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Adam welcomes Dave Dameshek back to the show and talks with him about working at Jimmy Kimmel Live with today’s guest, Morgan Murphy. Adam then discusses his car breaking down during a Jay Leno shoot, and complains about the girl power music that blasted during his haircut. Shek rolls into his #1 Sports Segment by discussing the festivities in Ohio for the NFL Hall of Fame. The guys also list off the coolest, and most effeminate athlete names, and Shek wraps his segment with the Creep of the Week.

Morgan Murphy enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about the series she is writing for, ‘2 Broke Girls.’ The gang then talks about problems with LA, and what it was like for Morgan moving all over the place with her artist mother. Alison opens the news with an update on Jared Loughner, the Arizona shooter. The guys also discuss Bob Marley Day, and Adam recalls some interesting facts from a documentary he recently watched. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Jeff Ross’s offensive jokes being cut from the most recent Comedy Central Roast.


Follow Morgan on Twitter @Morgan_Murphy. Also be sure to catch the second season premiere of 2 Broke Girls. Monday, September 24th on CBS.

Follow Dave on Twitter @Dameshek, and be sure to visit http://Dameshek.NFL.com.

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  1. DonnySac


    • DonnySac

      Can hear the whole podcast when I click on “Play in a new window.”

    • Mittens

      Romney-hood here, hoping you all would like to pay more taxes while me and my boys get TAX cuts. It is that whole TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS thingy.

      Can you all feel what I’m TRICKLING DOWN on you? I knew that you could.

      you know that I gots to be gooooooooooood!

      Romney – Hood …Late!

      • liberalsRstupid

        Liberalism is a Mental Disorder, thanks for the proof…

      • Cheechu

        Lemming. Drink the kool-aid.

  2. Rufus

    Christine Michael, running back for Texas A&M, has to be one of the most feminine names out there for male athletes

    • Beard_of_Zeus

      Coolest name in sports: UVA lacrosse player ‘Steele Stanwick’.

  3. Silent Running
    Silent Running08-07-2012

    Looking very goblinesque in that picture. Someone awoke refreshed today.

  4. TS

    Link to Dave’s stuff in the description is off, should be: http://davedameshek.nfl.com/

    • Leafyman

      This “interview” was a complete twinkie munch.

  5. MangAnimeman

    How DARE ADAM try and justify the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which were two of the greatest atrocities ever committed and every American involved should have been tried and executed for crimes against humanity!

    Also the “Rape” of Nanking is nothing but a fabricated lie concocted by the Chinese. None of what they said was true it is pure propaganda created to justify Chinese imperial aggression. Adam needs to do some research before he spreads these outright lies!

    Adam Corolla ??????????!!! ?? podcast ??????????!!!

    • Joe

      You, sir, are the one who has been misinformed, MangAnimeman.
      You clearly have been educated in Japan or have Japanese parents, as the nationalistic nonsense you are spouting suggests. Despite the fact that the Japanese government continues to deny it, there is clear evidence (photographic and otherwise) to prove that the “Rape of Nanking” actually did indeed happen. It is far more egregious that Japan still denies this (akin to Germany denying the holocaust).
      As for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as explained in the show it is the historical consensus the world over that only an act that severe could have ended the war that early, saving millions of lives in the process. If the war had continued (an allied invasion of Japan) then the civillian casualties would have been far more in number.
      Also it is Adam CAROLLA – not corolla. You’re on adamcarolla.com for christ’s sake.

      • Just Ed
        Just Ed08-08-2012

        Dude, Relax. The fucker doesn’t believe the shit he spouted either. He’s looking to piss off some poor gullible soul. Just trolling.

    • Badger

      Magnificent troll, 9.5/10

    • Admiral Kent
      Admiral Kent08-08-2012

      Lighten up, Frances.

    • Scott

      Are you f*cking kidding me? These conspiracy theory little bitches need to read a goddam history book…the Rape of Nanking is an historically documented event (like the Holocaust – but let me guess, you refute that as well), and if we didn’t drop those bombs on the Japs that war would have lasted another decade and a lot more than 200,000 would have died.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      I vote for the Holocaust as the greatest atrocity committed against mankind.

    • Why are anime characters always white?
      Why are anime characters always white?08-08-2012

      If Japan was a just a strong gust of wind from surrendering, why didn’t they surrender after the FIRST bomb?

      Anyone who thinks we should’ve invaded the main island, please volunteer your own grandpa to have gone and got shot. Leave the rest of us out of it.

      Truman made the right choice.
      Yea, that Chinese imperial aggression was real brutal as they were conquered and raped in the 1930s. So aggressively imperialist.

