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Adam opens the show discussing his super long day of doing press for an ebook that mysteriously dropped off iTunes. He also talks about the argument he got into the moment he walked in the door when Lynette couldn’t find the remote control. Alison then starts the news talking about the random body parts found in the Hollywood Hills, and some other weird local murders.

Later in the news, the guys hear the captain’s side of the story after abandoning the tragic Italian cruise ship that crashed. They also talk about Mark Wahlberg’s comments about the 9/11 terrorists, and his thoughts on masturbation. Adam then talks about the final days of the radio show when he was offered a spot in New York, and rants about the TSA, phone bills, and lack of faith in credit. As the show wraps up, the guys take your tweets for a round of Made Up Movie.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Tom in Australia
    Tom in Australia01-19-2012

    Ace, your international listeners are dedicated and wold love to buy Rich Man Poor Man, but it isn’t available overseas. As you mentioned on a recent podcast, we may never get you to Australia for a live show, and we cannot get this book or the audio book (which always sounded better than the text!) for In Fifty Years. START SELF PUBLISHING to remove the bullshit of media companies. If Louis CK could offer to anyone anywhere, you should too!

    • Andreas

      Adam I agree with this guy, forget that you don’t know how to use the big bad internet and increase your scope worldwide.

      Get someone who knows about this shit to do it, stop being a old fart about the internet.

      And come down under!!!

    • Paul

      Hi Tom, It is a bitch getting the audio download, so I bought the CD from Amazon,
      I don’t know whether it helps Adam if we buying from Aus?
      Even though I can’t actually read “Rich Man” on my PC (no Kindle Fire), I bought it anyway, a small price to pay for two years plus of free podcasts.

      • SteveP

        Also a regular listener in Australia who would like Adam to come visit.

  2. Red Menace
    Red Menace01-19-2012

    my god Alison is one fine looking woman.

    • nater

      but she doesnt like architects so I am out

  3. Herb from OZ
    Herb from OZ01-19-2012

    Stoked with how the show has been going! Since the holiday break you guys have come back really strong. Lots of energy, love that you are taking plenty of calls. Its good times and feels like the pirate ship is in good hands and sailing in the right direction.

  4. Larry

    Love the show. Only problem, no way to have girls jumping on trampolines at the end.

    • Cyrus

      Fair point, Larry Miller.

  5. Joe Six-Pak
    Joe Six-Pak01-19-2012

    Adam – Captain of our Pirate Ship, wearing a Hipster Fag Cap?!?!?!

  6. Phattbouy

    AAAaaaaaaaHHH! And that is the wonderful world of Apple utopia and why I haven’t ever purchased any Apple based products even when they were “better” and the industry standard back in the day of early graphics. Today they only have perceived value and all their customers buffaloed. It’s hard to argue with the richest company in the world at the present time but I guess they are the smart ones taking advantage of the people (Apple fanboys) that support them. I really have a weird version of sympathy for them. Now you know, as a pirate on a pirate ship to go around and not depend on the socialists style of living however sweet it looks.

    I like sour apples, it does a body good . . . .


    • IdotsWalk

      Phatttbouy… you an idot!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle01-19-2012

      Use Linux. Power of the Penguin.

  7. Brett

    Love BB and Alyson’s comments during ACE’s rant about Lynette looking for the remote – BB “I don’t have a TV”, Alyson “No Shit!”

  8. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll01-19-2012

    Yeaah buddy!! New Alison pic, finally figured out why she looking so good, six week waiting period has her flustered.

  9. Dan

    Tell this fucking Mark Wahlberg story ONE MORE TIME. PLEASE! WE DON’T KNOW THE ENDING.

  10. anthony in Ireland
    anthony in Ireland01-19-2012

    Just wanna say the show is getting better and better. I dont just think this is the funniest podcast out there but i honestly think this is the best comedy show on tv,radio or anywhere at the moment.Im dying to get my hands on Adams audiobook but cant get it on Itunes Ireland so il pony up the dough on Amazon cos the snippets on Youtube are amazing.Keep up the great work guys and please for the love of christ come to Europe for a show.

