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At the top of the show, Adam complains about the special vegetable wash they have at home, and also the kids’ ‘walking recess’ at school. He also discusses a car chase he saw on TV, and is reminded of another chase he was witness to in Beachwood Canyon. Later the guys go through some of Adam’s favorited tweets, and they chat about flavored iced tea, Adam’s misspelled name, and tear-away graffiti guards.

Michael McDonald enters the studio next and asks Adam about his theory on turning left at the red arrows. The guys also reminisce about a strip mall show in Kirkland, and their days training at Groundlings. Alison opens the news talking about the four Americans killed in Libya over an incendiary internet video, and Adam discusses the need for a sane United Nations. The guys also talk about Chris Brown’s neck tattoo, and the show wraps up with a discussion of the newest iPhone and motivational speakers.


For more on today’s guest, check out http://Facebook.com/McDonaldComedy. You can also follow him on Twitter @McDonaldComedy


LA Car Chase


Anti Muslim Movie

Tom Vu

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  1. Rhetorical Cocoon
    Rhetorical Cocoon09-12-2012

    I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but I hate it and the guest because I’m in a Lib and I love my “Rhetorical Cocoon”!

    • Ian T
      Ian T09-13-2012

      Of course, because Cons are a bastion of openness and understanding, “truth” and “facts”. They are totally not in their own self sealed, rage-filled echo chamber. Not at all.

      • Josh

        Ug the libs are the ones that bitch, moan, whine and complain daily about tolerance though. It’s like a preacher that cheats on his wife.

      • AK

        Judge by actions. When you name one (ONE) Conservative ACTUALLY commit an atrocity, let me know. Chances are you will never see it. Which is why the media and so, so so many bigoted and shame shame SHAMELESS groups jump through hoops trying to erroneously tie anybody who happens to be white to the Right wingers and Christianity without a SHRED of evidence. You and all your “open-minded” friends seriously still call Timothy McVeigh a right-winger and Christian terrorist don’t you? It is seriously terrifying disturbing how so many seemingly sane, rational individuals can be LITERALLY brainwashed en masse. What world are we living in???

        How can one group that commits virtually zero atrocities and murders be forever the demonized and vilified (oh wait, here comes the Crusades argument…having to shaaamelessly resort to wars CENTURIES ago). How can one group what commits virtually (I said virtually) all RELIGIOUSLY-motivated atrocities can perpetually be the poor ole helpless victims. That’s why I can give Bill Maher a sliver of respect. At least he doesn’t cower and have the most ridiculous mind-boggling and despicable double-standards when it comes to the subject of Islam, like 99% of his colleagues.

        • Dave

          Isn’t 75% of the prison population in our contry Christian? Pretty sure it is

          • Balky

            I’m gonna go a little closer to 98%.

          • An Onny
            An Onny09-18-2012

            PRACTICING Christian now, that’s another story!

        • Kevin

          Tim McVeigh. Every person that bombed an abortion clinic.

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol09-14-2012

      GET IT ON !

  2. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-12-2012

    Uh, Michael…you, uhhhhhhhhhh…you got a little something in your…never mind. You just..you just maybe wanna floss when you get home.

    • Shawn

      What are you talking about?… he doesn’t have… Oh, good catch. BTW, Adam. I added ‘Mangria’ to wikipdia, and it has been up for 10 minutes without being scrubbed by their bots. Hopefully it sticks.

  3. Brazilana

    Cool, Michael McDonald is back. Loved him when he was on the show back in the early days of the podcast.

  4. TS

    …Tom Vu looks like Bolo from Enter the Dragon and Bloodsport.

  5. uliqe m'dik
    uliqe m'dik09-12-2012

    Jim Carolla update 15 min in.

    p.s. Damashek is pretty funny, quit yer beeeayotching peeps!

  6. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal09-13-2012

    oh Oh OH

    How Far Near the End of this podcast will we get another update on his father

    OLD MAN CAROLLA Is All Class when it comes to life/death update

    • John

      You nerds that demand an update on his Father like you are family need to get a life and worry about something else.

  7. Sam

    Adam Adam Adam… not everything is entitled poor people that have something against rich people. I use to love when Monday came around and I could listen to more carolla but ever since you hooked up with Dennis Prager you are getting way to political. Hopefully you will drop your crusade against peeople you think is around.