    • jeff

      hey tard,

      the japanese did not surrender, ever. they fought to the honorable death. the allies would have had to lose a couple hundred thousand troops doing it the old fashioned way. i suppose you would have preferred that option, probably because you are a pinko, self-hating white, liberal apologist.

      anyways, as dennis leary said, “what did we put in those bombs? fertilizer?”

      • Bo B Blevans
        Bo B Blevans08-09-2012

        Pinkos are stinkos

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge08-08-2012

      Please be careful with your teeth while I put my dick in your mouth…

    • Eddy

      guessing your not japanese…

    • Dan Penny
      Dan Penny08-08-2012

      You make a great point sir. – Sincerely, People who don’t believe the Holocaust took place.

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian08-08-2012

      You are the one spreading your own propaganda. Plus you’re a day late. I’m not a fan of the way Adam tried to justify it but it is a very justifiable event for many reasons. Also the Japanese did really horrific stuff to the people of China and other places they occupied. Not to mention how they treated their prisoners. They were equally as bad as the Nazis. That is not made up. You sound like a Japanese person getting really defensive and trying to hide your history.

    • Gregers

      Quiet, you’ll ruin the souffle!! Shh!

    • Patrick

      What bombs? That never happened. Japan went from discovering the joy of raw fish on rice to building high quality cars and electronics.

      If you deny the rape of Nanking, I can deny anything that may have happened in the late summer of 1945.

    • HotBlackDesoto

      Less we forget.

      Japan threw down the gauntlet. When one challenges another to a fight one should prepare for an ass whuppin.

    • liberalsRstupid

      Idiots like you deserve a “Special place” in hell… My Grandfather DIED fighting those EVIL bastages… Dont give me that crap…

    • Riggz

      So true. Anyone going to a self proclaimed illiterate comedian for history lessons is a moron. Please Adam, stick to the funny.

  6. Dan R.
    Dan R.08-07-2012

    goddamn i love Dave. and Ace man never disappoints either. GET IT ON!

    • Dan

      I agree !!! Dave and Adam together are a great team. Bring Dave on the show more often

    • Justin

      Yes! Instead of “Charlie,” Shek calls him “Chazz Sheen.” BRILLIANT!

      Also, Pittsburgh: City of Champeens. Do you get it? Not champions. Champeens.

      Gold, Dan R. Comic gold.

    • Dameshecky Green
      Dameshecky Green08-08-2012

      And how! Some try to disparage the Shek, but I say to them: horsefeathers! Listen to the big cheese, the Ace Man – he’s the berries! If he didn’t think I was the bee’s knees, certainly he’d give me the bum’s rush. And hey, how about that dame Allison? She’s the cat’s meow!

      Now listen: I’ve had an earful of those piker’s who claim Shecky is all wet. Those saps must be fried to the hat to think Shecky is going on the lam. Says you! Im a swell chap, and all you saps can scram, see!

      Now that’s the trolley!

    • Dan C
      Dan C08-09-2012

      Wrong. Shek thinks it’s his show when he’s on. We need McHale, not Shek

  7. As a society
    As a society08-08-2012

    As a society, I’ve said this a million times, passion fruit ice tea, fair share, lucite, asians and jews value education, black fathers, sirius 80s channel sucks, my dad is a pussy, my mom locked herself in her room and yelled freak out, people don’t respect rich guys anymore, hebrew heights.

    • Mark j
      Mark j08-08-2012

      hmmm sounds familiar…….but i just can’t recall what you’re referring too…hmmm

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      …Pop Warner football.

    • tony


    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman08-08-2012

      pop warner football, first off, by the way, north hollywood, shut the FUCK up

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch08-08-2012

      It’s like I’ve always said…my buddy Ray…..I was talking to Leno…..Rape-bank…..his name is Tony Villar…..who likes this?…..180,000 dollar Audi…..why first class sucks…..why developing a pilot sucks…..why writing a book sucks…..why hammering checks doesn’t suck……no wait, being rich sucks…..Bruce Springsteen…..I know Alec Baldwin…..masturbate…..pee in the sink…..red wine…..

  8. Ryan J.
    Ryan J.08-08-2012

    Why has the news been buried at the end of the show recently? Having some of the news near the top of the show keeps it fresh every day. That way Adam can pull out some hilarious rant or angle on something new, because by the end of the show he’s in cool-down mode and you guys just sprint through it. Move the news opening back to the first 30 minutes!!!

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Yeah I like it when they have the news after the opening, I think they do it later so the guest can “crack wise”, though they almost never do.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

        It’s not crack wise, it’s try to get a word in edge-wise.

