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Adam and Matt Atchity

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As the show opens, Adam talks about sledding with the kids in Lake Tahoe. He then goes on to tell some more stories from the set of Celebrity Apprentice, and compares the show’s ‘tasks’ to a helpful improv class he once took. Adam also takes calls about drinking cheap beer, dating a virgin, and seeing punk shows in the 80s.

Rotten Tomatoes’ Editor in Chief Matt Atchity joins the podcast next, and talks with Adam about some ridiculous movie clichés. Adam also complains about crappy movies with positive reviews, and demands that some of the top critics be removed from the site. Later they discuss some upcoming 2012 movies, including a bunch of unnecessary sequels and remakes.

Alison starts up the news next, and the group watches the Casey Anthony video that surfaced earlier in the day. She also gives an update on the Hollywood arsonist, and Matt mentions a personal connection through the Rotten Tomatoes offices. The show wraps up with Adam recalling a Silence of the Lambs-esque experience he had, and the worst cigarette break ever.


Check out www.RottenTomatoes.com, and give The Hammer a 5-star rating while you’re at it!

Ghost Rider

Snow Mobile Jump

Casey Anthony

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  1. Chumpy


  2. MikeVonZ

    Matt Athity is good radio.

  3. Puke

    No picture of “super white” Bald Bryan? Disappointed.

  4. Jessica


    Please Adam, complain about Kanye West joining the Hana Barbara movie ‘creative team’. See link

  5. AngelAdamFan

    Hey why didn’t Adam wear his ACE podcast gear? He could have cleared it!

  6. Ledgewood

    I especially enjoyed the Made Up Movie.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-06-2012

      He had a Cleveland Eye Ledgewood… too funny

  7. funkmon

    I like Matt Atchity! Keep getting him on.

  8. I can do this all day
    I can do this all day01-06-2012

    The image of Donald Trump saying “I’m running dangerously low on hot air” and sucking on a blow dryer made me spit my coffee out. Comedy gold!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-06-2012

      That was funny.

  9. jordan

    damn good pod

  10. Listener

    Where’s the picture of Bald Bryan looking white??

  11. Alison Fan
    Alison Fan01-06-2012

    I am in love with post surgery Alison.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-06-2012

      I’d like to see some post-surgery boots.

  12. Roc

    Holy boring guest batman! Nothing is more fascinating than learning the inner workings of a movie review website. NOTHING! Im glad this guy is back, I say make him a member of the cast.

    At this point adam is becoming more like heul howser. Either pretending to be interested in this crap or loosing his mind.

    • Dustin

      ORRRRRRRR maybe it’s just you. I’m interested in it and I think the guy’s a fine guest. It is a daily podcast, so just move along.

      I swear, the comments here, nothing but bitchin and moanin!

    • stnuntrnd

      Loosing one’s mind sounds liberating. What leads people to write loose when they mean lose?

  13. JessMan

    just save time and call him mattchity

  14. Beaver

    Good Stuff Ace Man

  15. Ross

    The guy on the snowmobile did backflip. He tried a double backflip in competition recently.

  16. rushbaby

    You guys are really bringing it this year!

  17. McNutsack

    dude…they outlawed 3-wheelers in like 88′ .

    Red Bull jump was 412′ on the Snowmobile, and 378′ on the bike. That’s Alot.

  18. Dave

    I freaking love it when Matt is on. He’s one of my favorite guests.

  19. Jessica

    Another great show. From beginning to end, hilarious. I’m not an Apprentice fan, but I’ll watch this season. Great stories.

  20. Hood

    That dude on the snowmobile actually made a 412 foot jump…wow!

  21. Alaistar

    How come no updates about what’s going on with Ustream????? C’mon guys don’t leave us hanging. Fill us in.

  22. TipCT

    Ace, awesome “Apprentice” video. Hilarious –


    Haven’t watched the Apprentice in like 8 years, but definitely this season.

    • James

      Holy shit! Thanks for linking to that. That video was great.

  23. Robby Robbinston
    Robby Robbinston01-06-2012

    Yes, where is the super white Brian picture??

  24. donewithidiots

    Good show. Totally agree with the new York douche bag attitudes. Only met one dude from New York that wasn’t a d-bag in the Air Force. Every other guy was like, “I’m from Queens, I’m from New Yolk. Like everyone else is supposed to look at them like their SPECIAL or tuff. lol Shows what too much gun control will do to a little section of idiots.

    • big jim
      big jim01-07-2012

      Ay yo, I’m from Brooklyn ovuh heah! Ya pussies wouldn’t last five minutes in NYC! Wutchu know abaht growing up in dem streets? Ay yo!

  25. sb618

    Ever since the studio changes (whatever they may be) the show has an echo like sound. like its recorded in a small cave or a bathroom. Anyone else notice this?

  26. lol

    that guy that called in about SOPA had no idea what he is talking about. He was all over the place about the subject.

  27. Tony from DC
    Tony from DC01-08-2012

    Good shew. I must agree that the Brian in white photo is lacking from this page.

    Also, it’s time to have Alanna Ubach back on the show. Let’s not go more than a year without her. Loved her on Loveline, and the podcast.

  28. Dan Wally
    Dan Wally01-08-2012

    So..is the Ustream channel dead now? Been away since the holidays and it says I have to buy a ticket to watch the old shows and there have been no new shows since the Dec 21st…I take it video for the show is now dead?!?

  29. Alex O
    Alex O01-08-2012

    Bryan I hope to god you weren’t fucking serious about that three stooges trailer. You run a film podcast. Get with it.

  30. Andy90

    Matt out of RottenTomatoes looks like a white Ozzie.

  31. Carrie

    I’ve never watched (or wanted to watch) The Apprentice, but I will check it out to see Adam until he is (or possibly isn’t) “fired”. Loving the pod lately-good job everyone!!

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