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At the top of the show, Alison mentions that Adam has received nominations as being one of the Hollywood executives people want to work with the most. Adam is surprised that he’s considered an executive, but explains what makes him a good boss. Also in the news is Obama’s response to the Kardashians, a live 3D broadcast of a UFC fight, and the auctioning of one of John Lennon’s teeth. Adam then responds to dating tips from the 1930s, and a list of the hottest TV show hangouts.

Mick Fleetwood then calls into the show. Adam recalls the last time they spoke, and they talk a bit more about the Malibu fires that miraculously avoided Mick’s house down in the canyon. Mick also talks about his new webseries, brought to you by Cabo Wabo, which features Mick talking to up and coming musicians. Later, the guys talk about vintage racing, and the craziness of watching rich guys crash multi-million dollar cars. As the show wraps up, they talk about Fleetwood Mac, and Adam wonders if they’ll ever consider a reunion tour.


Visit www.YouTube.com/CaboWabo to watch Mick’s new webseries, ‘Off The Record’.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. danny o.
    danny o.10-26-2011

    Who wouldn’t want to work w/ the aceman?

    • Tanner

      95% of the people who hate-post on these comment boards (yet still listen every day?) seem to think he’s hardly worthy of listening to, no less working for.

    • joker

      I’m one of those ‘assholes on the left’ and I’d still work for Carolla.

  2. Moe

    I hate Adam Carolla sometimes, today is one of those times. You have Mick Fleetwood on and you don’t ask him one question about Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer or Danny Kirwan, come on now.

    How great would it have been if Adam asked Mick about Jeremy Spencer who left Fleetwood Mac to joined the Children of God religious cult or if he asked Mick about Danny Kirwan, even a question about Peter Green, are they still talking, friends, what’s going on?

    Interviewing Mick Fleetwood and not asking him anything about Fleetwood Mac the blues years is like interviewing Grace Slick and only asking her questions about that awful 80’s band Starship and not one about Jefferson Airplane.
    Come on Carolla, take 5 minutes to look into your guest’s past, you had a goldmine here.

  3. Sluggh

    The team’s ability to crank these out daily is a monumental achievement. Adam is a witch!

  4. the improv frog
    the improv frog10-27-2011

    can’t wait to listen. Love Mick Fleetwood.
    going to stream right now.
    Good get.

  5. KL43

    Uhh, WOWww! Think Aceman catch some flack for that ScarJo comment?

  6. Philly_634

    Get it on!

  7. Chad

    How did he get these done? Did they tape them all this weekend?

  8. Dustin

    its refreshing to hear Adam say he actually likes a good musician. Instead of talking about Joe Jackson all god damn day.

    word to your mother….

  9. Sara

    Love George Harrison, too Adam! Always said he was the best (Give Me Life — greatest song ever)

    Good podcast!

  10. Tyler

    No shitty or complain-y opinions yet? What is happening in the world?

  11. Tyler

    Wasn’t Goldust that fat dude from the WWE long ago?

  12. Tyler

    Finally being moderated, maybe we can have intelligent back and forths on the board now. Good call ACE crew.

  13. Jo Ke
    Jo Ke10-27-2011

    The dude in the dating tip’s looks like Larry Miller.

  14. Flatulator

    Jesus, listening to Mick talk about his richer-than-shit lifestyle makes me jealous.

  15. Chutley

    Get it on !

  16. Dr. Doctor
    Dr. Doctor10-27-2011

    You guys think if you put John Lennon’s tooth that the tooth fairy would leave a bunch of cash? Imagine.

  17. Pulseczar

    Great show today. I think Alison does a fine job, but less than 15 seconds in and she was already referencing a shitty 80’s sitcom? That is a Cal Ripken-esque record that will never be broken. I really do like her on the show, but I can do without her working “The Facts of Life” or “Just the Ten of Us” into every conversation.

  18. TL

    What’s going on with the ID3 tags??? Someone is not doing their job.

  19. Marko

    Phoners are usually kind of a drag, but Mick was great.

  20. Dan

    There we go, Ace. Solid guest, not a douche, good stories and right in your wheelhouse.

    I’m compelled to look at the past guests and determine a rotation of repeat guests, but I know it wouldn’t work out (logistically and what-not).

    Is it worth it?

  21. Mark

    I god damn love Fleetwood Mac

  22. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-27-2011

    is everybody waiting moderation? that will keep the haters away for awhile

  23. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-27-2011

    This is fun, my own personal message board with only fluffy comments. Haven’t heard the show yet but want to thank Adam and everyone with the show for giving us something to listen to every week day as we go on with our rather dreary lives. I have made it my first task every morning this week to listen to the Ace DAG homo erotic fight talk, always makes me happy…

  24. george

    while discussing tommy lee: allison “there’s a picture of Goodwood”. now THAT is her funny moment of the week

  25. Daniel

    Fleetwood totally wants some of that seductive Alison…phone line pimpin!

  26. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks10-27-2011

    I think (just like) starting over is a pretty good Lennon song. Plus John Lennon was a way better solo singer than Sean Lennon.

  27. j3w

    What? No complaints? The only reason I surf to the site aside from clicking banners is to see people’s complaints about the show.

  28. Rvalentine

    Adam, your opinions on music have officially been discounted. George Harrison solo stuff better than John Lennon? You sir are WRONG. By every objective measure. You have proven your ignorance and cover it up by conflating Lennon’s (admittedly) idiotic personal life with his unmatched songwriting genius. Please stop commenting on music at once.

    • Carolla Whore
      Carolla Whore10-28-2011

      I have to agree with you. Ace’s music reviewing is getting stale. He’s clearly stuck on the music of his younger days which is totally normal, but he’s one dimensional in his thinking of what is “good” and what is an “abortion” of a song.

