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Adam describes the ‘tidal wave of depression’ he was hit with today, after asking his mom to bring photos of the old family house. He also talks about the success of the Redondo Beach show this past weekend, and announces that audio of the show can now be purchased in our online store.

Alison then starts up the news, revealing sadly that another student has died as a result of this week’s Ohio school shooting. The guys also talk about Kid Rock endorsing Mitt Romney, and why people put tennis balls on walkers. After announcing this season’s Dancing with the Stars cast, Bald Bryan gives a health update, and Larry Miller plays the Hypothetical Road Trip Game.

Mr. Skin joins the studio in the last part of the show. He discusses how Blu Ray has impacted the way we view nude scenes, and goes through a number of winners of this year’s Anatomy Awards. Alison also returns to the news with stories about dogs in restaurants, a remake of National Lampoon’s Vacation, and words you shouldn’t include in job ads. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss weird sexual fetishes, other notable Anatomy Award winners, and an awkward exchange with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. [12-vacations]

To see more of the pics that were referenced in today’s show, visit http://MrSkin.com

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Ye Black Knight
    Ye Black Knight02-29-2012

    Lord Bald Bryan, this day’s news of thine constitution be’ith most joyous! May continued vitality and vigor bless thee e’ermore!

    This post now concludeth!

  2. TS

    Picturing a hardcore feminist reacting to the guest’s usage of the term “back burger.”

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-01-2012

      Mmmm, back burger.

  3. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington02-29-2012

    Chester will be glad that the guest today doesn’t remind him of anyone who used to kick his ass in high school

  4. Courtney

    Hey, Ace Man…whatever happened to Spider and the Henchman?!! Those two douchepumps ever returning? I miss their pod immensely!

  5. Mark

    Bryan, are you going to take another trip to Italy with everyone’s donations to celebrate the 3 year anniversary?

  6. Patrick

    That dude is creepy looking. He definitely looks like a guy that would search movies for glimpses of nakedness.

  7. DonnySac

    I love it. Adam complains about a butt check on Fear Factor being tiled out, and then his own podcast tiles out the “Naughty Bits.”

    • At a certain point
      At a certain point02-29-2012

      Nice! The irony.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-01-2012

      “Ooh, sweet irony.”

  8. Zapoli

    Adam is a smart person. That means that his mother is also not a complete idiot. She possibly has an inkling that he is not requesting pictures of her house for an innocent trip down memory lane.

    Maybe — just maybe — she’s sussed out that any picture she provides will be used as Exhibit A in the umpteenth case of “Look at this SHITTY house where my SHITTY mom gave me a SHITTY childhood.” Basically, she’s too polite to tell Adam to go fuck himself.

    • WTF

      But then why would she ask for 4 tickets to his show to give to her friends?

    • reb

      lots of smart people have perfectly dumb parents

    • donewithidiots

      There are a lot of shitty parents out there. Adam just remembers them clearer than a lot of people that are in denial. It ended up being a motivator for his success.

  9. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.02-29-2012

    I’m all about a good nude scene, but this guy sounds like the creepiest, most perverted guy on the planet. Usually when you are in an industry that has a stereotype of being ran by weird dudes, the actual people in charge seem to be pretty normal. It may just be his accent (can’t stand it).

  10. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper02-29-2012

    Jesus Christ, Aceman, just go over to your Mom’s house, have her invite you in for milk & cookies, then say, “I’m not leaving until I get those pictures.”

  11. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams02-29-2012

    Douche rockets deploy to irrelevant website, go!

  12. Eric W.
    Eric W.02-29-2012

    I find a bit of kinship with Mr. Skin; unlike others who might resort to the standard avenues of amateur and professional pornography, celebs/models/singers/anyone in stardom is what interests me. Others rattle off great anal scenes in some random porn, I could tell you how far into a movie and what the year of the release was for a film showing an actress nude.

  13. Picasso

    I fuckin hate mr skin. He’s a huge douche

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-01-2012

      The guy found a niche and capitalized on it. He may be creepy but he has made a lot of money through his website.

