On The Show : Gabriel Iglesias


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  1. Daddy Chad
    Daddy Chad10-03-2011

    Love the show, I have listened since the first episode. However, I think the fame is going to your mater. I had to listened to you rant today for 10 minutes about having to sign autographs and take photos with fans after a event. Better watch out… fame and money won’t last without loyal fans.

  2. serg (almost like Sarg :(
    serg (almost like Sarg :(10-03-2011

    reminder of Adam’s genius: years ago on loveline Adam shut down a religious “doctor” who correlated morning-after pill to increased incidence of STD’s and she didn’t see Adam’s point that it’s b/c these girls are having MORE unprotected sex who are also taking birth control and/or the morning-after pill. Now there’s an article about increased AIDS transmission in Africa in women using certain injectable contraceptives and scientists are blaming the contraception, and AGAIN not factoring in that these women who are using the injectable contraceptive are ALSO obviously have more unprotected sex and thus, MORE AIDS transmission. Adam, again, you’re the voice of reason in our society. A modern day Aristotle or Plate. (p.s. Allison, you’re also awesome! keep up the wonderfully entertaining work.)

    • r

      Actually, Adam’s much more like Socrates. And who the fuck is Plate?

  3. rushbaby

    Seems like Adam has been mailing it in lately. If he gets another big payday or a big enough gig (New York) the podcast is history. Seems distracted like he is just doing this until he hooks a big one.

  4. BenR

    Awwww when Fluffy Met Frumpy….how cute 🙂

  5. SC

    What the Fuck, you guys call yourselves fans? he does this shit 5 days a week and it costs you zip, he created this on his own dime for all of us to enjoy. Daddy Chad and Rushbaby you need to check your own shit (and shut the fuck up).

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