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Adam opens the show both exhausted and relieved to announce that his new book’s manuscript is completed. He also talks about hiking with the kids on an especially hot day over the weekend. Alison opens the news discussing more fallout from Rush Limbaugh’s comments, and Adam concludes we have too many news outlets and not enough going on. The guys then talk about bears using tools, young people playing Jeopardy, and why Adam won’t get a LiveScan.

Maria Menounos joins the studio next and talks with Adam about her new role on Dancing with the Stars. The guys exchange rehearsal stories, and all the awkward intimate moments that happen with your dance partner. Adam also asks her about her gig hosting Extra, and the guys play a round of Blah Blah Blog

Alison returns to the news discussing Dunkin Donuts expansion into China. Maria talks about the six years she spent working at a Dunkin Donuts, and Adam tries to figure out what her favorite type of donut is. The guys also talk about a new Animal House musical, a killer who collected unemployment while in jail, and the muscles that women love most. The show wraps with a discussion of a couple leaked celebrity nude photos.

Be sure to catch Maria on Extra, and watch her on Dancing with the Stars beginning March 19th.

Also, preorder ‘Not Taco Bell Material’, Adam’s new book, on Amazon.


Don Imus Comments
Hearns vs Duran

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Yeah Me
    Yeah Me03-06-2012

    I remember Maria from channel 1 in high school. Great motivation to go to 1st period. She should get some kind of an educational award for keeping guys in class!!

    • DebMoore

      She was on Channel 1! Too funny. When I watched Channel 1 (1994-1995) the main news reporter was Lisa Ling and everyday she wore a mid-90’s chocker necklace. Memories!

      • Yeah Me
        Yeah Me03-07-2012

        I graduated in 04′ and Lisa Ling was still there. Maria, Lisa, and the other asian chick Janet are the only other ppl to make a nickel off that show. Don’t know what they do with the guy anchors over there but they don’t get any love.

        • Scott

          Anderson cooper was on channel 1

    • SURE SHOT!!
      SURE SHOT!!03-07-2012

      She interviewed me on Channel 1!?!?!?!
      and did a whole thing where they taped the acting troupe i was in when i was like
      i wanna say… 24?

      and we hit it off?!?!
      she really did like my sense of humor,
      i wasnt much to look at but i made with the Funny
      and she fucking DUG IT!!!

      we exchanged Emails & she gave me her number
      she had a boyfriend any way
      the point is i wrecked my truck & she called me & left a message.

      so i felt like HAWT SHIET!!!

      especially when i see her on the TV
      and i always tel my Wife..
      remember her?

      She was into me “Sniff”..

      every damn NIGHT!

      good one ACE!


      me llamo
      SURE SHOT!!

      • Andy901


  2. boinkity

    OHHH MY GOD at Maria’s laugh!!!!!! OOOHHH MYYY GODDD!!!!!

  3. EveryDayListener

    Is that really Maria’s Laugh? Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s Girlfriend had that horrible laugh… Wow!

  4. JJ

    One thing about Alison Rosen that is annoying is that she tries to be funny just by being vulgar. Vulgar is only funny if it has some wit behind it.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington03-06-2012

      You’re a comedic genius

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-06-2012

      I would like to do something vulgar behind Alison.

    • reb

      she does over-rely on the girl-using-dirty-word device to be “shocking”

      • An Onny
        An Onny03-15-2012

        And Adam doesn’t? Come on, Adam, the F word isn’t really that shocking anymore the10th time you use it in the same sentence.

  5. Andrew

    Here’s how you know you are right, the sponsors aren’t leaving because Rush’s listenership has crashed.

  6. kc

    Jesus she is hot.

  7. Boston Greg
    Boston Greg03-06-2012

    Great Story… best drop ever

  8. Stop Alison
    Stop Alison03-06-2012

    Alison, we get it. You don’t like conservatives. They offend you because they’re, like, icky and stuff.. Just realize conservatives don’t have the power nor are they interested in stopping you from paying for your own contraception. Obama now has the power, however, to dictate what is covered and when. An Obama surrogate a few years ago said women under 50 shouldn’t get mammograms. Obama can make that law. Who should you be more afraid of?

    • Zapoli

      You’re not too bright.

      • An Onny
        An Onny03-15-2012

        Yep, not sure why the gvt OR insurance needs to be paying for anyone – men or women- ‘s contraception. But if it’s prescribed for a valid medical reason, that should be covered.

    • Andy901

      I love how the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, a government panel of doctors and scientists, gets translated into ‘An Obama surrogate’.

    • da.awful.truth


  9. jeff

    Adam, the 2 types of donuts are CAKE and YEAST.



  10. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle03-06-2012

    Maria makes me want to get it on.

  11. jg323

    liked Maria Menounos way more when she had a round ass…made up for that laugh…kiddin’…dunkin’ donuts whole bean coffee is the best!..

  12. Stewie

    What’s going on with posting the podcast to IiTunes this morning? It’s almost 9:00 am and the current episode is still not availalbe there yet…??

