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Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange join Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Adam chats with them about the frustrations and repetition of radio, and also discusses why he couldn’t work with Danny Bonnaduce. Nick and Artie also talk about Artie’s rehab, and how well their radio show is going these days. The guys then discuss the problems with people being easily offended these days, and joke about racist grandparents.

Alison opens the news discussing the school shooting in Ohio today. The guys also talk about Sean Young’s arrest at a post-Oscar party, and Nick recalls being heckled by her back in the day. Other news stories include Josh Gardner’s cousin winning an Oscar, Lucy Lawless being arrested during a protest, and a cat running for senate. Along the way, the guys chat about Paris Hilton’s sex tape and Shaq’s private parts. As the show wraps up, Adam wonders if it’s okay to re-tweet people quoting him and chats about wearing one ear bud at a time.

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Cat for Senate

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  1. Matthew

    Very cool to see them in the studio. 🙂

  2. rickyq

    Looking forward to Nick and Artie with Ace…should be a great show.

  3. Adam

    Every monday or tuesday you should have the queen of mean on to talk about the apprentice.

    • mnoswad1

      Damn that was an intense board room. Good idea to have Lisa on again to at least talk about that last one.

  4. Chester

    So many thoroughly unlikable people in one room — had Danny Bonaduce actually been there (instead of merely being talked about) space-time might have fractured and folded in on itself. Thank Christ that didn’t happen.

    • Nostril Ninny
      Nostril Ninny02-28-2012

      Why do you listen?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

      Why then, do you listen?

    • donewithidiots

      Could’ve had Bill Maher in there cutting into Christians again. That would shock everyone.

    • Lonny

      Why would you listen to this podcast if you don’t like the people on it? I love these comedians. If you don’t think Art and Nick are funny you’re beyond help.

      Go join the Oprah book club and sod off!

    • Joe

      stopped listening 30 minutes in. terribly boring hearing about white people complain about how they cannot make more racist comments.

  5. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-28-2012

    The pride of new jersey…jack&coke…

  6. big jim
    big jim02-28-2012

    Nice to see Artie Lange back on his feet and looking so much…well, it’s nice to see Artie anyway!

  7. Mark

    Hey Ace man I was wandering if you could put in a plug for my Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading Association in Portland Oregon. Because of you, a couple of us started a new team and we can use a little love from a Pop Warner alumni.

    Mark Ballaris
    Vice President
    Pop Warner Portland Steelers

  8. Big T
    Big T02-28-2012

    Artie has never looked better.

  9. Rrrrr

    This looks great! wow Artie Lang in studio!

  10. Jared

    Jesus Christ, Artie looks like he just got pulled out of a spider hole!

  11. Dan

    artie looks like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag

  12. Tyler

    Nick and the Disheveled One, great pod!

  13. Dan Carrol
    Dan Carrol02-28-2012

    Artie never disappoints. Great show.

  14. sloozen1

    Artie would have been great in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, opposite Johnny Depp….Great show

  15. black_devil

    Artie looks like he should be in “The Walking Dead”

  16. adam

    Artie looks great!

  17. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick02-28-2012

    Glad to see that Artie is doing well.

  18. Paul

    One of the funniest episodes I’ve heard. Ever. Still wiping tears out of my eyes. Please, for the love of god, have Nick and Artie back again and soon!

  19. attack_crows

    Holy fuck, from the look of that picture Artie is primed for a heart-warming life-makeover….or a suicide.

  20. chaoboy

    I think I would become very angry and depressed if I listened to these guys very long.

  21. Ted

    Arty looks like a homeless guy.

    Not only that, but the kind of homeless guy who wonders around the same four blocks screaming about the conspiracy of between Hilary Clinton and the pigeons.

    • DrClown

      Yeah, he’s even got the army store jacket for it.

  22. Mickfo

    Fuckin’ Artie is BACK!

