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Adam opens the show discussing his obsession with Rotten Tomatoes, and how he always checks the site before going to the movies. Matt talks about the history of the site, and explains how both critics and moviegoers rank the movies. He also discusses his own movie-going habits and Adam talks about the time he walked out on a film.

Adam wants to know why his movie The Hammer gets rotten reviews, even after a critic has awarded it 3 out of 5 stars. Matt confides there are occasional mistakes, and Adam tells him that he wants to have certain reviews removed. They further dissect some of the criticisms of The Hammer, which Adam argues come from preconceived notions about who he is, as opposed to the quality of the film.

In the last part of the show, Matt talks about his favorite movies, and Adam asks him about his most overrated films. Adam also complains about Little Miss Sunshine, and one of his least favorite movies: Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo. As the show wraps up, Adam admits that sometimes he just sees things that other people don’t see.


Check out www.RottenTomatoes.com, and prepare yourself for a new recurring segment with Adam and Matt.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Jeff Fox
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-11-2011

    In before the obnoxious complaints/ingratiate whining

    • c

      great idea….Love it!

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-11-2011

      Ingrate. Ingratiate whining is your wife.

  2. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-11-2011

    Ironic that I am going to be the one to complain. 33 minutes in, holy God this is awkward. Adam dissecting every bad review that he ever received on Rotten Tomatoes with the guy who runs the webstie.

    There are two things that Adam is overly proficient at on the Internet: surfing for porn, and using Rotten Tomatoes. The latter is clear in this episode

  3. JesusJFunk

    i have a small penis

  4. Terry

    This is fucking embarrassing and shows once again how Adam can just be completely clueless. The complaining about his movie and how a review should have been dropped from the site. Jesus Christ Carolla. Shut the fuck up.

    I swear sometimes Carolla is just completely clueless and socially retarded.

  5. Paul Watson
    Paul Watson10-11-2011

    Damn, Adam is annoying as hell in this episode. Of all the interesting things to talk about the guy about Adam just goes on and on and on and on. Typical Adam. Typical annoying Adam

  6. Albert

    From the photograph it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.

    Thanks in advance for this episode.

  7. mike

    I give this show 1 star. Walked out at 55 minutes. Should have left at 20 minutes in.

  8. John

    Adam in a 1-on-1 podcast

    And as soon as I read that im done. Nice job retards.

  9. mike

    I’d like to gazelle this episode.

  10. The Offender
    The Offender10-11-2011

    I like a 1 on 1 every so often. Wouldn’t want every single podcast to be 1 on 1, but is a nice change of pace.

  11. joe blows
    joe blows10-11-2011

    “Everyone pees on their guy friends” Ace Carolla 9/26/11

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-12-2011

      I have to admit, that is one thing I have never done, nor have I ever had the urge to do it. Must be a North Hollywood thing.

  12. theman

    Wow! You guys really are ingrates! Fascinating.

  13. UKguy

    I felt horrible for the guest. That poor guy had to sit there and listen to Adam’s shit for over an hour.

    Adam goes on and on about Deuce Bigelow. Well dumb ass why did you watch the piece of shit in the first place? I’ve never seen any of Schneider’s movies because I know I’ll think they’re shit.

    More and more when I listen to Adam I find myself thinking, this guy is an annoying asshole. Sometimes he’s good with a good guest especially when Bryan and Allison are there but Adam is just becoming more of an annoying ass.

  14. snake

    Whenever adam does 1on 1’s bb and alison should do their own podcast. Unless its a strong guest adam just dominates the conversation and asks about their “journey”

  15. Daniel

    Holy crap!!! Artie Lange is still alive and looking well…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-12-2011

      Snorting heroin is a lot more healthy that injecting it.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-12-2011

        I haven’t listened yet but they talk about Artie? Or are you guys saying the Rotten Tomatoes guy looks like Artie?

  16. Bill

    These message boards have gotten more cynical. What’s wrong with everyone? All of this Allison hate lately, it’s the same show that’s been on since the switch to this format. Why would you keep listening if you don’t like the team? Why put yourself through something you don’t like? Just so you could complain about it? Do people enjoy doing this to themselves? I listened to Bill Maher based on a suggested, realized he was from me and moved on. The sad this is Alison was going through a real issue with body image based on comments written on these message boards and people were supportive but others decided to pile on. It’s funny how it can be somehow liberating to insult and criticize on a message board or attack someone in retail or curse at someone in their car but be same coward that if confronting someone face to face you would instantly back down.

    I look forward to the generic negative responses to this post too. Should be clever and witty.

    I love the podcast, the teams dynamic is great, Brian and Adam have great chemistry, especially during improvs, Larry Miller is always funny and Alison you’re a smart woman that brings a lot to the show, your pregnancy memoirs are brilliant and your jokes are funny and work well within the context of the show. Great show and I look forward to starting my day with you every morning.

