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As the show opens up, Adam talks to Lou about his back-to-back victories as Mr. Universe. They also discuss the docudrama ‘Pumping Iron,’ which stars Lou alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later they talk about Lou’s hearing loss, which began after an ear infection struck him as an infant.

Adam is impressed by Lou’s physique and complains that he himself is rather lazy. He explains his motivation as a kid to get in better shape, but now he can’t even walk around the city without his legs getting sore. Adam also asks Lou about his views on supplements and steroids, and how he manages to look so great at age 60.

In the last part of the show, Adam and Lou discuss the proper nutritional diet, and the dos and don’ts of staying in shape. Adam also asks Lou about training celebrities like Mickey Rourke and Michael Jackson, and as the show wraps up, Lou talks about overcoming his handicap to become a successful TV star on the classic series ‘The Hulk.’


Visit http://www.LouFerrigno.com for more info on today’s guest. You can also follow him on Twitter @LouFerrigno

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Audio: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Mike

    Ari Shafir just had a funny story about Lou being a dick to him one time outside a gym or something on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Ive got a feeling hes a pretty dull dude though; guess we’ll find out

  2. Ning Kuhmpook
    Ning Kuhmpook10-18-2011

    Green, you wouldn’t like me when I’m recycling,

    Thanks for not showing up on the live broadcast, pussy.

  3. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward10-18-2011

    Jeezus! Look at the head on that guy! I don’t remember his head being that big. wtf

  4. Blartsgarble

    Brilliant. A one on one with a guy who can’t talk.

    What’s next, Larry Flynt and Lou Ferrigno doing movie reviews?

    • Jo Ke
      Jo Ke10-19-2011

      wicked episode ohh btw Lou’s has 75% hearing loss he is not a mute.

  5. Harry

    seriously are you trying to loose listeners, I mean what did we do wrong, whats with the punishing listeners and fan (not a typo) why have 2 none guests in a row on a one on one no one loves notice I didn’t say like

    • stnuntrnd

      Adam’s listeners are always loose.

      • Harry

        Sorry, as a whiny bitch I get so worked up and don’t spell check.

  6. Grant

    Lou, you had me at “egg whites.”

  7. Patrick

    Cut him some slack… It will be worth it to see him on Aprentice

  8. Patrick


  9. Connard

    Fuck the haters, this was a decent interview. And its pretty cool that Ace is doing these interviews after a day on apprentice. He could have easily picked out 20 episodes to rerun while he was in NY for the month.

    • nokatonotnow

      I agree, and I thought it was a very inspiring interview. A lot of pasty message-board trolls can talk all their smack, but what are they champions of? Nothing. Who do they inspire? Nobody. You rock it, Lou. And thanks Adam for getting it.

  10. jms

    Pretty good podcast. Lou was a bit blowhardy, but I guess he earned it.

    Best part of the show was when Lou hijacked Adam’s Amazon plug and started pimpin his egg whites.

  11. GuyDudeBro

    hey its the mute from king of queen

  12. GuyDudeBro

    stay away from Connard’s mom, her pussy smells like the dumpster behind the chinese buffet.
    livn with that smell keeps him mad n barking @ peps with biger cocks on msg brds

  13. toorude89

    Alright, deaf frat guy!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-19-2011

      Lou was a Delta Fu, 1970-74.

  14. Jo Ke
    Jo Ke10-19-2011

    sweet podcast Lou is sharp

  15. Ledgewood

    Sometimes, he get’s a little bummed out, about his hearing.

  16. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross10-19-2011

    Forget the complainers who get a great show everyday for FREE.

    Give Trump hell Ace Man!

  17. Peter North
    Peter North10-19-2011

    Hulk smash John Hiatt!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-19-2011

      Hulk smash Alison boots.

  18. Ike Vandergraaf
    Ike Vandergraaf10-19-2011

    Sometimes I feel like he would sound normal if he would just blow his nose.

  19. angeladamfan

    I miss hearing Donny chiming in occasionally. Is Kathee not going to be on for Crying out LOUD? i enjoy hearing other voices on the podcasts.

  20. jd

    I like the mix of show formats – live audience, one-on-one, and the full show from the Carolla warehouse.