    • Scott

      The less news the better. More banter with Adam and the guest is way better. Adam rants without the news.

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge08-08-2012

      Too right.

    • UnBald Brian
      UnBald Brian08-08-2012

      I agree

  9. Aguyfromeurope

    You should be happy the bombings happened, likely there wouldn’t be any Japanese media for you to devour.

  10. Billy Bob
    Billy Bob08-08-2012

    Ah fuck, not Shek again….well another podcast I’ll skip.

    • Dan C
      Dan C08-09-2012

      I’m right with you Billy Bob. I’m tired of Shek.

  11. Miguel

    Do it Dave, as always, Shek delivers. By the way Mang, the Japanese have been vicious throughout their history, they committed suicide before being captured because they expected the allied forces to treat them as they would treat their prisoners. We stopped a horrible invasion with horrible losses for both sides, and kept our democratic way of life. Get over it, they learned their lesson.

  12. Mark j
    Mark j08-08-2012

    As a guy who was in Iraq I can see where Ace is coming from. If your enemy won’t give up then you’ll fight a long drawn out war with high casualties on both sides. Fighting a guerrilla war which the Japanese had become good at is horrible for morale and wreaks havoc on fighting forces. In the end you have to eliminate those who will want to fight or make them surrender. HAving said all that glad Dr. Funny aka the Taste Acountant, aka The Man Ace brought in to cut out the noise, Dave Dameshek is back. Here’s to another episode of Dave Dameshek Vanity project feat. Ace and the Gang. Big fan btw

    • liberalsRstupid

      Airborne, brother, thanks for your sacrifice!

  13. MC White
    MC White08-08-2012

    Passion Fruit Ice Tea has never been “served” or offered to me in Northern California. If I had to guess, the “variety” of teas had to start with Snapple. Your new enemy is the CEO of Snapple, Aceman! I don’t think such a variety is offered as a “freshly made” iced tea in very many restaurants. I suppose since LA is known for its warm weather, they have moved to a variety of iced teas, which, I do agree with Adam, I prefer the natural, and original Ice Tea. Did you ever think to ask these douche bag restaurants, to make it fresh for you, I can’t believe they don’t have a standard tea bag in the “high falootin” restaurants you troll, Adam. Make that server earn your “20 percent” tip. Get it on!!!

    There’s a fancy restaurant up here in San Francisco, I’m going to ask, next time I’m in, if they have standard Ice Tea, as an offering on the menu. Now you’ve gotten me curious. I’ve never ordered it, and it’s rare that I hear any complaints of this nature up here.

  14. Mr. O
    Mr. O08-08-2012

    Shek is the best

  15. Idon'tGetIt

    I don’t get Dameshek’s act. Not a lot of sports, not a lot of content, not a lot of funny but a lot of time. What am I missing?

    See: Ohio River, Fish Tank and Chris Berman hawks Mangrate.

    • ACPC Show Booker
      ACPC Show Booker08-08-2012

      Show Booker: So Dave, what do you have for us?

      Shek: Well, I do an amazing Chris Berman. It’s my voice, but I lower it. Then I repeat the same sentence over and over…but get THIS – I change some of the words in the middle. It’s a riot.

      SB: Fabulous. What else?

      Shek: Well, I do a 10 min chunk on the Mona Lisa and her bad attitude! Can you imagine? The painting has an attitude! Well, at the end I bring her down a few notches with my patented female rating system. It starts at 1, but goes to 10. I dont give her a 10, and people just fall down laughing.

      SB: Pure comedy gold, sir. Anything more?

      Shek: Well the rest is mediocre sports information – don’t worry, I do almost no research – during which I mention Pittsburgh the majority of the time. You know, because Pittsburgh is the mecca of American culture…am I right? But just so I can keep the young listeners involved, I always close with a hockey reference. Kids love that stuff.

      SB: This all sounds genius. Do you think you could do it in some sort of stylized way?

      Shek: Glad you asked! I got this nifty book called “Old Timey Slang” and Ive been just reading it non-stop. If I could sneak a couple of these phrases into my segment, my god, I’d have em slapping their knees from here to Albuquerque!

  16. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino08-08-2012

    The list of athlete names was interesting. But what about Jonathan Cheechoo?!!!

  17. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles08-08-2012

    Agree with Ryan J — MORE NEWS please. Wouldn’t cry if there was less Dameshek and Wild. Also, the SHOWGIRLS commentary was awesome — bought it 5 times for friends — good stuff!

  18. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett08-08-2012

    Damn a Shek!

