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Adam brings the kids on the show at the very top. They talk about their experience shopping at the Home Depot, and Natalia talks about her recent snow date. Adam then goes on a jag about TMZ’s censorship standards, and talks about a night out with Friends. Later, Dr. Bruce tells a couple Healthwatch stories, and the guys take a couple listener calls.

Today’s guest is Mary Birdsong, who recently appeared in the Oscar nominated film, ‘The Descendants.’ Adam also talks with her about some of her other TV projects, which range from Raising Hope to Reno 911 to The Daily Show. The group also talks about underrated stars with secret talents, the film Raising Arizona, and the guy who hosts Ancient Aliens.

Alison starts up the news discussing Jerry Sandusky’s request to have his bail adjusted. They also talk about a controversial Romney ad, various bizarre fast food mascots, and why the Most Interesting Man in the World is also the most p-whipped. The show then wraps up with a discussion of whether or not being gay is a choice.


Romney Ad

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-29-2012

    Can’t wait to see if Adam rips into Bruce’s ass again!! GET IT ON!!! HAHA

  2. Chester

    Now Adam has his kids telling stories? It seems like it may be time to seriously consider scaling back the frequency of this podcast. Being forced to trot out so much unfunny filler on a daily basis just to fill the time has really taken a serious toll on the quality of the episodes.

    • Geoff

      Fuck off Chester. he happened to have his kids with him, so he let them make an appearance.

    • loop


    • Cyrus

      Putting aside that you’ve clearly missed what the podcast is about, why do you listen if it’s so sub-par or unfunny to you?

    • Paul

      When will everybody realize that NOBODY ELSE in the world cares about their stupid kids…..I hate other people’s kids but I especially hate rich whitey’s kids. Spoiled little snots!

    • x

      hey chester did you listen to more than five seconds? this was a great episode. in fact they’ve all been pretty great since the holiday break. gfy

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-30-2012

      Scale back? He used to do five hours a day on radio. The true Adam fans listen not for the quality of the show but for the fact that we need to hear his nasally drone on a daily basis.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-30-2012

      You don’t have kids, yes? yes?

    • @©€

      Meh, that’s subjective your opinion.

    • GOD

      Lighten up Francis!

    • Ras

      Chester – you sound like like a bitter homo who hates the world and wants to take his anger out on people who provide free podcasts.

    • reb

      they were there for a few minutes, chester, and don’t really make the case for either a general depletion in quality or “scaling back.”

    • derek


      You’re right. I think this podcast should be cut down to 2 or 3 times a week. It turns into a lot of repeat stories and I can actually know when he’s going to tell a story that we’ve all heard 10 times before. He has become known so much for his rants that he treats them like a production by ending them with “thank you”. That makes me cringe.

      I also know that he likes this format because he has no one telling him what he can (and can’t) say but you can definitely see where it would helpful to have someone give him tips on how to move the show along. I think the problem is that his employees won’t speak up because they fear that he’ll fire them and then rant about the situation on the following day’s episode.

      Also, after he interviews someone, think of this: What is the ratio of information you learned about the guest versus the time wasted by Adam’s old stories and rants about stuff that in doesn’t even involve what the guest was talking about?

      • dick manclaw
        dick manclaw01-30-2012

        ahh you know nothing of ‘radio’ (which has moved online years ago). this is an entertainment show you realize? he’s really scaled back on old stories, on the 1 on 1 shows he only uses them to convey a message to a guest to touch on their emotions.

      • Joe

        All wrong. Maybe you just don’t like the Ace Man. You sound like Jack Silver. Move the show along, roll calls, wingbowl. The rest of us like it when Adam rants and he usually only repeats for the benefit of guests or…. wait for it…. NEW LISTENERS! How dare he repeat a story YOU have heard 10 times.

    • JV

      Thanks for your opinion, Chester the Child Molester!

    • Romulus

      Kids were better than Mary Birdsong.

    • stefania

      you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • iGG

      well said.

      • iGG

        the well said was regarding Chester’s comment. I thought Mary was a great guest

    • Sonny

      Yeah Chester, you fucking dick!

