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At the top of the show, Adam explains why he never smells bad and discusses having Chris ‘Maxipada’ sniff his shirts in Monterey. He also talks about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the re-appearance of Lynette’s lost cell phone. Later, Adam rants about some of his workers and takes listener calls about teaching English in Japan, having kids when you’re ready, and fat bridesmaids.

Matt Atchity of Rotten Tomatoes enters the studio next and talks with Adam and the gang about some current summer blockbusters. Alison then starts up the news discussing the disturbing footage of Tony Scott’s suicide being shopped around. Other news stories include Rosie O’Donnell’s secret heart attack, and some exciting new developments in Jimmy Kimmel’s life. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the new Live with Kelly co-host.


Visit http://RottenTomatoes.com, and follow Matt on Twitter @MAtchity.

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  1. Connard

    That a girl Alison, put that untalented, annoying , bald douche in his place.

    • Stan

      I was really hoping during the break they’d address BB’s role on the show. I think he can contribute, but the soundbites are so old and annoying 99% of the time. Also the Jack Silver impersonation has no context for a lot of listeners, is 5 years old (about a 20 year old joke to people like me who grew up in Chicago when he worked on the Loop and all the on-air talent busted on him).

      Again, he has a role, like him and like his voice on the show, but his role needs to be redefined, it’s stale.

    • Matt

      Jay see bee dee. I remember that shit. Good stuff, bald Bryan. Aceman, If Chris Mathews or that dude from ESPN are still on MSNBC lets get you some work over there to even out the rightward slant.

  2. Debris

    More Atchity… less Wild.

  3. ras

    Aceman, regarding the phone, simple solution – fuck the $20 finder’s fee. If you do not pay a “reward” then u discourage future shenanigans. Why would you or Lynette pay a reward and encourage this behavior?

  4. Insan

    Matt Atchity is the best! Have him as a weekly guest and get rid of David Wild.

    • B-Real


  5. dave

    Rape? you say it EVERY episode. What would Sigmund Freud say…………. u got a problem.

    • Sgt. Agie
      Sgt. Agie08-22-2012

      You say problem, I say pattern. Why the negative attitude dude?

  6. Izzy

    Adam is looking terrible these days. I’m actually worried. Even Matt looks like a spritely fresh gnome next to him.

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running08-23-2012

      Maybe that’s why I like the shirts: I actually see Matt as some sort of laundry-gnome who appears from nowhere to make everything smell nice.

  7. Dan

    Matt Atchity again? The well is drying up and Ace probably still can’t pronounce Matt’s last name.

  8. Sarah

    Please, Alison— this news article should be discussed on the podcast! I’m sure this guys story will be on Lifetime as a movie, its crazy!

    Convicted Arizona arsonist died by taking cyanide in court: coroner


  9. El Jefe
    El Jefe08-22-2012

    Haven’t listened yet… just wanted to be the 1st commenter! GET IT ON!

  10. Mark

    JCVD is actually a pretty good movie.

  11. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-22-2012

    Kimmel does look like James Bond in that photo…James Bond with down syndrome, but still….

    • Greg0307


  12. dave

    And 1 more thing…. Bald Brian has a cool laugh – I like it. 🙂

  13. Cesar Bernal
    Cesar Bernal08-22-2012

    Get it on!!!!

  14. TraciX

    Yep, Cherry Pie gets me every time too! Jade stage 4…I’m not going to tell you again LOL

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-22-2012

      Hey everybody…

  15. CACAHD

    regarding the phone thing. why didn’t someone just call the phone to listen for the ring

  16. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans08-22-2012

    The JCVD movie they joke about is an amazing film. Maybe it’s because my expectations were so low to begin with but I was blown away. Time magazine’s review suggested Van Damme be nominated for an Oscar.


  17. FU

    Speaking of paying just because you have money:

    espn.go.com/new-york/story/_/id/82I don’t think edits are needed. I think it needs to be rethought.92542/stephen-domalewski-left-brain-injury-settles-metal-bat-suit

    • liberalsRstupid

      Football had better be very worried. Its going to start in the Pee Wees but like the Gaystapo it will just be the beginning of the never ending creep until it’s the NFFL (Natl Flag Football League)… Thats Progress-ives.

      • liberalsRstupid

        Insurance Companies and Trial Lawyers… The true leadership of the Democrat Party.

