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Adam opens the show talking with Bryan and Alison about red light etiquette, and what he usually does when approaching a signal. Alison then starts up the news, and mentions her new podcast, debuting on Monday. The guys then discuss the latest in the Republican primaries, and a guy who adopted his girlfriend to protect his trust. Adam rants about drunk drivers fleeing, and the guys hear about the Miramonte sex scandal, the Russell Brand/Katy Perry divorce, and a weird place to get the morning after pill.

Next up, the guys take your calls for a round of Tales From The Cheap. After the break, Lisa Lampanelli joins the podcast, and she and Adam exchange stories from the set of Celebrity Apprentice. She also hints at her new one-woman show next year, and talks with Adam about all the friends they made in NY.

Returning to the news, model Kate Upton is the new face of Carl’s Jr. Adam rants about the invasion of Mexican food into American cuisine, and also hears about the new Bacon Shake at Jack in the Box. Lisa then tells a couple stories about Padma Lakshmi and Steve Martin, and the guys joke about celebrities with dumb hobbies. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss overweight pets, and the difference between dwarves and midgets.

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Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Santorum stained sheets
    Santorum stained sheets02-08-2012

    If Santorum wins, how screwed are we in the eyes of the rest of the world? They’ll all Google his name and never stop laughing and/or vomiting.

    • MPG

      Santorum never had a chance. Bachmann never had a chance. Perry never had a chance. Gingrich never had a chance. Cain never had a chance.
      It’s all media-hyped b.s. designed to make the race EXCITING– OooooOOOOooooOOOOoooOHHH!!!
      It was always going to be Romney.

      As far as “in the eyes of the world,” it’s a good thing we didn’t already shit all over ourselves just 8 years ago by re-electing a retarded chimp to the presidency.
      Oh, wait…

      • MP7

        amen to that!

    • swingset

      Yeah, because the world respects Barry soooooo much.

      • Cameron

        Actually swingset. since I am not an American but a member of the rest of “the world” I can tell you that yes the rest of the World does respect President Obama. In fact we respect him WAY MORE than the last guy or the guys running against him now.

        • donewithidiots

          Which is why Americans should quit worrying about wtf any of the rest of the socialist libtards think of us and just make sure our stuff is taken care of. Like the border, our LOYAL allies, and our good citizens.

    • Cyrus

      You mean like they already do with Obama?

      And I agree, Santorum’s a turd. But so is Barry. A turd is a turd. Same shit, different stink.

  2. Baconator

    Alison, now you’ve gone too far! Bacon is the chocolate of meat! We’ll never be over bacon! Bacon flavoured popcorn, bacon salt, bacon lip balm, bacon soap, bacon hot sauce, baconnaise, bacon scented air freshener, bacon gumballs, bacon toothpaste and dental floss, bacon flavoured croutons, bacon jellybeans, bacon mints, gummy bacon, bacon lollipops, bacon frosting…

    • RS

      Better leave the joking to adam

    • big jim
      big jim02-09-2012

      I’m with you, brother. How often have you been having a breakfast milkshake with your bacon and thought, “Why do I have to stop slurping my milkshake to eat my bacon? When will they combine the two? I’ve had enough…goodbye, cruel world!”
      Now, with the bacon milkshake, I will know peace.

  3. Halo909

    Good picture of her. I would actually considering doing her in that picture.

    • JessMan

      who, kate upton?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-09-2012

      You mean Kate Upton, right?

    • daddy_monkey

      You would do Kate Upton? Bold move sir. Bold move indeed.

  4. JonFromSeattle

    I miss hearing Christopher Titus with Ace

  5. Jose

    They have cigarette vending machines at the casino in my area. And I saw Bacon Lube on the web earlier. I don’t know which one to be happier about.

  6. Phil

    I don’t know if anyone has used Proflowers but it’s a total bait and switch scam. Adam should drop this crap company.

    • Chris

      I’ve used them twice and have had an excellent experience both times. Flowers arrived on time, as advertised, and they lasted noticeably longer than flowers I’ve gotten from other florists.

    • donewithidiots

      I got screwed a few years ago with the pro flowers too. Not good blooms, but hey, Ace can’t control everything.

  7. jg323

    totally agree w/ his science behind driving…the average person races to the red stop light only to have to slam on the brakes…they know it’s red, they know they have to stop…let off the gas, coast a little…the amount of gas saved is pretty incredible…

    • tim

      I’ve been saying this to everyone I ever drive with for 10 years now. I can’t believe how nobody else in this country understands how to properly drive.

  8. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-09-2012

    Lisa rocks!

