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Adam opens the show discussing the ballsy move he did on his drive to the studio, only to get caught with the same person at the next light. He also talks about his busy Saturday with the kids’ first baseball game, and rants about Lynette losing her keys. Adam then talks with Dr. Bruce about a device that makes you stop talking, nerd rage, and Andrew Breitbart’s death. Later, Adam takes a couple listener calls for Healthwatch.

Comedian Matt Walsh joins the show next, and chats with the guys about his directorial debut. The new movie is completely improvised, and Matt and Adam talk about how freeing it is to have actors create their own characters. Adam then rants about a fan with sweaty hands, and transitions into the news from the weekend.

Alison discusses Rush Limbaugh’s controversial comments regarding birth control, and also mentions some of the conspiracy theories surrounding Breitbart’s death. The guys also talk about Kirk Cameron’s views on gay marriage, and why there aren’t as many people with peanut allergies as was initially reported. Next up is a Germany or Florida story involving a butt plug, and the show wraps up with a story about Adam’s old landlord.


High Road is out on BluRay March 6th. Pre-order it by clicking through our Amazon link. You can also follow him on Twitter @MrMattWalsh


Man Show Benny Hill
Kirk Cameron

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Juice4000

    Dr. Bruce > Adam FTW!

    • Boston Greg
      Boston Greg03-05-2012

      Dr. Bruce is going to come back with a baseball bat and start swinging if Adam continually shits on him every show.

      • john

        That’s obviously the schtick, genius.

    • Aced it
      Aced it03-05-2012

      Yeah…… Bruce won’t do ANYTHING.

      Watched The Apprentice. Adam, you are making The Hulk angry. That guy sucks when he’s not angry, I bet he turns into a big red meathead idiot when he gets angry! 110% of the time.

  2. b

    Ace: You’re delusional. There are millions of us who notice the same problems you do. Just as early as you do. You’re not specially keyed in. And you can stop trying to wedge your hypervigilance into every conversation. Fuck you.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-05-2012

      i have to agree with you b

    • C-bag

      Plus….How can you proclaim hypervigilance? What is the ratio of noticed v. unnoticed events? YOU WOULDNT FREAKING KNOW…..OR THEY WOULDNT BE CALLED UNNOTICED! It seems to me that someone needs to tell you that you are hypervigilant.

      Love the show
      got to get it on, ACE!

  3. Silent Running
    Silent Running03-05-2012

    Looks like a no-gel day. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. formerjackman

    Adam is 100% correct about the keys

  5. Andrew

    Tell Dr. Bruce “Homeostasis”

    That’s what you are talking about.

    It’s why your body has a temperature, so that all the cells don’t have to constantly adjust.

    He’ll either say “ah, I get what you are saying now” or he’ll have a blank stare in which case you go revoke his medical diploma.

  6. Mises

    Does anyone feel like Adam crossed the line with Bruce? I listen to Adam for his cleverness and unique insight, not to hear him uncreatively beat up his employees.

    • TraciX2

      YES! Adam was being a total D*ck.
      I have NO idea why Dr.Bruce puts up with such bad treatment.
      Adam loses his old whipping boy Donny and now he has Dr. Bruce….I wish Bruce would just leave. Feel bad for the dude.

    • Lisa


    • steve

      That’s part of the joke while Bruce is on. He’s done it for years and I’m sure Bruce is wise to it.

    • mexican jew
      mexican jew03-09-2012

      Painfully uncomfortable to listen to, especially when BB and Alison just watch the slaughter. Can’t see the upside for Spaz on these things. Just waiting for the “F.U., I’m outa here.”

  7. Gary Lee Grah
    Gary Lee Grah03-05-2012

    Adam, Get your book finished and bring your heart rate down just a little.

  8. RJ

    Get Dr. Bruce off the air….please. it’s painful.

  9. jen

    Thank you Alison, for pointing out to Adam what should have been obvious. This is not about the government covering birth control (although, doesn’t that sound like something Adam would have been for??). We pay these huge insurance premiums every month, and we want birth control covered as part of that. We don’t want some religious affiliated, non tax paying institution to be able to refuse this one thing.
    Theoretically, this should lower health care costs! Which costs more, birth control pills or pregnancy, labor, delivery, and a kid? Which costs more, birth control pills or surgery for ovarian cysts? Adam, stop ranting about things you haven’t even thought about.