  21. DanofSac

    Adam, why so insecure? You do a bunch of low to mediocre one on ones to fill in while you are in New York (congrats btw!), when you could have had guest host work with BB and Allison! Jim Rome always has guest hosts when he is away; some of them like Jay Mohr are a refreshing change from Rome’s schtick, but we still come back for more.
    I would’ve loved to hear Dana Gould, Doug Benson, DAG, Bill Simmons, you name ’em host while BB and Allison keep the Carolla train rolling.
    Bai Ling, Ferrigno, is Ozzie next? What about your housekeeper? Olga the nanny? I know I can always go some place else and get free entertainment, and I do find other podcasts compelling, but not very many of them are laugh out loud funny like Ace can be and DOT were every week.

  22. Paul in NYC
    Paul in NYC10-19-2011

    Story about The Apprentice season 5: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00044584.html

    • Minesh

      Good find. Also explains why Adam’s chummy with Lou.

  23. Albert Veincock
    Albert Veincock10-19-2011

    Good interview considering the speech thing.

    Why does Carolla interrupt to bring up his high school football days? I’m sure Lou was impressed, skinny man.

  24. Sam Owen
    Sam Owen10-19-2011

    Technical issues:

    1) This episode appears to be incomplete; Adam is cut off mid-sentence, never completing the Amazon spot or thanking Lou and saying “Mahalo.”

    2) Is there a good reason why, starting about two weeks ago, the show’s mp3s are not being tagged with ID3 info? Releasing programs with blank ID3 tags is amateurish.

    • mikelynch

      Left a note in the Dave Attell comments about the ID3 Tags. There is an issue with them due to “geotargeted” ads at the top of the show (ads that only get heard if you download in certain markets). We’re working on fixing it.

      As far as the cut at the end of this show it’s been fixed and if you re-download you’ll get the rest. It was less than a minute though.

  25. The Dude
    The Dude10-19-2011

    My favorite part of the podcast is when I can fast forward through all the douche bag commercials!!!!

    • The Dude
      The Dude10-19-2011

      But my least favorite part is when my mom makes me get off her computer and practice my piano.

  26. Chuck E
    Chuck E10-19-2011

    Lou is the man.

  27. P

    Does anyone know what Ace is doing in New York?

    • MC White
      MC White10-20-2011

      Celebrity Apprentice, it is presumed. Read some comments.

  28. rushbaby

    Great interview…Lou is the man…he like a gigantic Joe Piscopo.

  29. Tyler

    Great show, Lou rules.

  30. ChiGuy

    As a power lifter, I enjoyed the show. Thanks Aceman! Invite all the famous bodybuilders you run into on the show.

  31. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino10-19-2011

    Damn it! I wanted to hear what Lou had to say about yolks!

  32. Darican

    I think Lou was a great guest…. and it was a great interview….

    Although, I would have love to see Lou’s face when Adam was telling him how much better he was as an athlete in school compared to Lou…

    • Ledgewood

      Lou was interesting and all, but do you really think that most bodybuilders would make for fascinating guests?

  33. The Dude Of Life
    The Dude Of Life10-19-2011

    Dang Acer, I guess I am going to have to come down there and teach you how to do a good podcast so you can be succesful. Clearly you don’t know how to get it done.

  34. Todd Bridges
    Todd Bridges10-19-2011

    Lou Ferrigno? How many dicks has this guy sucked?

  35. Kerrick

    Stop calling me Hulk!!!

  36. Harry

    Adam is going to be on Celebrity Apprentice. Should be interesting.

  37. Big T
    Big T10-19-2011

    thanks Ace Broadcasting for another one on one episode. The Aceman is so much funnier on his own without Alison and Bryan trying to dogpile on every joke or riff.

  38. Kid Canada
    Kid Canada10-19-2011

    So now I know this is almost a year late, but was there a fall out with Adam and the two Daves? I always wondered but was too lazy to write in the comments secion.

  39. David

    Adam in NY? Cuz he’s got that chemistry, I mean business with Jill Zarin ?

  40. CY

    Good interview. Interesting guest.

  41. Moe

    The podcast cut off for me right as Adam was getting into the egg yolks.
    Would have loved to hear the rest of the podcast, I was enjoying it so far, good guest.

    • mnoswaqd1

      Same here……..thought it was my battery or something…….Adam is out of town on this one, maybe he hit the wrong button on the recorder?

      • mikelynch

        There was a glitch with the upload of this episode. It has been fixed and reloaded. If you want to re-download you can hear the rest. It was only about 45 seconds that got cut off.

        Thanks for listening.

  42. paul S
    paul S10-19-2011

    Lou sounds like Deaf Frat Guy, but a good interview.

  43. MikeA

    He sounds like Deaf Frat Guy.

  44. Lloyd

    My guess is that Adam is in New York working with Greg Fitzsimmons on his new game show for Speed.