    • Sarah

      Well said Bill and I agree with you. As a female, I’m assuming this board is full of men and honestly- all you gentlemen do is complain about this PC. Go elsewhere- stop complaining. I have a vagina and have the right to complain- you gentlemen do not. I’m sure you ignore your girlfriends/wife when she rants about something but you take time to come into a message board, put down another female for her insecurity, and then post about it.

      Very sad.

      The only thing I KNOW will be on the message boards is men bitching. Way to go gentlemen, way to go.

      Thank you Bill for your honesty and facts.

  17. Bill

    Pay no mind to my misspellings above… I typed that whole message on an iPhone and didn’t proof read. Again great show!

    • Ledgewood

      I’m paying mind to all of them! ALL OF THEM I SAY!!! AHH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  18. Sean

    NIce job. Carolla and my morning coffee.!! Sweet. Being disappointed in a particular guest or podcast is a “middle class white guy” problem….everyone, STFU and enjoy, or unsubscribe.

    • Trace

      Yeah, everybody enjoy the show, or shut the fuck up, or unsubscribe. Sean has given you the options. Under no circumstances leave feedback in the feedback section for the show. The feedback section is for positive comments only. No criticisms.

      Christ Sean you are a fucking moron.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-12-2011

        I wonder who got laid last night? Sean or Trace. My vote is for Sean.

        • Ledgewood

          I j.o.’d last night.

  19. Ledgewood

    Certain guests, life this guy, are more fit for a one on one. Comedians are best fit for the regular format where they’d be commentating on teh news after a few minutes of going back and forth with Adam. If this guy was “sitting in on the news”, he’d proly be a guy that doesn’t say anything for 12 minutes then the show ends.

    There is a balance, ya’ll. Let us all enjoy the seesaw of life. Mmmmm. Fun.

  20. Steve

    I rarely read the message board, but what the fuck is wrong with some of you people? So much complaining about a podcast that you have to go out of your way to listen to! If you hate it so much, then don’t fucking listen!

    • Trace

      What a fucking moron. Seriously, shoot yourself. You’re a fucking moron. If you don’t understand how people can enjoy some shows, have criticisms of some shows, and hate others, then you are a fucking imbecile.

      This feedback section is for fucking feedback… positive and negative. Christ, people like you are such fucking idiots it’s amazing.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle10-12-2011

        Trace needs a girlfriend.

      • Morgan

        THANK YOU! You said exactly what I’ve wanted to say to these idiots for a long time.

        If you don’t like it, don’t listen. Don’t complain because It’s free. Quit posting criticisms in the feedback section. It’s the same retarded “logic” again and again.

        It’s clear to me why some of these people like anything and everything. They are stupid. Stupid people are easily amused and can’t form complex thoughts.

        • Mr. Roboto
          Mr. Roboto10-12-2011

          Don’t criticize and you’ll get the same product tomorrow. Contentment stops progress. I don’t want to listen to this show in five years with nothing changed.

          • Cap'n Crunch
            Cap'n Crunch10-12-2011

            Constructive criticism is great but you can rarely find that here. This board is primarily used for anonymous ingrates to spew angry vitriol. Some hate the 1 on 1s, some hate the live shows, some hate BB, some love him, etc, etc. It’s no wonder the host doesn’t read these, everyone wants something different. But then again a large part of his success can be attributed to doing things the way he wants them done. So there’s that. But hey, bring back Jack Silver, bring back the wing bowl, and by all means, keep commenting tards.

      • Mikelynch

        This is not specifically directed at this comment but the overall tone. I like the feedback and I read it and share it with Adam. But let’s please bring down the hostility.

  21. Flatulator

    I am 100% straight, but hearing Adam rant about The Hammer makes my fuck-gun swell up like a water balloon.

  22. Empty Box
    Empty Box10-12-2011

    I think the reasoning behind the backlash is because Adam is a beloved talent gone horribly wrong. Fans of his who used to think he could do no wrong are realizing now that he, in fact, can. Even the most talented of writers needs a good editor to trim away the wankier bits of self indulgence. In this type of setting with no restraints except the ones he imposes himself, Adam is taking the lazy route of letting the douche nozzle jock right-wing a-hole side of himself do the thinking and the talking. Bring in Jack Silver, stat!

    • Tilden Katz
      Tilden Katz10-12-2011

      Completely agree. Carolla always has plenty of unsolicited advice to give others about their jobs and he needs to apply some of that mojo to his own gig. But why would he change anything? It’s one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world and frequents the top of the charts on iTunes. But I’d argue that the reason he has that many listeners is from the legion of fans he created during his Love Line days and the original Adam Carolla Show rather than the quality of this podcast. Having a producer to rein Adam in a bit would get things back on track.

