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  1. Reb

    Ace’s leaf blower analysis was right, as far as it goes. But BB was essentially saying supply so exceeds demand and/or price elasticity imply that, despite the gardeners incurring grater costs because of a leaf blower ban, they will be unable to increase their rates enough to cover the increased costs, or at all. They were both potentially right, the most common source of arguments.

  2. Bobby Dobbs
    Bobby Dobbs10-05-2011

    My favorite podcast in a long time and I’m only 10 minutes in-love having Adam’s wife and Stephanie Wilder-Taylor-Romjin-Stamos-Zeta-Jones in the studio with BrYan playing the drops of his kids: instant classic!

  3. BRandon D
    BRandon D10-05-2011

    Another great podcast. I love when all the cast is there. I do like adam 1 on 1 but come on, when everyone is there its such a well rounded show. What a great treat to wake up too and listen while on the way to work.

  4. ohio Hawkeye
    ohio Hawkeye10-06-2011

    Great Podcast except for Kathleen’s comments about visiting the troops. There are certainly support troops that are deployed and live in an ok setting. They are still away from their families. She could have went to a forward Observation base and speak to the Marines and Army Infantry who are doing the fighting. Seems like Kid Rock is one of the few that leave the safe compounds of the base to visit the guys that are doing the fighting. Quit complaining and dont go over there, they dont need your support.

  5. Brian

    God I want to see Alison in much more scant of a clad. She has the prettiest eyes…love you bubulla.

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