    • Harry

      Nope, he’s doing Celebrity Apprentice

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-19-2011

        Yep, Celebrity Apprentice and working on Greg Fitsimmons new show for Speed called Pump, sounds cool…

        • May Kadoodee
          May Kadoodee10-19-2011

          this is a wild ass guess but I think Adam may be Exec Producing Gregs show. I hope Adam does a one on one with Greg. Greg is in NY, he was on Howard this morning promoting the new show and his audio book.

  45. Peter North
    Peter North10-19-2011

    The Bai Ling Podcast was so bad that I quickly fast-forwarded through it so that I could start the Lou Ferrigno Podcast and listen to an articulate guest.

  46. Justin

    You guys — How STOKED are you for that new epsiode of For Crying Out Loud?!?!

    • David

      about as stoked as Flatulator was for the Parent Experiment

      • KT

        ACTUALLY it was really funny! Plus you get to hear Lynette’s rebuttal on stories Adam tells.

  47. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-19-2011

    I LOVE Deaf Frat Guy!

    But why didn’t he play Mr. Stinkfinger?

  48. Liam

    Didn’t Adam go to high school with Ray and the gang?

  49. Jessica

    Such a refreshing, funny show, especially after that train wreck of a show with Bai Ling.

    • Ledgewood

      Bai Ling was the worstest guest I ever did hear.

      • HollyO

        Oh my friend… You must not have heard the Danica Patrick about 2 years ago. The all time worst!!

        • Ledgewood

          At least she understood English. But I gotta admit, that ‘Rehad’ song of hers is kickin’, yo.

      • mnoswaqd1

        Bai ling? I thought that was Yoda.

  50. Jd

    Great show! Thanks Ace.

    When are you going to confim the Celebrity Apprentice gig. it’s already out there, why the silence?

  51. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer10-19-2011

    Please give Lou the E-mail addresses of the dicks making fun of his hearing so he can crush them. Seriously he was Mr. universe before you were old enough to write dickhead comments from your moms basement. I once had dinner with him and he passed me the salt and could not have been a nicer guy. Great interview keep the interesting guests coming.

  52. Zapoli

    No 59-year-old man maintains that kind of muscle mass by eating egg whites and lifting weights. And once you’ve had both hips and both knees replaced and your head is the size of a beer keg, it’s time to consider aging gracefully. Lou Ferrigno is the Joan Rivers of “fitness.”

  53. Grant

    Assuming Lou is also a contestant on the Apprentice, I found this interesting from a Machiavellian perspective…

  54. Labium Marker
    Labium Marker10-19-2011

    Podcast dropped out for everyone, yes??

  55. T Money
    T Money10-19-2011

    You had dinner with him and the best anecdote you have is him passing you the salt?

  56. paddym

    just like deaf frat guy, only it didn’t suck.

  57. Harry L
    Harry L10-19-2011

    Podcast ended abruptly for me as well. I guess the hotel room recordings are not running smoothly yet. Hope they get it figured out.

  58. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward10-19-2011

    What a fucking retarded db of a guest. Why waste my time on this loser. Just as bas if not worse than Bai Ling.. Ok, worse.

    • Harry Seaward
      Harry Seaward10-19-2011

      Get your own username, jackass.

  59. Jordan Lightfoot
    Jordan Lightfoot10-19-2011

    F’n pumped about Celebrity Apprentice – love that show and will be ten times better with adam.

  60. Bv

    Enjoyable interview. Well done Adam and Lou.

    My time well spent.

  61. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar10-19-2011

    When did he announce that the reason he was in NYC was for apprentice?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-19-2011

      it’s all message board conjecture but we got Ace Smarts real good and if were wrong, we are all anonymous…

  62. Tim

    “Tonight, Adam sits down one-on-one with….”


  63. Nate

    Adam brought up at one point several weeks ago that he’d been offered to do a reality show with other celebrities, and Bald Bryan quickly realized which one it was, but Adam obviously couldn’t confirm or deny.

    • attack crows
      attack crows10-19-2011

      i’m pretty sure its celebrity apprentice

  64. JessMan

    this made me wanna go pump some iron!….kinda

  65. Dan

    One of the best one-on-ones yet! Fantastic episode even if it was short. Keep up the lord’s work Ace

  66. Jordan Lightfoot
    Jordan Lightfoot10-19-2011

    Lou mentions that he is the “donald trump” of determining what people’s needs are for personal training. lol

  67. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-19-2011

    A new business venture – Discount Muffin Bottoms and Egg Yokes…

    • Grammar Nazi
      Grammar Nazi12-15-2011

      It’s yolks, dumbass.