  23. flyfishinjam

    The problem is there’s a time to move off a subject. State of Shock or bad reviewer of the Hammer, ACE often gives 3900 percent more than a topic can support.

  24. Dan

    Horrible show. Let’s learn from this one, Ace: if you’re not going to have BB & AR with you, then you better have a guest that can hold some weight (e.g. Albert Brooks).

  25. sfmark

    isn’t it pronounced hUnDaY not HoNdAy…thought you were a car guy adam

  26. Morgan

    This show was embarrassing. I felt embarrassed for Adam. He came off like a complete ass.

    He’s such a horrible interviewer especially when he gets tunnel vision and just keeps ranting about something. It’s listening to an old senile person ramble on and on annoying everyone around them.

    God, when this show is horrible it really is horrible. I had to turn this episode off after hoping he would move on.

  27. Zapoli

    After clicking on that Frank’n’Stuff link, I think I just turned vegan.

  28. Todd Bridges
    Todd Bridges10-12-2011

    Giovanni is such a fat faggot.

    • Fat Faggot
      Fat Faggot10-12-2011

      Fuck you asshole. That is an insult to fat faggots everywhere.

  29. Big T
    Big T10-12-2011

    Thank you for another no Alison no Bryan episode, keep em coming.

  30. a guy
    a guy10-12-2011

    Loveline was a double edged sword for Adam because he picked up so many broken and depressed teenage fans who have grown up to act cunty on his message board because it makes them feel better about themselves. Good day.

  31. another guy
    another guy10-12-2011

    Thanks for showing what a useless site Rotten Tomatoes is; you’re just collecting and averaging the opinions of people wildly diverging levels of qualification and agenda. I don’t know why Adam relies so heavily on a site that crowdsources approval when he personally agrees with so few people. It was fun to hear him kick this guy’s ass but it came off as petty because of his movie’s treatment (like Oprah and James Frey)

    Anyway, I like the rage but a whole show? Too much

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day10-12-2011

      It’s called the law of averages. Random errors (like skewed/biased/bad reviews), will average out when aggregated with the other reviews.

  32. david johnson
    david johnson10-12-2011

    I’m not sure which I’d prefer.

    I’d like The Hammer to be upgraded to certified fresh, I liked the movie.

    But also I’d like the 7 new reviews to backfire on Adam and push the score down lower, just so that he forever rants about it.

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day10-12-2011

      The hammer was a good movie, but honestly I find Adam’s acting capabilities to be pretty bad. Everything is said like it’s being read off a page. Just like when he played parts of his rejected sitcom a while back. The intonations never change.

  33. Blistered Vulva
    Blistered Vulva10-12-2011

    Deuce Bigalow is a work of fucking art.

  34. Walt

    What an awkward interview. How uncomfortable it must have been for Matt to put on the spot about individual reviews he didn’t write and asking for him to axe reviewers, telling him how to run his site. It was like listening to yearly performance review. Is that what it’s like to work for Adam? I don’t think we’ll be setting Matt as a repeat guest.

    • Zapoli

      “… prepare yourself for a new recurring segment with Adam and Matt,” begs to differ.

  35. machineman

    was really hoping for some insightful movie discussion. Real missed opportunity

  36. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-12-2011

    A few more shows without Alison and the air in the studio will probably return to normal.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-12-2011

      I love you Alison, F-U fake Kadoodee imposter

  37. DT

    Might be the worst podcast yet… the Birdemic one was better.

  38. Jessica

    Why all the recent negative comments on the message board the past few days? If you don’t like what you hear, just turn it off. Jeez.

  39. Potsjob

    For Adam to want a guy to lose his job over a bad review to an average movie at best is so wrong. Ironically the already high review for the hammer proves Adams point

  40. Al

    This podcast was self serving and uninteresting. I hope better shows are ahead.

  41. Brett

    ACE as a fan first of all if you are going to complain to a guy about something he didn’t write – at least have it all ready instead of dead air of you trying to find it.
    – If you are going to create a movie get ready for insane reviews – all movies – even great ones have had them – so get a thicker skin or stop making movies – but above all stop bitching about it unless you are going to make it funny in some way.

    Stale, embarrassing that you are basically scolding the Rotten Tomato’s guy for allowing this ‘bad review’.

    I agree with people that saying he needs someone to edit him. Just like he says he has Ray stopping him from taking himself too seriously. He needs that with his show content.

    • The Kraken
      The Kraken10-12-2011

      Yeah, but you are dumb.

