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The show opens up with Michael Madsen and his son Christian already in studio. Adam talks about his upcoming race in Sonoma, and chats with both Madsens about their experiences as actors. Adam also rants about Sonny getting a BFF pendant, and talks with Michael about living in Malibu and hanging out with Nick Nolte. The guys also discuss the film The Doors, and movies to watch if you want to see great performances.

Alison starts up the news discussing the mother of the Florida face-eater. They also pitch a new Jim Carrey movie, and talk about why Oprah’s show should still be on the air. Later the gang chats about hating high school, and an interview between Wolf Blitzer and Donald Trump. Adam then recalls a story about arguing to get cash back at Barney’s, and the show wraps up with stories about Steve McQueen’s cars, banning large sodas, and why parents need to take control of their kids.


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Blitzer and Trump

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. TheFakeNope

    Sonny got a cool hat !

    • lauro

      its Mr. Yellow.. yyesss . fuckin great episode love .the nick nolte impression. keep up the awsomr works

  2. jw

    Fantastic episode! Thank you!!

  3. Greg

    Quite the personality that Christian Madsen has!

    • rosemary

      hee hee, nice one.

    • James

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Brian M
      Brian M06-03-2012

      So charismatic, that Christian!

  4. Katie


    Great show! More Dana Gould please! Huell’s Jewels never disappoints.

    Enjoy my contribution, which unfortunately includes no Huell 🙁


    • Dustin

      You went the extra mile on this one. Love it.

  5. 1st


    • Yak

      No, you were about 5th. Oh, you mean first douchebag posting today. Yeah sorry, you got me there.

  6. Dave

    Was pleasantly surprised on how funny the Madsen’s were. Really good guests. Was nice to hear Christian geek out a little bit at the end about being a fan of the show. Could tell was genuine.

  7. Steve

    So basically it was decided early in the show that Christian had nothing of value to contribute, and we just focused on Michael. That’s what happened right? The kid wasn’t funny….he was almost anti-funny, if that’s possible…and mumbled whenever he spoke. He’s an actor? Really?

    Michael was an awesome guest though, I love that guy’s work!

    • Lisa

      Michael was obviously the guest. He said he brought his kid along because his kid is a fan.

    • dre

      get a life, steve.

    • Robin

      He didn’t talk a lot, but I thought he had a couple of pretty funny comments in there.

  8. Luka Magnotta
    Luka Magnotta06-01-2012

    Christian really brought it this episode

  9. Cody

    Great episode. From what little he said, you can tell Michael Madsen is a big Carolla fan.

  10. MC White
    MC White06-01-2012

    Okay, I’m not positive if it was this show, but I’ll post here, cuz I think it was.

    I can’t believe nobody has added to this topic. I think it is so stupid when Ace over or under exagerates the price of fast food, or any type of restaurant food. He has mentioned Taco Bell, and since that is near and dear to my heart, I gotta call bullshit on the “prices” he keeps mentioning. Sorry, ACE, Tacos have not been “$0.39? in a long fucking time! Are you nuts?

    Maybe in the late 80?s or mid 90?s. I know it was cheap when you were a poor kid, etc. The fact that you keep mentioning “tacos” like it’s the only item on the menu is another clue to your behind the times comparison. My best price estimate on a crispy taco, I don’t memorize the prices every time I go in, is around $0.89. And no, don’t try to say it’s the same price, $0.50 difference. Not to mention, the menu has expanded a bit, Poindexter. Yes, its all the same shit, rehashed, but there’s plenty of other menu items.

    So SHUT THE FUCK UP about the “low pricing” of Taco Bell, and other fast food restaurants. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about!

    P.S. A soda in Marie Calendar’s is a lot higher than $0.99. Try all you can drink $2.99, at some stores. You live in LA, I know the prices are close to where I live.

    Peace out Ace!

    • Matt

      Shut the fuck up Poindexter!!! Who are you? The price police?! Go find something to do…..

      • D.

        Were you dick-fed as a baby?

      • MC White
        MC White06-02-2012

        Okay, Matt, I think I will. I checked out Taco Bell prices, and found out the crispy Taco costs $1.09, not $0.29, and not $0.39. So there, bitches! Carolla is a whole $0.70 off. Whatcha think about that, bitches?