  68. Steve

    It’s about time Adam got Def Frat Guy on.

  69. Handsome Man Discount
    Handsome Man Discount10-19-2011

    great show but the commercials are getting obnoxious. I know its a necessary evil but damn. It stresses me out. I cant help but think it pisses the guests off

    • Jeff714

      You need to invest in a fast forward button.

  70. Mandingo

    Wow, Adam is like 6’2 or 6’4 and look how small his head is next to Lou’s.

  71. Kidd

    Great show. Lou was very informative about health and training

  72. Good Gravy
    Good Gravy10-19-2011

    NYC: We we gots to have James Baby Doll on the Pcast

  73. Dr G
    Dr G10-19-2011

    …..where do you come down on, like, nuts bc (32:33) “I LOVE nuts” …. BB – GET THAT DROP

  74. BIRDY

    Great show! Lou Ferigno is the best!

  75. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-19-2011

    Sounds like mike tyson but with more bass…

  76. Juicemachine

    Good Show! It actually motivated me (slightly) since I have Ace syndrome. Effing 60 years old that Ferigno! Amazing. Cool guy.

  77. Ning Kuhmpook
    Ning Kuhmpook10-19-2011

    Next, let’s have Willie Nelson for the Hobo Erotic coup de grace.

  78. robx46

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  79. Back Sac
    Back Sac10-19-2011

    Great show! — I was skeptical at first but found myself glued to the headphones and really liking this guy. Lou, Arnold and the whole bodybuilding thing was huge back then…

  80. Dawsons Cheesetastic Voice
    Dawsons Cheesetastic Voice10-19-2011

    Celebrity Apprentice. It makes total sense now why he X’d the UStream. Congrats on being on with Donald, you totally deserve it man.

  81. steve

    Wow he has an absolutely massive head

    • Ning Kuhmpook
      Ning Kuhmpook10-19-2011

      Gamma rays.

    • the improv frog
      the improv frog10-20-2011

      that is just the perspective of the photo. Because Lou is leaning forward, and Adam is leaning back.

      • r

        He probably has a much bigger that average head, but dude, it’s mainly that he’s just closer to the camera.

  82. Ning Kuhmpook
    Ning Kuhmpook10-19-2011

    An angelic Adam as young man — I would thank God I didn’t believe in God, just to keep me away from those priests.

    • Juicemachine

      You would be more likely to have been molested by a public school teacher than a priest and you made it untouched (i hope?).

      The allegations are that BOTH Adam and Lou are BOTH filming Celebrity Apprentice: Which makes Celeb Apprentice FUCKING PURE AWESOME. Already. Done. Done.

  83. Juicemachine


  84. the improv frog
    the improv frog10-20-2011

    Celebrity Apprentice is going to ROCK this season.

  85. MC White
    MC White10-20-2011

    I, for many, love the Celebrity Apprentice show, no matter who’s on, and now that Adam might be, I can feel the energy and excitement cursing through my veins. Can you feel the mandate to get it on?

  86. Isaac Hayes
    Isaac Hayes10-20-2011

    Great interview. Good one Ace. I like guests like Lou, nice guy, interesting life story, and he has eggs to plug.

  87. TheRenamer

    They should rename this episode “Lou Ferrigno Tells the Story of His Life and Adam Tries to One Up Him”

    • JD

      I’ll give the Aceman credit. At one point I thought “ah shit, Adam’s gonna break in here and go off on a tangent” he resisted and let Lou finish his thought.
      Good one Aceman!

  88. Walt

    Great episode. Lou’s led a very interesting life and it’s great to hear he’s doing so well.

  89. Lucy

    My brother used to pretend to turn into the Hulk when he got angry when we were kids. Loved that show. It was great to hear Lou’s story and what he has overcome. Wish he could have talked more about his family life and long marriage, but I’m a chick and like to hear about that stuff.

    If he and Lou are on Celebrity Apprentice, I will watch. I haven’t watched it since Bill Rancic won. And I will grit my teeth through the parts where Trump talks.

  90. Blake

    Adam on the Apprentice will be awesome!!!!! I have not watched in a while but I think Adam is perfect for the show. I can’t wait for him to go off in the boardroom. This will be must see TV!!!!!!!

  91. Pike

    Fantastic podcast! Lou is an interesting person, and his tips for nutrition and fitness are great. Great stuff!

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