  42. randall

    Carolla- The movie is not that good. It’s not horrible, but all of the great feedback you got from your fans is just that. They are your fans. Any good reviews from people who do not know who you are, or listen to your radio/podcast? I bought it and was eager to watch it, because I listened to the radio show daily, and was very disappointed. I love the podcast. You are just not good in front of a camera. Keep up the podcasts, keep growing it, and expand. Do what your good and successful at.

  43. The point man
    The point man10-12-2011

    awkward interview. Didn’t make it to the end. The only positive side was the respite from Alison unfunniness.

  44. sometimes.

    Just unsubscribed from this podcast after listening to every single episode. Jesus Christ, worst podcast of my life. Adam, wtf?!

    See you guys over at Greg Proops podcast…

    • Big T
      Big T10-12-2011

      It took “every single” podcast for you to realize you didn’t like it? Wow…thats…uh…thats awesome.

  45. Tyler

    Good riddance, maybe someone will care about your worthless 2 cents there.

    But probably not.

  46. nard 6
    nard 610-12-2011

    Ha, insightful movie talk from Ace, thats funny. I loved it when Ace asked FF Coppola some of his favorite films, and he replied with the Great film “The Apartment.” There was the same awkward silence/mocking dismissal that occurred when this rottentomatoes dude mentioned “the Big Sleep” or the original “Manchurian Candidate.”
    (Both fantastic films fyi) Adam is a philistine who
    1 hasn’t seen, heard or read (much of) anything
    2 declares that his opinion and taste are correct, always.
    3 hates on critics for opining on topics they have no interest in or are predisposed to disliking. (ie Thai food analogy 42:30)
    4 I think has become subconsciously fixated on semi-marginal talent (Albert Brooks, Hiatt) because he identifies with them.

    The Irony is Adam is guilty of #3 all. the. time.
    see yesterdays show where Ace completely misinterpreted the song “Family Affair” because early 70’s afro-funk (black music in general really) is his Thai food.
    So your allowed to be a dumb ass Ace, but not to be heard, from your lips to God’s ears.

  47. matty54

    If he’s going to do a solo show, maybe taking an hour of phone calls would be a better show. I’ll still listen, but the repetitive rants/ideas I’ve heard through the years gets annoying. Also, if he could just do 5-10 minutes (minimum) of prep prior to an interview, it would be awesome.

    • w3asel

      No kidding. This podcast was rough. (That’s coming from a guy that listens about 4 days a week) If we’re lucky, tomorrow we’ll get a podcast about how everyone’s taste in music sucks but his. (Joe Jackson. Really?!?!)

  48. Podcast Summary
    Podcast Summary10-12-2011

    Adam thinks that reviews are unfair and inaccurate, especially when they don’t agree with him.

    This goes on for 69 minutes.

    • Big T
      Big T10-12-2011

      yeah but still….

  49. Ho Lee
    Ho Lee10-12-2011

    Could Adam make it any more obvious he can’t get over the bad reviews his shitty movie received?

    Here’s a tip: if you don’t like bad reviews, learn to write and act.

  50. NoLife

    Damn, this show still isn’t exactly what I want it to be. It doesn’t reflect my personal opinions, doesn’t speak to my sense of humor and I would prefer different guests. Come on aceyman, I told you yesterday to do a show better for me. I am going to stop listening.

  51. ploo

    Sheesh, rough crowd here today. IMHO Ferris Beull was already re-made, of course unofficially and badly, reincarted as “Parker Lewis can’t lose”

  52. nard 6
    nard 610-12-2011

    It is fair to note that Adam is not a professional critic of anything thank god, that he is radio/podcast personality and that he therefore MUST talk for 60-90 min a day. I get that. But the hypocrisy is just too overwhelming when Ace gets frustrated at ignorant or uninterested commentators/critics etc.
    It is interesting that Adam never pontificates about who the best painters or writers are/were. If he read a few ‘serious’ novels and went to MOMA, would he act like an arrogant know it all??
    Dumb people like film and music. And because traditionally they are not thought of as high art someone can watch an Albert Brooks movie, listen to a couple late 70’s power pop albums and think they are a supreme arbiter of taste.

    • chinese water dog
      chinese water dog10-12-2011

      Dumb people like film and music. They also don’t understand the difference between your and you’re.

      That’s ok nard, you’re allowed to be a dumb ass.

  53. nard 7
    nard 710-12-2011

    Nothing sucks the fun out of a comedy podcast like an endless diatribe. Iam available for children’s parties, just give me a call if you want a quote.

  54. chinese waiter dog
    chinese waiter dog10-12-2011

    You want egg roll with that?


