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Adam welcomes Teresa Strasser to the show and talks with her about her pregnancy. He also discusses the importance of square footage when raising a family, and rants about Villaretardo raising the fines of parking tickets. Teresa then chimes in with Parents of the Week, including stories of incest and underage cell phone pics.

Morgan Spurlock joins the podcast next, and talks with Adam about his new documentary, ‘Mansome.’ Adam talks about his appearance in the film, alongside a great cast of interviewees, and the guys discuss the history of manscaping and beard championships. Later they talk about the ease of making and distributing your own film, and why The Beastmaster is not-so-secretly homoerotic.

In the news, Maurice Sendak, author of Where The Wild Things Are, has passed away. Adam rants about him being a good illustrator but a terrible writer, and also talks about the work of Dr. Seuss. The next story is about the death of artist Thomas Kinkade. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss John Travolta being sued by several masseurs for trying to have sex with them during his massage.



Check out Mansome, in theaters May 18th. You can get more info at http://MansomeTheMovie.com

Also be sure to visit http://TeresaStrasser.com and tweet her at @TeresaStrasser



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  1. Takeda

    The weed around the sign looks to be a “fruitless” mulberry tree, which is not always entirely fruitless, and can propagate by birds. This tree is commonly planted for shade in hot, dry areas like The Valley. Once it gets rooted into a tight space like the gap between a signpost and the surrounding concrete, it is virtually impossible to eradicate without breaking up the hardscape – a mere weed-whacker would not suffice. But your point is made: one does not see errant tree saplings growing around the signposts of Irvine.

  2. griff323

    “that’s local flora.” Bald Bryan makes me laugh more than Ace Man sometimes…

    • Gina

      Me too! Especially when they break out into improv.

  3. Dave

    Alison was on fire today. Real funny one liners – Go A!

  4. Joe

    The incest mom looks like Pamela Adlon from “Louie”!

  5. Randy West
    Randy West05-09-2012

    What’s with the 30-something professionals in LA all living in an APARTMENT? Once you become an adult, shouldn’t you aspire to own a home? Of all the people that work at the podcast, only Adam (and recently Bryan) live in a house?

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running05-10-2012

      Home ownership is a myth.

      Fail to pay property tax, and “your” home will be seized. Therefore, whomever receives the property tax is the real owner of the home. You’re just leasing it.

      Honestly, if you want more room for a family or whatever, fine, buy a house. But let’s dispense with this farce of homeownership. It doesn’t exist.

      We’re a country that brays endlessly that one MUST go to college and one MUST own a home or risk being castigated as a loser. As a result, there are now thousands of unemployed college graduates who can’t even sell “their” homes at a loss. Those who provide the message are not the ones left holding the bag when it turns out the message was bullshit.

    • Hegro

      Because there’s only one way to live? Lol what an idiotic comment.

  6. Hadria

    Some people DO set out to write children’s books… Here’s an excellent one! http://www.amazon.com/?Love-You-Forever-Robert-Munsch/?dp/0920668372

    • Julia

      I agree that is a great book but you don’t have to qualify it as a children’s book which is Adam’s point.

  7. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks05-09-2012

    Re: Gay guys named Sarge, I guess Adam didn’t watch a lot of Six Feet Under.

  8. Joel M
    Joel M05-09-2012

    Just tried to listen to the evening with Dennis Prager. Couldn’t make it through. The boot straps rants and the re-hashed rants he does on the show, wear real thin, real quick.
    I am a fan of Adam Carolla, but that was just painful to try to listen to.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett05-09-2012

      What did they say about Newt Gingrich? He’s a dumb guys idea of a smart guy? That’s Dennis Prager.

      • phil landers
        phil landers05-15-2012

        “He’s a dumb guys idea of a smart guy” . Touche’ Mr. Hatchett and I agree wholeheartedly with Joel’s comment on the bootstraps theme.

  9. Tread

    HEY it’s Morgan Spurlock!!!!! again.. wah wah wah.. Mix up this rotation boys.

  10. Arlo

    No picture of Red Beard? What gives?!

  11. Hegro

    Yeah won’t be listening to this one. How can he have that effeminate charlatan on? Must be a slow week for Adam. Disgraceful.

