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At the top of the show, Adam and the gang sample some delicious Mangria—now available for pre-order. Adam also rants about a frustrating conversation with Dr. Drew and plays a clip from Dennis Prager about where gas money really ends up. David Wild is also in studio, and the guys discuss the brilliance of Stevie Wonder and some guilty pleasures as they exchange their songs of the week.

Next up, Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc Biehn enter the studio. Adam talks with them about shooting their film ‘The Victim,’ and how technology is changing industry expectations. The guys also talk about the difficulty of securing music rights, and then Alison begins the news. Stories include a surprising casting choice for Joe Paterno, a new high-speed freeway in Texas, and the latest updates in the Ft. Hood shooter trial. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss the separation of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler, and why organic food isn’t as healthy as you think.


For more on ‘The Victim’, visit http://GrindhouseTheVictim.com

Also be sure to follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic, and don’t forget to pre-order your Mangria!

Songs of the Week

David’s Pick- Love’s In Need of Love Today, by Stevie Wonder

Adam’s Pick- Here I Go Again, by White Snake

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  1. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Nice, love to see Biehn back, the man is a complete madperson and is always entertaining

    • Dan

      Great show as always, but tell David Wild to STFU, SHUT THE FUCK UP, It get’s old listen to this Jew boy talk about himself, ” I did this , I wrote this , I am close personal friends with this celebrity ” it get’s old. .

      I’m just saying,

      So let me drop a name,

      David Coverdale lives in Incline Village in Tahoe, I asked him at a restaurant one night what the origin of the “Whitesnake” name was, he told me it was named after his cock, He said I’m white and I got a snake, all in a Spinal tap British accent.
      Good times.

      • Jack Silver
        Jack Silver09-10-2012

        wasnt that always obvious what WHITESNAKE meant

        • uncle ruckus
          uncle ruckus09-11-2012

          …and Adam sees fit to spend ten minutes on a vacuous 80s cock-rock band – named after the dude’s shlong.

          A more palatable choice would’ve been the revamped cheesy versions of “Legs” by ZZ Top – just sayin.’

    • Ron

      How is it that David Wilde was so entertaining the first few times on Adam, but now just annoying? Anyway, love the rest of the show. Alison is awesome! Bihen and wife were fun…although wifes laughed at everything a bit oo much

    • Rick

      Good show. I love the politics. Adam is reasonable and right.

      That Jennifer chick must have drunk a lot of Mangria before and during the show.

  2. Tim

    Kyle Reese, in the flesh!

  3. Tom

    For those like me who love it when Adam does comedy and hate it when he does politics, there’s a rant you want to skip from the 16 minute mark to the 25 minute mark. You’re welcome.

    • Mister Lister
      Mister Lister09-10-2012

      thanks tom!

      “wah, it’s so hard being the only improv millionaire”
      -Adam Carolla

    • SubDude

      Thank you, Thank you, every episode should come with warnings like this. Skipping another one of his tired, old, narrow minded political douche rants is perfect.

      Stick with comedy and interesting guests. Leave the douchey rants to the people at Fox News. They do it better anyway.

      • Keenwhiz

        If you don’t want to listen, don’t listen. Otherwise can you just “zip it c___” . Have you considered the fact that all listeners are not small minded libs living in apartments or their parents basement. Try expanding your thinking

      • Sky

        Can someone list the time markings when David Wylde talks? He is so boring and plays terrible music. He works for Rolling Stone? BLAEAH!

        • uncle ruckus
          uncle ruckus09-11-2012

          “He works for Rolling Stone?” That’s all you need to know.

      • Josh

        You spelled MSNBC wrong.

    • Erica

      Thanks Tom!!

    • VIC

      Much appreciated…

    • TipCT

      Agreed! Thank you –

      And why not try the two-man show with someone you disagree with but respect, like John Stewart? If you both think the same way, one of you is unnecessary.

    • Sloover


    • Taylor Dayne
      Taylor Dayne09-10-2012

      You rock! Thank you

    • Guy LeDouche
      Guy LeDouche09-10-2012

      Then do us all a favor and stop listening to the show altogether you whiny baby. If your thin skin can’t handle a point of view other than your own, then quit listening and posting your complaints here. Adam’s rants/complaints are what they are. Agree or disagree with them, but if you can’t deal with it then just shut up and go away.

      • Adam CM
        Adam CM09-10-2012

        Nope, disagree. Thanks for the heads up, many of us appreciate it deeply.

      • ALC

        He didn’t complain. He found a way to avoid listening to them, while still being able to listen to the rest of the show.

        Do us all a favor and stop reading the comment section altogether you whiny baby. If your thin skin can’t handle a point of view, in the comments section, other than your own, then quit reading it and posting your complaints here. Listeners, not wanting to listen to Adam’s political rants, but still wanting to listen to the rest of the show, are who they are. Agree or disagree with them, but if you can’t deal with people listening to the show, and not listening to the parts they don’t like, then you should just shut up and go away.

        • Nik Weinstein
          Nik Weinstein09-10-2012

          And people thinking that is some boring politics….sad…his criticism is brilliant and probably not conveyed with his clarity by any other commentator on the subject. The simple idea that Exxon-Mobil makes $.06/gallon versus Taxes of $0.66 gallon should make people freak out and be glad that people like Carolla ARE getting upset and trying to spread the word about bullcrap he hears – that’s what he does best – CENTRIST analyis, for the most part. Someone said he belongs on Fox News…wow…you don’t really listen to Carolla that much. Besides probably Penn Jillette and Trey Parker of South Park, I can’t name many commentators that I consistently find to have balanced opinions on just about EVERYTHING.

          • Robert McAbee
            Robert McAbee09-11-2012

            Adam Carolla is great, but the 6/66 analogy not being accurate shouldn’t matter to you Carolla or anyone else? The 6/66 analogy is not only innaccurate, the vp of marketing at exxon mobile who put it out knows it is a lie.

        • Riggz

          Amen Brother! Adam… stick to comedey, monkey. Make us laugh, you are too uneducated and ignorant to have political rants.

          • Brad

            So what’s wrong about it? If it’s so wrong tell us how. And I don’t mean slightly correct his 6/66 numbers. Whether it’s 6/66, 12/59, 9/49… or whatever the ratio, tell us how the basics of his point are incorrect. Seriously, I have no agenda. I just want to hear lucid logical points and particualrly the truth. Enlighten us just don’t shit on his point without providing the actual truth. To me that buttresses his point because some cantankerous ass just blasted his point but added nothing.