  23. Brad

    If there was ever an episode where Bryan and Allison are superfluous it was this one. There’s no need for wacky sound drops in the middle of a professional comedian telling a story. Weak.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012


    • Harry Paratestes
      Harry Paratestes02-29-2012

      “There’s no need for wacky sound drops in the middle of a professional comedian telling a story.”

      Yeah, because god forbid BB does his f’n job… I don’t understand why half of the people commenting up here even listen to the show. All you do is piss and moan over something you get for free… FOR FREE!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-01-2012

        Bryan tries to shoe-horn himself in sometimes. He wants to sit at the cool kids table but there’s no room for him on days like this. When guests like Matt Atchity or Gordon Howard are in, he can sound drop all he wants.

  24. RIck

    This was a really weird, really pathetic podcast. Adam would do well to distance himself from these guys. The whole tone of this podcast was misogynistic and pathetic. These two guys sound like two losers who are mad at the world because they’ve failed at life, and the way they seemed to relish harming or abusing or embarrassing women was really strange and uncomfortable. Artie and Nick come across as two guys who would rape a woman and then claim that it was OK because she was “asking for it” by wearing a mini skirt. It was really pathetic and sad.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

      Rick, girls don’t read these comments and think “Hey, that Rick is a sensitive guy, I would like to sleep with him.”
      Nick and Artie tell adult jokes for a living, man-up dude.

    • Chris

      Agreed. These two guys are pathetic fucktards.

    • Lonny

      Did you think you were listening to the “Ellen” podcast?

      Do you even know who these comedians are? Lange is one of the funniest guys out there; who’s probably made 10x more money than you’ll ever earn in your life. What makes you think of misogyny and rape whilst listening to this podcast? Because he’s expressing an opinion about a washed up–jerk-off actress who’s acting a like a washed up–jerk-off.

      I’d wager you don’t even own a mangrate.

    • Sig

      Wow, take comedy more seriously, k?

    • Nick

      wow. you really know nothing about comedy do you? these two guys are highly respected stand ups.

    • Doug'y McFadden
      Doug'y McFadden02-28-2012

      If that’s failing at life then sign me up

    • donewithidiots

      Wtf, I looked at this bunch of guys and thought, FUNNY SHIT IS ON THE WAY. How are these guys not funny??? Nick and Artie are pretty awesome.

    • Dixon Hugh Jasses
      Dixon Hugh Jasses03-03-2012

      Good point Rick!!!! Bring it up on your next stand up special or podcast!!!!

  25. Ryan

    I like Artie but he is the most sexist guy I’ve ever heard. He acted like Alison didn’t exist.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

      Rick and Ryan are the same person.

  26. Lindsay

    Great podcast- nice to hear Artie and Nick!

    Also, Please consider running for president, Ace. Seriously.

  27. TipCT

    Nick D is hilarious. Good show –

    BTW, taking a stand against kids’ coaches getting finger printed. WTF? Suck it up or say you’re too busy to coach.

  28. Rick

    I’m listening to this show at work with one earbud as we speak Aceman!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

      Me too.

  29. Chris G. Murphy
    Chris G. Murphy02-28-2012

    Artie Lange looks baaaaaddd, wtf… Unless he is now homeless?, he doesn’ t look bad for a homeless guy.

  30. Casey Man
    Casey Man02-28-2012

    Another great show. Not to nitpick, but AR was confusing Leslie Bibb with Leslie Mann, who is Judd Apatow’s wife. They’re both hot blondes; I can see how you could be confused. Aso, is it just me or is Artie starting to strongly resemble Oscar the Grouch?

  31. damien

    cat for senate link is dead.

    thanks for the show!

  32. Sam

    Make the outlines of the field a little darker. Also, great show.

  33. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

    Best show in a long time.

  34. Jason

    I thought this was a fun show. Especially, after the past couple of guests.

  35. Fate

    Good pod. And I’m glad Artie knows he looks like shit.

  36. Dan

    Artie looks worse than he did a month or two ago…hope he’s okay.