  55. nard 6
    nard 610-12-2011

    I stopped using correct punctuation/grammar on this board because i constantly get the awaiting moderation . . . and because, well, it is an internet message board 🙂 i didn’t know there was a direct correlation between punctuation and intelligence. interesting. IF you read, stay away from Kerouac 🙂

  56. nard 8
    nard 810-12-2011

    Love this quote from Nitsuh Abebe (you can google it- he’s a fantastic writer by the way)newyork mag article re Arcade Fire & the Grammys; I think its applicable:

    “Never heard of it”: This has been the natural and traditional response of all sorts of ordinary American humans to all sorts of phenomena. It’s not really about knowledge or information. It’s an argument, for the most part, and a faintly aggressive one — a way of insisting that what you pay attention to really does define the world. What you’ve heard of is real, and everything else is marginal. The center holds, and you are that center. You are normal and aware, and not just some tiny atomized entity that can only hope to know one tiny corner of the universe.

  57. Dick Face
    Dick Face10-12-2011

    LOL, poor dude probably didn’t know what he was walking into!

  58. jpmoneypants

    Loved it!!! Someone needs to give RT a piece of our collective minds. There are sooooo many retarded reviewers on RT that shouldn’t be there. Its getting less and less reliable. You don’t like a movie fine, but some of these so called critics are just contrarians for the sack of being so.

  59. JuicePluss

    Little Miss Sunshine still rules for me but I was happy someone else pointed out one of the worst scenes ever – the cop who loves porn and lets him go. But it deserved all awards.

    The worst movie I can think of is ‘Dusk till Dawn’.

    I don’t really consider Rob Scheider movies to be ‘real films’. They are some thing college guys making an ‘internet movie’ or a really bad sketch comedy show. Not like a movie-movie.

    Adam should probably relax about the gaytard who dissed his movie on RT. Consider enough to shame him for 10 minutes.

  60. nard 6
    nard 610-12-2011

    I know I sound stupid, but know it’s only because I am. Correct punctuation would make it seem like I know what I’m talking about, however I do not. This is simply because I like to look smart but do not know the correct punctuation to express myself. And that makes me stupid, incredibly so in fact. So maybe I should stop novelling on an internet message board, m’kay?

  61. Tyler


  62. bluetone

    Liked the banter. Love Rotten Tomatoes. Keep it up.

  63. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett10-12-2011

    Yes, one of the great things about boxing is the impartial, untainted judges.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett10-12-2011


      • Justin

        No, I think the entity of The (Impartial, Untainted) Judges _is_ one great thing.

        • Steve Hatchett
          Steve Hatchett10-13-2011

          I think you are right. Thanks.

          • Sean

            I think the key here is “one of the”, which makes it singular. That’s right.. english class on the Carolla board!

  64. hot Karl
    hot Karl10-12-2011

    The fact that everyone else seemed to hate this podcast makes me feel like I’ll like it for sure. Can’t wait to listen.

    • Zapoli

      This was far from the worst episode of the podcast.

  65. Dave

    Spank du Jour®: Underboob

  66. nard 7
    nard 710-12-2011

    correct punctuation equals intelligence

    In addition to Kerouac please avoid E.E. Cummings. Wonderful poet but . . . he will just sound stoopid to all the highly intelligent punctuation nazis. Plus, why address IDEAS, when you can dissect grammar and punctuation. That’s what aesthetes and intellectuals do all day anyhow, just fyi.

    • nard 13
      nard 1310-12-2011

      So what you are saying is you are similar to Kerouac and EE Cummings? Only instead of creating great literary works you spend hours contributing non-stop discourse on a comedy show message board. You are like a modern day Dostoyevsky of the dumb. You want to discuss ideas? Here’s an idea. Go listen to the Sam Kinison bit about going to med school to learn to tell medically correct aids jokes. Thanks captain buzz k!ll, can’t wait to read another ten posts tomorrow breaking down everything that is wrong with the show.

      • Ivan

        I think he’s more of a Tolstoy of the Tards or a Chekov of the Challenged.

  67. Sultan of Bernai
    Sultan of Bernai10-12-2011

    We need more BCCs. I’m asking because you’re the best, Aceman. I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.

  68. Horrible Steaming Turd
    Horrible Steaming Turd10-12-2011

    Wow, was that ever a bad podcast. What will it take for the Acedouche to open his eyes and realize his movie was shit?

    If Deuce Bigalow had 1 laugh it had more laughs than the Hammer.

  69. Buzz Bissinger
    Buzz Bissinger10-12-2011

    Good show.

    “You’re sort of like Mr.Skin…if he didn’t have a cock.” — Thanks why you get the big bucks, Aceman.

  70. nard 7
    nard 710-12-2011

    i’ve noticed also that when dumb people know they are mentally overmatched they get petty and/or resort to ad hominem attacks. It’s a good strategy – misdirection. Rather than engage in a real confab they will call you or your outfit ugly or point out a spelling error or missed apostrophe. Whats that old Lincoln quote?

