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Adam opens the show by asking Mike Judge about the return of Beavis and Butthead. Adam says that the show used to crack him up, and Mike says that while the two animated stars are still the same, they’ll now be making fun of contemporary MTV programming like Jersey Shore and various music videos. Adam also praises some of Mike’s other movies, all of which have become classics despite originally flying under the radar.

Adam then talks to Mike about his relationship with his parents and growing up in New Mexico. Mike talks about pursuing a degree in Physics, and the struggle that ensued after he graduated to find a job that he liked. All the while he’d been thinking about comedy and music, and he talks about how he eventually transitioned into a career that would allow him to engage in both. Adam also asks about the origins of the characters of Beavis and Butthead, and congratulates Mike on 13 seasons of King of the Hill.

In the last part of the show, the guys talk about being a celebrity and the love-hate relationship of being recognized in public. Mike tells stories of being with famous people when they are recognized, and admits it’s kind of nice to only get recognized himself only once every couple of months. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about his made-up middle name, and the guys complain about airport workers doing nothing of use on the job.

Watch brand new episodes of Beavis and Butthead on MTV, beginning October 27th at 10pm.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Connard

    Get it on, Bitches

  2. rambling man
    rambling man10-21-2011

    cool! he he he

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-21-2011

      “…are you threatening me?”

  3. Callen

    So wanting to hear this.

  4. KYKE


    • Ledgewood

      That’s a very interesting thought.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-21-2011

      Is that anything like tiger blood?

      • Ledgewood

        Yes, but it’s much cheaper.

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-21-2011

          too funny, another homer for Poochie and Ledgewood…

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-21-2011

      It takes all kinds.

  5. mollyminks

    wow, reclusive!

  6. nater

    Get it on!!!
    Still don’t know what he looks like.
    Nice picture.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-21-2011

      He’s in picture 7 (not Jennifer Aniston).

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-21-2011

        you can go to howardstern.com and go to the Wednesday show rundown…

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-21-2011

          for a current picture of Mike, by the way…

  7. banned

    Banned what are the adam min. wage fluffers afraid of?


    Banned for comments that don’t fluff

    • Tanner

      We can’t understand you… pull that massive cock out of your mouth before you speak.

  8. Ledgewood

    King of the Hill is one of the best shows on television. Hank Hill is a great American.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-21-2011

      “I sell propane and propane accessories.”

      • ciga-Rhett

        “taste the meat, not the heat!”

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle10-21-2011

          “That boy ain’t right.”

  9. AngryPeople

    Some classy guests recently! Mike Judge is so underrated it’s scary.

    • ciga-Rhett

      Office Space, Idiocracy, and Extract – all of them are definitely worth your time.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-21-2011

        I love Idiocracy, did not know it was a Judge movie… Good Times!

  10. Dave

    Aceman and the crew pulling some weight w bringing a guest like Mike Judge to pitch Beavis and Butthead before the air date. Can’t wait to hear this one.

  11. sCUM

    Mike Judge is so easy to listen to. His words just flow like poetry.

  12. Mr. Roboto
    Mr. Roboto10-21-2011

    Great guest.

  13. J-ROC

    fucking awesome

  14. Tyler

    I’m 15 again. Beavis and Butthead rules all.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-21-2011

      “Breaking the law, Breaking the law…”

  15. randy marsh
    randy marsh10-21-2011

    way to go aceman! this is what i’m talking about. no more mailing it in! you are a huge talent, this week has been a great break from your regular show format which i feel is somewhat lazy and lets alison rosen, who is a nice person but not very funny, talk way way too much.

  16. rushbaby

    What a lovely way to start my Friday. Get it on!

  17. Midwest

    Great interview!

  18. machineman

    bald bryan would’ve been a great help on this one. Alison can stay in santa monica in her rent controlled apartment

  19. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-21-2011

    Mike Judge on Howard and Ace in one week… what a slice of heaven… Dave Attel on Fitzdog… if you have sattelite be sure to check out Geektime today, it’s a great show my fellow ho’s…

  20. Scott

    I love what Mike Judge does, but WOW this is a boring podcast. Not sure if I’ll make it to the end.

    • MicMac

      Mike Judge is a loser and can suck my asshole. Beavis and Butthead is crap of a show and will not be watching any of it. Like Larry Miller always says, C’MON!!

