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Adam is happy to announce that ‘An Evening with Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager’ is starting to appear on the Billboard charts. He also talks with Alison about some meetings she had today, and the difficulty of getting Sonny to fall asleep last night. In the news, the jury has decided in favor of two Virginia Tech families who say the school did not react quickly enough during the 2007 shooting. The guys also talk about homeless people at South by Southwest, Encyclopedia Britannica, and a new reality show with Clint Eastwood’s family.

Adam then jumps to the phone lines. He talks with fans about wedding ceremonies, pedophilia, and how he got his eyebrow scar. He also gives some general advice for building a new house. Matt Paxton of Hoarders then joins the show next, and Adam asks if collecting cars makes him a hoarder. Matt talks about some of the disgusting things he seen during the show’s massive clean-ups, and difficulty of getting patients into therapy.

Later, the guys play a round of Totally Topical Tivo Trivia, where they compete to see who can name the right movie based on the Tivo description. Alison returns to the news talking about Jessica Simpson, the HBO series ‘Luck’, and finally what is the appropriate amount for women to talk about burping and farting.

Visit http://ClutterCleaner.com for more on today’s guest.


Encyclopedia Britannica

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Bill Shezzer
    Bill Shezzer03-15-2012

    Waste of a good guest and a waste of a podcast. Adam, it’s amazing that you’ve convinced yourself that you’re putting out a good product. The female sidekick and sound effects angle is such a warmed over formula. You know this, right? You’re Adam Carolla. It didn’t work on radio and it’s not working now. Number 1 podcast my ass. Those are the worlds dumbest listeners who couldn’t handle hearing just you and guest. They need the morning zoo bullshit style. Drop Allison and the SFx, Matt Paxton is a super interesting guy that Stern and Rogan managed to produce a great interview with. You on the other hand could not. Even with such interesting subject matter. So basically you were tossed a lob and you couldn’t hit it outta the park. What do you have to say for yourself?

    • Zach

      you a loser bro

      • Bill Shezzer
        Bill Shezzer03-15-2012


    • Jll M.
      Jll M.03-15-2012

      Tune out dick face. No one is forcing you to listen.

      • Bill Shezzer
        Bill Shezzer03-15-2012

        i have. only listened to this one because paxton was on stern and it was a great interview. this only confirms that fact that adam has dropped off…big time. i’ve been a fan since 96 so…

        • Bill Shezzer
          Bill Shezzer03-16-2012

          you’re right. i’m not forced to listen. i skip the majority of the show only to listen to 5 min of a bad interview which usually leads me to deleting it. so funny how adam had such contempt for ‘the worlds dumbest’ listeners but now they’re the ones keeping this show afloat.

      • REB

        There something between blind loyalty and not listening at all. Most non-imbeciles have some criticism of things they mostly like.

    • Steve

      Bill, you are probably an asshole. You feel better about yourself by putting other people down. Adam’s podcast is #1 because it is funny and interesting.

      • Bill Shezzer
        Bill Shezzer03-15-2012

        no. i’m an internet tough guy. the people that we found once great need to know when they’re starting to slip. adam would agree with me. never surround yourself with ‘yes’ men ie: george lucas and michael jackson. would you rather hear allison prattle on or would you rather hear adam, ray, chris and donnie for an hour and a half? honestly. also, if you wanna talk about interesting, listen to rogan’s podcast with matt paxton and reply.

        • jon

          I think internet tough guy is an oxymoron. similar to Bill Shezzer just got laid. Just doesn’t make sense.

    • Snausages

      whoa,they put a gun to your head too man?..I thought it was just me who was mercilessly forced to download this noise cancer by some nazi with an uzi.I feel vindicated.

    • Yak

      In Bill’s defence, the show does sound a bit morning “zoo-ish” at times, a format Adam used to despise and regularly make fun of during the Loveline years.

      In Adam’s defence, putting on a daily show, basically by yourself, without writers is a tough gig. Good luck to anyone who thinks they can hit a home run in the entertainment field every single day. Even Stern doesn’t do it, the highest paid personality in all media.

      My biggest complaint with the show is Adam’s liberal use of the “F” word. I’m no prude, I use the word a dozen times or more a day myself but you need to tone it down a tad Ace man. Everything in moderation, you’re not 15 anymore.