  37. Moe

    Great pod, could listen to these guys for hours.
    Would have liked Alison to speak a little more though.

  38. Bartenational


    suck it up, get the test… I used to assistant coach at a Catholic grade school and got my finger prints done…. the catholics have a bad track record and the only way you can tell a parent they can’t be there is if they won’t get the test. Some parents would come to practice drunk and you could send them home, because you can tell they are drunk. But how do you know if this is turning someone on or not? have some sort of boner detector? at least with the background check you can eliminate some of these people… !!! other wise they could be anything

  39. Dick Face
    Dick Face02-28-2012

    LOL! look at that mess…that looks like what an heroin addict’s coffee table would look like!!!

  40. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-28-2012

    God that was great, brought back the old Artie, Howard (& Nick) days. Artie clean youself up your a damn handsome man!

  41. TabooII

    I love Artie, but he looks awful…

  42. LFC

    Artie looks good for him, which is awesome. Wish I cared about sports and I would be all over his new show.

    • JackieMarlow

      You should give the show a listen. I could give two shits about sports and I listen a few times a week. Its a funny show.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-01-2012

        Hey, Jackie!
        How can you tell when a mechanic just had sex?…One of his fingers is clean.
        Heee heeeee.
        Oh, oh.

  43. Mike Ludwig
    Mike Ludwig02-28-2012

    Wow, Artie is not funny.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-28-2012

      Wow, Mike is a fag.

  44. VonRiesling

    Good show.

    On the bullying topic. The “We all have been bullied, we all have bullied someone,” sentiment may be true for the guys on the show, but not in my experience.

  45. Jizzlobber

    why the fuck are these 2 going on radio? radio is a dying artform. we need to get them a podcast. 1 thing though: Artie, no fucking with Alison, she isnt “some broad” alright. You get a 2nd chance, but you will respect her. Also can we get a real picture of Artie on the website and not the fat homeless guy who ate him?

  46. B-Real

    Good episode, Artie’s was solid. Ace was excellent as always, I especially liked his “wild macaw” line, sheer genius.

    Got it on.

  47. Katie




    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-29-2012


  48. Jeff

    Great show!…I wish it had just been Adam, Nick and Artie, there was no need for the news or anyone else in studio for this lineup.

    • Jenn

      Beg to differ. Was bored to tears by these guys and wishing the news would come sooner.

  49. Jll M.
    Jll M.02-28-2012

    Artie is an asshole.

  50. Jim

    Glad Artie feels good cause he does look like hell. Great show, love Artie and Nick. Thanks guys for a great show.

  51. Anfernee

    Congrats you were finally under-dressed by someone Ace!

  52. Reality Check
    Reality Check02-28-2012

    There’s nothing more unique in broadcasting than a bunch of middle-aged white guys railing against the poor and ‘whining’ minorities.

  53. Brian

    Some of Adam’s favorite movies are adapted from novels. At least one that I can think of off hand was adapted by two people (Joel and Ethan Coen, who won the Oscar for best adapted screenplay).

  54. BPiddy

    Feel bad for Artie. He’s got talent, and has saved himself from too much trouble- now its time to pull it together.

  55. Lee

    Trying to oder via amazon and no banner under support the show or anywhere else?

  56. DES

    pretty damn good how.
    Nice to hear Artie coherent and would have been nice to here Nick.

  57. Cameron

    Who is the friend that Adam is referring to when be speaks about paying for rehab? Is it Donny? If not, who is it?

    • mia

      my guess would be chis. he lived in the apartment with donny and adam and has a history of drug use. hope its not cuase lynette has mentioned that he has a ton of kids.

  58. Marc

    Good Pod. *sniff*

  59. phil landers
    phil landers02-29-2012

    The guests today have a sense of humour that is compatible with Adam’s….but it comes from a darker, meaner, uglier place

  60. phil landers
    phil landers02-29-2012

    Man…shoulda played Hobo Power in deference to Nick and his attire

  61. phil landers
    phil landers02-29-2012

    …and to spite smug Artie

  62. Jonesin44

    Nick / Artie and Key / Peele, best guests so far.