  21. DES


    According to Reuters, the new cast will also consist of small-screen Italian divas Victoria Gotti and Teresa Guidice, former “American Idol” favorite Clay Aiken, race-car driver Marco Andretti, radio and TV personality Adam Carolla, “Wayne’s World” muse Tia Carrere, former bodybuilder and “Incredible Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno, “Shake Your Love” chanteuse Debbie Gibson, former late-night host Arsenio Hall, magician/rumor debunker Penn Jillette, “Making The Band” vet Aubrey O’Day, “American Chopper” dad Paul Teutal, models Cheryl Tiegs and Patricia Velasquez, former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza, foul-mouthed funny lady Lisa Lampanelli and George Takei, known lovingly worldwide as Sulu from “Star Trek”.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-21-2011

      George Takei, more recently he’s known lovingly worldwide as the “Howard Stern Announcer”

  22. Edwin

    “Welcome to Costco.. I love you………”.

  23. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-21-2011

    I love Mike Judge. I love Beavis and Butthead. I love Idiocracy. I love Office Space. I love King of the Hill. I love Beavis and Butthead Do America. I love Extract. I love everything the guy does. To me, everything Judge does is gold.

  24. jd

    Judge came across in this interview as being depressed almost…Ace did a good job of keeping the interview interesting.

    • Ledgewood

      I think he is just a quiet/shy type of guy. That’s probly why I’d never recognize him on the street.

  25. Kaley

    Mike Judge is clearly the worst guest of ’11. Adam, you can do better.

    • Ledgewood

      This is truly an insane comment. Especially just days after Bai Ling was on.

      • Kaley

        This was the worst podcast to date. My opinion and who made you queen and tell me my comment is insane?? Go suck your v and put some shirt on

        • Ledgewood

          Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, yours is just wrong. Lovely internet comebacks!

  26. Bluetone

    Kaley, suck my cock.

  27. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward10-21-2011

    Mike Just can drop and not exist for all I care. Long live Aceman!

  28. Gigo

    wow snore fest Adam forgot to mention to Mike to get it on !

  29. Will T.
    Will T.10-21-2011

    How do we know it was MIke Judge, no picture? Could have been Ace alternating between his nasally North Hollywood cadence and a depressed Texas mumble

  30. Pike

    Great podcast! It’s cool to learn about how Mike got into the business. Interesting stuff!

  31. Cramp

    Great interview. MicMac can go blow AssCrack and SackBack at the same time, and Kaley can as well that stupid kunt

    • Seamen Cummings
      Seamen Cummings10-21-2011

      Who thinks Mike Judge should just drop and cease to exist? Ay or Nay?

  32. Ryan II
    Ryan II10-21-2011

    Loved the show, Ace is bringing the heat again.

  33. Flostran

    I really appreciate how Adam gets past the same 2 minutes of interview that everyone does and then engages the guest at a real, day-to-day level. Mike Judge has an appreciation for the absurd that really clicks with me. It was great to hear a conversation with him that presented the regular guy responsible for the art he has produced.

  34. Seamen Cummings
    Seamen Cummings10-21-2011

    Aceman deserves a better fan than you butthole. Negative opinions about some db guest like Mike Judge is one thing but making fun of your fellow fans because they don’t share your same views is not only cowardly but you can get hungged for treason in some 3rd world countries.

  35. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross10-21-2011

    Was that Steven Wright?

    Makin’ sandwiches with Debby Gibson. Movin up Ace man!

  36. Todd

    Awesome guest. I love Mike Judge!

    Anyone else notice that he kind of sounds like Seth MacFarlane?

  37. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-21-2011

    “Why So Serious Son!” Doesn’t Adam look worried in that picture? Geektime Rocks!!!

  38. Bv

    Great guest! Thanks.

  39. Burt

    “Propane. It’s God’s gas.

    Hank Hill

  40. Jessica

    It didn’t get really funny until the 30 minute mark, with the beat off story, and then the gloves were off. Hysterical.

    THE JUDGE10-21-2011

    Great show. These have been awesome one on ones.

    If you are one of the people that doesnt like mike judge then you belong in a theater laughing at “ass.” Or in kaleys case, go back to watching the view and ellen then go shut up and F#$% yourself..

  42. Brad

    Exactly! I’d rather go to a theater and laugh at ass than listen to Mike Judge. LMAO!

  43. zach

    I love all the shows but i must admit that the one-on-one interview style shows are far superior to the other format. This may be a blessing in disguise.

  44. Shew

    the show is back! no sound drops is like a fine massage to my ears. the drops are the one thing holding back this show from being great. otherwise a world-class podcast.