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee06-04-2012

          Doritto Taco Supreme MMMMMMMMMMM!

          • LEGNA MERC
            LEGNA MERC06-04-2012


    • reb

      the burritos are $.39.

      are you the same pathetic guy who was insisting fast food is expensive a couple of days back?

      • MC White
        MC White06-02-2012

        The burritos are not $0.39. Sorry, you are way off. I think the bean and cheese burrito might be the cheapest burrito item, and it is certainly higher than $0.39. I don’t recall posting that fast food is expensive, but I think I may have said that Carolla underprices food items, to make his retarded point about feeding your kids being cheaper, than subsidizing the prices for school lunches.

        • Me and Sal Kadoode
          Me and Sal Kadoode06-04-2012

          Taco Tico is my favorite $.39 tacos

    • RoyalDryness

      That sometimes bothers me too. A lot of fast food isn’t as cheap as Adam makes it out to be.

      • MC White
        MC White06-02-2012

        Thanks Royal Dryness, no way I’m the only one bothered by it. He is always saying “all things being equal” but he’s not offering up equal comparisons, if he’s half/assing the prices.

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee06-04-2012

          Del Taco Taco Tuesdays $.39 MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

      • MC White
        MC White06-04-2012

        In all honesty, I don’t know why Bryan doesn’t start playing that “old-timey” music every time Adam starts harping about the prices of fast food, in terms of the 80’s and not modern day prices. That would be funny.

        • WesKan

          Do you complain when the price of stamps go up?

    • Spooge Mcduck
      Spooge Mcduck06-03-2012

      blah blah blah…

    • An Onny
      An Onny06-07-2012

      It’s called exaggeration for comedic effect. A bean burrito, in the .79 – 1.29 range (I haven’t been there in awhile) is still DARN cheap. Last time we were on a road trip and stopped there, we did literally get enough food for our 3 person family and the total was like $11.00. I remember thinking, man, good deal.

  11. beechcraftstarang

    I’ve always enjoyed Michael Madsen’s movies. His coarse lifestyle through the years is what has made him such a successful actor, but his son Christian, Jeez! What a talentless zero personality douche canoe. I guess that is what can happen when you are a child of a successful Hollywood actor. Perhaps he should team up with the likes of Ray Romano and Tom Caltabiano for a trifecta of SUCK!

    • MC White
      MC White06-02-2012

      His son was just along for the ride, I’m sure he’s around 22. Sorry, we were all like that at that age, except for maybe Bill Gates. He got up to use the restroom, in the middle of the set, without asking permission. He is certainly naive about show business, but it’s an age thing. How can you say he’s talentless? There’s no proof of that observation.

    • WesKan

      Do you guys get asshole stickers for bitching about non-issues? Are they brown stars? The kid was just there because he’s a fan – I swear every time I read a shitty comment here I wonder how I’m a fan of the same person as the rest of you.

      Talk about a need for therapy – a lot of you need it and are pushing me back to it.

  12. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-01-2012

    More Michael Madsen! This guy needs to be on with the Aceman every other day. At least. Love me some crusty old pirates that say hilarious things and channel Nick Nolte.

  13. Neil

    The CBC (public radio in Canada) did a report on bath salts earlier this week. They’re not literally “bath salts”, it’s just the street name for something that’s basically a mix of super pure coke and super uh… strong? amphetamines. It’s illegal in the US but we haven’t quite caught on to it up here and apparently it’s kinda rampant in Nova Scotia.

    • Craig

      According to wikipedia it contains mephedrone, which is similat to amphetamine. It’s sold falsely as “bath salts” to avoid drug restrictions. People wouldn’t sell pure coke as something cheap and legal.

  14. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-01-2012

    My dad is ok but I wish Micheal Madsen was my dad. We could sit around and he could give me off kilter advice. I would be much cooler than i am now. How could i not be?

    • Alan Celica
      Alan Celica06-01-2012

      I guess the only problem with Micheal Madsen adopting me is he might be younger than me but just sounds older. Does he gargle with nicotine? Dont care. This guy can talk nolte all the live long day. too hilarious.

      • Alan Celica
        Alan Celica06-01-2012

        and oh yeah when I am Micheal Madsen junior i can go and get acting gigs based on my heritage only. Thats not nepotism is it?