    • yo yo
      yo yo03-05-2012

      Me want something, I should get something. Wahhh!!! Too bad that someone else finds consequence-free f*ck pills morally offensive, they should subsidize MY use of it. Why? Because I SAID so! WAHHH!!!!

      • jen

        I hope you never have a life threatening illness that your insurance refuses to cover.

        • jd

          I kinda hope he does.

    • matt

      Collectivism is dangerous. Imagine you believed that contraception was morally wrong. You have worked hard to build a business and employ people. You pay for their healthcare because of some silly tax advantage. You have a strong conviction that something is wrong, yet you cannot choose a plan that allows you to follow your morals.

      Maintaining an individuals right to moral beliefs is something this nation was founded on. By mandating coverage of a product that some people find morally wrong is the opposite of what our country’s core values are. We should treat this infringement on moral beliefs with the highest respect.

      • Chad

        You could also believe, as many religions do, that many aspects of modern medicine are wrong, immoral, invasive, or playing God. You’d be wrong, unfortunately.

        You cannot be, as the employer, making the healthcare decisions for your employees. It isn’t your right. You make your own decision as a patient. No one should make healthcare decisions for anyone else, unless of course the person in question in unable to do so for himself.

        • matt

          Why does the onus fall on the employer? The employee could always go purchase contraception or purchase insurance that covers contraception. Employees can also choose different employers.

          The issue here is the state forcing someone, who has taken a moral stand, to do something against their morals. The coercion of an individual against their morals is the opposite of freedom. Their morals can be completely loony, but freedom is letting them be loony.

  10. Goldy

    Made a big tray of lasagna last night in your honor, Adam. Thanks for the hours of entertainment.

  11. thedecade

    Hey it’s Tintin!

  12. joe

    This was so funny to listen to. Especially when bruces phone went off.

  13. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper03-05-2012

    I don’t have to get it on if I don’t want to!!!

  14. Kebin

    Adam you owe Dr Bruce an apology. You were over the line of funny and just plain mean.

    • Lisa

      Yes! Apologize Adam

  15. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll03-05-2012

    Simple fix: keeper of keys household position. And if Adam doesn’t want to hire on that position he should stop lumping himself in with the massive taxpayers group, pretty sure they have staff that handles that.

  16. Carter

    No more Dr. Bruce please! The episodes he is part of are awful, he doesn’t ever get any of Adam’s jokes and spends all his time whining. He is really is terrible for the radio and brings the energy of the show to a screeching halt. Please stick to the ER Dr. Spaz!!

    • Joe

      Adam has him on for a reason, you fucking numbskull. It’s called cringe humor, and it’s funny.

  17. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll03-05-2012

    I love Alison and was glad to hear her get Adam to yes and on the news. Otherwise it’s Ace on repeat, and in that case Virtual Adam is all you need.

  18. The King of Nothing
    The King of Nothing03-05-2012

    Are you kidding me? I respect Bruce’s medical opinion but he is completely wrong about the key thing. Being overwhelmed with stress? That’s why you misplace your keys? Give me a fucking break! That’s a lot of shit. There is no energy required to put your key in the same place every time. It’s freaking simple! Gotta agree with Adam on this one.

  19. JessMan

    how was joe paterno as a landlord anyway?

  20. Jesse

    I always wonder how much of what Dr. Bruce says is a bit, or is he just genetically engineered to be the world’s best straight man. When Adam said “I’m the one who is overwhelmed” after doing 10 minutes on being overwhelmed and Dr. Bruce says “why” I totally lost it. Good stuff Ace Man.

  21. CSN

    Adam is such a dickhead

  22. jg323

    wah wah wahh…dr spaz, man up!

