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Marc Maron sits down with Adam to discuss their parents, depression, and getting cold remedies from fishermen. Plus Alison with the news and Adam recalls the filming of a classic Man Show bit.

  1. Jeff

    Hey Ace, nice change of clothing! The button-up white shirt was getting old :-). Love the show!

    • Harry Paratestes
      Harry Paratestes03-01-2012

      Dude, are you gay?!

  2. big jim
    big jim03-01-2012

    Who the hell is the respectable gentleman with his arm around that beatnik?

  3. Cameron

    I am about to listen to the show. This is two guys you would not expect to get along. ‘Get it on’ indeed.

  4. Paul

    What Adam fails to realize about his personal relationships is that he keeps holding everything he does for people over their heads. He makes it worse by ranting to everybody in the world about it to sort of announce “look at all the freeloaders that surround me!” or “everybody is worthless and lazy except me!”. I know that’s not what he’s saying but that is what other people feel like after he makes a few rounds over what he did for them and what minor tiny thing they’re not willing to do for him.

    The only reason anybody spends time with him at all is because he has money….he should just accept that and move on.

    • Dustin

      Nope, people are horrible. The moment you have $5 dollars to spare people ooze up out of the fucking floorboards to leech off of you. If you borrow money you deserve scorn when you don’t pay it back or act like you are entitled to it because you “neeeeeeeed” it.

      Ever had someone ask you to borrow money and you say no? Immediatly YOU are the bad guy and an asshole regardless of anything else relevant to the issue.

  5. Tim

    Great guest. More funny, intelligent, interesting people like this. Less uneducated, hateful, stupid blowhards like earlier in the week. Please. Thank you.

    • Ryan Tyler
      Ryan Tyler03-01-2012

      Quite true. What was up with the rich dad/poor dad author? Give me a break!

  6. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett03-01-2012

    They almost click. Almost. I think improv sucks too. Except when Adam does it.

  7. Michael Scherer
    Michael Scherer03-01-2012

    Ace, you are our rodeo clown. We listen because you make us forget.

  8. theMisterLister

    Oh snap, the most and least self-aware two fellas in podcasting! can’t wait to see how this goes (hopefully better than adam with birbiglia (eek!)

  9. Jo ke
    Jo ke03-01-2012

    i ve met a bunch of professional bull riders they only come one way extremely tough and strong and I fuken hate cowboys.

  10. CJ

    Wow, the episode recapper got lazy today

  11. Jim


  12. steve-o


  13. Mark

    Adam’s boy Andrew Breitbart is dead.

    • Liberal Jew Media
      Liberal Jew Media03-01-2012

      Good riddance.

      • Phineas

        No surprise the Liberal Jew Media is thrilled about that. Always knew you were racist.

  14. Connard

    So good to hear that Bryan is doing well. Now Ace can stop with the charity and fire the talentless douche.

  15. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker03-01-2012

    What the hell where are the pictures??? Also I want to see a picture of Marc’s hot young girlfriend.

  16. reb

    i often forget what a pro maron is, just as an entertainer/broadcaster. he and adam are in fact very dissimilar; but the show hit only complementary notes. i could listen to another five hours of them talking.

    By contrast, i listen to that guy Randy Wang, the heavy oriental fellow on the Pretty Good Podcast (Gina Grad is likeable) to get be glad I’m not that weirdly insecure.

  17. Lor

    Oil of oregano works! Just have to chase the drops with orange juice.

  18. JessMan

    anyone else hear that Andrew Breitbart died??

  19. Caveman73

    Who helps the retarded dog?

  20. Brett

    Where is the link to the Manshow bit?

  21. Jeff714

    Adam’s good friend, Andrew Breitbart, is dead.


    Meanwhile, Abe Vigoda is still alive.

    • Karma

      It’s great, I know! 🙂

  22. Me

    Dear ACE broadcasters, love the show more than life itself.

    One TINY thing if possible, could you please add the ‘title’ (eg. Marc Maron) in the tags of the downloadable mp3? Without it you can’t find the file on an iPhone. We can just tag the file ourselves but it would be cool if you saved us the trouble each day.

    Keep up the brilliant work and get it on!

  23. Bobby

    ?I still remember that classic bit.