  13. Nick Namenone
    Nick Namenone03-06-2012

    Nice to see Alison actually stand up, somewhat feebly, to Adam. If only she had done this Friday. Finally something came up that bothered her enough to actually almost dig into the story.
    Adam is entitled to his opinion but it is a shame he is so poorly informed on facts. I don’t think he has an inkling about what Sandra Fluke was actually talking about. Nice to hear that Patricia Heaton actually bothered to read up on the controversy and surprise, surprise she apologized for her mistake. Adam and ideologues on the left and right could learn from this example. I would suggest Heaton starting with getting the information first before posting or ranting but good for her for at least eventually doing her due diligence.
    Adam is right that people are allowed to voice their opinions. People pulling their ads and dumping Rush’s show are voicing theirs. If they find Rush offensive they have every right to ask sponsors to pull out.
    This might not be the most offensive thing Rush has said but it comes after a long sustained attack on women and minorities in general and people are finally fed up with his bullshit.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-06-2012


    • Silent Running
      Silent Running03-07-2012

      Fluke is a 30-year-old professional activist who applied to Georgetown for the express purpose of changing the university’s insurance program. She also thinks insurance should cover sex change operations.

      If Rush was anything other than a complete imbecile, this is what we would be talking about. I would love to see him taken off the air, both for the inane comment and the appalling lack of media savvy after three decades on the air.

    • HatKat


  14. MikeA

    Wow that laugh is freaking nuts.

  15. Hood

    Why did someone put the picture up of the dude from “Poltergeist”?
    The Undertaker from “Phantasm” is an actor named Angus Scrimm.

  16. Moppaletu_CQ

    Hey dudes, that’s not Angus Scrimm – the undertaker in Phantasm.

    • B-Real

      I know it and it’s driving me nuts. That’s Cain from Poltergeist 2. ha ha

  17. Dick Face
    Dick Face03-06-2012

    OMG!!! This woman is so damn hot!!! Adam you lucky bastard!!!

  18. Ras

    Ace – you I love you but your idea about putting a cap on the number of hours a dancer can practice is the most retarded thing you ever came up with. The whole point of a competition is to see who wants it badly the most. If you have a max pussy rule about dancing practice then you will not have any possible transformation from the beginning of the season to the end. Also isn’t it totally against everything you talk about where you don’t want retarded rules in society telling people they should not be as hungry as they want to be since we want to leave it all up to individuals.

    BTW – I totally want to have my tongue inside Maria Menounos!

  19. Jayson

    wow… that laugh…

  20. Randy West
    Randy West03-06-2012

    Why is Adam wearing the SAME SHIRT the last three podcasts? Lynette doesn’t do laundry?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-07-2012

      Are you new? How many times do we have to explain it? Geez.

  21. TonyL

    That laugh brings MM down to a 7.

  22. robert_r

    she is a good guest. meshed well. but that laugh, wow

  23. AceFan!

    Aceman! You are the best. Here is an idea for a new podcast you can do. It’s called “Righteous Sniff with Ace.” It’s basically just 40 minutes of you having righteous sniff offs with other celebrities. Go Aceman!

  24. Paul

    I love how Adam carefully rides the fence when talking about Rush Limbaugh. He knows very well that he has to be careful because a large percentage of his audience is conservative and listens to Limbaugh.

    I’m sure he would never admit to placating the conservative audience base but I thought it was quite obvious.

    • steve

      Or maybe it’s because he’s gotten into trouble for controversial statements he made on a radio show/podcast as well.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-07-2012

      Ace is a conservative.

    • HatKat

      It’s not placating, its called being an adult. Adam produces value. He understands hard work. I wish he would ditch Allison.

    • mexican jew
      mexican jew03-09-2012


  25. bill

    Someone take that sound effects bar away from Bald Brian

  26. formerjackman

    I thought the crazy laugh was a drop. If not, it needs to be one now

  27. Sean

    Got yourself a real wafflecrapper in the studio tonight.

  28. Paul

    Does anyone else think that Imus sounds a lot like Bald Bryan when he first got diagnosed with a brain tumor? It is a bit eerie.

  29. Jayvee

    The laugh is like fingernails on a chalk board, straight out of a Seinfeld episode. She is hot, but if that laugh is for real, I don’t think I could get past it (well, maybe….).

    Great stuff as always.

  30. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-06-2012

    what? The Aceman defended a right winger like Rush Limbaugh? Im shocked. Ace is so predicatable in his right winged lunacy that ignores the facts, no wonder the podcast is fastly becoming a 2nd rate failure. Come on Aceman you can do it, you are a smart guy…….way to go Alison for defended a side that Ace is to blind to see…….on a sidenote that Maria chick is smoking hot, it was nice to see the Aceman actually be funny for a bit during the podcast

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-07-2012

      Adam was defending a broadcasters right to say what he wants.
      Second rate failure? Go listen to some other podcast you dirty hippy.

      • Nick

        Poochie’s Uncle, it seems like its you me against the same people all the time. Why do they want to be here and drag our shit down? Alisons old best friend needs to get out.