  29. Harry L
    Harry L10-27-2011

    That was a great episode, Mick was a good guest and got along well with Adam.

  30. Frank

    What about “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison? A little more poppy and repetitive than his other solo work. Still, good hook, strong arrangement, and better to listen to than anything Lennon put out after the Beatles.

  31. Chavis

    Direct Adam quotes from this ep:

    Maybe I’m the biggest dickwad in the world.

    I know I sound like an asswipe.

    Yes. Every time you talk about music, you sound like a ginormous douche.

  32. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-27-2011

    Michael Shumaker?

  33. Howard

    Right on with Sweet Dreams, Ace. That song is a cancer on our society.

  34. tsc

    “Get in the bedroom, get in the kitchen.” Yeah, umm. New low.

  35. ChronicBlunts

    Love Adam’s show, but I always end up skipping half the show when he talks music. Nobody has worse taste in music than Adam Carolla.

  36. Andy

    George Harrison – Here Comes the Sun

    Great ‘good mood’ song!

  37. David Strathairn's Calves
    David Strathairn's Calves10-27-2011


    1st Row: John Hiatt / Chickenshit Tickets / Lynette Spending Adam’s Money / Flying First Class / Heavy-set Woman of Color

    2nd Row: 26½ year-old Chick / Alison Asks Stupid Question During Live Podcast / Mayor Retardo / Nanny Problems / Skipping Rope

    3rd Row: Sid And Marty Kroft / Taxes For Rich People / FREE SPACE / Larry Miller Makes Reference From 1972 / Dropping a Digit

    4th Row: “Know What I’m Saying?” / Ray Peeing On Someone / Parent’s Apathy / Dancing With The Stars / Bryan Shits On Adam’s Point

    5th Row: Hospital Gowns / Maneater / Immigrants / Adam Complains About People Who Hate The U.S., And Then Explains Why He Hates LA / Joe Jackson

  38. andy

    The definitely not a Jew segments are painful to listen to. Change the delivery and it could work better.

  39. Pitch White
    Pitch White10-27-2011

    Lennon’s a wanker. Wings is better than the Beatles. The Stones are better than everyone.

  40. vinny

    Wow… this podcast was brutal. Between Adam spending ten minute listening to George Harrison and Mick Fleetwood being the dullest guy in history, it felt like work listening to this one.

  41. Cuffeld

    C’mon Carolla. Enough with the personal music requests, especially while Allison is covering an interesting news story. I still love the show – every show.

    Get it on!!

    THE JUDGE10-27-2011

    Mick Fleetwood sounds like a suprisingly cool guy. Which surprises me for how shitty flleetwood mac is. Terrible music.

  43. Rob

    Digging the normal back-and-forth conversation. Nothing over the top or a knee-slapper but Ace running a real interview every now and then is good.

  44. ScottyWhy

    George Harrison loses major points for writing the absolute worst song ever recorded: “I got My Mind Set On You”. He should have all of his Beatles privileges revoked for that piece of crap.

    • nater

      Huh. I thought that was a Ringo Star song.

    • Stan

      yeah, he didn’t write it, it’s a cover. Maybe it’s worse that he covered a bad song, but he didn’t write it.

      Anyway, “When We Was Fab” is a far worse song.

  45. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-27-2011

    always felt that way about george Harrison……..and Mick Fleetwood was awesome, great show today

  46. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-27-2011

    i dont like same music as ace but i agree that all the shity songs hes pointed out are retarded. the beatles are gay. great show though, as usual.

  47. JuicemanDee

    Fleetwood Mac guy was awesome. I remember the last reunion thing I saw and wow did he rock those drums. Youthful energy but wisdom of age and experience.

    Proved when he immediately recognized Alison has a very sexy voice.

  48. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk10-27-2011

    Get On !

    Adam and Steve Jobs have this in common. They both think differently about license plates !


  49. Jon

    I hope Allen Gregery (sorry about the spelling) is better than Bobs Burger. Started out strong and WAS different and funny, but quickly turned to shit…and vanished.

    GREAT show today.

  50. rushbaby

    Now that was a quality podcast.

  51. acousticbob

    I really like listening to Fleetwood, I just dont understand why you cut it short! He clearly was willing to continue talking, why would you abruptly end it like that?

  52. Will T.
    Will T.10-28-2011

    Two best John Lennon solo songs: “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” and “Instant Karma”.

    But I agree he did record too much unlistenable Yoko influenced shite

  53. Blake

    Good show today! Mick seems like a cool dude. I will not be watching that new cartoon on Fox. It looks really stupid and I am not 12 yrs old.

  54. Jessica

    That tooth is gross.

  55. Jessica

    “Shut up and get in the fuckin’ bedroom or kitchen, would ya?” – AC. Ha ha.

  56. Drew

    Funny how Mick lists Tommy Lee as one of his favorite drummers. On a recent Jimmy Pardo podcast they were talking about how Fleetwood and Lee are two of the worst live drummers.

  57. Steve F
    Steve F10-31-2011

    Ace never sits in awe of a famous guest, and that’s what I admire about his style (He frothed a little at Francis Coppola…) Interviews sound like a conversation between buddies.

    I wanted to know what Mick threw in his pool. Also would liked to have heard more stories about the crazy years (76-80) from the horse’s mouth.

  58. Tracy

    Allan Gregory was horrible!

  59. Mike

    Is there any new music within the last 10 years that Adam likes? He seems totally, completely and absolutely stuck in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

    I’ve moved on from BTO and Ted Nugent to just about everything under the sun. Adam should surf iTunes and discover new stuff that doesn’t sound like Joe Jackson or John Hiatt.

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