    • John

      What? Zero sense made here

    • Dr Awesome
      Dr Awesome09-14-2012

      Adam is funny when he talks about what he knows… and he knows absolutely nothing about politics or world affairs. He just repeats the same stupid, oversimplified nonsense over and over. No, Ace, everyone should NOT be required to kiss your ass because you figured out a way to make money.

  8. daniel gallie
    daniel gallie09-13-2012

    Hopefully will be better tomorrow.

  9. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-13-2012

    Don’t drink diet soda!

    That’s all I have since I haven’t listened to the show yet.

  10. J-Bob

    When I saw Michael McDonald was the guest, I thought we would hear a little “takin’ it to the streets”. Oh well, this Michael is good too.

  11. bpb

    surprised BB didn’t play the John Popper-enhanced version of Opposites Attract. That bit rules!

  12. Ted

    You might want to watch this video of the Audi stomping


    • John Henry
      John Henry09-13-2012

      holy Shit! that’s completely fucking crazy. the mob is destroying that guy’s car and you can see people looking at the mob destroying his car and just laughing like crazy. yeah, it’s open season on “square-looking” white guys.

  13. Turgid Flaccidson
    Turgid Flaccidson09-13-2012

    Carolla’s understanding of current foreign policy is matched only by his knowledge of the Cold War.

  14. Chris Soprych
    Chris Soprych09-13-2012

    Passion fruit-free classrooms are now a reality. This baby is going to be posted in my daughter’s classroom ASAP. Downloadable pdf available here: http://www.chrissoprych.com/uploads/1/1/4/5/11454368/passionfree.pdf

  15. Bam Sry 4 Amrca
    Bam Sry 4 Amrca09-13-2012

    He says he bowls like a Special Olympian.
    He says doctors amputate just for money.
    He says he would personally make the ocean levels fall.
    He says gov’t builds private business.
    He make Catholics pay for birth control.

    But he loves and respects Muslims, and don’t you DARE criticize them!

    Romney/Ryan 2012!!!

    • dan r
      dan r09-13-2012

      I like you already dude!!! Romney/Ryan 2012

  16. Nate

    Whenever I see Michael McDonald on the show, I immediately wonder how Adam is going to get 100 minutes out of the Doobie Brothers and ‘Yah Mo B There”, and then I listen, and it’s the guy from MadTV.

  17. Chris Soprych
    Chris Soprych09-13-2012

    The Jews seem to have fallen to passion fruit madness. Passion fruit wine form Israel. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Passion_fruit_wine_at_Morad_Winery_in_Israel.jpg

  18. ebony lobster
    ebony lobster09-13-2012

    My guess is that if tearoffs were put in place even if the corners were locked up so that they could not be removed that someone could simply cut them with a razor blade to remove them.

    How about tearoffs for the inside of windshields so that when the inside gets a cloudy film a tearoff is removed for instant clarity. I don’t know anyone that has ever been able to successfully clean the inside of a windshield without streaks.

  19. Gregers

    Pretarded! HA!

  20. Chris

    I like Allison well enough, but I’m tired of her telling Bald Bryan what drops to play when he’s far funnier and faster than her Also, her news is ridiculously biased and mostly poorly researched – more like she heard it second hand from a ditzy friend. Just for some balance, how about she speak to the other half of Adam’s listeners for a change: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/09/13/Five-Facts-the-Media-Are-Distorting-About-Romney-s-Reponse-to-Embassy-Attacks

    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman09-13-2012

      you go to breitbart for balance! that’s freakin hilarious.

    • Tony, CPA
      Tony, CPA09-13-2012

      Thaaaaannnnkkk you Chris. I tweeted the same thing to BB a couple days ago. It HAS to piss him off

    • Ian T
      Ian T09-13-2012

      Andrew Breitbart: Stupid or Liar?

      • holly o
        holly o09-13-2012

        neither @ this point… dead

      • Josh

        You probably use MSNBC for news…lol

        • Ian T
          Ian T09-14-2012

          That’s it. Make an inaccurate comparison of nbc news to fox news.

  21. Debris


    I was hoping it was gonna be that mumbly guy from Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers.

    You know… the white guy who avoids using consonants because he thinks it makes him sound black?

    I love him.

  22. Sloover

    Michael McDonald looks like Ray Manzarek and Dr. Drew had a lovechild.