  3. Jim

    Wonder if Adam will actually let Bruce speak this time . . .

    • Cyrus


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-30-2012

      …maybe the sun will rise in the west this morning.

    • Mike B.
      Mike B.01-30-2012

      Unfortunately, yes…

    • SteveP


  4. Sig

    Daddy stop talking

  5. jw

    Really liked this one. Mary Birdsong is a fun, energetic guest who was able to run with whatever was tossed her way–including a fine Tavis Smiley impression.

  6. boinkity

    I’m gonna try that thing that the caller suggested about playing with my ass cheeks after I pee to get the last drops out of me!! I like touching my own ass anyway… I’m soo lonely.

  7. Moe

    I’m shocked Alison didn’t drop a “Awwwww” when Adam’s kids were talking at the beginning.

  8. Janet

    Adam I usually agree with you but your 100% wrong about your warehouse lease. He is 100% in the right for asking your to put that in writing. He needs to protect himself.

  9. jack bauer
    jack bauer01-30-2012

    Whats up with the aol show with kevin smith?

  10. Oh my
    Oh my01-30-2012

    Yay donny is fired!

  11. Steven the Portuguese Draftsman
    Steven the Portuguese Draftsman01-30-2012

    Mary was trying too hard

    • Anfernee


  12. Chad

    Interesting–I just saw The Descendents yesterday…

    • douchebagel

      That’s not interesting, Chad. Not even a little bit.

  13. John Birdsong
    John Birdsong01-30-2012

    Mary Birdsong! Crazy. My last name is Birdsong. No relation to Mary. Have had an email chat with her about our name. Cool to hear Dawson say Birdsong.

  14. Dario

    Adam is a bit of an ahole. He treated Dr. Bruce really harshly the last time, then he tells one of the callers that he isn’t as quick as a piece of plywood, even though the caller not being as fast as him. Jeez, relax a little. Is all that wine not enough any more? Or must have gotten some kind ofa deal or something. Getting all cocky.

    • JoeyJoJo

      This! I want to hear from Dr. Bruce but Adam is totally dickish to him. I felt the same about the caller too. WTF Adam?

  15. Dario

    Correction, “even though the caller admitted not being as fast as him”

  16. Dan

    Wait, wait, wait…he doesn’t want to hear celebrity 911 calls, but he DEMANDED to get the calls from his wife’s 911 experience? Christ.

  17. ted

    this chick is awesome

  18. Job

    “Vote them off the kitchen island.” Genius!

  19. Dubadubaduba

    Wow I was so entertained by Chester and his opinion has really changed the way I think. He is so smart and funny its only a matter of time before he is being paid to tell us his thoughts on everything. Thank you Chester, you are really making a great contribution to humankind.

  20. Morgan

    LOVE, love, LOVE the guest appearance by Sonny and Natalia! Highly amusing and cute.

  21. Mickety split
    Mickety split01-30-2012

    Dear Chesterton,
    Do shut up, didn’t your mothah tell you if you didn’t have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all?

  22. Mark

    Hey Ace I just ordered berries from Sheris berries and was informed your promo code “Ace” is not valid. Just thought you would like to know.


  23. DW

    Great episode!

    Chester…. go listen to something else, you miserable prick. Carolla always delivers the goods.

  24. Fresno Matt
    Fresno Matt01-30-2012

    I wish my dad took me to the hardware store when I was a kid to buy me toys…like that new Makita impact driver I’ve got my eye on.

  25. reb

    the mock enthusiasm around the grandpa’s-in-prison gag was painfully unfunny and too long. and this chick/guest has that weird canyon between her tits.