    • Nick

      Second rate failure?! Are you fucking insane? This show is awesome. The worst thing about it is the always self righteous Alison Rosen…

  31. Mobey

    Ace man is in heat over MM. And I don’t blame him. He kissed her ass more than any other guest I can remember. “Oh sweetie, you’re already a winner.” I certainly agree wholeheartedly w/ the assessment.

  32. Ken Griffey Jr.
    Ken Griffey Jr.03-06-2012

    Don’t forget about Griffey the kid, 200 lbs and 6’3″, hit 56 homers with no steroids….best torque home run swing of ALL TIME

    CF G.O.A.T.

  33. ryan

    she’s attractive but that laugh and brain ruined everything i thought of her lol

  34. Katie

    Wait, was Maria fucking around when she laughed like that or was it real?! Bahahaha!

  35. Peter North
    Peter North03-06-2012

    I think Alison is awesome, but how many times did she agree with Adam this episode? She said “Yeah” or “Right” at least a thousand times.

    • B-Real

      So did I.

  36. Foz-Man

    Hey Adam, how about some Celebrity Apprentice talk? The only reason I’m watching that stupid show is because you are on it, I know you aren’t watchin it, but let Brian and Allison bring up stuff so you can rant on it already!

  37. Blake

    Damn!!! Maria is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-06-2012

    Re: Photoshopped images.

    Adam’s got it backwards. The only way it’s a compliment is if you are the digital artist that created it, to make it look so real. It’s a measure of how much disbelief others have, how much they doubt your abilities. As in ‘No way that’s you, it’s gotta be fake.’

  39. Holly o
    Holly o03-06-2012

    Omg… ‘Adam Carolla’ was the $2000 answer (question) on Jeopardy. Real big people Jeopardy, not kid Jeopardy. Category; ‘Sweet Li’l Films’. For the record… None of the smarty pants contestants knew the answer : /

  40. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-06-2012

    The upshot is: lowered expectations pave your path to wealth and prosperity thru all the bar bets that you can sucker people into.

  41. Citylife80

    That laugh is spectacular. You’re all nuts. She’s adorable in everyway.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-07-2012

      Cute chicks always have adorable laughs.
      If she was a fat slob, that laugh would be nails on a chalkboard.

  42. TL

    How do you guys talk about celebrety nude pics and NOT talk about Maria’s lip slip pics. Ths was ignored on purpose, right?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle03-07-2012

      Just Googled it. Nice.

  43. Jeff

    At 5:16 or so in the Hearns/Duran fight Duran is lifted off his feet by a Hearns uppercut…. Freakin powerful!!

  44. reb

    Basically any time something begins with “society” or “the society we’ve created” it’s going to be the same boring love song to hard work and lower taxes, ending with the tiresome “shut the fuck up.” It’s become the show’s weakest, most predictable part.

  45. BigFatBob

    Call me crazy but I appreciate Rush Limbaugh and I also appreciate Ace Carolla.
    You guys are both at the top of your game.

  46. Dave

    I’m on Alison’s side on Rush thing. To Adam I would remind him of his own philosophy that at some point we do have to “judge”, and Rush crossed a line where most people (including most Republicans) judged him to be way out of bounds. Rush is free to say what he wants, but we’re also free to call him on it too.

  47. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town03-07-2012

    What’s with that laugh? Is it a bit or what?/ Made me sick to hear it!!

  48. Chris Rubio
    Chris Rubio03-07-2012

    I’m glad they caught that criminal, or Mr. Peanut would have been next.

  49. Florida German
    Florida German03-07-2012

    Aceman isn’t a left winger or a right winger, from listening to this podcast since the very first one – it’s clear when it comes to politics or political debate, Ace has a severe LACK of information on these topics. You really don’t want to hear his opinion on Limbaugh, Fluke, Santorum (except the froth) or Obama. Just like he wouldn’t want the opinions on cars from a woman who things you can tell the top speed of a car by the size of the steering wheel.

  50. Marc

    i just google image seach her (Maria Menounos), good shots of vag slip out of her bikinni bottoms

  51. Bryan

    Maria is now a 1 in my book.. how could anyone not get annoyed with that laugh.. HOLY SMOKES!

    Alison Rosen is getting better.. i just wish she wouldnt always laugh-breathe into the microphone all the time..

    Seems like Maria Menoudos is threatened by Olivia Munn.. Girls love to hate each other, its awesome.

  52. Eric W.
    Eric W.03-08-2012

    Maria was on Howard Stern’s show last April and her bf was present as well. Howard and him were teasing her on her bikini slip, the bf was revealing what she liked/disliked in bed, and various other personal details and she was going crazy with embarrassment, it was adorable.

  53. RobK

    Gotta hand it to Bald Bryan for not being afraid to create a drop out of something that the guest might not be too happy about. He famously nailed Andy Dick with “hooked-nose Jew” and he threw this girl’s machine gun laugh straight into the mix the first chance he got. Credit where credit’s due.

  54. Jonathan

    I think that picture is actually the guy from the movie Poltergeist, not Phantasm, although both of them look like Don Imus.

  55. Jenn

    Gary likes musicals? He’s turning out to be an even better catch than I thought!

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