  9. AllAboutACE

    Alison, I love you… leave your man and come fly away with me!

  10. Tyler

    Lisa fuckin’ rocks, and is funny. Have her back often.

  11. The Grantman
    The Grantman02-09-2012

    I don’t really care for Lisa Lampanelli as a comic. And the sluttyness of her act is repulsive.
    That being said, I bang her anyway. Why? Because I’m a pig. Get over it.

  12. Sarah

    Where is a picture of that night-blooming Jasmine?!?!?!?!

  13. Joe

    This “fucking idiot” and “asshole” is done with Carolla. I’m goint to “shut the fuck up,” and shut off this podcast for good. Fitzdog, Doug Loves Movies, WTF, Nerdist, and Earwolf are equal or better in quality, and I don’t find myself composing angry posts in their comments sections.

    • Dustin


  14. Zach

    love me some lisa

  15. Wiley

    Tales from the Cheap – my mom uses scotch tape and discount paper towels up in the windows instead of blinds.

  16. @©€

    Dude, I couldn’t even listen to that story about the teacher and the cockroaches. Why aren’t we just putting these monsters down?

  17. JessMan


  18. Domenique

    powdered booze, genius ACE!

  19. Mike

    Dinklage played an extremely well written role. He fits the character from the books very well. He deserved the award

  20. Walter

    I really like Adam and the group, but I can’t see why Adam doesn’t want to take any responsibility for the Kevin Smith thing. Yes, Kevin made mistakes and jump to conclusions which gave him reasons (wrongly) to distance himself from Adam. But Adam had none. Up until the point when Adam learned the deal fell apart Adam thought everything was cool with him and Kevin. So when the deal fell apart there is no reason for Adam not to contact Kevin, email or phone. If I think things are cool with someone and find out that person is pissed, I call them to find out whats up. That’s what normal people do. Because of what happened on Kevin’s side Kevin was completely clouded into think Adam hated him and couldn’t see that this was a misunderstanding. Adam had no reason to believe Kevin hated him and had every reason to believe this was just a misunderstanding. So Adam should have been the one to say “hey wait a minute I think there might have been some miscommunication, let’s talk about it.” It’s obvious now that Adam just let this thing fall apart because he didn’t want to work with Telapictures. Adam keeps mentioning that he heard bad thing about the way they do business, but never said what that is or where he heard it. So when it fell apart he said “Good, hate those guys anyway” and never tired to contact Kevin to prevent a falling out with him.

  21. Jessiey

    About the Kevin Smith thing, I felt it was handled well in the sense that both guys were in the same room and each allowed to say their piece. Based on that, I assumed it went without saying that Kevin would compensate Adam.

  22. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-09-2012

    Artie! Artie! Artie! Hope to hear tomorrow about Artie’s failed suicide attempt, how he’s doing now, also; his side on Howard’s apparent lack of interest of having Artie back on the show to talk about it… Lisa rocked today, that was one of those they could have kept talking for 2 more hours and I was in, fer sure!

  23. Mark

    My 6.2L Vette gets 21 mpg just driving normal city/highway. On road trips doing mostly 80mph I get 27mpg.

    Mainly I just wanted to brag that I have a Corvette. Suck it losers.

  24. Dick Face
    Dick Face02-09-2012

    Rolling On The Mother Fucking Floor Laughing!!!!! someone printed out an image of a blanket as a gift for someone’s birthday???….and said here I thought your woman would like to make this one day???
    FUCKING LAME!!!…Kick that bitch in the balls!

  25. Jason J.
    Jason J.02-09-2012

    Ace, Powdered milk is mostly used in baking. Not so much for mixing up a glass of milk for your kid.
    I use it often in my bread machine. Good shows, keep it coming, I always click through to Amazon.
    – Jason in Iowa

  26. Domenique

    xlnt interview with Lisa, very honest and like the low key side of her pesonality…. Alison very funny today!

  27. JessMan

    btw you can totally see padma latke’s nipple in that pic

  28. PlumBob

    I’m another White Guy who was a recipient of Government Cheese! Got rice and powdered milk, too! Cheese was f**kin” good!

  29. c_fiddy

    Lisa is lookin’ & sounding great! Love you!

  30. Leech Q. Mcbuggnuts
    Leech Q. Mcbuggnuts02-09-2012

    You do know Steve Martin was obsessed with banjo YEARS before he was a comic right ? Steven Segal ? … not getting invited to guest with Flat and Scruggs. And since Steve Martin hasn’t been a comic in years…

    Just saying.