  12. Castro

    I’m a big fan. And usually agree with his rants. But I’m with Adam’s wife Lynette, Adam is way off when it comes to children books. I think he might have these feelings about childrens books because his parents didn’t read to him? I feel like he has no idea what he is talking about. We should get a child development expert on the show to see if he is right.

    I also LOVE Teressa, and am so happy she is back for her segment. My only critique would be that you can tell she doesnt listen to the show on a regular basis.

    I am so happy with Allison for including the Sendak interview, it was such a great piece.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. michael

    Avid follower of the Ace’s Podcast. Great stuff. Need to find out when Adam is racing at Infineon up here in Napa. Know the races are for 2 days. Is Adam racing both days?

  14. Brett

    Ace is full of BS regarding Maurice Sendak. He did write for adults – he wrote and produced plays.

  15. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah05-09-2012

    It’s funny how Ace said you’d never see Burt Reynolds without his mustache. In the movie, The Longest Yard (the original from 1974), Reynolds’s character actually does shave his mustache at the beginning of the film, and appears clean-faced for most of it. He does indeed look very odd.

    • tlewis

      He also has no mustache in The Deliverance.

  16. Russ (Yea, Russ)
    Russ (Yea, Russ)05-09-2012

    IF there is plans for a sequel to “Battlefield Earth”, it will be a musical now.

  17. goatfucker

    the minute pregnancy comes up i hear charlie browns teacher

  18. Reb

    Time to lose the standard blowhard refrain: “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.”

    And Adam sounds like a dumb studio executive complaining that book lacks an obvious “message.”

  19. trish

    sunny delight

  20. Vincent Fletcher
    Vincent Fletcher05-09-2012

    Great to hear Teresa dovetailing nicely with the team. Always good to hear her.

  21. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy05-09-2012

    I loved that book (Where the Wild Things are) as a kid. We grow in our taste and expectations as we grow, but it was exactly what you want at that age. I do agree with what someone said above, the only way someone couldn’t see why kids love this book, and what makes it great to them, is if their parents never read these to them as children. If you’re parents never did, then you would never be able to relate to those memories as a kid.

    • Wow

      I think you may have hit the nail on the head. Adam’s irrational hatred for well known children’s book has to stem from how much he envies people who had parent’s that would take the time to read to them.

      Because the way he attacks Maurice Sendak is downright hateful and bizarre.

      • swinging level
        swinging level05-10-2012

        Adam is a comedian. I wouldn’t take it so seriously. He’s just riffing. Yeah, I’m sure there is an element of truth in his ranting, but consider how boring his show would be if he didn’t take is complaints to insane levels. Hell, listen to the way he talks about Natalia and Sonny… Do you really believe he thinks his son is a puss? To a degree yes, but not to the level that he takes it on the show. It’s entertainment. It’s funny. Roll with it.

        The way he goes on and on about his horrific childhood rubs me the wrong way. I often have to remind myself that it’s part of the act. C’mon – He had it pretty damned good compared to a lot of people. I watched my mother wither away from the the age of 2 to 6, then found my father (on multiple occasions) in the bath tub with his writs slit. He took off when I was 9. I had no parents! Foster families until I was 15 when I moved out and got a job. I’m not complaining. I bucked up and have a very successful life and a great family, job, a couple rental properties etc.. I’m sure Adam isn’t seriously ranting about his childhood, it’s just part of his comedy. It’s why I listen and support him.

        Just saying – Put things into perspective and enjoy the podcast. Laugh! 🙂

  22. Tread

    OK I did LOL a few times during this POD. Still like some more new guests.. thank you goodnight.

  23. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis05-09-2012

    Today’s gems.

    Adam: Bird block.

    Alison: Put the jizz back in their penis (which, a variation of, would be a great subtitle for an advice book for men who’d like to be more manly: Put the jizz back in your penis).

  24. kid_ugly

    replaying that old Rapist bit had me in tears. i played it like 3 times so awesome

  25. Nate

    Just wanted to say how awesome it is to have T involved with the show.

    FYI: really love Alison, my comment is NOT meant to be a slight to her in any way. Also, Bryan’s tumor must be shrinking because the call waiting improv he’s been doing lately is as quick and funny as it gets.