    “Why do you need to lean self defense? Let me give you a real world scenario.

    Let’s say you’re in the milk line at school and a bully comes up behind you and wants your change.

    Let’s say you’re at the beach with your best girl, and a guy comes up and kicks sand in your face.

    Let’s say you’re at the bar with your buddy, and some drunken townie thinks you’ve been making eyes at his bitch.

    You’re at a cockfight, and a couple of the Tijuana locals think you’ve been winning just a little too much.

    You’re at a strip club, and one of the betties just told the bouncer you gave her the magic thumb.

    You’re in Nam on a recon mission, and you step on a little present from Charlie, a bouncing betty. You got a second to react, or you’re gonna be wearing your sac like aftershave.

    You thought you were gonna make some extra scratch doing gay porn. Turns out, you just got the lead in a snuff film. Now you’ve got a ball gag in your mouth, and you’re in a basement. What are you gonna do? You’ve got two choices: sweat on the mat, or bleed on the street!”

  24. CT

    RIP Breitbart

  25. sloozen1

    It wasn’t Bill Cosby it was Dick Van Dyke….Great show again…

  26. Joe

    Alison has a sexy laugh….. ;D

  27. Jizzlobber

    scale of 1 to 10, how bad do we want to make sweet, slow love to Alison?

  28. mnoswad1

    “Middle aged Where’s Waldo” finally meets “Homeless Harry Potter.

  29. Errol

    Can we have a replay of Andrew Breitbart’s episode?

  30. andy

    Love me some ACE and some Marc! Great show! Gotta do this more, guys!

  31. knvb

    Love the show. Get it on.

  32. Ryan Tyler
    Ryan Tyler03-01-2012

    Love the banter with Adam and Marc, I really wouldn’t mind hearing Marc on as often as Larry Miller. Listen to every episode of both podcasts and hearing them together is a real treat.

  33. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town03-01-2012

    WTF!!! Now that’s good pod!! GET IT ON!!!

  34. Mike T
    Mike T03-01-2012

    Yes, this time around Adam looks nice and the guest looks like a hobo…typically it is the other way around haha

  35. Chester

    It’s somewhat disorienting to look at that picture of Adam Carolla looking semi-sharply dressed and Marc Maron rocking the disheveled homeless man-chic look. It’s quite a reversal of what one would ordinarily expect. We are through the looking glass, people.

  36. Katie


    enjoy 🙂

    I call it “Special Dog”


  37. Athena

    Can you post the YouTube link to the Man Show bit (Sensei Adam) that you mentioned on this podcast? I’d rather not have to watch the Foot Fist Way 😉

  38. tea tree
    tea tree03-02-2012

    I am about a week behind in the show so I’m not gonna be able to listen to this 1 today, but does anybody know if there is any truth behind mark towing adam under the bus and talking shit about his listeners? Please anyone?

  39. tea tree
    tea tree03-02-2012

    throwing adam under the bus

  40. Dick Face
    Dick Face03-02-2012

    Adam Adam, It’s all about the moment with women, just remember to make the occasional moment good and everything will be fine with your cock buried down her throat on the ride back to your pad!…trust me.

  41. Citylife80

    Where are the pictures??? I CAN’T LISTEN TO THE SHOW WITHOUT THE PICTURES!!!!!!!

  42. My initials are ACE, but i'm not that cool
    My initials are ACE, but i'm not that cool03-03-2012

    The line “They’re like those pigs that sniff out truffles, but different…” was goddam brilliant. Only Adam’s brain could ever make that connection. I about pissed myself when he said that. Hand to God, I almost lost control of my bladder. HAND TO GOD!

  43. Peggy

    I can’t listen to Marc. Mostly because I’m a social worker, and I feel like I’m at work. And if I’m going to listen to people who are a MESS, I want to get paid for it.

  44. Marv

    Where are all the commentors whose mantra for about six months of Occupy Wall Street rants were “go listen to the Maron podcast, hipster”?

  45. An Onny
    An Onny03-09-2012

    Ewww. A guy that looks like that was able to get a 20-years-younger girlfriend? He definitely needs to be terrified. AND suspicious about what she wants out of him.

  46. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward03-16-2012

    ****Any links to that Man Show bit discussed in this episode??

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