  19. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell08-08-2012

    Somewhat off topic – does anyone have any insight into how Larry Miller is doing? I know Ace has mentioned him from time to time but it seems like it’s been awhile and I sure hope he’s improving, even if slowly. Any info would be much appreciated –

  20. Justin

    Shek “literally hasn’t laid eyes” on Morgan Murphy since … ever. He’s literally never laid his eyes on anyone.

    Christ, I hate Dameshek. Forcing me to resort to niggling over his grammar.

  21. Ike Vandergraaf
    Ike Vandergraaf08-08-2012

    How did that show (2 Broke Girls) get renewed for a second season? Does anyone watch it? It’s absurdly unfunny. Not a particularly good guest either.

  22. curtis

    Bald Bryan has been on point with the drops! “Where’s my fish tank at!?!?” …. Bubbles…. Bubbles..
    Fantastic show everyone!

  23. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian08-08-2012

    Morgan Murphey called herself a comedian? 1: She was dreadfully dull and unfunny. 2: Two Broke Girls is terrible.

  24. Rob Kine
    Rob Kine08-08-2012

    Don’t bother listening to Shek’s NFL Podcast….you already heard all his material here

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-09-2012

      The more you know.

  25. SpaceCowboy

    Those are some big hands on Morgan – that’s not a bad thing.

  26. robert_r

    My PSA: it gets listenable around 58 minutes in.

  27. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah08-08-2012

    Just me or everyone — Morgan kinda looks like a female Weird Al in that pic.

  28. bobo from hoboken
    bobo from hoboken08-08-2012

    Dave damesheck stop singing that creep of the week song… its a stupid fucking bit and you’re not funny. and stop yelling for christssake.

    • Bo B Blevans
      Bo B Blevans08-09-2012

      Sheck would rape you bobo…wait no one should ever joke about rape…ehh

  29. James Beall
    James Beall08-08-2012

    Adam, there was a study done and it was determined that the loud music in bars/clubs is played because it influences people to drink more because they cannot hold a normal conversation and they drink to fill the void

  30. Jimbo

    Ace, if we don’t use the water in Portland, it washes out into the ocean anyway. We’ve got tons of it here in Portland. Artisan water sources!

  31. Dustin

    I am officially confused. How can you possibly download a podcast, go to the comedian’s website, and rant about how much you hate the podcast and the host? Am i missing something here?

    I have an idea. How about you STOP LISTENING to someone you hate, you morons. NOBODY cares what you have to think. NOBODY.

    Do you expect to agree with Adam on every topic? if so… You are insane and need to be hospitalized. If you hate it so much, listen to something else. These message boards used to be funny and interesting to read. It has officially turned into only negative comments. Its too bad.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      If they hate him, why do they listen?
      Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

      -Private Parts

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      It says so in the Bible…

      John 1:69 ” Go forth and download the Carolla Podcast as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God”.

    • Bo B Blevans
      Bo B Blevans08-09-2012

      Way to go Dustin!

  32. mildly amused
    mildly amused08-08-2012

    Praise the lord, Shek is on!

  33. IdontGetit

    Hmmm…now I’m wondering how long Damashek would last if he was covering medical news?

  34. Scott

    FYI – it was Marley’s big toe that had the cancer…he didn’t want it amputated because of soccer and because everyone told him that he wouldn’t be able to dance around on stage like he did without the big toe

  35. Terri

    I know David Wilde wasn’t on today but check out a great documentary about the women in the Beatles life which features several shots of David talking:


  36. JessMan

    she doesn’t look very funny

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      I think she’s quite funny looking.

  37. thedecade

    Trend, ask one question as to where the guest grew up, wait for answer and then magically turn the answer into a 57 minute rant about his crummy childhood which was somehow documented with a spectacular amount of photos.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-08-2012

      Isn’t it great!
      Keeps me listening every day.

  38. Jessica

    EXCELLENT show!! I love the chemestry between AC and DD. I could listen to those two talk all day long.

    • Justin

      You need to find something — anything — to do with your days, then. I would blow my goddamned brains out, if Shek’s voice were that constant. He’s an imbecile.

  39. Rick

    Dave is better when he doesn’t do “sports” and just kisses Adam’s ass.

    Oh, another reference to Pittsburgh PA? I think we know where your from, enough already or better yet, get a job doing local sports in your beloved home town.

  40. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo08-08-2012

    Rollie Fingers

  41. Grave

    Any man who is willing to justify the bombing of innocent women and children is no better than a dog. Shame.

  42. Robert

    Agree with Bald Bryan on the Sports Bar music. Dated a bartender, they played whatever the fuck they wanted to listen to. Didn’t give a shit what any customers thought. Guys go to bars to search for ass, most care much more about hitting on waitresses and randoms than the lady gaga blasting through the speakers. Only married old timers would even notice.