  14. GREG

    Thats great news Brian!

  15. Woochunk

    Bwahahahahahah that picture of Larry and Rod Stewart is golden!

  16. Brian

    Goodfellas is an adaptation of the book Wiseguy. Sorry Ace. Seems like most of the movies you like are adaptations. Not that I want a remake of Vacation because the original is great, but I thought you should be informed when you talk about movies. Also, you hate stuff when people do new things, like Drive (although that is also an adaptation of a book).

  17. BJ's for PJ
    BJ's for PJ02-29-2012

    Everytime Mr. Skin opened his mouth, I kept thinking of the skit from SNL. “Go Bears. Ditka. The Bulls.. I’m from Shekeago.”

    And I agree with Zapoli, Carolla’s mom isn’t that stupid, she’s knows what he’s gonna do with those pics.

  18. Jizzlobber

    do you think Mr Skin likes to recreate scenes from Silence of the Lambs when hes all alone?

  19. spikeben

    Zapoli, that is a good point. I bet you are right.

  20. Frothy mug of donkey jizz
    Frothy mug of donkey jizz02-29-2012

    With the power to dine with his Shih Tzu with virtual impunity, it’s Dog-traveler-guy.

    Bald Bryan: “worst X-men character ever”

    • reb

      BB continues to deliver great, sharp quips

  21. HotBlackDesoto

    I am curious as how Mr. Skin would fair in a round of Totally Topical Tevo. If the stipulation was that every movie included nudity he would mop the floor with Bald Brian.

    Mr. Skin’s unatural encyclopedic knowledge of Hollywood sex reminds me of Ken Burn’s neverending recollections of black oppression in America……….almost as good as Adam’s cranial storage of everything boxing or vintage lamborghinis………

  22. HotBlackDesoto

    …….or Taboo 2…

  23. Mobey

    Abdul Jabbar is a scumbag, who it’s not a coincidence he never got an NBA job. Nobody likes the prick.

  24. Dryness

    Always great to hear positive news on the Bald Bryan tumor front. That is definitely not what I expect Mr. Skin to look like!

  25. Chester

    Mr. Skin always comes across as a subhuman cretin. A savant (of sorts) perhaps, but a subhuman cretin nonetheless.

  26. chu

    i like how adam was getting all flustered and almost emotional when revisiting bald bryans tumor news..

  27. josh lake
    josh lake02-29-2012

    Holy Cow! They used my shop of Larry and Rod I posted here on the mb on1/31/12 ! What a thrill! I had sent it to Larry on twitter but I guess he never saw it as he sounded surprised when Adam showed it to him.
    I can die a happy man now!
    Here is another shop I did of 2 cars Adam would never be caught dead in.
    Mahalo Adam, Larry and Crew!

  28. Alopecia

    Great podcast as always.

  29. What?

    I know that it’s a running gag that Larry Miller is always wrong on the bit about who to carpool with. But you’ve got to give it to Larry on the one with the guy who won’t eat beef vs. the guy who likes Dodger stadium hot dogs. The guy who likes Dodger stadium hotdogs would have horrific farts throughout the entire car trip. Plus the guy who won’t eat beef is NOT a vegan so he wouldn’t have a problem with beef touching his other food items.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-01-2012

      Stop it.

  30. Matt

    Brian is annoying and doesnt know shit about movies- ex: the film vault

  31. stnuntrnd

    Hope you can get William Levy as guest on your podcast, before the “Brad Pitt of Mexico” is too much in demand.

  32. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett03-01-2012

    Another creepy looking irish guy.

  33. run with it
    run with it03-02-2012

    Loved it when Adam was talking about smoking in an airplane! “They would land that thing on a football field and roll you out on a refrigerator dolly like Hannibal Lector”. too funny!

  34. Meyer

    That’s another Rich Man, Poor Man: not needing a resume nor interview to start a new job.

  35. the casual observer
    the casual observer03-03-2012

    congrats! funny stuff!!

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