  15. michael

    Hey Adam,

    Great interview! This was one of the best interviews I’ve heard with Madsen in a long time… very entertaining and glad you didn’t just talk about Reservoir Dogs.

    Love your show… always have. Staying tuned in.


    PS: I am Michael Madsen’s publisher

  16. Huck

    Christian is going to be the next big thing in Hollywood, callin it!

  17. Adam

    Love the Nolte impression

      LEGNA MERC06-04-2012


  18. Patrick

    Man that Michael Madsen is a weirdo… but I like him. He’s like the next door neighbor you are afraid of but still like to hang out with. I also think he has a bit of the “Carolla shirt frugality”. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen him in that shirt in other pictures – like 10 time before.

  19. James

    Michael Madsen is awesome! You MUST have him back on the show.

  20. unpleased

    I think Trump’s point of view is overlooked…he asking why the media defends Obama instead of objectively looking at the issue. BTW, take a look at the Yahoo CEO who lied on his resume and was terminated. When did it become OK to lie and get away with it, especially at the Executive Office level?

    • Matt

      Trump is an idiot and so are you! Fucking birthers need to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      • Josh

        Don’t worry the birther issue will be done with this fall when we vote out Obama.

    • reb

      How is coming to the end of the line with the issue when a birth certificate is issued by a disinterested agency not “objectively looking” at the issue? Then again, the fact that the guy at Yahoo did it pretty conclusively establishes Obama did the same thing.

    • RoyalDryness

      Trump is an idiot and needs to give up on the birther issue. There is zero evidence that Barack Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, the state, doctors who were in the hospital, the birth announcement in the newspaper, and his birth certificate are all available yet he still wants to harp on something that has no basis in reality. Adam was right, you don’t like President Obama, fine, then argue against his policies.

  21. GOD

    Love how they have an AED device mounted to the Churro Factory building. I’m assuming that gets a lot of use.

  22. Hood

    Madsen does a great Nolte.

  23. Adam

    Madsen is one cool cat.

  24. Jim

    Ya like roller coasters mother fucker??!!!

  25. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle06-01-2012

    Wearing a hat like that, Sonny will never play football or be into wrenching. I see drama clubs and orchestra concerts in his future.

  26. the point man
    the point man06-01-2012

    Micheal Madsen was great – his son? meh…

  27. AllHailAce

    Love the show. Great guest but Christian has about as much personality as a dead horse. Jesus christ kid, you are trying to get into show business? Try actually entertaining instead of mumbling in the background and giving one word answers. You could almost here Ace saying to himself “OK, ask the kid something and give him a chance…” to “what the fuck? Abort, abort!”

  28. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick06-01-2012

    Michael’s impression of Nick Nolte is hilarious.

  29. Kain

    Man how you pull in Michael Madison , looking forward to this one.

  30. Izzy

    One of the best podcasts you’ve done. Adam, Alison, and the Madsens had a great rapport. Have MM back soon!

  31. Tuck Rool
    Tuck Rool06-01-2012

    Michael Madsen’s awful voice made this episode unlistenable.

  32. Balki

    Replace Madsen as a weekly guess instead of that fucking hack David Wild.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-01-2012

      …or replace Dave Dameshek.

      • blackhawk12151


      • Jake

        Definitely replace Dave! Can’t believe they keep having that unfunny, coat tail ridding hack on here. Enough already!

  33. maxman

    Best guest in a long time, love that guys voice and he’s pretty damn funny. the nick nolte phone message is priceless

  34. TAMO

    What a great podcast! Michael should be a regular guest, if he’s able and willing. The Nolte impression was dead-on!

  35. Connard

    Mr Blonde: Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?

  36. Davey

    Mr Madsen doing Nick Nolte had me rollin

  37. Joe Smith
    Joe Smith06-01-2012

    Ace really tries hard, but Christian Madsen doesn’t seem to have a single thing to say. Every he goes to Christian, the entire show comes to a screeching halt. I don’t think he has much of a future in show business.

  38. Good Gravy!
    Good Gravy!06-01-2012

    Best guest EVER. Best HD Faces commercial EVER. More Madsen boyz please. Fing Yeah!

  39. allison

    Good looking kid.