  11. pandera

    Uggh. Adam on politics. SOPA, OWS, Drones being the worst. Let’s try an analogy. Listening to Adam talking about politics is like listening to a 17 year old girl telling you that classic Lamborghinis and Datsuns are “…like old and stuff and I mean they don’t even run good, like you have to fix them – the Fiat 500 is like so much way better and its engine just like kicks ass and could probably smoke your beater Lamborghini and plus it’s totally adorable! :-).” People with a brain in their head treat Adam’s political rants as he would the girl talking about her Fiat. Dismissed because they are ignorant, uninformed and ridiculously lazy. Adam’s a talented guy. Make him stop. Help me keep listening.

    • John

      It’s so frustrating. He is soooo funny. Why does he expend so much energy whining about “the evil left”? He doesn’t have a clear enough understanding of anything to be able to talk about it for 20 minutes.

    • Andygirll

      I agree wholeheartedly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan in São Paulo
      Ryan in São Paulo01-23-2012

      So true. I end up fast forwarding these parts. Not because I disagree, I listen to intelligent things that I don’t agree with, but because it is horribly misinformed. I love when he makes Isreal out to be this benign force that just gets “picked on”.

  12. SloHand

    I Love Me Some “Made Up Movie.”

  13. Will

    Question: Anyone know the date of the radio show when that “Don’t be a one upper” appeared?

  14. andy

    Alison should be on TV. So gorgeous.

    • Ryan in São Paulo
      Ryan in São Paulo01-23-2012

      You don´t get many girls there big guy; do you?

  15. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll01-19-2012

    Is it just me or is Alison flirting more

  16. Sig

    Alison’s smile lights up rooms she isn’t even in.

  17. GOD

    Alison needs to post more pics. I need to take a gander at that caboose you got .

    • citylife80

      I agree whole-heartedly. Would love to see what she’s got going on back there.

  18. tea tree
    tea tree01-19-2012

    I am a long time listener but I’m just not feeling my beloved show anymore. just sick of Adam, same old rewraped rants, trying to sell shit books… Fuck This pc and the Dick riders who post here!

    • Caveman73

      Aww does little tea tree need a fucking nap? Piss off if you don’t like the pod!

  19. tea tree
    tea tree01-19-2012

    See u when DFG or Dameshek is a fixture.

    • Caveman73

      See you when you have anything worthy to post.

  20. Jim Turner
    Jim Turner01-19-2012

    Adam you can fuck me in the ass anytime you want.

  21. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper01-19-2012

    Ahhhhh…….the married life……..

  22. Les

    How to never lose the remote:
    1. Purchase a auto-retractable wire cable (like the janitor has for his keys) and mount it to the ceiling, over the seating / viewing area.
    2. Attach cable to remote.
    3. Enjoy.

  23. Jessica

    That was one of the best podcasts ever! From beginning to end, from complaining about the lost remote, the fight with Lynette, TSA non-sense, made up movie, news!! All good!! Excellent work. I always love the shows that are just Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan.

  24. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-19-2012

    F.Y.I. Mark Wahlberg said on the Stern show soon after 9/11 that he and his “Entourage” was supposed to be on the 2nd flight that went into the towers and that he and his boys would have done something if they had known about the first plane… something like that… just saying

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-19-2012

      The Vicker’s VC-10 (sp?) I flew in on went down on the next flight. When I was 10, I said that to everyone, but when I was 11, it occured to me that’s just false courage, like saying my grandfather escaped from the Germans. I didn’t do that (escape from Germans). I didn’t face that terror, so how about I just keep it to myself? The fact I *could of* been a hero doesn’t mean crap. And if I say it, I’m just a ponce. (One level below a douche.)

      • Caveman73

        Well put.

  25. CNS

    The following is why Adam is the funniest guy on the planet: his spontaneous comparison of Sully v. the Italian boat captain. I had my door open at work & was laughing so hard that I had to turn to the window so people didn’t think I was insane.

  26. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-19-2012

    If Adam were a nerd, and I think he’s a nerd — a closet nerd, in jock’s clothing, he would be a hardcore Linux nerd.