  31. Todd

    Forget TCS. Howabout DSBAR. sounds like “Dis Bar”. Stands for: Drink Some Beers And Rape!

  32. Shew

    Bald Bryan’s influence on the show: More Harm Than Good?

    • utah34

      I think that Bryan, like Adam, becomes more endearing the more that you get to know him.

  33. Sig

    Ron Paul, or death.

  34. Scott in the RC
    Scott in the RC02-09-2012

    I have a “Tales From The Cheap”. Besides having to drink the powered milk from my Mom and step-dad, they required us kids to use 3 squares of single ply toilet paper per swipe. Forgot how they verified. Cheap bastards!

  35. Sex n Pizza
    Sex n Pizza02-09-2012

    “Don’t shit on Alison’s cupcake!!”

  36. HotBlackDesoto

    I’m white and and suffered the wrathful constipation of government cheese. Even more, my mom would cut—er “slice” the cheese using sewing thread wraped around her fingers instead of an actual slicer.
    We would get the whole gamut of cheese, honey, rice, butter, and yes, powder milk.

    • MC White
      MC White02-10-2012

      Yes, but would she reuse the thread, after using it to slice the cheese?

  37. go-t-bone

    I’m glad to hear a good podcast today. Lisa and Adam were very good together, as usual. I’m starting to get worried about Alison though. The news seems to be going back to the “Teresa style” of news….child abuse, birth control, social issues leaning towards the women’s issue point of view. I understand that it is important to be progressive, but does it really work for a comedy podcast? Those issues tend to bring the show down. Adam probably plays a part in that….wanting to go Stern style. Alison made the numbers jump when she took over the news…..now it’s going old school. I hope the news can get back to the potential to be funny. Just my viewpoint.

  38. José

    Awesome…. What a surprise, another Italian… it’s the dego comedy hour. Funny how you never have anything bad to say about them Ital’s huh?

  39. 3rd or 4th time posting
    3rd or 4th time posting02-09-2012

    Hmmm….no link to Alison’s podcast? I’m going to check it out because then I’ll have a better idea of how much effort she puts behind not seeming so bright on Adam’s podcast.

    And the Queen of Mean is always a great guest (and even better now that she’s happily married).

  40. GinaG

    Lampanelli is by far the best female guest to be on the podcast. Love her!

  41. Hank


    You could not be more wrong. I am a single white straight man and I buy dehydrated skim milk for the convenience of not running out of skim milk before the next time I go shopping and not having to recycle the plastic milk container.


  42. Hank

    Plus, I do not have kids. So for me it is about convenience, it not about being poor or cheap.

  43. tony

    Excellent show…….always like to have Lisa as a guest!!!!
    Aceman, please stop obsessing about beating off…..I thought you had a wife!!!!!!

  44. Chester

    It’s so nice to hear Adam move away from his tired old material and on to a fresh new topic like red light etiquette.

  45. Wally Zebco
    Wally Zebco02-09-2012

    I remember getting yelled at for using the powdered milk. You people born with waxed cardboard spoons in their mouths make me sick.

  46. Joe Moe
    Joe Moe02-10-2012

    Adam’s line that Lisa’s husband (Mr. Big Balls) should’ve told Steve Martin that he played the jug was priceless. Adam at his best – lightning fast, sharp as a tack. Lisa nearly pissed herself and so did I.

  47. donewithidiots

    Good stuff, it’s cool to hear that SOMEBODY in that room had the balls to just be realistic and honest with Mr. Trump. Even Trump must get tired of people kissing his ass and acting useless as hell. He may have not agreed with some of Adams comments, but frank and honest discussion has to be respected. I’ve never watched the apprentice shows but I might now.

  48. Brett

    Great show – love the dirt with LL!

  49. arcande

    I found it funny how bryans jokes cracked up lisa when they were really just a 6/10, but alison and adams stronger material made her lightly titter only. She wants hot tumor loving.

  50. Fred

    Lisa is probably the funniest woman on the planet. One of the best guests in the rotation.

    Get Big Balls on the show next time.

  51. T-Bone Malone
    T-Bone Malone02-13-2012

    When I was a young kid we not only had powdered milk, but had to make it ourselves, by the cup, with warm tap water. Add that to the bowl of puffed wheat or puffed rice, and you have breakfast fit for no one!

  52. Dave

    When Lisa the kunt called that chef girl a sp*c, I really think Adam was uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get her out of the show. Just going out on a limb here but I think Aceman’s exposure to guests of different cultures and background in close quarters is def rubbing him off to find new appreciation in diversity. Except for Mexicans of course. He is set in his ways. 😉

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