        • Bobby

          Right & Right!!!! But don’t forget the progressive/socialist/communist/liberal/multi-culti/politically correct morons that now dominate the Democrat party rendering it unrecognizable from the Democrat party of J.F.K. If you really want to understand how far the Democrats have changed/fallen, just go back and take a good look at President Kennedy’s speeches and policy. Today he’d be considered a hard core conservative. That’s the truth. The proponents of collectivism (socialists & communists) have been chipping for over 50 years at our founding principles…..INDIVIDUAL liberty…with free people always having their feet on the neck of our government to keep that ancient beast tyranny (human lust for power and to control others) at bay.

  18. setlasmon

    re: the rampant filming of Tony Scott’s suicide.. nevermind actually HELPING.. what about self preservation?

    there was a photo today on the local NY news of a subway explosion that shot debris way into the air, taken by an elderly man nearby.

    and I could only think “WOW! someone sees a huge explosion directly in front of them and their instinct isn’t ‘let me run away and seek shelter’ its ‘MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!'”

  19. Sig Et
    Sig Et08-22-2012

    Atchity went into Sears and said to the clerk: “Give me something that makes me look like love-seat in a Florida condo.”

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-23-2012

      That shirt says, “I totally gave up.”

  20. ross

    Does it kinda piss anyone else off when Adam tries to show off how much he knows about door frames and shit? We get it, you used to be a carpenter

    • chuckie gorman
      chuckie gorman08-22-2012

      at least when he talks carpentry he actually knows what he’s talking about. it’s better than hearing him expound on the flat tax or current events. that’s when he’s clueless.

  21. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle08-22-2012

    Kimmel couldn’t get a hotter chick than Molly McNearney? He’s worth millions and has his own talk show for Christ’s sake.

  22. Elle

    Holy crap! I cannot tell you how annoying it is when people jaywalk slowly! I won’t slow my car down & my boyfriend yells at me, but if you’re going to jaywalk and there’s cars – you better RUN! If there’s no cars, no problem, but wtf is wrong with people? There’s no leisurely strolling when a 2 ton vehicle is approaching!

  23. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle08-22-2012

    “One smart, billion dollar Iron Man.”
    …itch finally scratched.

  24. maxman

    damn aceman is lookin fat in that picture with brody

  25. Sharon

    avril lavigne and chad kroeger are engaged to be wed.
    Their children’s success to lack of talent ratio is going to be off the frickin charts!
    Get it on!

  26. Tim MacDonald
    Tim MacDonald08-22-2012

    Can someone on air please challenge Adam on his bizarre anti-bathing stance on the basis It’s not true, he’s just substituting talc or baking soda for water. Which is like when someone brags they don’t drink….but meanwhile they get regularly blitzkrieged on pharmaceuticals.

    Seniors with dementia resist bathing, and 8 year olds, and heroin addicts….and Adam Carolla? Come on Ace man. Wtf. I’d much rather you chugged major cock than take this retarded bragging position.

    • Pedro

      I agree, I get not using tons of products and shit, but I can’t play sports all day and not at least get in the shower for a minute or too…I do however use the t-shirt trick at all-day lacrosse tournaments

  27. Tim MacDonald
    Tim MacDonald08-22-2012

    Hooked up to a drip of truth serum….what would the staff say stinks worse, Carolla’s funk when his talc beard isn’t fully covering for him, or his taste in wordy mid tempo early 80’s album cuts?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-23-2012

      It’s a case of the emperors new clothes.

  28. Silent Running
    Silent Running08-23-2012

    I always like Matt’s shirts.

  29. liberalsRstupid

    My Mom always made Mayonnaise Cake and it always brought a big reaction. Pretty much everyone asked for the recipe after having a bite though.

  30. liberalsRstupid

    Trump’s kids are plastic robots…

  31. Eamon

    JCVD bit was the best! Bryan’s impression of him is just made for drops! Ha!

  32. joegagan

    atchity should refrain from political comments. when he does, he displays his ignorance(aka lockstep with the left). the lack of comments on this podcast ( 45 comments , three days later) indicates thatt matt a is “not of consequence”.

  33. Dissapointed

    Within a span of 3 minutes Carolla went from talking about how society has devolved into people gossiping and having “petty parties,” to himself spreading rumors about Travolta paying people off to be quiet about his sexuality. What about your own gossipy ways, Adam?

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