    Better to be silent (except for mocking people’s punctuation) and be thought a fool, than to actually attempt to say something interesting/intelligent and remove all doubt.

    • nard 66
      nard 6610-12-2011

      I have found that when people think they are intellectually superior they head to the internet. Message boards, twitter, facebook are great platforms for their brilliance. It reminds me of a great quote, which are so plentiful online.

      Trix, they’re raspberry red, lemon yellow, orange orange. – Trix Rabbit

    • Jefe

      Forgive me, nard 7. I know that I, Jefe, do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that, once again, you are angry at something else, and are looking to take it out on me?

  71. Empty Box
    Empty Box10-12-2011

    A nearly comatose podcast that spends its time just bum-stumbling along, never putting in the work necessary to land a solid joke or develop a winning character.

  72. matt

    I love that movie. Everyone should see The Manchurian Candidate.

    • Oscar

      The original one though, do not see the remake.

  73. rob

    you’re right about the tunnel boring machine ace. I worked on a tunnel in California and it took over a hundred men working 24 hours a day, over a month to assemble. It also required multiple cranes and cost millions just to ship from Germany. If you have that kind of scratch, who needs to rob a casino. Glad I never watched it.

  74. nard 3
    nard 310-12-2011

    I have found that when people think they are intellectually superior they head to the internet. Message boards, twitter, facebook are great platforms for their brilliance. It reminds me of a great quote, which are so plentiful online.

    Trix, they’re raspberry red, lemon yellow, orange orange. – Trix Rabbit

  75. nard 7
    nard 710-12-2011

    comedy is great misdirection to. Like when it became obvious Carolla had never seen the original Manchurian Candidate because he’s a philistine. He started with the Frankenheimer jokes. See how that deflected attention away from the fact that Ace knows shit about movies. Just like Nard’s trix rabbit joke. Dont have anything to say other than “hey your dumb and not very smart either?” Attempt to use wit so that you end up looking smarter and too cool for school, without, of course, actually saying anything.

    • nard 2.0
      nard 2.010-12-2011

      Speaking of comedy, you do realize that this is a comedy podcast don’t you? But what you are saying is that when the Manchurian Candidate came up, instead of making a Frankenheimer joke he should have just said “never heard of that”. Got it. So not only are you superior intellectually but you also have the gift of amazing wit. You and Chaucer should get together and write a sitcom. I am sure it would be laugh out loud funny. That is if you have time between all the trolling, mad beatoff sessions and mensa meetings. It’s been fun nard but I have a life to get back to. I am sure you’ll be here tomorrow ready to set us all straight.

  76. nard

    i’ve noticed also that when dumb people know they are mentally overmatched they get petty and/or resort to ad hominem attacks. It’s a good strategy – misdirection

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-12-2011

      too many words nardster for us knuckle dragging Ace fans, just saying…

  77. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-12-2011

    is nard -to- nard infinity one guy with multiple personalities arguing with himself?

  78. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-12-2011

    I doubled up on episodes today after missing the ep yesterday and I thought todays ep was better than yesterdays. Adam trying to drag answers out of Duff got old, just saying…

  79. Hyomil

    Pulling reviewers from RottenTomatoes is less important (The ones that were pulled were probably due to hate speech.) than individual users being able to filter out reviewers that they don’t agree with for whatever reason. Next time Matt is on, ask him why they don’t allow that. They used to have a My Critics tab that they never developed. Matt’s answer to Adam’s question was by his own admission “chickenshit.” So what if they have 100 different reviews for a movie? Who wants to go through all those looking for the one or two that are likely to be accurate for you? You should be matched up automatically with reviews based on a) the ratings you’ve given for movies and b) ratings you’ve given to critics (i.e. A “Don’t ever show me a review by this douchebag again” button and a “I so agree with this review. Move this critic’s reviews to the top of the list in the future” button next to every review.)

  80. nard2168

    The constant talk of politics, social change, qualitative judgment of musical and visual art and the like doesnt invite real discussion?
    I keep hearing that this is just a comedy show. I have been fooled when many people come on here vigorously supporting one of adam’s various political or social policy critiques as though he was running for office.

  81. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-12-2011

    all you nards need to get a fucking life. especialy that nard 7 twat

  82. nard2165

    I think Adam’s biggest career coup was appealing to the blue collar comedy crowd who thought they were way too smart for Foxworthy but think npr is for liberal pussies. Turns out, there is a lot of you. fin

  83. nard2165

    WHOA, now that’s below the belt, telling someone to get a life! come on now! lets keep this semi-civil

  84. Mark

    As someone mentioned earlier, i think the real truth of the matter is for ace fans critical thinking and ideas and intelligent discourse leads to buzzzz-kil.
    Mocking disdain is the predictable reaction when any of the above are attempted. We all just want to laugh and get back to having a life

  85. Fred Sanford
    Fred Sanford10-12-2011

    I saw the picture and thought ‘No shit! Artie Lange is back on the show!’