          • Random Internet Troll
            Random Internet Troll09-19-2012

            If you are going to call someone uneducated and ignorant, the least you can do is spell comedy correctly.

      • Nik Weinstein
        Nik Weinstein09-10-2012

        Yeah, what a bunch of idiots. Not the cream of the Carolla-fan crop.

      • Keenwhiz

        Thanks Guy, well said!

    • Brett


      Thank you brosuf!

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197009-10-2012

      yep, Carolla really just needs to stick to being funny, I listen to the podcast to get away from the whole politics arena, I turned off the podcast because I couldn’t stomach his bullshit rant in favor of Big Oil, maybe he’s trying to sell Exxon a schedule to advertise on the podcast

    • Fury66

      I agree with his politics! He should be prez!!

    • Fury66

      I agree with his politics. He should be prez!

      • Tyrone

        Wow – can’t stand the politics huh? The problem is – that it is hard to disagree with any of it. But please, go ahead and check your common sense at the door and fast forward through it all. that is lots easier than having to actually engage your brain for a few seconds.

    • drb123

      Thanks Tom. Adam going on about politics is like going to a concert for a band you love but they only want to force their new crappy album on you

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge09-11-2012

      The worst thing you can do is wall yourself up with like minded ideas, you will never grow.

  4. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles09-09-2012

    And David Wild redeems himself with Stevie’s “Love’s In Need Of Love”

    • Micah

      Yup. Went and queued up the “Tribute to Heroes” version. Great stuff.

  5. moviejunkie

    Oh boy, queue up the intolerant left winger comments! Here they come!

    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman09-10-2012

      boo hoo, righties want to have the monopoly on intolerance.

  6. kiwi

    who is doing the heavy breathing? Also anyone here listen to dennis prager?

    • Clare


  7. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister09-10-2012

    The mangria, is it the mangria he always describes? Wine+Vodka? or is it just wine?


    • MC White
      MC White09-10-2012

      Red wine mixed with some type of fruit drink, like Sangria, but Mangria, I’m not sure of the alcohol besides the red wine.

      • Danielle

        Mangria is red wine, some fruit juice(orange) and vodka. There are recipes online. Pretty tasty stuff. Now you can just order it here though.

  8. Rivers

    If you want to be informed pay very close attention to the rant from minute 16 to 25. If you want to stay in a rhetorical cocoon to protect your precious worldview by only listening to those who spoon feed your preconceived notions back to you go ahead and follow Toms instructions.

    • Nik Weinstein
      Nik Weinstein09-10-2012


    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197009-10-2012

      What I want is to be entertained! I’m being bombarded with bullshit political crap at warp speed. And if you are getting your political fix from a guy who made his career off of fart jokes you really need to examine your life

      • Riggz

        If you think Adam is intelligent, you most likely are also a non-college educated moron. Adam is whitty, funny, and very observant be he isn’t really smart when it comes to real issues. Sounds like a dope.

        • Brad

          I’m a CPA who finds his logic often impregnable. He runs into trouble with too many generalizations, but compared to most college educated people I know Adam is much smarter and has much more common sense. Anyone who equates a college degree to smarts isn’t someone who should be conveying many thoughts. Most degrees today aren’t practical and serve no purpose other than to certify the person is literate, has at least a small amount of committment and focus, and can borrow six figures (or his/her parents can).

          Also, you need to control your emotions. They’re affecting your judgement. Adam obviously is well-versed and highly competent in the construction, automotive, and entertainment industry. If he’s not intelligent who the fuck is? This sounds a lot like someone who finds everyone who disagrees with his/her feeling-based thought to be a stupid dumb stupid-idiot butt.

    • Clare

      I agree.

    • Robert McAbee
      Robert McAbee09-11-2012

      The 6/66 analogy isn’t accurate. It is a lie put out by a vp of marketing at Exxon Mobile.
      Does accuracy and truth matter in your non cocoon world?

    • ALC

      You said, “rhetorical cocoon”. You’re dumb.

  9. Mary

    Do Oil Companies Earn Just 7 Cents on a Gallon of Gas?

    In opposing the Senate bill to repeal tax breaks for oil and gas companies, Paul claimed that the federal government makes more money in taxes on a gallon of gasoline than oil companies earn in profits. He presented a chart that carried the header “Regular Gasoline Tax v. Oil Company Profit, Per Gallon,” showing 7 cents per gallon for the oil companies and 18.4 cents per gallon for the federal government. (In his May 17 speech, he said 7 cents and 18.4 cents per dollar, but it was clear from his chart that he meant per gallon.)

    But the 7-cents-per-gallon figure grossly underestimates the industry’s earnings. It includes only earnings from the sale of gasoline and not earnings on producing and selling crude oil. There are no independent figures on how much oil companies earn on a gallon of gasoline.

    Paul’s per-gallon figure is consistent with a claim ExxonMobil Vice President for Public and Government Affairs Ken Cohen wrote in his blog, “Perspectives,” when the company released its 2011 first quarter earnings in April.

    Cohen, April 28: During the first three months of this year, for every gallon of gasoline and other products we refined and sold in the United States, we earned about 7 cents.

    We called ExxonMobil and asked how Cohen arrived at his figure. Spokeswoman Kristen Hellmer said it was determined by dividing ExxonMobil’s “downstream earnings ($694 million) by the number of gallons of gasoline and other products refined and sold during the quarter in the U.S. (9,355 million gallons). The result is 7.4 cents per gallon.” Downstream earnings are what the company earns from refining crude oil into gasoline and other petroleum products and then selling it. But that ignores “upstream earnings,” which is how much Exxon earns in producing and selling crude oil. And the cost of oil exceeded $100 a barrel in the first quarter of 2011.

    Oil industry analyst Kloza called the 7-cents-per-gallon figure “disingenuous,” because it ignores high earnings from oil production. “Bringing crude oil to market has been incredibly profitable,” Kloza said. “It is disingenuous to say in the downstream we are making only this much.”

    From FactCheck.org

    • jpmoneypants

      You are also “disingenuous” as you compare oil company profit margins to only federal taxes, and not state and local.

    • Medicinedog

      Even if oil companies made $0.25/gal, to think that the government is taking even 70% of a company’s profit, let alone 250% is an outrage.

    • Drewlinska


      Adam and Dennis insult all of us when they expect people to believe half truths as facts, because they sound smart, and go against the status quo.

