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Adam opens the show talking about his evening at Phil Rosenthal’s house enjoying a new Bob Marley documentary. David Wild is also in studio, and tells his own Bob Marley story, as well as why he’s not legally allowed to return to Jamaica. Adam then talks about the strangeness of the Rastafarian movement, and why religious fanatics are hypocrites. Before the break, the guys also introduce some songs you probably haven’t heard before, but should.

Matt Besser sits down next, and recalls meeting Adam during a Comedy Central commercial taping. The guys also talk about the roots of the UCB Theater, and working with comedians like Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz. Later, Matt talks about doing LSD at Disneyland, and Adam explains to Alison the experience of being on shrooms. The guys also discuss Matt’s new movie, ‘Freak Dance.’

Alison opens the news by analyzing several clips from Jimmy Kimmel’s speech at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. They also talk about a female dentist in Poland who pulled out all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth, and the sale of the world’s oldest beer. Adam recalls his own tour of the Coors factory, and also comments on a story about a newborn fawn being found on someone’s doorstep. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss why hobos don’t have cats, the trauma of walking in on your parents, and shaming flight attendants for not doing their jobs.


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Obama Speech

Kimmel Speech

Newborn Fawn

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Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Associate Producer: Gary Smith
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Chris G. Murphy
    Chris G. Murphy04-30-2012

    Nothing but the wheel was great!

  2. gendo1

    Great show.

  3. Forrest


  4. david

    I like Wild, but I’d like him better if he could go more than a few seconds without name dropping.

    • Jens Pulver
      Jens Pulver05-01-2012


    • PJVermont


    • Chad

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Fancypants

      I dread when this guy is on. He’s not funny or interesting, he just name drops.

  5. Jane Moore
    Jane Moore05-01-2012

    David Wild can’t open his mouth without namedropping. While telling his Jamaica story, he mentioned at least a dozen celebrity names, none of which were in any way relevant to his story of getting in an accident.

    • Jens Pulver
      Jens Pulver05-01-2012

      agree, again

      • PJVermont

        Again, Dit-fuckin’-to!

    • SonofPekar

      If he told stories of his bubby finally having a bowel movement and such, you wouldn’t be interested. Thats what he’s there for stupid.

  6. jerry

    could you guys get some captions on the pictures on this website. I love and support you guys.. never miss an episode your other black fan jerry

  7. Bishop Brady
    Bishop Brady05-01-2012

    DAG makes NY Times front (web) page…who knew?

    Reason: Tony award nominations: DAG was nominated for (Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Musical) “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess”

  8. Travis

    Thanks for the music recommendations David and Adam. Its a great addition to the show, always looking for good new music.

  9. Dave

    Its official–this show is on a groove I havent seen in…forever. Each podcast, no matter who the guest, delivers on entertainment and knowledge. The cast–and I’d include Wild–is on their game and the king is still the king.

  10. Adam

    Love ya Ace, but your musical taste is boring.

    • Tracilace

      Yeah it is….I always skip the music segment

    • George

      Yes. Music is something that is completely personal but Ace believes only he knows what “good” music is. In my OPINION, John Hiatt has a terrible voice and the only people who like Elvis Costello rarely listen to him because he’s boring. They’re just afraid of sounding dumb. Otherwise, I love Adam, he’s like listening to an old drinkin’ buddy but smarter and way funnier.

      • bleh

        Yep, Adam has the worst taste in music….but god help you if you like something else, you’re “STUPID”.

  11. Serena

    This episode illustrates why Alison and I could never be friends- she doesn’t like Bob Marley and she doesn’t sound fun to get stoned with. And she says “I feel like” a lot.

  12. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo05-01-2012

    That was a great guest, an improv guy who didn’t do any improv and talked about shroomin’ the whole time, lol.
    Ace talks about radio being equivalent to a prizefight. Well he just fought a tomato can.

  13. TCWNY

    Who can help me find the Made Up Movie about the track star that ends up paralyzed? Ive been searching like crazy. I thought it was the first Bryan Cranston episode

  14. Bucko

    Nothing more tragic than hearing Besser’s spaced out voice claiming the psychedelic virtue of permanent personality change. HE should ask his non drug addled friends and family if they agree. Drew comments on this issue on last weeks Kevin and Bean podcast. Brains are fragile.