    Then, my hopes were dashed as the loser from Rotten Tomatosauce was on. Sigh.

  86. nard 8675309
    nard 867530910-12-2011

    But what if I knows how to use words reals good. I can say funny things to if given a chance. Just don’t get criticals of my spellin and arithmetic. Don’t let funny get in the way of smarts and debate now. Let’s hash this out and have some progresses ya’ll.

  87. nard 8675309
    nard 867530910-12-2011

    And mark is right on. Any time we could hears some real news or something intylectual on this show that BB starts with noises and stuff. This show will never be no 60 minutes or a show for us smarter peoples. Just them dumb people that like man show.

  88. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-12-2011

    i agree but all i see is a bunch of negative crap. cmon people lighten up

  89. nard8675309

    And mark is right on. Any time we could hears some real news or something intylectual on this show that BB starts with noises and stuff. This show will never be no 60 minutes or a show for us smarter peoples. Just them dumb people that like man show.

  90. nard8675309

    And mark is right on. Any time we could hears some real news or something intylectual on this show that BB starts with noises and stuff. This show will never be no 60 minutes or a show for us smarter peoples. Just them dumb people that like man show.

  91. What's a nard?
    What's a nard?10-12-2011

    What’s a nard?

  92. flyfishnard

    Hey duke, Ace isn’t exactly Walter Cronkite. He makes a living sayings so of the same things about others. Fans tend to act the way the performer acts. Not a lot of people working AIDS research at Andrew Dice Clay’s show or bettering Grammar at the Motley Crue show. Point is I think you are talking to the wrong crowd at the wrong time and about the wrong subjects.

  93. flyfishnard

    Larry Miller fans would probably agree with you though. I like LM by the way. That guy is too smart to be on the Marriage Ref.

  94. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-12-2011

    your right. this aint my crowd

  95. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-12-2011

    if I blew another guy (and swallowed) when I was in the joint…..is that gay. I was just gay for the stay, but unfortunatly I was only in for a few hours for some parking tickets. I let a couple of guys bang me in the ass and I kind of enjoyed it…….but I hate fags

  96. Bertie

    Oprah is so hot.

  97. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-12-2011

    nard, if you ever feel like you might be sitting next to me on an airplane, please do not speak to me. Either that or alert me before the flight and I will pass some valium off to the flight attendant to crush up and put in your club soda.

  98. Frank B
    Frank B10-12-2011


    What the hell is wrong with Adam? What the hell is wrong with his crack team of “producers”? Just pathetic.

    Why doesn’t big man Adam bring up what a pile of shit Deuce Bigelow is to Rob Schneider when he’s on the show? Adam will waste other podcasts trashing it and saying no one should have given it a positive review and yet he doesn’t confront the guy that made the fucking thing?

    YOU ARE A FUCKING PUSSY CAROLLA. A boring tedious pussy.

    • Snookie

      Actually it is you that is the pussy Frank B. You sure bring the tough talk to your anonymous internet message board posts. Easy to do when you aren’t face to face with someone. But I am sure if you had a succesful podcast (yeah, I am laughing too) you would be all up in your guests face. Right toughy?

  99. Dominion88

    I felt bad for the guest. He’s just another in a long line of people who come in to the show and are steamrolled by Adam.

    Sometimes I don’t know how they are still getting guests. Word has to get a round that there’s a 80% chance that you’re not going to talk much about what you’re there to promote and have to listen to re-repeated rants from Adam.

    I need other podcasts to listen to. It seems like more and more Adam is just unbearable.

    • Snookie

      Damn, I practically soaked my sheets crying you a river when I read this comment. So sad it bothered you so much. And its such a shame you need another podcast to listen to and there are none to be found (give or take a thousand that are on itunes and sticher). But you’ll make do with this one again tomorrow won’t you, sadsack?

      • Steve Hatchett
        Steve Hatchett10-13-2011

        I think Snookie is Adam. Keep screaming into the void, Adam.

  100. Geans

    This one was uncomfortable to listen to.

  101. argue tastes, that's smart
    argue tastes, that's smart10-12-2011

    Tree of Life – if you don’t understand physics and time and earth history then, yeah, its too confusing and artsy fartsy.

    Deuce Bigalow European Gigalow- it’s an absurdist comedy. Are Airplane and Naked Gun crappy because they are unrealistic? Of all Rob Schneider’s horrible movies , Euro Gigalow was pretty half decent. Think of the Amsterdam cafe space cake scene. that was very funny.

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-12-2011

      Yggdrasil was never so facile.