  26. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese05-09-2012

    To say that children’s book authors are talentless and simply couldn’t hack it in the world of “adult books” is a pretty sweeping statement. That would be like saying Veterinarians are people who couldn’t hack it in the world of real doctor’s (actually, I’m pretty sure Adam would agree with that). In some cases it may be true, but not all.

    Also, the world has a place for everything. If everyone just said that garbagemen were talentless hacks and should quit their jobs to find real ones, who would pick up the garbage (well, ok, robots, but not for at least a few years)? My point is: we need kid’s books for the kids. What would Adam suggest? That all children’s book authors just quit writing kid’s books? What would 3 year olds read then? Ivanhoe?

    I bet it would piss Adam off if someone said he was simply doing Podcasting because he couldn’t make it in “real radio”. I don’t agree with that statement at all, I’m just making a point.

  27. David

    Can’t take Morgan Spurlock seriously since he build his career off of lying to people in the “mockumentary”, “Super Size Me”. What a bunch of lies and over-dramatization. If you watch “Fathead”, it shows clearly how false that entire movie was. can’t believe you let him on the show Ace. He is the ultimate blowhard and always pushes liberalism and anti-big-business alarmism.

  28. benyens

    Pictures 6-8 are pretty damn funny.

  29. A's V T's A A"sTV T"sATVin VT
    A's V T's A A"sTV T"sATVin VT05-09-2012

    Dr Suess is a hack? come on Ace, you gotta take that back. Acemans main problem is he takes 1 bad line from an artist and bases their whole existance on it….yes hat rhymes with cat, and you dont want to work on Maggies Farm. You need to read The Lorax or Oh the places you’ll go while listening to Visions of Johanna or Its Alright Ma….,.then you will see what we know Aceman
    btw incest mom is sexy, I wish I was her kid

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks05-09-2012

      I gotta believe Adam’s hatred for children’s book partially comes from his, “my opinions are all undisputed scientific facts” attitude but mostly it seems like sour grapes over his crappy childhood. If his parents ever read to him when he was little, I think he’d be a little more neutral on the subject. I mean he was shitting all over this guy for a remembrance. I’m not a fan of Maurice Sendak, but I wouldn’t go on for 10 minutes shitting on the guy’s work (what an a-hole move). I was afraid he was gonna attack Adam Yauch yesterday but he somehow restrained himself. So at least we know he hates children’s authors worse than Beastie Boys.

  30. Ace in the Hole
    Ace in the Hole05-09-2012

    Another rant on Mt. Dew… Is diet Mt. Dew better, the same, or worse than leaded Mt. Dew? Adam’s head would explode if they made mango flavored Mt. Dew.

  31. PB

    Wow listening to Alison, it just blows me away at how intelligent she is. Adam is very funny most of the time, but his rant sabout Maurice Sendak and Dr Suess are just so completely inane and shallow, compared to Alison’s deeply textured analysis of his children’s book.

  32. Spike

    Adam is getting to be a bitter old moron. The books aren’t for you dumb-ass. I agree with some of the earlier comments. I think he is bitter about this subject because his parents never read to him. Yes children’s books are simple and sometimes don’t have a point. JUST LIKE CHILDREN. Kid’s don’t need a metaphorical brain twist when going to bed, it is MEANT to be simple so a pre-school child can start learning the written language. Dr. Seuss rhymes and has a lot of simple words in it for a reason, to help kids learn the words. They are not meant to teach them complicated story lines you moron.

    I also love how a guy who has never read anything other than children’s books has the balls to criticize the people who make them. Just because it’s your first reading experience Adam doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy the books for what they are – pretty pictures and simple ideas. Get off your lame high horse. Especially for guys like Maurice Sendak who just died after actually contributing something that will live on forever.

  33. Wow

    It is seriously painful listening to Adam talk about Maurice Sendak. So much envy and hatred.

    It’s a kids book Adam. It’s more about the pictures than the words and it’s supposed to be juvenile.

  34. Bo B
    Bo B05-09-2012

    Passion fruit Mt. Dew…and this week on Hack to catch a incestuous mother Hack will have to become a RAPIST.