    ACE FLUFFER03-05-2012

    andrew the LIAR brietbart is a real NICE GUY! glen FLAKE beck is a religious boy, rush OXY tubby is funny.

    ignorance is amazing, must be a fox snews listener, #1 in most uninformed

    Iraq was connected with al qaeda, right? When I bitch about society it’s insight, when others bitch, I get defensive because I’m jealous. Insecurity is rampant on the right.

    None of this will get to you because this site is too thin skinned, only FLUFFERS wanted.

    THEY FEAR ME! I’m inside your head. Moderated for your Fluffiness !

    Did you pick up you minimum wage check or do you do this for free?


    • monky

      Your comments take blithering to a new level.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington03-05-2012

      How close were you to quoting Nietzsche here?

  24. Clausha


  25. Allen Corona
    Allen Corona03-05-2012

    Dr Bruce is my new best friend

  26. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-05-2012

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” Really?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-06-2012

      I have been getting that f’ing message too. Grrr.

  27. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-05-2012

    “You are supporting our advertisers too often. Slow down” You got it!

  28. Mike

    Boring guest!!

  29. dimeforscale

    Matt Walsh is funny. Good guest.

  30. LokiCola

    Love Matt Walsh. Dr. Bruce is going to get up from the couch and kick Adam upside the head one of these days.

  31. TallGrl3

    I think Adam is still angry about Dr.Bruce not paying back the 50k he owes him. Adam might be little passive agressive. Dr. Bruce, pay the guy back and youll get your dignity back 🙂

  32. Terri

    Adam…love you brother but you have got to quit treating Bruce like shit. Seriously…I don’t like to get crude but honestly…that is how you are treating him. I actually like him as a guest…why the attitude with the guy?

    On another note,,,watched Celeb apprentice last night. I was very disappointed that you didn’t get credit for all the work you did. And hurray for you for speaking out to the blow heart Trump. Exactly right…who the hell would know that midnight blue would be too dark. And I have nothing against the women’s team but they had no plan, a weak start, a last minute save and the windows were a big ZERO. So you lost on jewelry and style choice…what crap.

    • sockpuppet

      “blow heart”?

  33. Robey

    “Fireproof” is not a bad movie. Once you get over the “god fearing” and “uber christian” part – it’s OK considering he put up so little an investment, and has made $40M in sales…

  34. Jason

    Adam is pretty big blowhard. We get it, you work hard. Everyone has to fucking work hard. You are talented, but let’s be honest you sit and talk into a microphone. You got a few good breaks in life and now you make millions. Quit putting yourself on a pedestal. Has Adam ever admitted to being wrong or second guessed himself before? I find myself listening to the show less and less. “Why you gotta act like you know when you don’t know, It’s ok if you don’t know everything”

  35. Mike

    The part where Adam & Matt were discussing the Benny Hill bit was great radio/podcast. I’ll never get that time back.

  36. Joe Mama
    Joe Mama03-05-2012

    Listening to Alison regurgitate left wing talking points every night is getting old.

    • cg

      Second that … and she usually has no real grasp of the actual issue. She just drinks Kool-Aid and spits it back out on air. She’s young and smart though … once she starts making some real money and paying closer attention to what’s going on, she’ll probably come around like most people with brains do.

      • malcolm

        god, she just make one little comment, not like she went all Arianna Huffington on us or anything.

    • Molly

      omg i totally agree

  37. PB

    Jeez, listening to Adam talk about his politics is just sad. Dude, you are really funny in your improv comedy, but you don’t really think before you speak. He clearly does not have the patience or interest in thinking through whatever he is ranting about. First he rags on the people that Twittered they were happy Breitbart died, and then Alison points out Breitbart did the same thing when Kennedy died. Most people would say, “Oh I guess I was wrong and he had it coming, Karma-wise.” But instead he says, well those Twitterers should be better than that.

  38. malcolm

    I don’t like how Dr Bruce was so dismissive about Adam being overwhelmed these past few weeks. Adam is a professional and even though he’s capable of doing multiple things at once but everyone gets overwhelmed at some point and for Dr bruce to be so dismissive made me really angry.
    Plus, he’s not good on the show, I can’t believe he’s a doctor sometimes with the way he presents his news, not a very good communicator.