  26. Justin

    Either the car fumes or paint thinners have warped Adam’s senses. I just realized this guy is one step away from the fuhrer. He really has gone the deep end with his latent xenophobia, antisemitism, sexism, etc. Never met a bigger whiner , this that blah blah blah, just everything is about poor people, middle class folks, blacks, latinos, ethnic minorities..this guy has a different sounding name, talks with an accent and so on. The truth is that a majority of the population attempts to do right and works hard in the capacity they can, but this ass just harps on the same shtick. STFU with your I’m paying taxes… when did this candyass start thinking he was doing some real work? Doing Glen Beck, are you fucking insane. You would sell your own mother out to make a buck, oh wait you did. You sorry shit. You sound like the same fuckers that you throw the ills of the world on. You don’t seem to understand the nuances of anything.
    It’s hilarious, you could come on his show, hear a clip where they just say about anything , “Obama is trying to turn the country into a caliphate”, Adam’s prompt response “yes and the caliphate would be headed by a miserly hook nose overseeing an empire of diamonds, attended to by sanguine latino domestics, with menacing Falashas singing, “who let the dogs out”, ….ahhh the Aston Martin I was driving back from Las Vegas,skimped with that Redwood interior

    • donewithidiots

      Watching your city, state, country, getting dumbed down and pussified has made a lot of people wake up. 25 years ago I visited relatives in California and was kind of surprised as a kid that the state wasn’t as nice as the songs made it out to be. Too bad the state libtards let the state get even much worse. Used to be around #1 in education. Look up what it is now. No english math classes now.lol Glenn Beck is the least of this country’s problems. Occupiers are the new Mao’s. Becks not into the sinister population control mindset, his daughter is handicapped. Just one huge point I felt needed to be made.

  27. weskanaloa

    Giorgio Tsoukalos is the Ancient Aliens guy and if you don’t watch this show you’re probably still religious; I was a devout Muslim until I realized it was really just aliens and how hot women look when they aren’t wearing sheets and ninja hoods.

  28. Woochunk

    Did you actually listen to the podcast before making this post?

  29. benyens

    has Drew ever been on Adam’s podcast?

  30. Paul Perez
    Paul Perez01-30-2012

    Adam mentioned that RAISING ARIZONA should be studied in film schools for its cinematography. Actually, it is. Director Barry Sonnenfeld was the DP for it and “3 O’Clock High”, which has similar camera shots. I studied it in a high school film class in 1993 and at Full Sail University (Cinematography class) in 2001.

  31. Johnny

    Adam’s kids are so cute! Give Sonny his own show already; that kid likes to talk just like the old man.

  32. Mark

    Keep the kids off the fucking podcast

  33. Oppalocka

    Nice. Love Mary Birdsong. Great guest.

  34. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino01-30-2012

    Who really gives a shit about Kevin Smith anymore? He’s only mildly entertaining. If he had a show on TV I would check it out only if there were nothing else on. His movies are mediocre at best and at worst they’re amateurish. Ace is much more talented.

  35. Walt

    In regards to Kevin Smith. I am thinking perhaps he might not have received your previous
    emails from the way he talks about it.
    He has mentioned the unreliability of his mobile phones/emails on his podcast several times in the past.
    I miss the old days of taking to each other face to face, I agree emails and what not has indeed negatively affected our society in many ways. A person can not put across their intent or tone in an email.
    I hope things can be sorted out between both yourself and Mr. Smith, you both seemed to enjoy each others company before this debacle of communication breakdown began.

  36. David Beals
    David Beals01-30-2012

    “Are You Fucking High?”

    I loved that mascot conversation. Keep it going, Ace!

  37. Dick Face
    Dick Face01-30-2012

    Hmm, the lasagna test sounds like a good idea but I would like to see someone eat the cock-cake and wash it down with the semen then top it off with the hot steamy urine while I eat my Chile Verde burrito.

  38. Eric Blair
    Eric Blair01-30-2012

    I’m imagining what Adam’s closet must look like. Multiple racks of the same plaid shirt, row after row. Ha, love it.

  39. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-30-2012

    Another thing about Raising Arizona that I love is that the Cohen Brothers picked the sweet spot of Spring in Arizona [about 2 weeks :-)] where the Desert is green and beautiful. FYI, It’s going on right now

  40. andy

    great pod. Guest was fun!

  41. Tony

    BB’s comment about that lady looking like Steve the Pirate was perfect. Topped Adam comparing that one guy to the crypt keeper.