    • MC White
      MC White08-09-2012

      Don’t forget Adam’s hidden assumption, that whatever he wants to listen to is what everyone will want to listen to. Somebody will complain, when “his music” is played too. Ass!

  43. Moggraider

    This episode needed more Shek.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-09-2012

      I gotta have more cow-bell.

  44. TS

    Liked the guest a lot, would have liked to hear her talk more. Have her back, sometime.

  45. yuk yuks
    yuk yuks08-08-2012

    Who’s the weirdo with the mop-head?

    More Shek!

  46. Chad

    Im sorry. I can’t listen to any podcast that has shek on it. Seems like a nice guy but he just does not bring anything to the table.

    • Rob


    • Dain

      Absolutely. Glad to see I’m not the only one that now avoids the pod cast he’s on. So cheesy and a kiss ass.

    • matt

      I almost started to skip the Damshek parts..but its sort of fun to listen if he manages to say anything close to funny- NOTHING in the last 6 podcats

  47. sloozen1

    Are you talking about Jay Leno’s website?? — Foreign owned buisinesses play shitty music because they don’t know any better. They have a culture problem and so they pick “popular” music.— Portland is a white town that’s why you can leave a bike out and it is not stolen.— Morgan is hot…— Morgan has the same voice as that red headed lady from the old Match Game Show.—-Thanks Adam

  48. Nolan

    Interesting that the comments seem so divided about Shek. Personally, I love when he’s on and almost immediately skip when David Wild or Dr Bruce are on the pod. I’m a big fan of Morgan Murphy. If you have a twitter account and you’re not following her, you’re doing it wrong.

    • Moggraider

      Agree that David Wilde is a skip, though it’s not his fault. I’m just tired of hearing the same rants about music every week from Adam now that Wilde always comes on. As for Dr. Bruce, big fan. Gotta keep him.

  49. Steeew

    Leno snapping the toothpick in the Ferrari is the best thing I’ve ever heard about him. I hope you learned a lesson Aceman! That car has been waiting to be driven like that since it was built.

  50. stnuntrnd

    Wish BB would speak right into the mic. Miss too many of his comments.

    About use of the term “half-tard”:
    Not a kernel of truth there, so not funny. Just call the construction work guy
    “Tard Gary”, and we’ll know you are not talking about the show staff.

    • Good_Times

      I noticed that during the first part of the show BB and Alison were not talking directly into the mics, and they were mumbling a bit. As the show progressed they started speaking into the mics and stopped mumbling.

      I’ve listened to the show from day 1, it still sounds unprofessional at times. Adam will mumble something so quietly that I can’t make out what he said, then he gets blaring loud again. One thing they need to do is use even more compression, and learn to talk into the mics. They need to pay more attention to overall sound quality, it’s so hard to listen to sometimes. The live shows are even worse.

  51. JohnnyNOva

    It’s the “pinky” toe and it’s the one that goes “we we we we weeeee” all the way home.

  52. Dr Bruce
    Dr Bruce08-09-2012

    Dear God, please no more Shek!!! Go away and do local radio in your beloved PA. Just stay off this podcst so I don’t have to listen to your annoying voice —and even more annoying laugh.

  53. ReRun

    I agree with the doctor. Shek is horrible. Not sure why Adam keeps having this no talent loud mouth back every week.

  54. angel

    Adam Carolla and Dave Damesheck —-good pod. sweet car.

  55. Jeff2170

    More Dave Dameshek, more Fishtank!

  56. Dain

    Dameshek is such a tool. It’s like I can tell he’s funny but the over abundance of him kissing Adams ass every time he’s on just over shadows it.l

  57. Pete M
    Pete M08-12-2012

    Oh great another Dave Dameshek show. When does this guy get funny? I have heard all of his episodes and he has ,maybe , said one amusing thing. They need to cut down on his appearences because he and his sports bits are horrible. Think I will start to skip his segments thus skipping any sponsor ads. He is not even Rosanne Barr funny !

  58. Murf

    Love that a sportsguy had to ask what F1 was/is.

  59. Doug

    Dameshek is single-handedly ruining the show. He seems like a nice guy and all but his voice gets old and he’s rarely funny. Adam has him on far too often. Less Shek, dammit!

  60. Eduardo

    Alison at 5:33: “Can’t quit the habit.” Nicely done.

  61. BW

    arizona cardinals db william gay.

  62. jen

    Dave, please add Hope Solo to your all time greatest sports names of all time.

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