  39. Real Intresting
    Real Intresting03-05-2012

    It’s funny listening to Bryan taking revenge at everyone who has ever treated him like a nerd, by treating the only guest this show has ever seen that is nerdier than him like a nerd.

  40. BlahBlahBlog

    To all the newbies complaining that Adam “crossed the line” with Bruce – welcome to the world of Ace Man. He used to talk like this to Dr. Drew on Loveline, on several occasions. The famous drop of Drew saying “all right, All Right, ALL RIGHT!” was in response to one of Adam’s rant’s against Drew. Adam nearly went ballistic. He is not used to someone disagreeing with him AND standing up to him. Drew finally just gave up with the “ALL RIGHT” comment, and they moved on.

    • Molly

      THANK YOU for pointing that out

  41. DES

    why Dr. Bruce puts up with that kind of verbal abuse is beyond me.. it becomes uncomfortable to listen to..

    get some balls Bruce…tell Ace to go F himself when he talks to you that way

  42. Peter North
    Peter North03-05-2012

    I guess Lynette lost the keys because she’s overwhelmed with work. Oh yeah, she DOESN’T HAVE A JOB.

    Maybe she’s overwhelmed with taking care of the kids. Oh yeah, she HAS A NANNY.

    Maybe she’s overwhelmed with housework. Oh yeah, she HAS A MAID.

    What the fuck is her excuse?

  43. KJ

    It’s really disturbing to hear Adam treat Bruce like that, especially when Bruce is a family friend. And then Adam resorts to name calling just because Bruce’s point may have been weak. I enjoy Bruce’s contribution to the show, but there is no entertainment value in Adam being verbally abusive. I guess I’ll just have to stop listening if it continues. I don’t need the negative energy in my life.

  44. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-05-2012

    aceman had gotta take it a little easier on Dr Bruce, thats hard to listen to someone be such an asshole to someone else all the time, Bald and Alison get in on that mob mentality too and rip on everything the man says. Ive been noticing the podcast isnt even in the top 10 anymore on itunes and I think its just that people dont want to hear the same tired rants, right wing propaganda (whenever there is a critisism of any right winger the Aceman takes the Fox news approach to blaming the media) Alison is obviously faking most of her laughter and Bald doesnt really chime in very much, oh well…..it had a nice run for a while. But Aceman you gotta start treating Dr Bruce better

  45. Stockholm Syndrome Fan
    Stockholm Syndrome Fan03-05-2012

    I’m confused: Adam talks about what a great guy Breitbart was and how anything pointing out his many, factually-accurate personal shortcomings is hideous and a sign of the degradation of society, a symbol of the destruction of public decorum. Minutes later, Adam hears the story of Rush Limbaugh calling some innocent girl a slut and prostitute. Does Adam draw on his Loveline experience and point out the obvious fact that the amount of birth control pills taken is not at all related to the amount of sex being had? Nope. But surely he gets back on his high horse about decorum, right? She is, after all, an innocent civilian and Rush is brutally (spanning two days!) assassinating her character in front of his millions of listeners for no reason. Nope. Adam laughs. No big deal. Haha. Society is coming off the rails because people are mad at Rush. Oh, and President Obama is a jerk. Yep, Adam hears this story and concludes that Pres Obama is a showboat. Wow. It’s beyond idiotic, but I’m still a fan.

  46. Katie

    Adam is such a bitch to Dr. Bruce… it makes me really uncomfortable to listen to. If he is humorless and annoys Adam so much, then why does he constantly invite him onto the show?! ugh

  47. Dave

    Love, love, love Dr. Bruce!

  48. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse03-05-2012

    sounds like bruce has had an ass full of ACE. Thankfuly he decided to take a stand, atlast, after years of abuse. regretfuly, he chose this subject. Im Ace`s bigest fan but he abuses the abused. thats why we`ll never meet.

  49. Cat

    Just watching DAG perform on late nite jimmy fallon – adam is right – it is so different to see him in Broadway mode – pretty darn talented and pretty darn impressive! you all should watch him lead his whole cast in this number: (skip to the end of episode) http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/tuesday-february-21-2012/1386617/

  50. Acefan

    Is it just me or does Dr. Bruce have a real E.T. thing going on in today’s pic?