  63. Jared

    I laughed my ass off through this whole show, like dag times 5. I would love to hear more of these guys with adam.

  64. Andy90

    Interesting point of view – only pussy liberals are bothered by racism, not the folk on the receiving end of it.

  65. Andy90

    Who would have thought that Artie Lang could find a partner that makes him look, in comparison, pleasant and reasonable.

  66. Brian

    Great show. Artie and Nick are my second favorite guests to the podcast (Adam and Fitzdogg are always great)!

  67. Cornal D.
    Cornal D.02-29-2012

    Arti Lang’s voice sounds like Richard Jeni to me on this podcast

  68. Les

    Completing the Live Scan process is another field sobriety test. It only proves you haven’t been caught yet.

  69. bubbajesco

    Glad to hear and see you finally, Art. “Emotional friend” impression is my top fav skits of all time. I had to pull over it was too funny. Nick you look like one of the backstreet boys. I thought you’d look different. Love the new show! Get it on!

  70. Jessica

    I thought Artie was rude to Alison for no reason…What a punk. She handled herself very well though…as usual!

  71. Jessiey

    I was gonna say that Artie and Nick together is like if Venus and Serena teamed up to play doubles but it turns out they have and haven’t been that successful. The main thing is that they probably had fun out there and it seems like Artie and Nick match them in that. Artie’s book is a must-read/listen and Nick could be a regular on the Roasts. Great show.

    • Jessiey

      The lack of “success” is just my own opinion based on some ill-placed bets.

  72. Silent Running
    Silent Running02-29-2012

    One of the best shows in recent memory. Good on ya, Aceman!

  73. Robin

    Who’s the hobo?

  74. theshaj

    I expected Nick and Artie to be way funnier. They came off as angry and not particularly funny. Adam was 10x funnier and judging by how often Artie was laughing he felt the same way.

  75. delicioustacos

    Superb episode. Ace is at his best when he’s challenged by other fast-on-their-feet types.

  76. Winsten D
    Winsten D03-03-2012

    When I was in high school and in the Army, guys use to
    put pubes on guys’ upper lip or in their mouth when they
    were sleeping around us. i never knew that was hazing too.

  77. Phineas

    Way to nail the White Leftists! The uptight White Leftists.

    Artie: “There are groups of people who get offended for you”

    Nick: “It’s White people doing it to White people”

    Adam: “Somebody decided that a handful of people from Santa Monica, who shop at Whole Foods ,with a “COEXIST” bumper sticker on their Prius,should be the gate-keepers of what’s offensive. It’s super-condescending ,because really what they’re saying is:Hey Black guy,hey Asian guy,you don’t know enough! Let me be offended for you! You weren’t educated like me,you didn’t grow up in a Liberal environment like I did! Believe you me,you should be offended,you’re just not smart enough to be offended, I’ll be offended for you!It’s Affirmative Action for being offended.You can’t do it,I’ll do it for you.”

    Nick: “Well it’s Teddy Kennedy.He’s forcing Busing on people ,in Boston in the ’70s, yet never lived anywhere a Black person.Or, fucking Barbra Streisand.”

    So many political and show biz names to be included – Sean Penn,Rob Reiner, Christopher Guest,Harry Shearer, Eugene Levy,Catherine O’Hara,Jim Carrey, Martin Mull,Harold Ramus, Betty Thomas, Sandra Bernhardt, Janeane Garofalo, David Cross,Billy Ayers/Bernardine Dohrn, David Crosby, Michael Moore, Tina Fey, Norman Lear,Susan Harris, Jane Fonda,Warren Beatty ,Kids In the Hall, Henry Rollins,etc.

    • Phineas

      Nick: “It’s White people doing it to White people”


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