      Typical sentence; “I went to the fuckin’ lunch room to make a fuckin’ piece of toast and some fuckin’ asshole left the fuckin’ loaf of bread open again. What the fuck?” We get it, you can say what you want on your own podcast. Less is more though.

      You’re hilarious on the radio and on TV without saying “fuck” 25 times in a bit and you can be just as funny and “ranty” on your podcast without saying it constantly.

      • Bill Shezzer
        Bill Shezzer03-16-2012

        Thanks. I know that it can’t be top notch 100 percent of the time but this one seemed like such a gimme. It was painful to listen to. Look, most of Adam’s 1 on 1’s are gold. I love those. He doesn’t need the gimmicks. Even with loveline the best shows are him, Drew and the callers. Even with the podcast the great shows are Adam and the callers, Giovanni, Drew or Donny. That’s indisputable. His recent 1 on 1 with Michael Moore was fantastic. As soon as See that the show is an hour and a half I check to see if the first half is “news” and if it is I immediately delete it.

    • Dano

      That’s you Donny, isn’t it?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012

        Best joke of the day.

    • corvetteguy69

      Kevin Smith is that you using the name BIll Shezer. Are you mad because your fatass got kicked out of another plane.

    • maggie

      Bill Shezzer,

      I agree with you. I was so ready to hear a great interview with Matt Paxton. There was a partial interview buried somewhere in the morning zoo. I’m going to download the Rogan interview.

    • B_Rock

      is this your first time listening to Adam?

      • Bill Shezzer
        Bill Shezzer03-16-2012

        I’ve been listening to Adam since 96. The morning show after Loveiline was nearly unlistenable.

    • Devbo

      Get off Jessica Simpson, dude. Pregnant women are so sexy.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012

      I could give two shits about Matt Paxton. I listen every day to hear Adam’s nasally drone.

    • gabriel-l

      well well well……. Bill Shitter ok ass hole now that you know ( you) don’t like adam get the fuck out.

      we don’t need you. and if you didn’t like it why waist calories writing about it dick. adam is not for every dick like you so……. keep walking

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012

        Well said.

    • Andrew

      Adam needs to do more one-on-one podcasts. Having Bald Bryan, Allison, Adam, and a guest all as the same time is a bit much. At least Bryan knows to go silent during the guest segment.
      Adam, your early podcasts with the one-on-one produced some pure gold! The Frank Stallone podcast wouldn’t have been the miracle that it was if he was a 30-minute guest in a foursome. Same for Ken Burns, and a couple with Dr. Drew.
      He should just decide to do one or two one-on-one podcasts a week with whomever your “best guest” is; this would have been a great candidate.

  2. Aaron Odegard
    Aaron Odegard03-15-2012

    Adam, I am listening to your VA tech rant again. You are wrong on this one. That kid was in therapy, that kid did have issues and his parents were aware of it. Once he turned 18 and left the house, he left therapy, he stopped taking his meds. He was on his own. They did attempt to help him. No real debate here, they did do shit. They did everything you asked them to do.

    • marco

      Stop already with the logic

  3. Chris

    Aren’t we all hoarders in a way? We all have store up crap in our houses and garages. It’s just that most of us store up really useful things that we use and the other fools store up shit noone will ever use, that should go in a fire to be burned. If a hoarders house burns down, is it a EPA hazard and the whole neighborhood should be evacuated?

  4. Durtybird

    Adam’s probably gonna have to show sunny , the making of thriller , when they put all the make-up on…. That’s what got me over it when I was 5 and shit my-self when I saw the video !


    He was on Rogan’s podcast too!

  6. Dan Visentin
    Dan Visentin03-15-2012

    ………………..fave encyclopidia volume? Girl to Grab.

  7. mnoswad1

    My mother and asshole stepfather took me to see Poltergeist days after my tenth birthday. Scared the crap out of me for years.

  8. Mikidy

    Adam, you want a boy band. Try Big Time Rush. My 11 year old daughter loves them. They’re like the contemporary Monkees, except the gay looking one hasn’t died from a heart attack…yet.

