he needs to use his retard voice more often

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-11-2012

      Franks and beans!

  41. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo04-10-2012

    “Repetition is the sustenance for the Tards.”

    Proceeds to have the same guest on, talk about the same things, and do the same drops.


    That is all

  42. Chris


  43. Cameron

    I’m having a bit of trouble locating the page from which I vote for this podcast on facebook, is there a more direct link you can provide?

  44. LB

    That charmed song reminds me of this eluveitie song


  45. Huck

    Did anyone figure out the itunes poll? I went there, but I couldnt find it!

  46. Stev

    Captain Kirk got harassed by the TSA huh? Ha, this is what happens when you enable the police state.

    • Dr. Thang
      Dr. Thang04-10-2012

      He got through, dumbass, that was kinda the whole point of the story. I wish all you paranoid tards who never shut the fuck up about what a “police state” we live in will go spend some time in Russia and get some goddamn perspective.

  47. Brian M.
    Brian M.04-10-2012

    I feel like Alison says the phrase “I feel like…” a lot before expressing her opinion or making an observation.

  48. Erina

    I can’t find the voting link on Itunes facebook page. Please help me find it, so I could vote.

  49. HotBlackDesoto

    David Wild is a fine, engaging guest, but he’s going to have to start anteing up with some of the names he keeps dropping as potential visitors to the show. And by names I mean Joe Walsh

  50. Yancy

    I am liking David Wild as regular. He is #3 on my power rankings behind #2 Larry Miller and #1 DAG. On a side note, I turned on my Sirius to Classic Rewind and what song did I hear? Steve Miller Band “Take the Money and Run”…flipped over to Lithium and listened to some old school Smashing Pumpkins instead. I couldn’t believe it…

  51. michael

    Where is this? I can’t find it on their page.

    Vote for Adam by visiting http://facebook.com/itunes

  52. McBeene

    Go Oriol!

  53. James

    Time to kick Bryan off the fucking show…

  54. Savory Mix
    Savory Mix04-10-2012

    Adam goes off about agenda-based news reporting and then tells us 60 Minutes is a great show? 60 Minutes decides the agenda and creates the story to support it. I know of executives of one company that gave 60 Minutes 2 interviews and refused the third time when 60 Minutes ambushed them in the parking lot. Guess which clip they used? The one in the parking lot with the executives refusing to be interviewed. Guess how that made the company look?

  55. Nolan

    So Adam is a fan of ‘Maneater’?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle04-11-2012

      …and Abracadabra.

  56. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac04-11-2012

    ~ “Repetition is the sustenance for the Tards.” ~
    Does that mean we are all tards since Adam tells the same five childhood stories, the same five airport rants, the same 5 political jags, recites the same 5 music artists almost daily and we all listen?

  57. MC White
    MC White04-11-2012

    Gee, Adam, why don’t you just have your people ship the mangrate to the guests as a courtesy, seems the tables have turned, I remember you bitching about trying to get “gifts” through airport security in the past. What the fuck?

  58. tom


  59. jamfu

    Adam your taste in music officially sucks..

  60. blackhawk12151

    I can’t find that facebook poll. Where the F is it?

  61. James

    Hey Adam, I’ve done google searches as well as consulting tile books but have not found a uniform answer so I am wondering if you can help. I am going to lay 18” square marble tile in my kitchen. The tile is 7/16” thick. What is the minimum subfloor thickness? I’ve never used 18” tile before and it is thicker, thus heavier, than the standard 12” tile. So I need to know if I need to add a layer of OSB or plywood? Any ideas?

  62. J

    Is anyone else having trouble finding the voting thing on iTunes?? Help me!

  63. Mike

    Wow super boring! David wild again???

  64. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac04-12-2012

    Hey Adam! One quick suggestion, back off a few Vicodin and a few glasses of wine before you print a document. You called yourself a “retard” when everyone said you can select the exact page you want to print from the drop down menu, but went on to lament “those never work”. Bryan and Alison must have lost a years worth of life expectancy holding in their wise cracks!

  65. JPat

    When did David Wild get so hot?!?

  66. RobK

    I’ve been liking David Wilde’s appearances for the most part. He does name drop like a motherfucker, but if he has actually met and worked with these people then I don’t see a problem with him dropping their names. I do hope he comes through with some of the guests he’s promised to “definitely” bring on the podcast. Though I feel he might have oversold Nick Lowe a bit when he called him hilarious. Maybe after a pint or two, but I think the Jesus of Cool would be a bit shy and demure if he came on the pod. I’d still like to hear him since I’m a big fan. I could see Elvis or Joe Walsh being a little mouthier, maybe.

    Only drawback of Mr Wilde’s spots is that they inevitably encourage Adam to rant about music. It’s one of the only times I ever FF the podcast.

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