      Hey adam why don’t you tell us your theory on how people should get more votes based off of how much money they make again? This was one of the great tools the founding fathers set up for us. Making all of us equal. Make no mistake, the 1% is scared out of their minds by that one fact, if the 99% would just rise up and vote in mass there would be nothing the 1% could do about it.

    • Chris

      Okay, fine – so then what is the actual amount of profit the oil companies make per gallon?

      And all of this is ignoring Dennis’s/Adam’s point anyway, which is the hypocracy of people who support big government scolding big oil. Both are out to make money, but the left can’t admit it.

    • Brad

      Now that is a sound and thoughtful disagreeing response. I enjoyed that and found it informative. Of course, it’s not as informative as calling Adam and anyone who agrees with him a moron. That is very intelligent and quite deep.

      Adam’s point remains valid and I’m not sure why anyone would oppose it. “Don’t blame others. Make yourself better.” Everything starts there with Adam. I understand if you disagree with the his 6 vs 66 statistical analysis, but that doesn’t deserve an emotional angry response with no thought or solution behind it. It’s obvious he’s not defending oil companies he’s attacking the lazy blame-casting assholes who’s main purpose is to cater to those who are irresponsible yet able-bodied with their hands out. Most likely the thoughtless angry unproductive responders do so because they are the lazy able-bodied assholes with their hands out.

    • That Man
      That Man09-15-2012

      Good point.
      Also-The 60 cents that the government takes pays for all the FREEways in California. If there wasn’t tax on gasoline, then there would be toll roads everywhere, increasing traffic, your #1 complaint about your wonderful city.

  10. Cody

    Adam Carolla for President! Write his name in!

    • Uncle Spooge
      Uncle Spooge09-11-2012

      For fucks sake, why do people say that when they think someone is funny?

  11. Boomer

    Apparently, Biehn is a fan of Adam’s comedic stylings….

  12. David

    Whitesnake expert here, third version you played is actually the album version. The first version you played was the 80’s radio hit. So there!!

    • Bob

      Not quite. The first version they played was the album version AND the radio hit. The third version was a slightly later “radio mix” (also released to radio, obviously) but it was not the hit version. The album version was put out as a single (with the accompanying video) and hit #1 on Billboard. Not really sure what they were thinking by doing a “radio mix” later in the year and releasing that, aside from just attempting to milk the success of the album/single version a while longer.

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197009-10-2012

      there was a two radio versions, the third version was the TOP 40 RADIO version,

  13. Literalmn


  14. Steve

    Formal request for Norm.

  15. Tacoma Vinnie
    Tacoma Vinnie09-10-2012

    The oil company rant is a straw man. No one says that oil companies should not make money but Exon paid 0 in taxes in 2009 and about 17% in 2011. They get huge, HUGE tax breaks. The often get 100% of their exploration investment refunded back to them in tax breaks, That’s what people have a problem.
    BTW what percentage did Adam pay in taxes last year? Not total amount, what percentage? I’m betting it’s around 10% if he has a tax attorney worth a shit. Stop talking about politics Adam, you are in way over your head buddy.

    • Tony, CPA
      Tony, CPA09-10-2012

      10%? You’re an idiot, buddy

      • Tacoma Vinnie
        Tacoma Vinnie09-10-2012

        wow Tony, You must be a CPA. I’m impressed.

    • Mike

      yeah they get to deduct exploration cost, it’s called a business expense moron.

    • Keenwhiz

      Guess you have no idea that libs do want to cap profits….what do you call this? Socialism?. What’s it to you what Ace paid in taxes he paid a lot more than you, I’ll bet. Most people who day taxes are looking for ways to keep more of their money—cuz they are smart. They are smart and that’s why they can earn big bucks in the first place.

    • Brad

      The oil company rant is also completely bullshit because if you actually read the transcripts of the speech Prager is complaining about he stops the tape on Warren literally one word before she says “subsidies” she wasn’t even talking about oil company profits. She was making a point about how the most profitable companies on the planet are still also taking billions in handouts from the government.

      Prager was being a disingenuous shit when he did that because he had to stop the speech right where he did to make the point he did. Adam just got on and went with the whole retard rodeo after Prager set up a completely false premise.

  16. David

    Hassan (sp.) is still in the Army and needs to follow Army regs. Thats why he needs to shave that fuckin’ beard!!!!!!

    • Late Night North
      Late Night North09-10-2012

      It’s also a jihadi, islamist thing. It’ represents giving the finger to America and western values.

  17. zaim

    well google doesn’t steal coke and distribute it for free*

    *free: selling the information on your computer

  18. setlasmon

    havent listened yet but.. WOW! the Aceman looks like friggin’ Tony Dungy!

    that has got to be one of the sneakiest lookalikes ever! never would have thought that, but see them side by side and dang! we’ve got a match!

    • Tony, CPA
      Tony, CPA09-10-2012

      All time best is Tom Brady and Yao Ming

  19. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone09-10-2012

    I haven’t heard the entire podcast yet but the discussion about Oil company profits was interesting.
    I would love to hear what sources Dennis was citing. Facts are always more interesting.
    I think the first few paragraphs of the second link will cause Adam’s head to explode but keep reading.
    And then there is the discussion of subsidies.

    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman09-10-2012

      never bring up factcheck.org in a carolla comment section. you’ll get tarred and feathered.

    • Zapoli

      Elizabeth Warren has written entire books explaining exactly how the financial system is not at all the same as it was a generation ago. What are the odds that Adam has read anything ever?

      • That Man
        That Man09-15-2012

        Obviously zero. He has admitted he can’t read, yet somehow has in-depth understanding of all things economics and finance.

  20. Mike

    All the Whitesnake versions suck, Adam

  21. midwest

    Great episode, love Biehn!

  22. Herr Sauerteig
    Herr Sauerteig09-10-2012


    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore09-10-2012

      Agreed. Not even five minutes in (three if you subtract all the intro) and David Wild is name dropping. The guy is like a turd in the punch bowl. Isn’t there some hack who used to write for Rolling Stone that Adam could hire to sit in and comment about music or does he just need a sycophant to parrot his “eclectic” musical taste?