    TACO BELL MATERIAL10-21-2011

    I always wonder what Lindsay Lohan is doing right this very second…

  46. Fan

    U guys are insane. Alison and Bold Bryan are big parts to the show. I love Bryan’s drops and Alison’s beautiful laugh. They bring so much to the show. Without them, Adam’s voice gets long winded. It can put you to sleep. It’s to quiet without his peoples

  47. wade

    I agree with the one on one being better!!!!! Sorry, never a fan of T or A.

  48. wade

    Sorry, LOVE Bald Bryan as a person, but no funny. Alison is REALLY not funny. Keep going with the one on ones!

  49. MrDinosaur

    Alison and Bryan are awesome but I’ve been wanting this one on one since I started listening to the podcast.
    Two of the funniest guys around.
    “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill” are two of the best shows ever.
    Thank you Ace Broadcasting.

  50. OBAMA 2012
    OBAMA 201210-21-2011

    CNN running a segment about how every Bush administration rationale for invading #Iraq was a total falsehood. A bit late, no?

    • Big T
      Big T10-21-2011

      Yep and the Obama admin. is not responsible for the “fast and furious” program that led to the deaths of innocent people…yeah right.

  51. matty54

    Awesome show, Mike Judge is an extremely talented guy. The quality of guests so far Ace has gotten in NY is top-notch, keep it up!

  52. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-21-2011

    I’ll take a little T & A…

    • Big T
      Big T10-21-2011

      Chubby people rarely have a little T & A

  53. Deny Deny in Denial
    Deny Deny in Denial10-21-2011

    Global climate change denier runs the numbers, and has to admit that yes, the globe is warming

  54. jost

    You’re right, it warms then cools, then warms again, then cools again, etc….about 30 years ago we were worried about slipping into another Ice Age.

  55. Rumble from the People
    Rumble from the People10-21-2011

    Rumble from the people
    Inside the barricading bubbles surrounding the Wall Street plutocrats and the Washington oligarchs who service them, there must be worry. After three years of disclosed “lying, cheating and stealing” as one prosecutor put it, with nary a visible stir from the masses, suddenly the barricades are beginning to quiver.

    FREE SPEECH10-21-2011

    ADAM Corolla is the smartest board in the WORLD!

    This board is the funniest, bestest board ever!

    IS That how to FLUFF ??

  57. Moe

    Meh, I actually found this podcast kinda boring.
    The only enjoyable part was when he did the voices.

  58. toorude89

    HUUUUUUUUUUUGE GET. Awesome show. Anyone who doesn’t like Mike Judge can kiss my ass.

  59. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-21-2011

    another great 1on 1. mike judge is awesome i love his work. beavis and butthead dont hold up, but im looking forward to the new one.

  60. fat daddy
    fat daddy10-21-2011

    I enjoyed this episode, love Mike Judge’s stuff, but I wish they would have talked about King of the Hill more. It ended sort of abruptly. I would love to hear the story behind that. Also, Brittany Murphy? and what does Mike think of Family Guy/Seth MacFarlane? Maybe next time.

  61. :D

    Great show today 🙂

    Just saw a photo of Alec Baldwin joining the Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York.

    Maybe Ace went too?

  62. Vince

    I enjoy the one on ones, but the Adam, Brian & Alison product is far superior

  63. Bobby Dobbs
    Bobby Dobbs10-21-2011

    I find Alison really funny-and I don’t mean ‘funny for a girl’ the way Kathy Griffin is… and certainly not funny in that Whitney Cummings way (which is, in reality, not actually funny) but I find her genuinely funny and a lot of times the hardest I laugh is from the little things she says, almost under her breath. I think the show doesn’t allow her humor to come through. And a lot falls flat… sort of like the entire Bai Ling show which is funny the first couple of times a guest doesn’t get that he’s kidding but eventually it becomes pointless.

  64. dick manclaw
    dick manclaw10-21-2011

    i hate the opinions on this message board. mine included.

  65. Yog-Sothoth

    The one on one shows are still good and everything, but much less funny. Those who like this format better clearly don’t value comedy in any way, they are probably boring people who have the radio in their Prius permanently set to NPR.

  66. John

    Bai Ling sucked huge ass. Worst guest.
    Mike Judge great.

  67. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy10-21-2011

    freddy fresneck checking in from Fresno, the world’s most uneducated city……what say you fellow aceman-ites

  68. Craig in Seattle
    Craig in Seattle10-21-2011

    Adam- Did you ever stop to think that your parents may have gotten your first name simply because they were under time pressure from “The Man” and needed something quick so they grabbed the Bible out of the nearest drawer and started at Genesis? You’re lucky your middle name isn’t Eve.

