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As the show opens up, Adam talks about taking Sonny out for his first Tiger Scouts meeting. He also chats about a gala at the Petersen Automotive Museum, and drinking tons of Mangria before giving a speech. He then talks about accepting an award from the Catholic Big Brothers, and discusses the impact that the organization has had on our youth. Later, Adam complains about Don Henley’s music, and shares his thoughts on luck.

Matthew Lillard enters the studio next, and Adam talks to him about the disadvantages of being a tall celebrity. Matthew also talks about reading a book on tape, and how it eventually lead to him directing his first film, ‘Fat Kid Rules The World.’ After briefly talking about Teresa’s second baby, Alison opens the news with the Sexiest Woman of 2012. The guys also talk about employers not hiring smokers, trying to get a sitcom slogan to stick, and the divorce of Danny DeVito. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss how looking at cute baby animals can boost your productivity.


Visit http://FatKidRulesTheMovie.com to see where the film is playing at a theater near you. Also follow today’s guest on Twitter @MatthewLillard.


Prager University, Carolla on Luck

Have Mercy

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  1. spidly

    Definitely not a Jew

    Florida Man, 32, Dies Shortly After Winning Pet Store’s Roach-Eating Contest

    • Chris

      Also Germany or Florida 😀

  2. spidly

    ….and, Mom arrested for tattooing 11-year-old
    Definitely not a Jewwwwwwwww


  3. Allen Corrola
    Allen Corrola10-09-2012

    “Hmm, I think I’ve heard him use that phrase before…”

    Play along while you listen with Adam Carolla Bingo cards. Get yours here. Yes, they’re free. http://bit.ly/RKtfDf

  4. charles

    Viagra definitely works. You can basically have sex as long as you want because the boner doesn’t go away, until you think about baseball or Hillary Clinton.
    But…It makes you feel worse afterwords.

  5. ballsackface

    in holland, blackface is still all the rage during christmas. they do a little thing called “zwarte piet”

    from the slate.com article:

    “In Holland, Santa, or “Sinterklaas,” as he’s known to the Dutch, doesn’t have reindeer; he has a little helper named Zwarte Piet, literally Black Pete, who charms children with pepernoten cookies and a kooky demeanor while horrifying foreign visitors with his resemblance to Little Black Sambo. Each year, on Dec. 5, the morning before the feast of St. Nicholas, children all over the country wake up excited for gifts and candy while thousands of adults go to their mirrors to apply brown paint and red lips. In their Zwarte Piet costumes, they fill central Amsterdam and small village streets, ushering in the arrival of Sinterklaas who, in the Dutch tradition, rides a flying white horse.”

  6. Ninja

    Been watching Matt Lillard since Sk8-TV…but what’s up with these Buddy Holly frames he’s wearing? And Adam looks like he’s been working out in the yard…Somebody must have been heavy in the mangria to think this was a good pic of either of these dudes.

  7. joe

    Def Frat guy on it again today! Keep it up DFG.

  8. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent10-09-2012


  9. mnoswad1

    Adams talk on luck today was more advice than I ever got from my entire family or education combined, from the time I was 8 to 38.

    Fucking disgusting how unassertive, apathetic and un-ambitious middle class white midwesterners really are.

  10. ebony lobster
    ebony lobster10-09-2012

    what’s up with the shit ton of sound effects in the Luck video? is it supposed to appeal to 10 year olds? don’t think they give a damn about working hard.

  11. Jesse from Canada in Montana
    Jesse from Canada in Montana10-09-2012

    Get Greg Graffin on. Athiest, scholar (PhD), and musician.

  12. benny hill
    benny hill10-09-2012

    Let me guess non-straight guys voted mila kunis sexiest woman of 2012

  13. Kyle

    Big heroiny face!

  14. reyna

    Adam…..looks like you need to be doing more than jumping some rope! Seriously, puffiness and bloated face….maybe it’s too much mangria. Something is not right. All the best!

  15. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle10-09-2012

    T’s V…not as elastic as it used to be. 🙁

  16. stnuntrnd

    Vigilance (not hyper): on the “Fat Kids RTW” movie website limited release schedule, “N. Holywood”. Adam, “What has went faster from cool guy to pariah than smoking?”, it’s gone (not went).

  17. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams10-09-2012

    Today’s guest is nuclear grade retarded.

  18. ChuckG

    Here’s the thing about AirForce One – it’s a controlled enviroment: If you start allowing unauthorized personnel on it ,then you’re going to have to administer thorough body searches on all of them …this means metal detector, x-ray and ALL cavities.
    So, IS it really worth it?… … unless you’re up for a free prostrate check.
    ChuckG Raleigh,NC

  19. CACAHD

    lillard was f’n funny and played along just great

  20. chrisfromaz

    These are very good pictures of Adam. Very flattering.

  21. setlasmon

    how about some “definitely a jew” stories thrown in there from time to time?

  22. JoeyJoJo

    WTF with all the stupid sound effects on the Prager University clip? Jesus Christ that was stupid. Is this supposed to get me to go and and look for more of these clips?

  23. Susie-Q

    I feel so totally validated! David Caruso has always been on my list of people that bother me too. Ever since he played that snot-nosed junior cop in First Blood and then he descended onto tv thinking he was God’s gift to acting, he has bothered me.

    Glad to know someone else thinks the same thing…….

  24. Ace

    So I guess I’m not the only one having a hard time with this damned site lately… Is the ship taking on water? What the hell is going on over there?

    I still love the show though, and congrats to T!!

  25. Dan

    That goddamn DAG ring tone needs to go away forever.

  26. Larry_Love

    It would be awesome to have a kid that Adam was a big brother for come on the show to see what became of him.

  27. Rick F.
    Rick F.10-09-2012

    Fucking awesome stories about the BB/BS program. Adam, you are totally correct about this issue, and especially how fortunate (not lucky) kids that have a mentor are. Good on you for showing your kids how others live. If they don’t get it today, they will remember tomorrow.

  28. jj

    Prager University clip needed more Looney Toones sound effects, and make em louder. Great message from Adam tho.

  29. Stan

    Bryan, please don’t think that your sound drops aren’t almost as annoying as the Prager U bit. Like you on the show buddy, but your role needs to be redefined.

  30. mike

    alison rosen looks hotter then mila kunis in some of her pics

  31. TIMOTH

    Right on about Don Henley. No music sends more douche chills through my body than the music of solo Don Henley or The Eagles. So fucking terrible. The Eagles were writing music like they were washed up old men when they were in their early 20’s. Don Henley’s solo career plays like the soundtrack to every pathetic balding ex coke head’s struggle to still be cool at the nightclub.

  32. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge10-10-2012

    I still love the show but I’ve been a bit bored recently, need some more good one on one shows.

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