  23. Russ

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Here_I_Go_Again — original version was 5:03, second version 4:36, third (radio) version 3:54

  24. Alan

    It’s not the politics that bother me about Adam’s rants, it’s his complete lack of understanding of a subject. He recently said Praeger is one of the greatest mind on America. Praeger!!??!? Praeger uses ridiculous straw man arguments that don’t hold up and he’s been spoting his E Pluribus nonsense since the 90’s. Adam thinks Praeger’s a genius because Adam can’t read and therefore seek out diverse opinions – coincidentally the type of thing they teach at the colleges he likes to criticize. Adam’s smart, but he’s provincal and narrow minded because he’s an uneducated illiterate. Unfortunately, Adam thinks that his success means he more educated and knowlegable than he is and while that may be true about cars, comedy, and construction; it isn’t true about micro and macro economics. In one of Adam and Praeger’s Q&A’s, Praeger made a veiled reference to the “legitimate” questions of the birthers. That’s all I need as proof that Praeger is nothing more than a right wing ideologue who’s “brilliant” mind is not much more than a tool to exhale hot air.

    By the way, I think what Elizabeth Warren is really talking about is why do oil companies get such huge tax subsidies when they make such huge profits? Adam never mentioned that, what a shock.

    • Freedom Williams
      Freedom Williams09-10-2012

      Good summation Alan. Seriously, Praeger? Is Adam looking for a new dad? Oh yeah, and as always I skipped through the David Wild bit.

    • Joe

      I agree wholeheartedly!

    • uncle ruckus
      uncle ruckus09-11-2012

      “Praeger made a veiled reference to the “legitimate” questions of the birthers” – I’m no Praeger fan, but if you *don’t* have questions about that fiasco you are the equivalent of a loyal subject, swallowing whole whatever your dear leaders spoon-feed you.

  25. Walter

    Democrats are sharing their stories and how government programs helped them succeed. The same government programs that helped Republicans succeed. And that’s the problem. Democrats are trying to keep those same opportunities alive and Republicans are trying to get rid of them and deny those government programs role in their own success.

  26. MCC

    Tom thank you so much for the heads up on the political rant. Now i we only had a way to get rid of David Wild

  27. Roger

    A good episode! Good guests.



  29. ubercat

    Is dude drunk? False teeth? What’s doin’ there? Mouth full of shit?

  30. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams09-10-2012

    Exxon actually makes 27 cents a gallon, has trillions stashed in over seas accounts that is not taxed and uses the United States military to keep shipping lanes open and occupy oil rich countries (that the American tax payer pays for) http://www.democraticunderground.com/1002625039 . Do you actually believe the “facts” that this right wing mummy espouse?

  31. Whitesnake Authority
    Whitesnake Authority09-10-2012

    for the record the version adam likes is the 1987 album version. the one they don’t like is the 1987 radio mix. the “third” version that they didn’t recognize that adam said mike just dug up is the original 1982 version. the version the gang agreed was the good version is not the 1982 version as adam thought.

  32. Ninja

    Michael Biehn was dying of laughter, as was I. Good times, Adam, good times.

  33. J

    God its almost like Carolla gets Murdochs talking points everyday like the rest of fox news.

  34. DFGRulz

    Love the show Aceman. Keep it up. “‘The man’ got to you”. haha Love the politics too.
    Please run for office

  35. Dick Face
    Dick Face09-10-2012

    They probable changed that White Snake song for fucking Muzak…yuk, they are ruining all the cool 80’s metal.

  36. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-10-2012

    “Huggy Bear,” good name for A’s V.

  37. Wally

    Love the show. Hate David Wild. Such a liberal douchebag.

    • bluerat

      Yeah, dude, the problem with David Wild is how he’s always going on about politics.

      • chuckie gorman
        chuckie gorman09-10-2012

        your sarcasm will be lost on him.

  38. Jim

    Wasn’t Michael Biehn promoting this movie when he was on the show last year?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle09-10-2012


  39. dre

    finally someone stands up for exxon… how do they survive on 6 cents, their annual revenue must be like 2 dollars… exxon for president!

  40. j3

    Oh good. More politics from a guy who can’t read.

  41. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll09-10-2012

    Prager and Carolla using the 6 cent figure is a horrifyingly biased way to state things. According to Exxon’s most recent quarterly 10-Q SEC filings, for the six months ended June 30, 2012 they had net income of about $27,453,000, up from $21,811,000 for the six months ended June 30, 2011, meaning they averaged about $4,475,500 and $3,635,000 a month respectively for those periods. If Exxon doesn’t like those earnings, they should stop selling oil and move into a booming industry, oh wait there aren’t any of those left. Maybe if the greedy government stopped taxing so much things would go better for Exxon, oh wait for the past decade is it now, we have had the benefits of the Bush tax cuts, but wait if taxes impede economic growth were are all the booming industries? That must be some sort of mistake; it’s as if taxes hardly come into play when it comes to the business and earnings. Maybe getting demand up through equitable taxes to finance things like schools which do pay dividends in having an educated workforce that can create new companies and paying fair wages so that an average persons budget isn’t destroyed by high fuel prices is the way to go. But that would mean using finite federal money to bail out Wall Street, while letting state and local governments cut education and public safety is a bad idea. It is almost as if things are tilted in some people’s favor to the detriment of others.

  42. TipCT

    Love the ACS, the entire crew getting s-faced on Mangria was not as fun as I would have thought. Maybe just Adam should be on the sauce.

  43. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal09-10-2012

    OH thank Goodness for SUPERFAN G’s ReCAP of the episode and if there is hospital talk.

    SO i Dont have to WAIT 40mins for OLD MAN CAROLLA to give an Update On His FATHER!@#

  44. Sam

    David Coverdale lives in Tahoe and still has the same haircut he did in 1982. And now I namedrop like David Wild – Coverdale is the only celebrity ever to get mad at me. He admonished me for bringing a dog to his son’s little league game when I was nannying another kid on the team. I couldn’t take him seriously because all I was thinking was, “Wow, you have not aged well.” I would bet that he would come on the show with only gentle prodding.

  45. Robert McAbee
    Robert McAbee09-10-2012

    Adam I know it is live radio, but pls do the fucking math if your going to start carrying water for exxon mobile saying they only make 5 cents a gallon profit on oil and the state is taking in 60 cents. You realize someone paid by exxon mobile put those numbers out. That person even has a name:

    ExxonMobil Vice President for Public and Government Affairs Ken Cohen

    The VP of marketing for exxon mobile puts out reports in 2011 saying they make 7 cents per gallon and it is cited by republicans in congress.

    From factcheck:
    The 7-cents-per-gallon figure grossly underestimates the industry’s earnings. It includes only earnings from the sale of gasoline and not earnings on producing and selling crude oil. There are no independent figures on how much oil companies earn on a gallon of gasoline.