  35. chris

    I completely disagree on adam with “Where the wild things are” I loved it as a kid and still love it now, I think adam just cant relate to the art of a childrens book because he didnt have a good childhood because of his parents

  36. Peter North
    Peter North05-09-2012

    Should I value the literary opinion of someone who is illiterate? *rolls eyes*

    That’s like valuing the musical opinion of someone who complains about 80s music on satellite radio, yet is unable to put a fucking John Hiatt CD into the CD player of the car.

  37. HotBlackDesoto

    Adam Carolla– Read maybe one adult book in 48 years, admittingly reads at a third grade level, has dictated a bunch of rants and anecdotes to another to mold into two comedy books. –Literary critic extraordinaire

  38. jossh

    Adam stfu about childrens books already, granted some are complete shit, but maurice sendak was wildly talented and his books reflect that. Not only did he write the books, but he illustrated them as well. Seriously, almost no one is with you on this one.

  39. Matt

    My first job out of college was customer service for a 401k company. A lady from kentucky called and had forgotten her online password. I had to ask her 2 questions of her choosing for me to give her the password. The second one was:

    What is your favorite movie?

    The answer on the screen: Face Off

    I hit the mute button and lost it, then asked her if she was sure about that one. She assured me the finest film to ever grace the silver screen was a story about Travolta and Cage swapping faces. That’s the lady that Hollywood makes the movies for.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-10-2012

      Jimmy Norton and Patrice O’Neal have a great discussion on Face-Off.
      Google “Jim Patrice Face Off”.
      Funny stuff.

  40. Mary

    I tweeted Adam, “Adam I am embarrassed for you. #MauriceSendak.” He only retweets his own comments fed back to him, so I don’t expect to get a reply. But I was seriously cringing as he went on and on about Sendak. Sendak’s interviews with Stephen Colbert and Bill Moyers are some of the funniest and deeply moving I have ever heard. He was a lovely, intelligent, gifted man. I dread hearing Adam tomorrow night sneer at all of us who are not with him on this. I’ve been listening to Greg Proops’ podcast, and it is way superior in some ways to Adam’s… partly because he doesn’t have an interrupting, unfunny sidekick.

  41. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac05-10-2012

    Wow. Another wildly rangey podcast: T, A, BB, and Ace bringing the funny and compelling in the beginning. In the middle Spurlock arrives and it is obvious he enjoys Adam and there is some good interplay, then at the end Adam has to go stupid with the kid book rant. From the listeners it appears no one thinks this rant is interesting nor entertaining, and yet Adam continues to recycle this bit bi-weekly. I don’t know, and I will not know if there was anything funny in that rant because once again I found myself diving for my Ipod and hitting fast forward.

  42. MC White
    MC White05-10-2012

    MAJOR Douchebaggery Adam. I agree with a few comments about Adam not getting anything done or taught to him when as a kid, now he gets to rant about it as an adult. And the whole thing about approaching kids books from an adult perspective? What a crybaby!!! Sorry, complaining about an author because of the types of books he writes, short of laughing at the shitbooks, thrown together based on some pop culture media blitz, is pathetic. This from a guy who writes by bemoaning to an errand boy, who then translates to a book? Come the fuck on!

    Other than that, I love you Ace man, but this crybaby stuff about books, tied to parents who didn’t do shit for you, is very revealing and pathetic!!!

    Think I’ll skip the Prager (sp?) rants too. I never liked the live shows as much as I do the studio shows anyway.

    • MC White
      MC White05-10-2012

      Sorry for the “errand boy” comment. I’m sure the guy who does it, is also talented, in some regard, besides “bemoaning Translator.”

  43. AH

    Thomas kinkade received much undeserved criticism regarding his paintings but still chose to succeed where others could only fail. He reached the summit of his life long dreams and should be remembered for what he achieved and what he gave.

    Those interested in learning about Art History can visit here: http://www.arthistory.net

  44. danaconda

    Allison’s awesome

  45. T Money (no hyphen)
    T Money (no hyphen)05-10-2012

    Am I only one that suspects a lot of these pro Maurice Sendak comments are the same person?

  46. lANCE

    Adam is sooooo far off on Sendak. check out the interview he did with Colbert, he was brilliant.