    Everything is a file. It’s Human Nature. /proc

  27. a

    aWhen Theresa left I had no idea how the show could go on. I was devastated. Alison has gotten better and better over the past year, and now she is fucking amazing. Adam’s rants get boring after 4 minutes, but her contributions keep me listening to see if she says anything quietly funny. Best Alison moment: role play betw her and Adam in regards to the French lawsuit by the wife who sued her husband for not fucking her.

    Bald Bryan: hysterically funny drops consistently, but I don’t want to fuck you, so whatever dude.

    I’d pay money for a home improvement podcast with Ray, Alison and Bryan.

  28. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-19-2012

    Adam looks like Waldo, with his silly smirk, and the hat in the posing “I’m such a douche” picture.

    When you’re on in Boston, tomorrow, please visit Toucher and Rich. They’re not high class comedians, but they’re funny.

  29. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-19-2012

    No more tweets. I don’t want to talk to people I don’t want to talk to. Those are still-born idea, IMO.

    Good for kids, though. Talk to everyone. (You’re a superstar, baby, Karen Carpenter).

    But you’re not drink it up love her don’t you live alone, so in love with you honey.


  30. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana01-19-2012

    Well I guess bought tickets for yesterday. Thought it would be on a Friday. Silly me, working man. Silly, silly working man.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana01-19-2012

      I’m an idiot. That was the purchase date. STFU me. Sorry.

  31. Rick The Dick
    Rick The Dick01-19-2012

    This went from being one of the worst podcasts in recent memory to one of the best. Ace with that crummy fake Italian accent…. yeesh, I was questioning my fanhood. But the Aceman redeems himself with the poignant, valid insights dealing with how life and work unfold. I stopped listening today in lieu of some marc maron but came back. Was glad i did.

  32. Tony in DC
    Tony in DC01-19-2012

    Just like with Loveline of yore, some of my favorite episodes of TACS are with no guest. Just the love that exists between us. Yes. Yes.

  33. Dan In Vegas
    Dan In Vegas01-19-2012

    Ace Man…..Made up movie “Smell the Finger”………you and Bryan (spelled with a y) run with it….and really bald bryan I am gonna start spelling my name with an “i” in it…..GET IT ON YOU GUYS RULE…and you two Allison spelled with a q….great stuff

  34. Lubos

    On Adam’s rants against the left, it has to be said – POLITICAL CORRECTNESS DOES NOT COME FROM THE LEFT OR RIGHT. Stop trying to divide your nation’s politics into two convenient categories. I am very left leaning on most issues, but I absolutely despise political correctness, cencorship, etc.

  35. Isaac

    Allison looks very pretty in this photo. How old is she?

  36. Juiceman3012

    Duly Noted: Alison looking so wicked lusciously sexy in that photo! And I don’t even normally go for semitic women but good gad she is sex on wheels! Face, smile, sexy voice, perfect body AND you add to that she is so freaking fast and funny. I’m telling people – you pay attention (you could miss it otherwise) but Alison drops lightning fast comedy lasers show after show and they are effing gold! Great podcast. Sorry to perve on you Alison but there it is!

  37. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH01-22-2012

    Don’t be fooled into thinking that Boeing’s 777 is a product that “we” (the United States) produced as a nation. Boeing is an international company that doesn’t owe anything to any nation-state. Corporations such as this rule the world and even if you’re a big as Adam, you’re not part of the power structure. Get that through your head. There’s no “we” when it comes to global corporate power. Also, keep in mind that the Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation who controls the printing of our dollars. Are you starting to see the bigger picture?

  38. ochie

    I’ve seen Allison in person (at the Subway at Highland and Franklin) and she’s awesome. Beautiful face in person with no make up.

  39. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-19-2012

    glad, that young Alyson finally gets accepted in this tough room…

  40. Dave C
    Dave C03-04-2012

    Where is the HRTG with Larry Miller? I LOVE that. NEVER gets old and you do it EVERY other show. Larry gets it WRONG EVERY time!!

    I roll on the floor every time that buzzer goes off and then I shake my head thinking “those crazy guys…”

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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