    The price of gasoline is composed of four components. The largest component of the price is crude oil, 67%, followed by federal, state, and local excise and sales taxes on gasoline sales, 13%, refining expenses, 11%, and distribution and marketing expenses, 9%


    Here is the best I can do for you Adam. They were profitable at $50 a barrel of crude oil. They are profitable at $100 a barrel of crude oil. So what happens when the price of a barrel of crude goes from $50 to $100. Where does the money go? They get two nickels per barrel Mr. Carolla? They are taking profits at each step of production which makes the 5 cents 60 cents analogy obvious as the propaganda it is.

    When you see Ken Cohen the VP of Exxon Mobile marketing be sure to give him a high five.

    • Alan

      It’s Adam’s biggest weakness. Because he’s illiterate and uneducated he listens to morons like Praeger who say stuff to pander to their audiences. Adam is a smart guy who doesn’t have the tools to read between the lines and when it comes to politics he’s no better than the left wing knee-jerk liberals he makes fun of all the time. I wish he’d just once debate a person that can make a good argument against the crap he takes from Praeger, just once!

    • Mary

      Yeah, I said all this and more up above. Do you not read the other comments?

      • Mary

        This is in response to Robert McAbee.

  46. Rick

    Awww, poor oil companies making record profits. Does Adam say these things because he feels like it’s a way of defending his own wealth? Does he really feel bad for all the wealthy or is he taking all the stupid political talk a little too personally and feels threatened by it? As long as the Aceman keeps with the funny he will continue to be a well deserved literal millionaire. The rest of today’s show was great!

    • Chad

      Yeah–I wonder why because he’s rich he feels he needs to justify for ALL those that are rich. He deserves every dime he’s earned. Absolutely.

      Praeger is kind of a moron. He’s not all wrong–but someone wrote it up here: As long as someone even believes for one second Obama was born overseas they lose a great deal of intellectual credibility. When “Liberalism” is discussed as one of the worst things in America, you lose even more. Praeger is articulate, not correct, though I can concede he makes decent points at times.

      Oil companies do make money and provide jobs. Yes. They also contribute heavily, directly and indirectly to current major issues we face as a society, from pollution to road wear and maintaining to war (albeit indirectly). If you profit in this way, I’m okay with you being taxed–by the way, they get away with passing most of that onto consumers anyway They avoid most of the taxes they are supposed to pay–they do pay some, as Praeger noted. I’m not calling for more–but I wouldn’t mind it if they weren’t given tax shelters on their massive, massive profits.

  47. PDX Dano
    PDX Dano09-10-2012

    Best example of true honest laughter from the guests. Michael Biehn especially. It’s nice to hear a guest enjoying Adam and the gang as much as we do!!!

  48. Don

    The show summary refers to a freeway. But the subject of discussion is not a freeway. It is a toll road.

  49. paddym

    Like a HOBO I was born to walk alone is the old ass one,

  50. Zach

    Haha, I love “Double Shot” from The Swinging Medallions! I actually did buy that song on iTunes a few years ago.

  51. steve

    the FIRST version of the whitesnake song they played is the re-make of the old version, which was the SECOND song they played. there WAS a THIRD version made from the FIRST version they played that was for the radio that was a little different.

    • Jenn

      Thank you for being the first person to accurately state this. Wild trying make this point but Adam wasn’t having it.

  52. L Fisch
    L Fisch09-10-2012

    All this railing against oil corporate profits and whether it’s seven cents a gallon or fifty cents a gallon totally misses the point.

    You know profits are? Profits are growth. Profits are what companies use to expand, buy equipment, hire more employees, raise salaries, and yes, okay, give their top people fat bonuses. The top people are going to do well no matter what, because the top people always do well. There are rich people in communist countries, too, and they still get fat ugly bonuses even while the lowest people starve.

    You wanna get more jobs in this country? You want higher-paying, higher quality jobs with better benefits for more people? What you need is growth. And not government growth–every dollar the government spends is either taken from the private sector or borrowed, because there’s no other way they get their money. That’s not gonna dig us out of the hole. We need private growth. We need corporations, big, small, and in between, to make profits.

    So suck it up. Companies make profits, and that’s a good thing. I wish they were making a whole lot more.

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197009-10-2012

      Thanks for your little rant vis a vis D. Prager. I had considered purchasing one of your shows from the itunes… But I decided I can’t really afford to what with gas being over $4.00 and all.

    • Alan

      The problem is they are making money, A LOT of money , but they keep shipping jobs overseas and mfg. overseas. That’s where the government can help, by offering incentives to stay, which they do, and helping workers get training, which they do also. The stock market used to be a great indicator of economic growth and the market is doing FANTASTIC, but we still have high unemployment. Why? The Bush tax cuts were extended, we’ve had them for 12 years? It’s because companies ARE hiring, just not here anymore. Instead of pedantic ass clowns like Praeger boring us all with his slanted rants, we need to focus on what America needs to do to be competitive like learning more Math and Science (i.e. put a LOT more money into education and less into defense spending).

      You’re rant was a classic Republican talking point. CUT TAXES!!! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!! And while the Republicans get you to believe that simplistic view, they steal the money right out of your back pocket and give it to Oil Companies and offshore corporations.

      Ideology is great – but objective thinking is better – MUCH BETTER.

      • L Fisch
        L Fisch09-11-2012

        Do you really want the jobs they are shipping overseas? Factory jobs, working on the line? You want more low-paying, low-benefit jobs in America? Silly Democrat. Trade enriches both parties, not just one. The economy is not a zero-sum game. It’s not a just a big pie that we all get a slice of–it’s a growing pie. Well, lately in America it’s been a shrinking pie, but we need to get it growing again.

        America has the highest corporate tax rate, and the most progressive income tax in the world. You really want us to be competitive on a world scale, we need to reform the system. Lower corporate taxes, yes, of course, that would help. And don’t act all shocked by that suggestion. You really think corporate taxes are paid by rich people? They aren’t. They’re paid by stockholders in lower dividends, including older folks with their shrinking retirement funds. They’re paid by employees in lower wages, including the guy who sweeps the floor. And they’re paid by consumers in higher prices, including you.

        The stock market might be one indicator of growth, but it’s far the only one, or the best one. Investors and companies all over America are sitting on unprecedented amounts of capital, unwilling to spend it, unwilling to expand and hire and all the other things we need for a growth economy. Why? Because current economic conditions are too risky. Economic conditions created by this anti-growth, anti-business government.

        Fine, talk about ideology, but don’t tell me that I have one and you don’t. Leftist ideology is a real thing, it’s not just objective thinking, and it’s why people like you keep grasping Keynesian ideas even when they fail to work again, and again, and again, and again.