  47. jr

    was thinking of adam’s rant the other day when i saw a local, (stockton ca) sheriff chase down a speeding vehicle, the vehicle was an early 90’s acura with no plates with 3 young males in it. the sheriff did not pull the vehicle over which got me to thinking either 1. he had to attend another call, but he didn’t because just kept driving in fact slowed down til i passed in my late model shiny red sports car. or 2. he was scared of the young men, because they were pulling off into a very well known area for violence and he would’ve been outnumbered if an altercation were to happen. which was possible i suppose, but doubtful. or 3. he didn’t want the headache of pulling over a group of guys who probably couldn’t afford whatever fines to come and he just didn’t want the headache of it all. i mean, worse case scenario he pulls those guys over, no license, an hour for a tow… that’s an a hour he can’t get back… which is what i suspect happened….. because i believe if it were anybody else driving, like myself. i believe he would’ve taken the 15mins and wrote me the 300 dollar ticket. maybe it’s just better to be poor, or maybe just appear poor….??

  48. DonnySac

    Sonny can’t bring a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to school because little Johnny is allergic to peanuts and we’re a society that has to cater to its weakest members. Well I do have bad pollen allergies. Seriously, it’s so bad that sometimes I can’t breathe – can I sue the city for not eliminating the weeds? For deliberately planting trees and flowers? Gloria Allred please help.

  49. Marco

    Don’t you think that any video clips/audio clips brian or whoever looks up during the show should be posted here? Just sayin. Keep up the good work guys.

  50. John

    Ask some reading teachers what they think about Dr. Seuss books…they do not like them. Of course any written material will help kids learn words but, Adam is right, most kids’ books do suck, apart from the illustrations. I have been reading them most nights for the last 11 years with my kids and it’s amazing how bad they are.

  51. ross

    Carolla and Brian are wrong about $68 in LA being the most expensive parking ticket. In New York it’s $105

  52. Jeremy

    Morgan, Can we see your food logs?

  53. Hollie P.
    Hollie P.05-11-2012

    i love that a functional illiterate is tearing down the writing of Maurice Sendak.

  54. gina

    fruitless mulberry? nonsense. that weed is tree tobacco! i can even see the little yellow flowers in this photo. its a native plant, but very weedy, it will grow anywhere – obviously! and bonus, you can totally smoke it bro!

  55. Exploiting TheFunneh
    Exploiting TheFunneh05-13-2012

    Adam doesn’t understand Sendak. That’s why he doesn’t like it. And when you don’t understand the subtleties of writing for the subconscious mind, you say, “it sucks.” Adam goes even further. Because he read a different poorly written children’s book, now ALL writers who don’t also write successful adult fare are “bad writers”. Adam makes his money from funny generalizing, but that is also his weakness intellectually.

  56. Hood

    One of the best parts of ths show was when Thomas Edison used his time machine to record Maurice Sendak’s voice on wax cylinder.

  57. An Onny
    An Onny05-15-2012

    Adam’s kind of right about today’s children’s books. They are so dumbed down compared to those of 100 years ago. Look at the original Winnie the Pooh, that had a target audience of around 5, yet it was pretty complex. And Uncle Wiggily, the gentleman rabbit. Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, Mary Poppins. The originals, I’m talking about, not the Disney versions. They were all written quite cleverly. A 5 year old could understand them, but an adult reading it would also find them interesting.

  58. Stevie OneLeg
    Stevie OneLeg05-16-2012

    Hey, Adam: The reason children’s book authors don’t write for grownups is because (other than you) grownups don’t buy books to look at the pictures.

    Most children’s books are illustration-centered, and the plot is secondary. An illustrator who wants to illustrate for a living often discovers the shortest path to success is to write AND illustrate children’s books. Perhaps that is why the plot-development is not up to your high standards, but clearly the children’s book market doesn’t have the same desire for high-falutin’ literature as do you.

    I also find it hilarious that a self-proclaimed “functional illiterate” spends so much oxygen engaging in literary criticism.

    Contrary to the above, I do, in fact, love the podcast (yes, even your irrational rants – they are wildly entertaining and occasionally brilliant). I adore Allison’s quick wit, and Bryan is the King of Drops and Ad-libs.

    So even though you are completely, 100% wrong about Sendak, I wouldn’t change a thing about your podcast, I love every minute.

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