  15. rushbaby


  16. Scott

    These bits with David Wild are BOOOOORING. Stop booking him every week. More Drew and/or Bruce and less Wild.

    • benyens

      you’re all over it

      • PJVermont

        Less Wild, and anyone other would be welcome.

    • Zach

      Ummm, you’re an idiot .

    • Tracilace

      YES! Drew every week please!!!

  17. Still

    David Wild is a really great addition to the show.

  18. Zach

    I love Adam, probably more than I should. But damnit he loves some boring, repetitive, vanilla music. And as much as I enjoy David Wild, not sure I’ll be able to sit through his segments if it’s a bunch of boring, low bit rate music.

    • jpg

      For sure. I love the podcast but Adam is weak in the music dept. And a little David Wild goes a long way…

  19. Nick


    Unrelated to the show(great by the way) I found this awesome article on Adam’s buddy Pete Brock on Speedhunters.com.

  20. JT

    Alison should be fired for hating Bob Marley. (WHO HATES BOB MARLEY???!!)

    • Dustin

      ME, I do.

  21. john

    The real Coors Smokey and the Bandit story:

    At the time, Coors was only distributed in certain states west of the Mississippi River, and truck drivers who had taken the bet previously had been discovered and arrested by “Smokey”


  22. David Abrahamian
    David Abrahamian05-01-2012

    Adam! Great local brewery in Golden up the street from Coors. This place is a must anytime in Denver.

    anyone been ?

    • Huck

      I went to Mines, been there a few times. Nothin like Coors Lab tho.

    • Zach

      Have consumed GC Red, never been to the actual brewery. It was pretty good. But you can’t beat the price of Coors Lab.

  23. CACAHD

    Did anyone actually catch Adam reading about Marley?

    The guy who proudly claims “I can’t read” I think that that’s just his

    excuse to just be lazy and doesn’t want to be bothered.

    • rebeccababs

      I thought he said he watched a documentary; that was his way of ‘reading without reading’

  24. chris T
    chris T05-01-2012

    Please drop Wild or reduce him to once/month. Too many useless anecdotes. Get someone who actually knows famous musicians, not a guy who spends a few hours with them at the behest of their record company’s PR department. He has no insight into these people, because he doesn’t really know them! He’s a male groupie who is trying to write himself into the story.

  25. Molly

    I don’t comment much but I feel like the show has really improved with in the past weeks! I love it, I love everyone, Allison has grown on me (she should try not to make her political views so obvious) BUT shes doing alot better and she’s endearing. Bald Bryan’s improvs have been soo funny and I feel like the organization of the show/segments have been great!! AH I just love it all. This show gets me through my commute/gym time everyday! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  26. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese05-01-2012

    I may not agree with Adam on all of his musical taste, but I really appreciate all the anecdotes he recalls about musicians from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. There are a lot of stories I had never heard before that he has recalled on the podcast (the Bob Marley story being one of those), and I consider myself pretty well read on that kind of stuff.

    Get it on.

  27. Rob

    I liked the discussion on shrooms and weed. I like to think of it in similar terms to Sam Harris in that the brain is designed with a valve to sensations, emotions and experiences.. If the valve didn’t exist everything we experienced (walking, blinking, clenching our fists etc) would be an overwhelmingly powerful and mind blowing experience so the valve tightens to ensure we survive. The use of drugs, mushrooms in particular, loosen this valve and let use truly experience things, as adam was saying with the satellite analogy 😛

  28. con

    We need more Drew and more DAG.

  29. schimmerr

    talk to ur kids about coralla.

  30. Britalian

    God these David Wild music segments are shit.

    These and the strange implementation of Definitely Not A Jew are missing the mark “wildly”.

    I skip through large chunks of the show now…… “It’s just a waste of my time”.

  31. dave

    drinking game…every time wild mentions he is my hero, or he is my favorite artist….drink

  32. snowmanexpert

    I’d like to hear the other side of some of these stories and find out how many musicians found David Wild insufferable and tried ditching him.

  33. MusikalJeanyus

    I have a great idea, David Wild. Bring in a great, obscure song that you want Adam and his listeners to hear, then talk over it for the full four minutes. I know everything there is to know about you and your boring trip to Jamaica, but I still haven’t heard Nothing But The Wheel by Peter Wolf. Great job.