        The financial crisis wasn’t caused by tax cuts. That’s the stupidest thing you’ve said yet. It was caused by government policy requiring banks to give loans to people who couldn’t pay them, and then banks taking advantage of bad policy to try to make money anyway. The big banks need to broken up, not bailed out, and changes to be made in finance law. There’s a lot of bad stuff in this country and it’s going to take a long time to sort it out. But TAX CUTS are not the problem. “Objective thinking” and a little big of research would prove that to you if you dared to look for the truth.

        • An Onny
          An Onny09-21-2012

          “Do you really want the jobs they are shipping overseas? Factory jobs, working on the line? You want more low-paying, low-benefit jobs in America?”

          Which are the jobs that made America prosperous in the 1950s, don’t forget. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor, lawyer, or executive. Factory jobs were what middle-America were able to sustain a middle-class lifestyle on. You think they like it better being on unemployment, or having to be a greeter at Wal-Mart?

  53. DionRidesBikes

    Great guests! Biehn and his wife have very contagious laughter and seem like a joy.

    You guys are stuck on this oil price thing, but he always finishes off his political rants with something to the effect of:

    “Take care of your kids, quit crapping out kids if you can’t afford them and quit relying on the government to give you a handout. Work hard and make your living.”

    So, he screws up a fact or two… he’s not an economist, educator, lawyer or judge. It’s that last little end tag that means the most.

    • Miles O'Toole
      Miles O'Toole09-12-2012

      Wow, I found his wife’s laughter completely obnoxious and grating. She sounds like an old smoker, with that hacking, wheezing laugh. It was CONSTANT. heeehhhaaahHEEEHAAHHHEHahhahahaaaaghghghg

      And jesus she is photoshopped on that DVD. She looks like something from the Addams Family in real life.

  54. Mark P.
    Mark P.09-10-2012

    Can someone tell me what the original song is that the David Wild theme song parodies?

    • rakattakpat

      allentown billy joel

  55. bb

    uhhh, looks like this episode is a skipper, thanks for the warnings ya’ll

  56. bluerat

    It was nice of Prager to cut the woman off before she had a chance to actually explain her opening statement.

    Basically, she started to say “Oil companies make a shit load of money” and then Prager cuts her off and proceeds with his queued up “they hate success!” message instead of letting her say why them making shit loads of money is bad. I haven’t heard the speech, but I imagine it’s got to do with them making shit loads of money while taking government subsidies and paying no corporate taxes.

    • J Rock 1970
      J Rock 197009-10-2012

      and if they take gov’t subsidies isn’t that socialism?

    • L Fisch
      L Fisch09-11-2012

      For pity’s sake, tax deductions are not subsidies.

      • Miles O'Toole
        Miles O'Toole09-12-2012

        There’s not a very big difference between directly paying a company to do something versus giving them a tax incentive/credit for the same thing. Either way it’s government policy that affects how a profit seeking entity is going to behave.
        The government could just as easily pay a company the money they would save on taxes and it would have the same result. It’s semantics.

    • nyt

      Here is the transcript – she didn’t mention anything about not paying taxes:

      The system is rigged.
      Look around. Oil companies guzzle down the billions in profits.
      Billionaires pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries, and
      Wall Street CEOs, the same ones the direct our economy and
      destroyed millions of jobs still strut around Congress, no
      shame, demanding favors, and acting like we should thank them.
      Does anyone here have a problem with that?

  57. Will T.
    Will T.09-10-2012

    Reporter: “Coach McKay what do you think of your team’s execution today?”
    Coach McKay:” “I’m in favor of it.”

  58. UnBald Brian
    UnBald Brian09-10-2012

    No matter which way you are talking, if you are talking politics, there is no quicker way to make half of your listeners stop listening and lose respect for you.

  59. Kristen

    Michael is a great guest, but was that his heavy breathing right into the mic every 2 seconds?

  60. robert_r

    Am i the only one who thinks there’s some addiction issues going on with one or both of the Biehns?

  61. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle09-10-2012

    You’d think a movie star like Biehn would have a much hotter wife.

  62. george

    sounds like donnie and kathy and sandy are producing or advising the new Brian (mark and brian) and Jill podcast…

  63. Barklet

    Loved Adam calling out Warren on her idiocy.

    • Late Night North
      Late Night North09-10-2012

      She speak with fork tongue!

  64. Sam

    Ace — you gotta have more guests who are smokers, these people’s laughs were absolutely fantastic!

  65. Brett

    I’m starting to join those who have had enough of David Wilde. His name dropping is becoming insufferable. No doubt he’s had an amazing life and done some amazing things but it comes across so “One Upper” that I find myself getting irritated when I hear his voice. I say go back to the old “Music Monday” I’d rather have some funny theme and see what ACE, Allison and BB come up with.

    • Fury66


    • Miles O'Toole
      Miles O'Toole09-12-2012

      I’m pretty sure he’s doing it as a joke, at least that seems to be his tone. It’s irony.

  66. Doug

    Thanks, Nick Namenone, for the links. Hey, you did research — something Adam never will. I really like you, Adam, but if you hold an opinion, don’t trust other people with an agenda to inform you. I love the “Rail Against the Machine” stuff, but it doesn’t match facts. Tax breaks, incentives and our country’s dependence on oil means they’ll always make a profit. That is what Warren was talking about: a system where some people are always the pawns in a money game — no matter how hard they work they feel as if the mortgage companies, big oil, healthcare companies and the like will always win. And, unless, you’re a millionaire and self-sufficient, they always will…

  67. Jack Silver
    Jack Silver09-10-2012

    love WHITESNAKE peeps!!!

  68. SamuelJH

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he wont depend on your food stamps.
    Thank you.

  69. Goldy

    Mark P. it’s “Allentown” by Billy Joel.

  70. Big B
    Big B09-10-2012

    Only Adam would take up for the oil companies. Poor Allison and Bald Bryan having to put up w/ that nonsense.

  71. Fred

    Great show today. The Biehns were great guests, and they were loving the Ace Man too.

    My only complaint is Adam has been really phoning in his song selections lately. Charlie Daniels? Whitesnake? Come on, dude. Dig deeper! You listen to better stuff than that!

  72. Number _One_Adam_Fan
    Number _One_Adam_Fan09-10-2012


    I’ll throw an analogy at the master….

    Regarding the RED cameras that make it easy for just about anyone to make feature quality film….

    In the past, making a movie was like an artist using a 10,000 pound paint brush to create a painting. To do so, he’d have to get 300 people to lift the brush. So, without backing of a major studio with lots of money, you could not make the movie.