  40. Mr Stink
    Mr Stink06-01-2012

    Are you gonna rant all day, Ace Racolla, or are you gonna rave?

  41. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell06-01-2012

    Madsen has turned into a character from one of his films. That voice he’s adopted is too funny. At least Tom Waits knows he’s inhabiting a persona when he does his routine.

  42. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian06-01-2012

    A surprisingly great episode. Awesome guest.

  43. Rob Kine
    Rob Kine06-01-2012

    Madsen’s kid is a total brick…. don’t change that name kid you have no chance without it.

  44. The Post Apoc
    The Post Apoc06-01-2012

    Was that Mike Madsen or Christian Bale as Batman?

  45. robert

    Michael was a good addition to the show. I’m surprised at how well he rolled with the jokes

  46. setlasmon

    I could just listen to Michael Madsen’s gravely voice gleefully recounting horrific chimp attacks all dang day.

  47. David

    Adam, I beat you by 5 seconds on asking ‘How would Nick Nolte shut off lights’ … LOL … great minds think alike …

  48. rosemary

    dang, michael has lost his voice:( He does an awesome Nolte however.

  49. BPiddy

    This podcast brought to you by Grecian Formula

  50. Architect

    Holy crap, one of the funniest episodes!

  51. Wingedfruit

    I taught middle school in a less than desirable neighborhood, and it was pretty common to go to kids’ houses before school and on prep periods (when you are not actively teaching) to drag them out of bed and bring them to school. The assistant principal and school counselors spent time everyday bringing kids in whose parents were either too checked out or too high on meth to really care if their 12-year-old went to school. If it got really extreme and the kid missed more school than he attended, we called the sheriff and the kid would be brought to my classroom door in handcuffs. Good times.

  52. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee06-01-2012

    I loved Michael Madsen, funny, good hearted, enjoyed Adam’s humor. With that being said, I think Alison could have reeled it in a little. You don’t have to talk just to talk Alison, let Adam take the lead on this kind of “Big Star” interview, just saying…

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee06-01-2012

      Awesome Nick Nolte impression to boot… Great Show!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-01-2012

        He nailed the Nolte impression.

  53. Bobby

    This was a great podcast. I love Adam but he made the ludicrous comment…” I’m fine with the government taxing cigarettes a buck a pack, just not ten bucks a pack…” Adam, don’t you see the mistake in this logic? You give a the government enough of your individual liberty and freedom, so that they can then be your nanny government, what makes you think that you can then control the amount of “sin” tax they put on -anything-?? It’s an insult and outrage to every citizen in America that a jackass politician intends to impose & mandate his blessed superior wisdom. These are the baby steps on the road to tyranny and they must be absolutely categorically rejected by free people.

    • reb

      There is that simpleton “slippery slope” argument. . . Or you could say that the tax should be no greater than the social cost imposed by smoking.

      • medicinedog

        The slippery slope argument is a good one. Every “well intentioned” action taken by the government somehow morphs itself into an unmanageable, money sucking bureaucracy that accomplishes nothing but to further deprive you of your liberties.

        • Bobby

          Well stated and oh so true. The men that created our Constitution were extremely well read, first rate historians. They were also profoundly brilliant observers of human nature. They were authorities on the repeated mistakes that failed civilizations down through the ages have made. Thus, they were absolutely determined to protect and preserve their new nation from the pitfalls & mistakes that have doomed every single great civilization. It always gets down to concentrated power in the hands of a few. That’s why they built in the checks and balances & separation of powers. Our founders knew that we Americans, in order to remain free, would have to always guard against infringements on our liberty. Educate your children. Teach them that they are living in a miraculous experiment in self government. An exceptionally rare window in time. In a unique nation where individual freedom and liberty reign, as opposed to tyranny, persecution, poverty, and misery which have been the fate of 99% of human beings throughout the ages. All we’ve known is freedom so many take it for granted. It’s rare. It’s precious, and if not rigorously guarded-protected-defended- it is ALWAYS lost.

  54. Dustin

    I wish there was some way to throw all you assholes straight onto this podcast and see what kinda of shining beacons of talent you come off as.

    The kid was out of his depth, but he got going at the end. There are not many people in the world that can just be chucked onto a podcast or show like this and do well at it.

