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Adam and Norm MacDonald

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Show Summary

Adam welcomes Norm Macdonald back to the podcast, and talks with him about how they’re always confused for one another. They both vent about frustrating fan interactions, and publicists that get excited over nothing. Adam then asks Norm about being a little reclusive, and talks to him about why he doesn’t drive. Norm expresses his personal fears, and Adam imagines the ‘Navigeddon.’

Later in the show, Adam and Norm talk about how he got into comedy, and the guys do an improv scene about being a bad pimp. Norm also talks about being on Star Search, and the guys watch a video of the rival that beat him. As the show wraps up, Adam tries to convince Norm to let him teach him how to drive, but Norm thinks it may be used for a comedy bit.


Check out http://NormMacdonald.com, or follow him on Twitter @NormMacdonald

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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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    Adam teaching Norm to drive sounds like a Car Show segmemnt

  2. J Rock
    J Rock12-22-2011

    HAHHAHA, Could not stop laughing about the “potatoes!”

  3. James Allen
    James Allen12-22-2011

    Awesome show

  4. Cyrus

    Nice up.

    Now can all you blowhards shut up already? You’ve been whining for this to be posted for over a week.

    • Heartsonthehouse2

      Um, you aren’t using the word ‘blowhard’ in the correct way. I shall alert Adam promptly.

  5. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol12-22-2011


  6. MPG

    Wow. Jan Hooks aged well…..


  7. Ledgewood

    A little bummed to see this ones not even an hour…

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks12-22-2011

      At least there was no news or games. Usually when it’s Ace, BB and Alison, the guest gets maybe a 15 min. of interview and then they move on to more news. This was all Norm and the gang.

  8. Connard

    I wish Bryan would come down with the flu for a month so I wouldn’t have to listen to his torturous drops. The absolute worst part of the show.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee12-22-2011


    • dutchpig

      Bryan is good pod..I agree with May! How Dare you sir!!

    • rushbaby


    • marco


  9. Ledgewood

    If only Norm was on at least semi-often. He’s so goddamned funny.

  10. Jarviswabi

    Great episode, nice when they know that a guest can hang for a whole episode without the usual news/bit structure.

  11. Heather


  12. Tyler

    This has now been a complete and satisfying year. You are God Ace!

  13. Darican

    Adam, you teaching drivers ed should be a reality show all together…. Get a group of teenagers, ditsy chicks, old people, and crazy immigrants…. and you…. then the person that does the best at the end, gets a free car…

    I’d watch that…

  14. Superman (no really)
    Superman (no really)12-22-2011

    GET IT ON!!!!!!

  15. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee12-22-2011

    Good Pod! I will have to listen to this one again… Podado
    Merry Christmas Snoochie Boochies

  16. Jeff

    Too bad this wasnt a 1 on 1 interview, it would have been even funnier.

  17. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town12-22-2011

    Bro, I gotta go, I’m on the phone!!

  18. Erina

    Awesome show!

  19. Joey

    get it on

  20. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.12-22-2011

    This episode was epic.

  21. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron12-22-2011

    I could have listened to that for hours…not long enough!!

    • dutchpig

      I feel the same way. When I see the show isn’t at least 1.5 hours I get a little teary eyed. It means it’s a one on (sometimes good or bad) one or Adam is in the car banking podcasts on the way to a gig.

  22. Andygirll

    LMFAO! Best show in a long time!

    The best part is Norm is so unbridled and didn’t conform to the “Yes…and” format that most of the guests do!

  23. Hood

    Rusty Wallach?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee12-22-2011

      Eli Wallach’s grandson and Nascar legend

      Wallach Wallace what ever it takes

  24. Moomoo

    Man, I was hoping for 90 minutes of Norm gold and I got 54 minutes of third-rate Norm

  25. Fenom

    “you rarely see black guys, uh, alter the rims on their vehicles, this is interesting” lol

  26. GregM

    I love Norm! I wish he was on the show regularly.

  27. Ricotastic

    Adam: “It’s hard to convince people that you don’t like what they like…”

    Two words… John…Hiatt.

  28. John Hails
    John Hails12-22-2011

    Great show. You gotta do teaching Norm to drive as a podcast.
    What happened to Jan Hooks?

  29. Harisn

    This picture is so confusing. I CAN’T TELL WHICH ONE IS WHICH

  30. DoMeNiQuE

    luv norm, …”and here’s the tailpipe…” rofl

  31. DoMeNiQuE

    correction : ” I can smell tailpipe…” remove ur left foot from the brake??? wtf, make it simple…

  32. truly

    What a relief to see Adam show some compassion on this podcast, esp when the guest is the great Norm Macdonald.

  33. Sig

    Ironic that one of the better recent shows has to be so short.

  34. The Offender
    The Offender12-22-2011

    Been far too long since we last saw Norm. Can’t wait to listen to this while on the road.

  35. JOGO

    wonder if norm did this one the same day as jon stewarts show http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-march-31-2011/norm-macdonald

    or hes not a fan of changing cloth

  36. Stan

    Great show, two of my favorite comedians. It doesn’t sound like Norm would want this, but Speed should do a show with Adam teaching Norm how to drive.