  51. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse03-05-2012

    also, sounds like bruce has a thing for lynette

  52. Rick

    And that was the last show for Dr. Bruce…

  53. The Offender
    The Offender03-05-2012

    Can someone explain to me that if THE liar bietbart had EDITED tape or edited lies of right wing piles of sh it on THE GREAT BARACK OBAMA, why would his death prevent those LIES from coming out? His minimum wage slaves would have a hard on to get that crap out. And if he knew of the LIES, he would have told everyone in his organization of LIES.

    So I’m waiting for his lies to come out…… if he had them. Oh… I ain’t holding my breath.

    Don’t forget all, IRAQ was in bed with al queda , bush got osama bin laden. Oh and waterboarding works.

    EVOLVE please!

  54. william

    Hey Adam , totally get your point about the keys, even though Bruce’s ideas had some merit. (That Jew stood up tough; must be a NY Jew.) I’m the same way when it comes to coddling kids, especially boys, or blowing sunshine up my bitches ass. It sucks when you’re rite but everyone thinks you’re just waving the dick banner. Listen brother, next time it happens, and it will, just roll into your office, beer, cigarette, some cool google image guy shit, like caucasian mountain dogs, glory hole porn, whatever, and when she asks what the fuck you’re doing, and she will, look her straight in the eye and go “Look babe, I’m burnt. It’s not the fuckin space shuttle. If a grown woman with a maid and a nanny and no fucking job to speak of really needs my help getting the twins to t-ball… Then just let it hang rite there and wander back to your beer.
    Fuck ’em.
    Bye the way, the show sounds subtly different. Are you fucking Alison?

    • Otto Dyedact
      Otto Dyedact03-06-2012

      You’re wrong about the little boy. “We’ll get’em next time” kind of thing.

  55. Snap-tie

    By the way what’s even harder than seeing a Gamma male like Bruce get picked on by reinvented Alpha male Adam is hearing toady Beta male Bryan pile on. Pathetic. Bryan you are a self-loathing nerd.

  56. eric

    adam screams about poor people having kids. Birthcontrol is method of stopping it. so why in the f would you be against it. If you gave birthcontrol to all women instead of the pull out method that he would scream at people for doing on loveline for 11 years. And about brietfart he talks about bringing dualing back then brietfart should of been shot by a kennedy when he made his remark about ted kennedy in adam world of reality. its like kimmel said once on the radio show do you wake up a new person everyday do you not what you remember what you said the day before.

  57. AM

    I’m so sick of Adam bragging about his Man Show bits. It was so rude of him to make the guest sit and watch the clip in the middle of the show and it was super boring for the listeners. Adam is so delusional and has no respect for other people’s hard work. He truly believes the he is the only person who works hard and that others just get in his way – he is starting to sound like a sociopath. It is so painful to listen to him abuse Dr. Bruce. Whether it’s intended as a joke or not, it is not funny, and there’s obviously a note of truth in it for Adam. I listen for Allison, Bryan, and the guests, but I don’t know if I can do so anymore if Adam doesn’t cool it. No wonder nobody in Hollywood wants to work with him!

    • MC White
      MC White03-09-2012

      This comment from AM brings up a lot of points I agree with. Kind of rude how Adam assumes “everyone else is wrong” and he’s right, but “he has the right to feel that way” because of his “no self esteem” which is really just “low self esteem.” I think he’s funny, but the Dr. Bruce thing IS NOT WORKING!!!! Dr. B is not interesting, nor is Adam berating him funny or interesting. If it doesn’t make you money or make you happy…

  58. Ari

    why does Adam insist people try to make emotional ties to everything? Because THERE ARE EMOTIONAL TIES TO MOST THINGS! When people act like Adam did towards Bruce that are not under a lot of stress… they are called assholes. I hate to think Adam is an asshole, he needs to realize he is spreading himself too thin and others are paying the price.