  55. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee06-01-2012

    Steve McQueen’s friend and stuntman extraordinaire Bud Ekins drove the 390 powered 68 not 69 Mustang in 90% of the chase scene. Another great stuntman, Bill Hicks drove the 440 powered Dodge Charger. The More you Know!

  56. Used Buttplug Salesman
    Used Buttplug Salesman06-01-2012

    rich kids never have personalities, its kind of like how Ace always says hot chicks dont dance. Its the same thing when someone like Kelly Osborne says that she wants to be a singer. She has had everything spoon fed to her her whole life and to be a musician you actually have to work…..and work hard. Rich kids literally dont know how to bust their ass, and wouldnt do it anyways. If this kid cant do a simple podcast, there is no way he would be willing to put in the work to do a movie.Thats why rich kids like the Kardashians and Tori Spelling just get reality shows. I wish him the best, but come on man…….you gotta do it yourself and not have daddy do all the work.
    …..ps if anyone wants a used buttplug get ahold of me, I have a nice vintage one Larry Flynt used in the 70’s!!!!

    • Salesman of Used Toothbrushes
      Salesman of Used Toothbrushes06-01-2012

      Oh, you SELL used butt plugs. I thought you were a butt plug salesman who’s been used.

  57. John

    If you haven’t seen it already, you have to check out this article. What a way to bite the dust !!

    Jury awards $3 million in man’s sex death


    • Jake

      I hope the doctors win the appeal, people need to take accountability for their own actions and quit trying to sue their way out of stupidity! If they guy went to the Dr. with chest pains, he probably shouldn’t be having a fucking 3 way, but that would take common sense, something most people lack these days, especially people with the last name of Martinez.

  58. TS

    Christian Madsen snuck in a clever comment here and there. He was just nervous.

  59. TAMO

    I just don’t get those who are bashing Mike’s kid, Christian, for this or that? He OBVIOUSLY knew his place — that he was just along for the ride with his dad, who was the ‘real’ guest. I also agree with the other comment that it was cool that it was clear he was a fan of the show. Kudos to Christian for not trying to do too much — just sort of laying back and letting dad and Ace do the show. Not sure why some idiots feel the need to be so negative?

    P.S. — As always, thought Alison’s contribution was perfect. Again, not sure why anyone would think she was “too” involved??? I mean, she is our new best friend? When she first started, I thought she was just “Teresa 2″….but not now. She’s awesome and a valued part of the show.

    Just my $ .02

  60. zero1media

    Great guest! Madsen is a total stud, it’s hard to believe him and Adam coulda had their own show together. All the stories that Michael coulda told woulda been epic!

  61. DartFred

    I thought that this was the best podcast since you had that dwarf guy. Seriously. Funniest podcast was the dwarf. This was you second best. Okay, your Ace Awards was awesome, but that’s cheating.

  62. Nick L
    Nick L06-02-2012

    I don’t think you need a good personality/smart/witty to be a good actor. You need to be a good actor. Many great actors are boring as shit. That being said, Christian was embarrassingly terrible.

  63. Another Another Adam
    Another Another Adam06-02-2012

    Madsen’s Nick Nolte is comedy gold. The outgoing voicemail message towards the end of the show is GOOD POD.

  64. Fred

    Home run, guys. Michael Madsen is awesome and was a great guest. “The Adam Carolla Show” is consistently great and much appreciated!

  65. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III06-02-2012

    Funny how the most entertaining celebrities are the ones who did real shit like serve in the military, work construction, and other blue collar jobs. I’m not sure it makes them better at their craft but in a free-form show like Adam’s they tend to be quicker and have more depth as a person.

    PS – Bald Bryan rules!

  66. Evil Architect
    Evil Architect06-02-2012

    Great episode! I love an appreciative, yes-anding guest. Just the right sprinkling of gritty “that’s true”.

  67. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos06-02-2012

    Great episode

  68. Andrew

    This show will eventually have as many ads as terrestrial radio.

  69. Tire Iron
    Tire Iron06-03-2012

    Absolutely great episode, Michael was a fantastic guest. And wow, you could really hear Christian’s passion for his work when he named all of those movies that had great acting performances… you know, all the classics!

  70. joegagan

    one of the best podcasts ever, and i have heard way over 90% of them from the beginning.

    the way adam made madsen laugh, and the improv throughout was top notch entertainment. thank you, ace man and mike M!!!