    Look, I enjoy Bald Bryan on the show, but cool it with the drops. Far too many today, messed with the rhythm.

  37. dickda1

    More Alison, more Alison

  38. Katie

    “Why did I say podados wrong?!” bahahah I love Norm

  39. Tom Laws
    Tom Laws12-22-2011

    Love the Norm! Why in the F#$% doesn’t he do more movies/shows/whatever? Need to have him back like tomorrow.

  40. big jim
    big jim12-22-2011

    Love me some Norm. All I need is Harland Williams to be a guest tomorrow and I will have officially blown my laugh-load.

  41. pedj

    Worth the wait for Norm…had me laughing at work today on my headphones during the pimp improv so much my coworkers were looking at me like I rode the short bus.

  42. Kyle X
    Kyle X12-22-2011

    NORM ROCKS. I Pray they roll tape when Adam teaches him how to drive.

  43. Jamie

    Awesome episode, I wish norm came on every week, like larry miller. btw why was this episode so short, It was so good I wish it was the normal 90 mins.

  44. e40

    Fucking love Norm…Mancrush.

  45. Balky

    Bald Bryan’s B-Sides……now, please!

  46. Tim

    Adam is a hack. Every interview sounds completely the same regardless of the guest because he’s afraid to let other people just be funny. Norm comes on and we have to hear him react to another one of Adam’s shitty bits, laced with a bunch of terrible drops that add nothing to the show. Good podcasts like WTF actually let the guests shine, and each episode is different and interesting as a result. This show sucks. A wannabe comedian, a hole, and a guy inserting overused soundbites – sounds like every shitty radio show on the air right now. Wait, I Can Be Funny Too w/ Adam Carolla.

    • David

      Why would you listen to Adam’s show if you think he’s a hack? I like WTF just fine and it’s funny in it’s own way and is repetitive in it’s own way ( Cats, whining about his relationships,biting Richard Lewis’s style, and being bumbed about his parents and all his wierd compulsions) When I want to feel morose I listen to WTF. When I want to here a 40 something year old guy bitch like an 80 year old dude about everything Ace is the pace. Comedy is subjective, so to each his own, but there is all kinds of funny and it people like you who make Maron come on Adam’s show and say high school shit about how he here the two of them should’nt like each other.

      • reb

        what at surprise . . . Maron was jealous of another comedian back when they first met! And is “condescending” the only negative adjective he knows? And how fake is that “what, you found me intimidating. . .” routine he puts on? he practically gets a boner at the idea of his massively insecure former self having the capacity to intimidate. yes, WTF is great. Maron is a superb interviewer. But Ace hardly has cornered the market on redundancy.

      • reb

        the “why-would-you-listen-to-something-you-don’t-like” is actually far more tiresome than the fairly predictable complaints of those who don’t like the show. i’d prefer to occasionally hear from people who don’t like it as opposed to the comments just being people who like it, as i do.

  47. Jake Ryan
    Jake Ryan12-23-2011

    I don’t get why people think Norm is funny, maybe I am missing something. Do people think he is funny…for a slow person? Do people think he is funny… because that’s the trendy thing to do? I’ve never actually laughed at his jokes. They are slow and not witty (seems like that is the intent).

  48. rushbaby

    great show…SET IT ON!

  49. JessMan

    SPORTS! thanks for this everyone

  50. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac12-23-2011

    I was hoping Adam was going to ask Norm, “what happened to the Sports Show”? The “Wait. What?” segments were laugh out loud! It was the best show on regular TV last spring and “poof” it vanished.

  51. Leonard SanMarco
    Leonard SanMarco12-23-2011

    This was everything a podcast could be and should be and more. Norm and Adam are complimentary. I wish these bastards would do a podcast once a week or something like that. Alison was good to and you could tell that Norm was considering plowing her. Great episode. One for the history books.

  52. BuckIV

    Puh-day-do With an accent on the second syllable? Norm, you say potato wrong.

  53. LOBO

    Every inch hilarious.

    -But the pimp-hooker thing is flat-out SIDESPLITTING. Had to hear it over and over and OVER … !!!

  54. Sky

    Podcast the driving lesson

  55. reb

    it was fine; but not even one of the top 100 shows of the year

  56. Jerad

    Adam! Tell Norm there is a very practical reason to learn to drive. That is if he is with someone anywhere remote and they get seriously injured, say, break both legs or worse, and he needed to drive to get medical help.

  57. eric

    adam and norm doing the pimp and ho bit had me laughing my ass off

  58. Jamie

    Why did Adam keep interrupting Norm’s stories for this learning to drive bullshit?

  59. Mike

    Clearly Norm doesn’t want to drive. Adam keeps wanting to get a straight answer from him and Norm keeps deflecting the question over and over and over and over. Got pretty irritating.

  60. shawng

    I loved the bad pimp improv. Norm is the best.

  61. Fernando

    wink wink on the phone call, Norm

  62. Travis


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