  23. Ken

    Please Shame Mr. Corolla:

    No good motorcyclist would ever condone Adam’s Left turn arrow theory.

    No good motorcyclist would ever condone Adam’s crossing double lines when he “feels like it”.

    I don’t know how many times cars “move into” my lane while riding my motorcycles around town.

    Grew up in So. Cal – now live in Phoenix metro area.

    Please tell Mr. Corolla to believe his rant about everybody being imbeciles and to not trust peoples “judgement”.

    Thank you.

    P.S. – I spelled Adam’s last name the way everyone spells it – i.e. correctly. Corporate Toyota knows how to spell things – so I trust corporations more than Adam’s family history. If it’s good for Toyota – it must be right.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

    • Mark D
      Mark D09-13-2012

      Ken, I consider myself a good motorcyclist and I turn left after the green arrow has turned to a red light, if it is safe to do so. Many a night on my way home from work I find myself forced to do this because the sensors in the road sometimes don’t detect the bike. Also I would cross the double line to pass a pack of bicyclists if there wasn’t any oncoming traffic.

      • Ken

        Thanks Mark,
        Yes I see your point and a biker needs to get out of the intersection as quickly and safely as possible.

        The point I am trying to make is that Adam is basing his “theory” that he will never hit anybody coming the other way – because he will see them. How many bikers have been hit by motorists in to much of a hurry to wait for a red light and plow into a biker that they did not SEE.


        These red arrows are designed to allow certain traffic lanes to move in safety.

        We cannot allow “tards” to judge when it is safe.

        thanks for the sound off.

      • Ken

        Also Mark –

        Here’s a Biker trick at stop lights that don’t sense your motorcycle — Try dropping the kickstand down and leaning the bike over momentarily at the traffic light. The metal stand will activate the sensor.

        Don’t try this inside the intersection.

        Take careful!

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee09-14-2012

          Interesting idea considering it is the magnetic impulses given off by your alternator that trigger the sensors, as Mr. Know It All would say “you should have known”

          • Ken

            Quoted from “HowStuffWorks”
            So… Let’s say you take a coil of wire perhaps 5 feet in diameter, containing five or six loops of wire. You cut some grooves in a road and place the coil in the grooves. You attach an inductance meter to the coil and see what the inductance of the coil is. Now you park a car over the coil and check the inductance again. The inductance will be much larger because of the large steel object positioned in the loop’s magnetic field. The car parked over the coil is acting like the core of the inductor, and its presence changes the inductance of the coil.

            A traffic light sensor uses the loop in that same way. It constantly tests the inductance of the loop in the road, and when the inductance rises, it knows there is a car waiting!

            Moving the metal kickstand to touch the road inside the sensor changes the inductance.


    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-13-2012

      So Ken you ever do a full moon ride up Yarnell Hill, just askin…

  24. Charles

    Oh. That’s A Michael McDonald. Not THE Michael McDonald. Get August on that right away!

  25. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-13-2012

    Woah…Adam’s quoting Hillary Clinton and talking up the UN!? Prager and O’Reilly are gonna have your ass!

  26. Dan Burke
    Dan Burke09-13-2012

    Adam should quit drinking for a few months to 1. see if he can do it. 2. Find out what life is like sober. He would be happier without alcohol, but I doubt he would believe it. And I doubt he could quick drinking for even a month without ending up getting quite sick. It takes time to slip into the habit of drinking, and when you quit cold turkey, it makes can be hard.

  27. GOD

    I’m glad Adam could have Ellen Degeneres in the studio.

  28. Burro

    propaganda in the middle east.

  29. Burro

    To invade Iran and put more money in the pocket of Dick Cheney and Halliburton and no one realizes it.

  30. ShekRepublic

    Thanks to Adam, I’m driving two cars with no front plate (dealer plate on the rear) and blow through left turn arrows when there is no traffic on a regular basis.