  9. Ras

    Ace – maybe the reason Natalia is not scared and Sonny is scared is because Natalia is a man trapped in a girls body and Sonny is a chick trapped in a boys body. Also, would you feel responsible if in the future Natalia is repeatedly ticketed for texting while driving. You do not take her car away from her and one day she runs over some kids? I can see that being a VA tech synonymous situation for you – I hope not but I can see that happen

  10. Elliot

    They better make soundbytes of all the Fergie quotes Ace read!

  11. Daveo

    Alison did a good job reading today’s Yahoo! articles. Again.

  12. LEE


  13. Tony

    What’s up with the guest’s stained shirt?

    • J Rock
      J Rock03-15-2012

      I was wondering the same thing. Ha ha.

      • REB

        Ha ha?

  14. JessMan

    BLABLA still better than the Baghdad Cafe. P.S. bring back Huel’s Jewels pronto. While you’re at it, Sportscast with Spider & Hench

  15. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos03-15-2012

    Fuck Yeah Hoarders guy!!!!!!!

  16. Steve Gates
    Steve Gates03-15-2012

    Hey y’all,

    Could you post a cut of the podcast with just the ad spots and self-promos?

    I realize it wouldn ‘t be much shorter than the current full podcast, but it’s kind of annoying
    how the actual content keeps interrupting spots for Legal Doom and Give $$ to Their PC and promos for
    other shows.


    • Joe

      Quit being an anchor on our pirate ship.

      • Bryan

        ^ Awesome

  17. Alex

    Good argument for unions there Adam with the sane people coming together 🙂

  18. Alsion Fan
    Alsion Fan03-15-2012

    Bryan Cranston played was the villain in a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother, his job architect.
    Protagonist of How I Met Your Mother is seen by his closest friends and his future self as prone to pretention and jerkiness, his job architect.

  19. Alison Fan
    Alison Fan03-15-2012

    Sorry for the misspellings and grammar problems but Alison is not alone in her opinion, it is out there.

  20. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-15-2012

    Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Stop the Clock… we can’t have the original Poochie’s Uncle and a newbie Poochy’s Uncle… NOT INTERESTED!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012


  21. Connard

    Paxton is on Rogan’s podcast too.

  22. Alison Rosen is my new best friend
    Alison Rosen is my new best friend03-15-2012

    No boy bands? Oh ney, I beg to differ. Lest you forget the current 4-boy, pop sensation, Big Time Rush (or “BTR” to fans), with their hit TV show of the same name, and full length premiere television movie on Nickelodeon; bringing in over 10 million viewers, and currently boasting the smash hit “Music Sounds Better With U” at #26 on the Billboard top 200, as well as last years single, “Boyfriend” that peaked at #32.

    I mean, aaah… yeah, your right, I hate boy bands, I think they’re gay.

  23. Aaron

    I love you Ace, but your rant about sexual harassment training is misguided. My company is getting sued for harassment and I’m learning more than I ever wanted to know about it. If you have not had training for your employees (as bullshit as it may be), you might as well get out the checkbook and ask the victim how much they want. All of the employees saying “no” to the training may be a nice stand in theory, but sure enough, there is some idiot who is going to proposition a girl at work in a bad way, and then you’re f’d.

  24. Molly

    Podcast wet dream!

    My two favorite podcasters on one show – thank you Jesus! Great show.

  25. Lisa

    Is that Matt guy wearing Adam’s shirt?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-15-2012

      If he is, he got some hoarder funk on it 😉

  26. CSN

    I can’t believe Brian and Alison won’t/can’t argue the “blame the parents” issue with Adam. Although, I guess he’d just scream at them to shut the fuck up cause he pays more in taxes than they do. Hopefully we can listen to another rant about leaving a bag of chips open. That or maybe something about his parents not paying enough attention to him growing up. Swinging a hammer 15 years ago is always a good one as well.

  27. GuyDudeBro

    This one would be a good 1 on 1

    • Bill Shezzer
      Bill Shezzer03-15-2012

      fuckin’ a. that’s what i’m saying. no games, no gimmicks.

  28. Michael R
    Michael R03-15-2012

    Great show today.

  29. Poochies Pooch's Pooch
    Poochies Pooch's Pooch03-15-2012

    did anyone else besides me and Penn Jillette get sexually turned on by the thought of all those dirty diapers in that house……..time to go beat off!!!!!!

  30. Jason

    Rogan’s Podcast was much better.