    Now, with the inexpensive digital technology, the paint brush weighs half a pound….

    GET IT ON!

  73. vincek

    I love it when Adam goes on rants that get liberals with their panties in a bunch….reading their stupid comments on why they think adam is wrong makes my day….thank you stupid liberals…its my pleasure to pay taxes to feed your lazy asses…

  74. postalkim

    oh my gosh I am glad i am not the only one who skips about half of every show.Adam’s comments on politics are so stupid.Brian and Allison just sit there totally silent while he says something idiotic.Please oil companies make a huge profit . Last time i checked a barrel costs about 90 dollars. Oil goes into a lot of products besides gas. Tires, fertilizer, packaging , toys , carpet etc. Wow how dumb to say something like how come the government takes 60 cents for every gallon? Oh i don’t know maybe to build roads so the oil company can sell gas to people with cars to drive on??? come on use your brain.

  75. Mark

    Get it on!! Love the podcast but enough with Blowing of Dennis Prager. I am neither Liberal or Conservative so just hearing that crap makes me cringe.

    • Keenwhiz

      Dennis Prager is an intellect you might learn something if you would listen. You say you are neither a liberal or a conservative…wtf. Guess you are not aware of how politics influences almost every aspect of your life. Do you have a job, own a home and pay taxes? Then politics should be of a concern to you…duh.

  76. sloozen1

    Great show…

  77. Mad13

    85 mph may work in some places but not in Richmond Va. These people cant drive in the rain. I have been rear ended twice. in a my benz and they f-ed up my jag i got friends that ride Harleys that wont ride in Richmond to many people that can’t drive. Powhatan Va.sucks too. The left lane is for passing!! If you are not passing you dont need to be in the left lane. Sonny Barger had that in his book Credos from the road. I could rant on bout people that want to ride beside you and block the left lane, Texas may be smarter drivers and pull it off here not but maybe we could weed out the bad drivers? just hope im not near them.

  78. Juicefestival300

    Don’t care what anyone says – David Wild is a great regular guest and I can’t get that song out of my head.
    I also suggest this couple is just invited to any podcast. That Blanc girl laughing was making me laugh contagiously. I thought it would annoy me but it made me love it more.

    Love all the smart college guys weighing in with their contrived bits against big oil. Big oil is the best and most efficient way we have today to power your computer and keep things like food cheap enough even poor people don’t starve to death these days. It absolutely creates massive jobs and money and is why people can buy new energy-efficient homes or new better cars and pay to have roads. it lights hospitals and freezes medicine. You should be very very thankful we have big oil these days. Don’t write contrived ‘yeah buts..’.

    • ShekRepublic

      Yeah Biehn and his wife laughing it up was almost too much to take. It hit a crescendo for me during the semi-free range chicken take. “Hey chicken, where the fuck are you going? Get back here” “I’m going to Montana” I was in tears in my car laughing at that and it would not have been as funny without the “laugh track” Good stuff.

      The politics. Hey, lets argue about whether there is a God on the ACS message boards, after we resolve that we can move on to whether it makes more sense to lean left or right in 2012. Seriously though, no matter what you believe, deep down you all know it makes no difference who you vote for.

    • David Wild
      David Wild09-11-2012

      Thanks for the kind words.

    • David Wild
      David Wild09-16-2012

      Thanks so much

  79. real life Harold
    real life Harold09-11-2012

    Jesus, Adam should not talk about things he knows nothing about. Defending big oil really highlights his complete ignorance of the issue. Don’t simply repeat what Praeger tells you, research the issue before you talk. Lean about the tax breaks the government gives to the oil companies, despite their record profits. Learn about the free ride the oil companies get from the goverment from drilling on FEDERALLY owned land. Jesus, we get that you are angry at the government like so many Republitards, but directing it at consumers rather than big oil is the dumbest thing I’ve heard from you yet.

    • Albert

      Nice summary real life Harold. The irritating thing is that Praeger purposefully cut off Elizabeth Warren’s speech before she said “subsidies.” Right wingers are supposed to decry subsidies, yet Praeger cuts off the speech to take words out of context in order to make a specious argument. Pretty pathetic. I hope Adam realizes that espousing these ridiculous positions isn’t good for his career. I realize he is piloting the “Pirate Ship,” but hey, maybe if he ditched that douche bag Praeger, he could get a sitcom on the air. Dennis Miller is one of my favorite comedians of all time and look what happened to his career after he decided to get political (on the wrong side of the aisle for Hollywood).

    • Chris

      Does the Federal Government have a means to drill for oil on their own land? No? That is why they get the tax break.

  80. behymen

    If you think the show is getting tired or you getting fed up with his political rants, then stop listening and shut the fuck up. Get the fuck out of here, go watch MSNBC or go watch real time douche bill mahr.

  81. bb

    Funny you read all the comments from so called liberals and they have their lengthy explanations and links to graphs and charts on why Carolla is wrong.

    And then you have all the comments from so called conservatives who are just happy the liberals are mad and they could care less about the factual aspect of the arguments.

  82. Nord2x

    Alison is pretty.

  83. B-Rad

    Regardless of how much they supposedly make per gallon, that other $0.66 is what WE pay, not Exxon’s money. They are taxes, that pay for stuff, like ROADS. Ridiculous how little critical thinking occurs on these political rants.

    • Mons Venus
      Mons Venus09-11-2012

      It’s not just roads, bridges look like they cost money too. Oh yeah, all those buildings and employees at the DMVs all over the state need to be paid for. Plus the computers and the databases that keep that information on file. Probably lots of other things like traffic lights that are needed for a society with cars that use gasoline.

      Elizabeth Warren misspoke. She meant to say subsidies. Subsidies in the transcript, and they are something the President wants to end. It doesn’t make sense that she would actually mean profits over subsidies. Lots of companies make profits with no complaints. The larger point is that large oil get lots of tax breaks. Whether it’s at the right level is a different argument than the specious one Prager made.

  84. Andy90

    Good God. Not only do we have to ignore Carolla’s embarrassingly self-serving and uninformed political rants, now we have to ignore Dennis Prager’s too?

  85. Riggz

    Please get Alex Jones on the show and have a serious debate about things Adam is completely ignorant about. One good verbal ass whompin by Jones and Adam will never try to talk politics again… possibly this will return to a comedy show.

  86. Chauncy Woo
    Chauncy Woo09-11-2012

    I love how you moron’s actually think Adam reads or cares about all these comments… Have you guys not listened to the shows? All these political comments are falling on blind eyes. Good going people.