  34. Rob Ryan
    Rob Ryan05-02-2012

    What was the name of the Bob Marley Doc?

  35. Zach

    Put links to the Amazon MP3 download for the songs on the page for the podcast that has them.

  36. steve

    David Wild is a great recurring guest. People complaining about name dropping seem like the type that always have something to bitch about in this comment section. “He knows too many interesting people and has too many stories about them!” Similar to him I’d like to see some more Matt Atchity for some movie talk.

    • Still


  37. Winemaker Steve
    Winemaker Steve05-02-2012

    Just a point of clarification: The reason Smokey had to sneak the Coors across state lines had nothing to do with the beer itself and was entirely because the beer was not distributed outside of Colorado and surrounding states at that time. In fact, if the beer was purchased privately and not intended for resale, transporting would not have been illegal (if it was illegal due to the quantity, you can thank politics and teh distributor’s lobbyists). As for the retarded tour guide. What a hoot “We can only make Coors here in Golden because of the water… except when we have it made under contract at other breweries”.

  38. zero1media

    Whoever from the Carolla team reads this: you ought to let the Ace Man know there are Jews in Mexico already; and some famous and powerful ones as well. Some examples: Nacho Beristain, David Faitelson, Jacobo Zabludovsky, Ari Telch.

  39. Pineapple

    When I saw Matt Besser was on I was so excited. Improv4humans is great and Besser is a very talented improver. However, I just don’t think those 2 worlds can exist together. Besser wasn’t good on Adam’s show and Adam would be horrible on Besser’s show.

  40. Blake

    I also would like to have less David Wild. Once a month would be enough. He is not very interesting.

  41. Nunz

    Does David Wild need to be a part of EVERY EFFIN’ SHOW?!
    Enough already!

  42. Mark D
    Mark D05-03-2012

    I like the David Wild segments. It’s a free Podcast; lighten up people.

    • PJVermont

      Correct, it’s free, and we should lighten up a bit. However, it’s also a for profit enterprise, with numerous appeals to “try”, “click through”, “visit”, etc. If we must tolerate, and perhaps, act upon these appeals; which we’ve been doing in large numbers: book sales, new studio, etc., then suggestions regarding ideas that work, or don’t, ought to be considered.

  43. Tony

    Play any random song for Adam and it would be impossible for anyone to accurately predict if he’ll think it’s awesome or the worst song in the world. Unless it’s a John Hiatt song.

  44. Rebecca Gehres
    Rebecca Gehres05-03-2012

    When David Wilde said his favorite song was ‘Nothing but the Wheel’ I almost screamed aloud “I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!” (At work). I only know the Patty Loveless version, my favorite song on the CD, very haunting, great accoustic guitar. I liked the Peter Wolf version, but I’m not a Jagger fan, and Peter’s voice sounded Very Bob Dylan-esques, not a fan either. I really liked it though and have been listening to it on YouTube.

  45. John

    Love every episodie, but here’s my suggestion with the David Wild episodes–let the man tell more stories and stop harping about “Graham Parker this” and “John Hiatt that.” We all get that, but DW probably has a lot of amazing tales to recount so maybe you can focus on those instead of the battle of who’s worse, the Eagles or v.Steve Miller.

    Bottom line is I don’t listen to the podcast for music. I’m interested in the guests’ discussion.

  46. steve

    It’s not like David Wild is a garbage man, he interviews famous people. What in the fuck else is he supposed to talk about, the expired milk in his fridge?

    • Labowner

      I doubt anyone saved his life on purpose. He is an attention whore of the worst kind and of course Adam likes him because Adam is an attention whore.

  47. steve

    Adam, I know you don’t read these but in most states, it is a misdemeanor for a bartender or server to let you serve your own drink. In Oregon I would get charged with a misdemeanor and my licence to serve alcohol. In the old days we would let it slide but with the cameras and the what not Fuck Off.

  48. Ochie

    Love David Wild and love the deep cuts. I might be in the minority, but I think the show is really hitting it’s stride. The deep cuts give someone who probably has never heard it, exposure to music that was probably missed. Love the music exposure.

  49. Colleen

    I love when David Wild is on and the chatter between David and Adam is so interesting. I’m wondering if it would be possible to somehow list the songs that Adam and David play during their shows together. I don’t always catch the name of the artist or song. It would be great if the music could be part of the show summary. Great job Allison and Brian too!

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