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As the show opens, Adam talks with Lisa Lampanelli about her weight loss and experiences with dieting and food rehab. The guys also recall some Celebrity Apprentice experiences, and Adam rants about an argument with his wife over the kids selling candy bars for school.

Alison begins the news by discussing California’s allowance of testing driverless cars. They also talk about the growing McDonalds TV channel, and share experiences about hotel TV service. Also in the news, Green Day frontman Billy Joel Armstrong had an expletive-filled rant on stage, and the Insane Clown Posse is suing the FBI for claiming their fans are gang members. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss baby-free zones on planes, and why anxiety dogs are ridiculous.


For more on today’s guest, visit http://InsultComic.com and follow her on Twitter @LisaLampanelli.



Billy Joel Armstrong

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  1. toorude89

    I’m a superfan and I couldn’t listen…

    • Bobby

      Given Adam’s brilliant wit & rants, I wish he would ease up just a little on the juvenile porn tall…. “cock & ball sac” “stinky pussy” “gay porn” “dropping digits” “pull cock out start sucking” “hope your tits are beautiful to your parents” damn…give it a rest. I know a lot of people like the that talk ( I do too…just not relentlessly). It starts to sound peculiar when every other comment is a sexual reference (especially when your pushing 50). Don’t get me wrong, I love Adam’s sense of humor & rarely miss a podcast.

      • doz

        Well put, Bobby.

      • An Onny
        An Onny10-07-2012

        It does get repetitive and tiresome, doesn’t it?

  2. JessMan

    billy JOE, come on guys

    • Howard

      Billy Joel Armstrong is way funnier.

      I was waiting to see some combination of the two.

      • DefNottaJew

        Loving the “Billie Joel Armstrong” fuck-up! Apparently self-proclaimed punk artists aren’t immune to becoming self-important whining blowhards either, or is that a pre-requisite?… Seriously, when I saw the caption Billie JOEL Armstrong, I thought he was going to spoof “We Didn’t Start The Fire” or some shit. Dude, aren’t you like 40 years old? Grow the fuck up and be a professional! FUCK GREEN DAY.

  3. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol09-27-2012

    GET IT ON!

  4. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-27-2012

    It’s always nice when Adam does a podcast from the senior center.

    • Active Sodomy
      Active Sodomy09-27-2012

      Aye, good one Admiral.

    • drb123

      That Fox News exposure is certainly broadening your audience

  5. behymen

    Lets get it on!!!

  6. andygirlll

    It’s Billie JOE Armstrong

  7. Jizzo

    Damn…. BJ’s stock just went up in my book.

  8. Don Pardo
    Don Pardo09-27-2012

    It’s the Adam Corolla Show!
    Filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Airport Ramada’s beautiful conference room C!

  9. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent09-27-2012

    It’s always nice when Adam does a show for the Senior Center.

  10. Gregers

    Say it with me Adam: ALL-mund.

  11. Scott

    Pull-ups when your kids are 6?



      Thank you!!!! My son was like 3 and a half when I just stopped putting diapers on him. No pull ups even! Sometimes I wish people would actually have the nuts to disagree with Adam. Sometimes I feel like he only befriends people who agree with him, or at least, are to afraid to disagree.

      • Geordie Gabba Mafia
        Geordie Gabba Mafia09-27-2012

        you never outgrow pullups bud

      • evo

        No one else on the show has kids, so how would they know what age for a kid they should be past diapers?

    • MC White
      MC White09-30-2012

      Yeah, I was shocked when Adam mentioned “pull-ups” at night for his kids? Huh? That’s really old, for 6, no? My daughter and son stopped around 4 or younger.

  12. Jared

    Where the hell are you guys playing? It looks like an insurance convention in the Sonora conference room of a Radisson.

  13. rambling man
    rambling man09-27-2012

    great show picture! who loves you, Lisa?!!!

  14. Jay

    Please stop encouraging Lisa Lampanelli, she is not at all funny and is just very grating. All she does is try to be funny by screaming profanities and insulting people. She sucks.

    And yes Adam, there is an “L” in the word almonds.

  15. Dave W.
    Dave W.09-27-2012

    You might be interested in knowing that Beansnappers is really in a small Wisconsin town called Mackville (close to Appleton) and it’s across the street from a Catholic elementary school…

    Stranger than fiction? You bet…

    In an even stranger twist of fate, Mackville is a notorious speed trap and a money maker for the local DWI fighting crime stoppers.

    And you wonder why we wear foam cheese hats on our heads?

  16. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee09-27-2012

    Lisa’s looking svelte, she had the Gastric Sleeve operation, she was talking about it on Stern last week. I Love the picture of Alison and Adam laughing, looking forward to this one…

  17. Ken

    Would love to see Adam’s expression when Lisa was on a Foul Mouth Rant .

    Adam’s silent pregnant pauses says volumes.

    Uncomfortable to listen to – it appears that Adam does not do “pre interview” to match the comedy. Lisa seems to be doing her vulgar shtick to an audience that doesn’t appear to be that demographic.

    Liked Lisa’s update on her weight solution and insight with her Apprentice appearance – but I tuned out the vulgar cursing rants.

    Love the pod – Keep up the good work.

    The Sound was exceptional – and the best so far.

  18. Dan

    Is he playing retirement homes now? Sweet set-up.

  19. Kris S
    Kris S09-27-2012

    Lisa Lampanelli is dreadful, I’ve been turning the volume down every time she speaks. She is trying to be funny by being overly vulgarer, she is just aweful. Be clever, witty, have great timing with your jokes, improve play along anything besides yelling like this. I am shocked she is this bad

  20. Fanucci says Eeeeh
    Fanucci says Eeeeh09-27-2012

    Wow, Lisa Lampanelli is a comedian without jokes.