  102. Patrick

    Adam on Celebrity Apprentice?!!!

    TACO BELL MATERIAL10-12-2011

    Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo is easily my favorite film. Schneider has that golden touch.

  104. Zeke J
    Zeke J10-12-2011

    Please don’t let Tree Of Life be nominated for anything other than a cinematography award. It was an incomplete movie

  105. God's Twitter
    God's Twitter10-12-2011

    This is for the next show, which hasn’t been posted yet.

    When she shimmies and chirps like a chipmunk, less hot chicks cringe.

    She is pretty — yes, but I take issue with “guys are / or are not intimidated by hot chicks.” No, guys are confused about the prospect of fighting for hot chicks, which is inevitable. It’s the “dealing w/ success” thing.

    Adam folded. That chick knew exactly how much power she had and she exacted it.

    Now I have to jerk it, exactly.

  106. emceelokey

    The Hammer wasn’t that good.It as good as any National Lampoon straight to dvd movie.

  107. midas

    Perfect example of why Adam’s career will never go any where. He’s completely clueless sometimes. He’ll be stuck sucking the bottom of the entertainment barrel on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice with the other has-beens and never-weres.

    The podcast has just gone downhill with Adam’s horrible “interviews” and the same rants over and over. Give this thing another couple years and it’ll be gone.

    • JuicePloos

      So review:
      – Adam’s career will go to from a construction labourer to being a smash-hit #1 television program, A hit radio show with Pinsky, a massive reality show competition, a documentary, nearly uncountable appearances and voice-overs, a car show and the worlds most downloaded podcast and hugely successful top selling book.
      This is ‘going nowhere’ and ‘sucking bottom of barrel’ according to you. Amazing.

  108. Chris

    Ranting about a bad review on Rotten Tomatoes? That’s like a girlfriend who just got dumped complaining to the mother of the guy that just dumped her.

    This is how you sound…. “He’s crazy right?! He said I’m crazy. I’m not crazy. His opinion doesn’t matter. You don’t think I’m crazy, do you? I’m not crazy.”

    Painful….just painful.

  109. Go Back to Loveline
    Go Back to Loveline10-13-2011

    Adam…so narcissistic and bitter.

    He’s not wrong about douchebag reviewers…but still. The Hammer wasn’t a masterpiece. It was a cute novelty.

    Adam really went on to far and long and the Tomato man was getting uncomfortable.

    Adam’s ranting is no longer clever or of import, stick to the…um, potty humor.

    • An Onny
      An Onny10-20-2011

      He wasn’t saying it was a masterpiece, and I totally agree with his objections about reviewers who hate his movie from the start because of who they perceived Adam to be before they’d even seen it. The few non-Adam fans I know who I talked into seeing The Hammer grudgingly agreed it was pretty good.

  110. Aaaaa

    Fucking Awkward

  111. Yossarian

    That was disrespectful and lame to interview the Rotten Tomatoes guy and exclude Bald Bryan.

  112. sonyslave

    Funny to see that Adam finally got to address the thorn in his side.

    One of the cool things about the show is the story arc, for years Adam ranted about his movie getting the shaft, and now he’s doing something about it.

    Rock on Ace!

  113. James in NY
    James in NY10-14-2011

    If an abortion fucked a pile of shit and gave birth, it would be this podcast.

    Adam is turning into a real cunt. His lack of self-awareness is astonishing. He constant bitching and yelling is getting old. There seems to be less intelligent discussion and more mindless repetitive ranting.

  114. Grabowski

    What can I say that hasn’t already be said. This was bad. I felt bad for Atchity. I eventually had to turn it off.

    Anyone have other podcast suggestions? Maybe something funny, entertaining, and less annoying than this.

  115. Isaac Hayes
    Isaac Hayes10-14-2011

    That was a horrific podcast. Adam, you made one movie. It was ok, it was not great, and it was years ago. If you want to find success as a film maker, make films. Get back to work making films and you’ll get better and better and if you work hard enough you’ll make something that will really make it big.
    Did you really bring in the guy from Rotten Tomatoes just to cry to him about a few bad reviews? Why waist a podcast on that?

  116. marco

    Damn Aceman, how about next time you’re on Leno he starts telling you how to run your podcast? Awkward and uncomfortable – I tried to dial down the douchiness but my radio doesn’t have that button.

  117. Brian

    Horrible. Did you ambush this poor guy or did he know you were going to make him watch clips of your movie? Wow. Awkward indeed.

  118. Iver23

    This was a terrible podcast. It could have been interesting to learn about rotten tomatoes, instead it turned into Aceman being incredibly narcissitic. Awful interview.

  119. Mike

    Worst part of the podcast? Try 26:20 to 27:40. How many of you were screaming GET ON WITH IT!!!

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