  69. Fat Tad
    Fat Tad10-22-2011

    I wonder what Lindsay Lohan is doing right now. I have not heard a word about her in almost half an hour.

  70. Harry L
    Harry L10-22-2011

    I miss BB and A.

  71. Juicemachine

    Looking forward to this podcast. King of the Hill one of my all-time favourite series.
    Beavis and Butthead the most useless idiot thing I ever saw once and spent 10 years trying to never see.

    So now what?

  72. JASON

    hey yog, people prefer this format cause its nice to actually hear an interview. the other format is just like the radio. The drops, news, the road trip game with larry miller. dont think that is very funny. If they have somebody awesome like mike judge this format a no brainer. if you have bia ling, go back to other format.

  73. Andrew

    i need alisons sexy voice and bb’s funny wit. then ill listen

  74. Basil

    I miss Bryan and Alison, but I loved Mike Judge. Nice work Aceman!

  75. Steve R
    Steve R10-22-2011

    Is it just me or does he sound *just* like Johnny Depp playing Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Can we have Mike back so Adam can ask him what happened to Dr. Gonzo?

  76. matt

    wow, that voicemail was really funny. good ideas.

  77. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-22-2011

    that wasnt Mike Judge, that was Seth McFarland……..wheres the pic of him Ace?

  78. Chester

    Adam comes across as a sycophantic weasel in this episode. This podcast has become consistently awful.

  79. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-22-2011

    Great podcast!

  80. Tim

    B&B coming back is the greatest news I have ever heard!!!!

  81. Josh

    Is the ship being scuttled?

  82. big j
    big j10-23-2011

    When Mike Judge did those brief snippets as Butthead and Hank Hill I was in fanboy heaven. That hasn’t happened to me in about fifteen years.

    Great podcast without Alison and Bryan. Don’t need all that noise to be entertained.

  83. SteveP

    Windy City Heat is awesome. Everyone watch it!

  84. Stinky Finger
    Stinky Finger10-23-2011

    One of these things, I did this thing, that thing, this thing and the other…..jeeez.

  85. MikeA

    Mike Judge lived up to my expectations…fantastic podcast!

  86. Aaron

    Just stumbled across this doc on how movies are rated:

    This Film Is Not Yet Rated

    Interesting look especially after you talking with the Rotten Tomatoes guy about how your film got an R. rating. Essentially – there is no set standard.

  87. matt

    Mike Judge and Adam Carolla are two of my favorite heroes of comedy

  88. John

    Windy City Heat?
    I love Mike Judge. And I LOVE Adama Corolla, but that movie is garbage.
    The main character is neither believably fooled or believably that much of an idiot. Not funny at all.
    And the two other goofy dudes with the fake wigs remind me of unfunny 4th graders.

    It’s a shame to see such a good cast wasted on a movie like this.

  89. robert

    I’m sure Allison is perfectly nice, but I just don’t find her funny. She interrupts Adam with annoying comments and it destroys the momentum of the show. When it’s Adam by himself it’s fantastic!

  90. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett10-25-2011

    This was a good one. Interesting guy.

  91. Ryan

    Alison is 10x funnier than Teresa ever was, Teresa tried to hard to keep up with Adam, I’ll admit that Alison is guilty of that also, but she does a much better job keeping pace.

  92. Darrin W
    Darrin W10-25-2011

    I delivered mail to Mike Judge’s house in Austin, TX while I was listening to him on this podcast. It wasn’t my route and when I saw the name I wandered if it was the same Mike Judge or just a coincidence. I looked him up online and found out that it was actually his home. What are the odds????

  93. Alison's merkin
    Alison's merkin10-25-2011

    Alison 1 big criticism . You make me want to have my way with you . Please stop it . Thank you

  94. Mr_SKIA

    The beat-off defense might be my favorite podcast moment yet.

  95. Subaru WRX
    Subaru WRX10-29-2011

    Great episode, Mike Judge is awesome, loved hearing him talk about Idiocracy.

  96. Roark

    I watched “Windy City Heat” that Adam produced after Mike Judge mentioned how funny it was during tge podcast. And it was AWESOIME! There was a point in the movie I was laughing about 15 minutes straight, with tears coming down my face. 5 starts, hidden gem!!! Adam have you told Petros he looks almost identical to Perry. Nice work!

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