  42. AdamsDad

    Wow, more of Adam treating Dr.Bruce like crap….enjoy!

  43. FAN

    Herman Cain impersonation was too funny…made me laugh at loud- Great Guest!
    (ladies guest can be hit or miss at best)

  44. FAN

    Whoops -“lady guest” – suck it spell checkers!
    Should probably be impression not impersonation..
    Thanks L.A. Unified!!!!!!

  45. Sam

    I got a little behind on the episodes, and now I can’t find the show pages for the old shows. I see the really old ones from 9-2011, but I don’t see the ones from 1-2012 anywhere. Is there a magic button to push?

    • LoganE

      There may be a magic button but here’s how I found the recently aired podcasts from the website. From the top menu drop down, select episode player. Click on the arrow to get into the next page. Click on the icon that is made of 5 little boxes then click on episodes. There is a sliding bar on the right side to go up and down through the list. Of course, you can easily retrieve them from itunes.

  46. Shea

    How about you stop interrupting the doc

  47. DES

    Where’s the DEVO Music when the Demi Moore / Whip It story is talked about?
    “you should whip it”….

  48. citylife80

    Just bring the kids on every show. That was very cute.

    • Anfernee

      You are wrong in every way!

  49. Victor

    Not a very good show.

  50. WildlyUnnfunny

    Great show!

  51. Ryan

    I don’t usually comment after an episode, but I just had to today. Mary Birdsong is one of the best guests that you guys have had on in a while. She had great chemistry with the crew, and seemed to fit naturally with the conversation. You guys should try to bring her back.

  52. Flatulator

    Great guest. She’s fucking funny.

  53. Scott

    To the person who wrote the comment about Ace needing to do less pod casts..pls wash your mouth out with buck shot.

  54. TS

    Surprisingly great guest.

  55. wre

    “gay is a choice” is the new “uppity”

    /Where are you going white boy …

    • dick manclaw
      dick manclaw01-30-2012

      well when people say uppity they are usually a biggot.

  56. SpaceCowboy

    Betcha Adam can’t ride this thing. http://www.unicycle.com/hot-products/nimbus-20-inch-ultimate-wheel.html/

  57. BIRDY

    Great show! Mary Birdsong is AWESOME!!

  58. Jim

    I feel like a few Kevin Smith loyals hijacked the wall here. Haters gonna hate. Also, people who hate the sounds of children’s voice must be sad people.

    Great episode. Birdsong is definitely faster than a piece o’ plywood

  59. Takeda

    Bruce, you’re either a hack or in with NWO.

  60. Leonardo

    Sweet cleavage.

  61. tom

    Mary was spectacular. Extremely funny and quick on her feet. Get her back!!!

  62. Zeke

    I love this show so so much! But I could honestly do without the kids taking part in the show at the start.

  63. Sy

    Speaking of kids. Can you bring on Dr Spazz’s kids. I just gotz to know their favorite pizza toppings.

  64. Crohn's Disease Magazine
    Crohn's Disease Magazine01-31-2012

    I just could not go away your website before suggesting that I extremely loved the standard info a person provide to your guests? Is gonna be back often to inspect new posts

  65. Joe

    Mary was fantastic

  66. Floyd

    Mary was amazing! She was also in an awesome indie film last year called “Angry White Man” where she plays a redneck prostitute. I think there’s a trailer here: http://www.angrymanmovie.com

  67. Amy

    I want Sonny and Natalia on everyday!

  68. donewithidiots

    Good show. Liked Mary on Reno 911. The episode where deputy Junior isn’t shot as bad as he acts like he is was the best. Getting her to kiss him to prove she’s not a lesbian. Her explaining herself was funny as hell. Good stuff, I’m addicted to this damn show.

  69. vinny dellay
    vinny dellay02-02-2012

    Jesus, this woman is irritating. Lousy guest..

  70. Jenn

    Great episode and great guest! Love the Ace kids. Super entertaining week overall.

  71. Ama

    Chester Molester

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