    I didn’t look at the photo of the Audi being stomped until after listening to the podcast. I was picturing a bunch of tat’ed up fixie riding hipsters. Adam, you failed to mention the stompers were black. What is this podcast coming to?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee09-13-2012

      Here Here ShekPub,
      I know Adam doesn’t read these and I’m too old to “follow someone” on twitter but I am also confused by the Audi picture after listening to the show. I first thought it was the typical idiots who destroy cars after championship games but they were cyclists? Droopy pants and tennis shoes? What kind of cyclists were they? I ride bicycles on and off road and my friends and I always respect cars. I drive my car to work every day as I presume most cyclists do. I don’t know what kind of “entitled cyclists” live in CA but I think most cyclists are people with extra income who enjoy the exercise and sport of cycling and I feel like Adam has taken an isolated incident and has now used it “over and over” to pigeon hole all cyclists, man that’s really dumb dumb thinking Adam!

  31. JB

    I know I’ll regret admitting this, but I used to chew on the windowsill when I was a little kid. My bed was up against the wall with the window above it and by the time we moved out, the sill was a mess because I was a stress chewer. I’m not saying they should have to warn people about the windowsills, obviously I’m probably the only one who’s done this. I don’t know what I’m saying. Maybe I’m saying that I’m retarded from chewing on lead based windowsills.

    • Anniepatra

      JB- Does the ‘B’ stand for ‘Beaver’?

      I used to stress chew on lead pencils all the time when I was a kid– just destroy them. Add to that a kindergarten penchant for eating paste and a still overwhelming desire to sniff nail polish remover and you’ve got the making of a real intellectual heavyweight. I’m pretty sure I’m now functioning at 60-70% full capacity, at best.

      • An Onny
        An Onny09-18-2012

        Real lead was never actually used in pencils. It’s always been graphite.

  32. Ras

    Ace – stop talking in a super quiet voice during the podcast! it is super annoying because you have to rewind the shit turn up the volume and then turn the volume back down when you talk regularly. Why do comedians think they have to talk quietly when they explain they were talking quietly when recanting a story where they were talking quietly. It is super annoying.

  33. ChuckG

    C’mon ,Adam… Admit it- it WAS dog shit. Take that Irony close in and hug it hard -telling it “I miss you,man, never leave me again”.

  34. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    I can’t think of anything witty to say.

  35. LymonDike

    DAMN I thought we were going to have the doobie brothers reunion on the podcast-
    where the F is David Wild???

  36. john

    as i heard a comedian say once in the 80s: Tattoos on black people are like skywriting at night.

    • DefNottaJew

      AMEN. How much money is wasted in the black community on tats that serve no purpose except to make it appear the person with them has rolled around under a car with a bad oil leak.

  37. Ed

    Hell yeah!! sick used to buy junk food and stay up for mad tv as a kid for stuart and he looka lika man!

  38. chuckie gorman
    chuckie gorman09-13-2012

    phew, i’m glad we got an update on his feelings about passion fruit iced tea! it had been almost 15 minutes since the last update.

  39. Brett

    Christ ACE – you admit you were a horrible student but that doesn’t stop you for going on a rant on how the world should have handled the Berlin Wall. Everything you said the world should have done to try and stop that wall WAS done – just that the people of the free world did not want to go to war about it which was all that was left when the Soviet Union chose to ignore the condemnation.

    ACE you have a lot of common sense but in many cases your admitted lack of education really gets in the way of your understanding of what you are talking about.

  40. Ian T
    Ian T09-13-2012

    Dennis Prager: Stupid or Liar?

    • dan r
      dan r09-13-2012

      Ian T: Dumbass or Pussy? I vote for both

    • Late Night North
      Late Night North09-13-2012

      ian t: jackoff or shit stain

    • ChicagoCarrollaFan

      Bend over “dan” and “late night” Prager has something for you.

  41. Medicinedog

    I think Tom Vu is a professional poker player now. One of his commercials featured him saying “You think these girls are here because the like me? NO! They are here because they like my MONEY!”

    Pure gold.

  42. Þór

    Ohh, that Micheal Mcdonald!


    Look at all the liberal babies whining, its like they don’t realize they don’t have to listen.

  43. SamuelJH

    Thank you.

  44. Tyler

    hey adam did you guys hire this fellow to lead the official Mangria community? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Join-Mangria-Community/164395626936727

  45. RightCowLeftCoast

    Just out of curiosity, even though I think I already know the answer, would those who rioted be upset/offended if “the prophet” Mohammed was depicted doing laudable things like feeding the hungry, or administering aid the needy, or rescuing babies from burning collapsing buildings? I ask this because many talking heads say that it is against Sharia to have any graphical depiction of “the profit”.

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