  71. BW

    My fave episode so far. The Nolte stuff was comedy gold. I want an answering machine like that.

  72. dre

    fuck you to everyone who’s pathetic enough to spend their time posting how madsens kid has no future – he wants to be an actor, not a rodeo clown. you can hardly get a coherent phrase out of deniro in interviews, forget about brando. so again: fuck you losers.

  73. SubDude

    Good pod but, that Christian Madsen needs to try a new acting role,, like maybe acting like an interesting person? He was about as interesting as narcolepsy. Everybody else in the room was bringing it and he was just a yawn.

  74. Doug

    Loved this show. Michael was funny as shit imitating Nick Nolte. The love that he has for his sons really comes through too. It’s nice to see that he shows it in public.

  75. The Dack
    The Dack06-03-2012

    I best know Michael Madsen as a voice actor in Grand Theft Auto III. Unfortunately, I heard that he later regretted lending his voice to the game after he learned what exactly the game is. Shame, since he was good in the part.

    • MC White
      MC White06-05-2012

      My respect just dropped for Michael Madsen, if your comments are true.

  76. Joker

    1:17:51 – toilet flushing. Christian’s best contribution.

  77. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface06-04-2012

    I have the boring type of personality that Christian appears to have so I can sympathize. However, if you want to be an actor, you probably shouldn’t advertise that to the world one of the largest podcasts out there.

  78. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface06-04-2012

    Btw, I disagree with Adam about people not caring about tax dollars being wasted. I think the problem is that they do care, but not enough to actually do any research on where their money is going or to hold the politicians accountable in any meaningful way. Also, our voting system makes it very difficult to hold anyone accountable.

  79. LEGNA


  80. clint

    adam, just listening to your rant. another thing that pisses me off is when you have to pay for PARKING. shit, you go to a baseball game or any sporting event, they rape you on every side once you get inside the stadium … isn’t it fucked up that you have to pay to park at the goddamn event?

  81. clint

    also, it makes me want to smoke so twice as much just so one day maybe, just maybe, my voice can sound as cool as michael’s

  82. Wayne

    It’s just a waste of my time!!! http://www.letsdrinksomebeersandrape.com

  83. Brent

    Listened to every episode for over 2 years and this is now my favorite.

  84. a rose by any other
    a rose by any other06-06-2012

    Wtf was with Madsen dissing bald Brain with the “who the fuck asked you?” bit. And then
    Adam just skips over it because, well, really he’s just a pussy and he really won’t make a stand that matters.

    Fuck Madsen. Another fake Hollywood ‘tough guy’ that treats people like shit so he can
    feel good about himself. Brian is too good for this show.

    Bide your time Brian, Adam showed his true stripes in this episode. When it comes along, don’t
    heistate to leap.

  85. Ian

    The Nolte impression was hilarious. One of the best episodes I’ve listened to in awhile. They should come back.

  86. JayCeezy

    Haven’t seen a comment on this, but was Madsen disrespecting Alison?

    “You a regular?” Clearly Madsen never listens, it is his son Christian that is tuned in. Also, when they were talking about Richard Petty and Alison chimed in “I don’t like his music” and Madsen gave the crummy courtesy laugh, “Adam, that’s why I like your show.” Thankfully Adam replied, “blow me!” and put Madsen in his place. Comedy comes from “yes, and…” but Madsen clearly skipped that 101 introductory class while he was towing cars.

  87. atticus finch
    atticus finch06-08-2012

    michael is the man, if his son is an actor, than im butt humping penelope cruz nightly

  88. Phil

    so christian is just a ball of personality huh?

  89. marty

    I really enjoyed this show…Micheal Madson laughed his ass off, that made it that much better.

  90. John

    Madsen is awesome, great Nolte impression. P.S. Allison is gorgeous

  91. Robin

    That Madsen dude is funny! With that gravelly voice and the characters he plays in movies, I had no idea what wit the guy has. Very pleasantly surprising.

  92. Rishi

    This along with Arsenio have stood out as some of the funniest shit I’ve heard on this podcast. Keep it up guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wish I could take that Nolte voicemail and put it on my phone if I didn’t have clients calling hahaha

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