  87. Elle

    You really need to tell the guests beforehand to make sure NOT to breathe into/near the mike (ESPECIALLY Tom Arnold). Pretty distracting. That being said, I always really liked Michael Biehn back in the day. 🙂 And I love that BB loves him!!

  88. Justin

    Please no more David Wild….incredibly boring and his name dropping, although he pokes fun, is just stupid…

  89. craig

    People like Elizabeth Warren are total phonies. Big pharmacutical companies have assistance programs for expensive medications. Because many modern medications cost thousands. I needed a prescription that was very expensive. And Pfizer was the most helpful. The knee-jerk contempt of big business is both masochistic and stupid.

    • Jonathan

      just listen to the whole speech, not the straw man that partisans build. Many liberals do hate Big Pharma, and Democrats will rhetorically play to their sympathies for votes, but Warren is not demonizing an industry for making profit.

  90. hood

    Love Biehn’s maniacal laugh.

  91. Phil

    That original (1982) version of “Here I Go Again” they accidentally played is so much better than all of them. I never knew there were other versions, the one Adam liked (earlier 1987) being the only one I’ve ever heard. That radio-mix (later 1987) was God awful.

  92. Phil

    That original (1982) version of “Here I Go Again” they accidentally played is so much better than all of them. I never knew there were other versions the one Adam liked (earlier 1987) being the only one I’ve ever heard. That radio-mix (later 1987) was God awful.

  93. Andy M
    Andy M09-11-2012

    Wow… This is the first time I’ve ever looked at any posts on the podcasts, and certainly will be the last. If you all have nothing to do but hate and criticize, THEN STOP LISTENING AND GET A LIFE!! I’ve listened to every podcast, Adam is an opinionated asshole. “That’s why HE gets the big bucks” and what this is what makes him entertaining. He has earned the right to crack-wise, make offensive comments, and say whatever he wants. That’s what his podcasts based on, and the reason he wouldn’t answer to someone on a daily basis on the radio! You all want to spout off and do research to prove him wrong? This says to me you are all Liberals collecting unemployment and love big government. Check THAT on Factcheck….

    • Ashland

      So… you don’t want to form your opinions based on facts?

      Oh, and since people disagree they must be collecting unemployment?

      And YOU complain about other people’s posts.. . geez

  94. phil landers
    phil landers09-11-2012

    God dammit! I love me some Aceman, but talk about double dipped in shit on this episode. He and Prager’s ill informed and unfunny rants on big oil and his misguided choice of music. Painful!

  95. Adam


    Adam, you don’t understand the other sides argument. Just because Prager says something does not make it true. I love your show so much but it just makes my blood boil when take these positions against liberals when that is not their position.

  96. Jonathan

    That Elizabeth Warren clip from Prager’s show is unfair.

    “Oil companies guzzle down billions”

    Now that may be all Prager needs to hear when he wants to win a straw man argument about how liberals hate profit. But the next two words of that sentence were “in subsidies.” Warren was saying that the “system” gives special deals and tax breaks to “Big Oil,” which drowns out competition in the energy sector and, according to the central tenets of capitalism, results in market inefficiency. I agree with Warren and Adam on this one. The government should “get out of the way” and end subsidies to vibrant sectors of the economy, such as the oil industry.

  97. Chris

    What song is the David Wild theme based off of? I know its Billy Joel but can’t remember the title

    • Carlos


  98. ross

    Moral of the story from the beginning of the pod about Dr. Drew: the man is and always will be a money grubbing whore-douche.

  99. BIGDOG

    DWIld as always was great. Dont mind the thud that comes from his name dropping. The man has had a great carreer with intresting stories that are good.

    • David Wild
      David Wild09-16-2012

      Thanks BigDog

  100. Matt

    someone saying that the government makes it possible for you to have a business by building roads and educating your employees is ridiculous

    then turn around and say that corporations make everything possible by extracting petroleum from the ground and turning it into fuel so we can get places

    Yes, the gov’t takes 50 cents of every gallon and the corporations take 6 cents. The corporations still make record profits and take gov’t subsidies… so in reality they are getting a big chunk of that 50 cents the gov’t takes right off the top.

    In addition, the gov’t builds billion dollar war ships to protect the shipping lanes and make it possible for the oil tankers to get here in the first place, and the entire infrastructure that allows that fueld to be delivered.

    I get that he can be a retard and not connect the dots on the Obama “you didn’t build that” thing, but how the fuck can he turn around and then connect THE VERY SAME DOTS to justify why corporations are so great?

  101. WR

    I don’t mind David Wild, especially considering Dave Dameshek is a million times more annoying.

    Speaking of annoying, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn has to be the most grating person on the planet…

  102. Hemorrhoids

    He and Prager wouldn’t feel compelled to stick up for Big Oil in all likelihood if it wasn’t for Democrats blasting the industry at every opportunity for high gas prices and reaping profits they deem “excessive”. It’s not like the Democrats didn’t have a window of opportunity to change the tax code – Obama’s first two years in office had strong Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress. Had he wanted to end oil subsidies, all it would have taken was getting past the GOP filibuster in the Senate. Honestly, how hard is it to buy off a couple moderate senators?

    In the end, blaming Big Oil for high gas prices is just as stupid as blaming the government. While profit margin and taxation are certainly factors in gasoline prices, they are small players compared to the elephant in the room: the cost of oil. Given the fact that a barrel of oil today is more costly and difficult to extract from the ground than it was 20 years ago, and given the fact the dollar’s relative value is declining due to expansionist monetary policy, it’s not that difficult to see why the overall trend in oil price has been up, up, up (aside from the deep recession-induced hiccup).

  103. Doug

    What a great guest Biehn is! Seems like a decent guy and I love how hard he was cracking up through the podcast. Seems like he has an awesome sense of humor.

  104. Winsten

    the Whitesnake stuff was good comedy, but all that Laughing was annoying as hell.
    I had to turn it off

  105. Hansel

    I don’t mind David Wild and I find most everything else compelling and interesting, but can Adam just admit he’s swinging on Romney’s dick because it benefits him as a rich person? I should’ve seen this coming when he appeared on Fox News and every other crybaby conservative platform. I get it, you’re going to vote for Romney, buddy. Also, I get it, you’re an Atheist. I know the latter part because you tell me every fucking episode. Atheists are the new Christians, and just like Christians, they should shut the fuck about it. I will now await horrible replies from horrible people who are not millionaires. Go.

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