  59. Dryness

    Does Adam have health insurance? If so, shut the f*ck up. You have insurance for the same reason as the rest of us. you don’t want to out a few grand anytime your family needs medical attention. Having health insurance IS taking care of yourself, because the people who don’t are one of the major driving force behind higher health care costs. Nobody is asking for someone else to pay for their birth control, they are asking that medication be covered by their insurance company and not be blocked by their employer. You should be all for this because it’s a way to keep people from having more unwanted, neglected kids.

  60. Bill Fulginiti
    Bill Fulginiti03-06-2012

    The next time Adam goes off on one of his anti-federal government rants will someone remind him that the federal government funded the research that led to the microcomputer (NASA) and the internet (DoD). Without both of those there’s no podcasts, amazon, go-to-meeting etc and Adam is just the funniest carpenter in LA.

    Otherwise, I love the podcast! Keep up the great work.

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II03-06-2012

      Thank God for the federal government and their generosity!

    • eric

      when adam was 20 with no health insurance and tore his knee up. who paid for the surgery? its kind of hard to work construction so can help build a gym so they will let you be a boxing instructor or improv troop that help you with comedy and its hard to be a boxing instructor with knee that is never repaired. how can you train kimmel with out learning how to box. If we were in a thrid world country his knee never would have been fixed and he would that man with a limp. welcome to mexico the country with the world richest man and one of the poorist countries in world. If you hate government so much move to somolia all they have is police force adam you will be in heaven then.

  61. setlasmon


    sweaty palms guy! you can see the ace mane grimacing..

  62. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle03-06-2012

    Bruce has a crush on Lynette.

  63. Reggae

    She wasn’t an “innocent girl”. She threw herself into the fight by testifying before Congress. And she knew that Georgetown didn’t provide contraception in their health plan before she went there. In fact that was why she chose to go there so she could raise the issue. She’s a liberal activist and all you need to know about her is that at Cornell she majored in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. And Adam is right about the president. He shouldn’t be calling Fluke because some radio commentator called her a name. Stay out of it.

    • Andy901

      Yeah, it was the president who was at fault. And Sandra Fluke, too. Rushbo is simply a harmless humorist.

    • malcolm

      you are not a public figure if you testify before congress, it was her right to do so and the right of every American. A private citizen should be able to testify before Congress without being verbally attacked. Fluke is a private citizen, not a celebrity or anyone in the public eye. It wasn’t her fault it was televised.

  64. Stephen

    Adam was a jerk to Dr. Bruce. Seems like if he hates him so much why have him on the show?

  65. Geoffrey

    listening to adam berate dr. bruce was uncomfortable and it didn’t make for good pod

  66. ciga-Rhett

    For a man with no self-esteem, Ace sure is narcissistic.
    About his “ballsy” driving – it’s only safe because everyone else is obeying the rules and laws of the road.
    Of the 20 cars parked in front of you that you’re blowing by, if just a single one suddenly whipped out of the lane and also tried to pull a douchebag maneuver like Ace, he would either crash into them or have to swerve into oncoming traffic. How the hell is that a safe move? If everyone on the road decided to drive like that, it would be complete chaos and death everywhere, 24/7.
    A few select a-holes can drive that way, but only because the rest of us aren’t.
    But nice try rationalizing your driving like a prick Aceman.

    • harry_hines

      I agree.
      On a separate note, I’m always at least five days behind on the podcast so I never hear in time to post a timely reply about Rod Stewart’s rumored stomach pumping. I can tell you how that started – Jeff Beck. I paraphrase a quote from Jeff Beck about Rod Steward, “We have a love/hate relationship; he loves me and I hate him.” I think Jeff Beck told that rumor to every roadie in the 70’s who would listen.

  67. Stuart

    Wow Adam, you were a complete and utter a**hole on that podcast. Do you think your wife seriously has nothing on her mind that could make her misplace things?
    I deleted this podcast after 20minutes and it’s I think it’s only the second time I’ve ever had to do that. Pity cos I’m sure the guest was great.

    I hope you listen to this podcast and realise that you were being a complete d*ck.

  68. Duke LaCrosse
    Duke LaCrosse03-13-2012

    Does anyone know the where I can find that peanut study?

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