    • Tracy

      Rogan is an dope smoking blowhard with childlike behavior problems.

      • Bill Shezzer
        Bill Shezzer03-16-2012

        still had a better matt paxton interview than this one could ever be.

  31. sockpuppet

    just thought Adam might be interested to know that the Facebook page for Celebrity Apprentice is filled with people outraged over his and Michael Andretti’s firing. These are not fans of Adam, just people who watch the show and don’t even know the “real’ story of what happened pre-editing. So he isn’t coming off as an asshole–if anything, the viewers felt he was a stand-up guy and that Donald was an idiot in his “reasoning” for firing both guys. Everyone feels that the men won hands down–I haven’t found one dissenting opinion.

    • Lauren

      I am an Adam fan and he totally looked like a complete asshole – could not finish watching the show. If half what he says is true then he has every right to be royally pissed. I hate reality TV.

      That being said, I must say though that once Adam gets an idea in his head, he locks in and won’t let go like he’s some kind of rotweiller or something. Have you ever heard him say once, “Oh, I guess you’re right, I never saw it that way.”

      But then again, this is a show meant to entertain. So some of his ‘blow-hardy-ness’ could be a part of his ‘act.’ At least I hope so, for his family’s sake…

      By the way, anyone who hasn’t seen the Ellen and Tonight show interviews with Aceman should check it out, he was brilliant.

  32. andrew

    I am ready to join the sane movement

  33. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee03-15-2012

    Kevin Smith is now “fueding” with Bruce Willis about the “Cop Out” movie he made back in 2009 according to bing… what a little girl you are Kevin…

  34. JD

    Nobody got Army of Darkness?!
    I’m sorely disappointed, especially with you, Bryan!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012

      I was screaming the answer at my iPod on that one.

  35. MJR

    Is it just me? I’ve heard Matt Paxton on other podcasts, and his stories always sound like bullshit.

  36. john

    More Jacuzzi Thoughts!!!!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-16-2012

      Dameshek is a puss.

  37. Nick from Iowa
    Nick from Iowa03-15-2012


    Stan Freberg was the announcer – the kid is his son Donovan. Annoying as shit, but the commercial was pretty neat and since you remembered it 20 years on, there you go.

  38. Jonfromseattle

    I gotta say something about Jessica Simpson—That’s a biiiig bitch! What a tank ass! Praise Odin for hotties like Alison and Lynette! If you hate this podcast, thats what they made knobs for in olden times, ie the late 1970s-early 80s! To change the fucking channel! I love this podcast for what it IS, not what I WANT it to be! If i want to hear my own nasally drone I’d make my own podcast, but I am not that motivated, though I admire those who are. Therefore, get it on Aceman! (Burp)Im drunk:(

  39. malcolm

    I heard this guest on the Joe Rogan podcast, he’s really interesting and has a great story too. I know Adam doesn’t have the time to research most of his guests, but I wish Alison maybe would take that research on and if possible bring stuff out about a guest that would make Adam interested and talk.

  40. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface03-15-2012

    My grandmother is a hoarder. My grandparents have a huge house and they had to move out it because it was so filled up with junk. They rented an apartment, filled it up, and got kicked out. Right now my dad and I are cleaning her house out so she can live in it again. We are now working on our fourth 30 cubic yard dumpster and we’ve only got the house about 20% finished.

    Hoarders are fucking nuts. They make so many excuses and it is always everyone else that has the problem.

  41. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town03-16-2012

    Yep, Rogan did a much better job with this guy….Adam missed oppurtunity!1
    Yea but still!! GET IT ON!!! +_+

  42. jake

    strawman rants! You go Ace Man. Idiot.

  43. Mr. Brightside
    Mr. Brightside03-17-2012

    Wow, lots of whiny children posting comments about this episode.

  44. ARZ

    Thats funny, I understood every single word of his descriptions about Comp Boxes and R200’s LOL.

    Im an old Datsun guy. Kindred spirit!!!

  45. tobi

    Heard Matt Paxton on Opie and Anthony what an intereseting guy and what great storys he’s got. He’s telling you about human shit he has to clean and then you play a movie trivia game? Why not ask him a few questions? let him tell some more Stories… i don’t get it.

  46. Jasmine

    I freaking Love Adam Carolla! He is hot so anything he says is Law LOL.

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