    Don Rickles is an insult comedian too, but he does it with charm, actual jokes, and WITHOUT any profanity. His jokes may be older than dirt. Doesn’t make them bad. I don’t mind profanity at all, but it doesn’t constitue a joke by itself.

  21. WikkiMothra

    How much crap are you going to put on your page so it WONT load fast? Seriously…stop it

    • Robert

      What are you using…dial-up?

  22. Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams09-27-2012

    Lisa Lampanelli – as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

  23. Mary

    Is it just me, or was Adam especially funny on this show? I’ve listened to him for so long, I know most of his schtick, but he made me laff a lot today.

    • Cripes

      It’s just you. Trust me on this.

    • Jenn

      I actually couldn’t agree more. Definitely thought I heard some new (and spontaneous!) material in there – a win for Adam!

  24. Mark

    If this is supposed to introduce me to the comedy of Lisa Lampinelli it failed miserably. Insult comics and vulgar comics are what I tend to enjoy the most, however there has to be humor. Actual jokes. Funniness.

    This isn’t to say that Lisa can’t be a funny person. For example, my favorite comedian going now is Bill Burr and I think he is unfunny in most interviews, but she ain’t getting me as a fan from this appearance.

  25. Gertrude Stinkysnatch
    Gertrude Stinkysnatch09-27-2012

    A Hell Yeah to having a funny gal on stage for once!

  26. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones09-27-2012

    You have six year old children in pull ups?!? Do they still have pacifiers? Still breast-feeding? No wonder your wife thinks they can’t sell candy, they’re being coddled like infants.

    Lose the pull ups. They’re fostering nighttime incontinence- they make easy and comfortable to piss oneself, so why stop? This is just like Adam’s wear-sunglasses-and-you-will-need-sunglasses, use-lip-balm-and-you-will-need-lip-balm theory. Wear the pull ups and you will need the pull ups.

    IMHO your kids SHOULD be hocking their own candy. It’s not like you’re cutting them loose in South Central and telling them to sell the candy or sell themselves but don’t come home without a hundred bucks in hand. You’re with them in a safe environment, educating them on how money works and what charity means….

    …Oh wait your kids already know how money works. Remember when the girl stiffed you out of $20 bucks for a phone that had already been replaced? BTW finders fees should be waived if the item to be found has been replaced. We’ll call it a “deadline”. It’s kinda how the world functions.

    Interesting how your money can free flow into their hands and they’re mature enoigh to make spending decisions with ill-gained reward money but are completely infantile when it comes to earning money. Now Daddy needs to step in and do the work for them? Nope. Not buying it. If they’re old enough to SPEND money they’re old enough to EARN money. What message is being sent when you’re only teaching to spend and never to earn? Your kids clearly understand what money is so start teaching the lessons.

    If that means telling your wife that you’re the only one wearing big-boy pants in the house so you’ll be the one making big-big decisions, so be it. Six year olds in pull ups. Good lord, man!

  27. Jesse

    “When do you want me to catch em…in their mid 30s?”

    Good stuff Ace man, that’s why you get the big bucks.

    • Robert

      Apparently he’s going to let piss themselves till their mid-30s…

  28. SamuelJH

    Thank you Adam Carolla, Lisa Lampanelli, supporting cast and crew.

  29. Hugh

    Hilarious ep! Love Lampanelli

  30. Collin

    The top picture is great!

    Lisa: everyones laughing because shes funny as fuck
    Adam: lookin like goof
    Alison: lookin good and laughin as always
    Bald: Lookin like a nerd.


  31. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson09-28-2012

    Lisa Lampanelli is as funny as old people drooling.

    • JPat

      Drooling old people crack you up too?!

  32. Silent Running
    Silent Running09-28-2012

    FWIW, I don’t think Billy Joe was having any sort of meltdown. I think Billy Joe did what he did in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. It didn’t work. Green Day has become one of the most mainstream bands around, mostly considered a joke in the punk world, and they have about as much cred as Jared Leto’s vanity project. BJA knows that, and he’s smashing his guitar in the hopes that there might be some tiny sliver of integrity inside.

    • DefNottaJew

      +1, Silent Running! Green Day sucked in 1994; my opinion hasn’t changed.
      If Adam does nothing but go off on tangents for 2 hours, does he really need to keep saying “By the way…” every 30 seconds? Isn’t that something he goes on tangents about?
      Here’s to hoping Adam finally pinches off that excruciating turd he tries to grunt and yell his way through on every live show!!!

    • DefNottaJew

      Thank You, Silent Running. I didn’t like Green Day in ’94 and my opinion hasn’t changed. Also…
      If Adam does nothing but go off on tangents for 2 hours, isn’t it unnecessary to keep saying “By the way…”?
      Here’s to hoping Adam can finally pinch off that excruciating turd that gets stuck everytime he grunts/yells his way through a live show!!

  33. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III09-28-2012

    Watched Apprentice – couldn’t stomach LL. I’ll pass.

  34. Jim

    I used to like Lisa L. She is now dreadful. She reminds me of Rosie O. She is a Pompous Bitch.

  35. JT

    LOVE Lisa!!! Love it when she gets all fired up or utters the words “Jimmy Big-Balls”

  36. DWB

    Used to like Lisa Lampanelli, saw her on Apprentice -WOW what a mess

  37. liberalsRstupid

    Lampanelli is a nasty human being that preys on the Human Nature of the pathetic indoctrinated modern left. She plays all of the Libtard emotional crap all day and her “Fans” eat it up basically calling themselves stupid in the process…

  38. Julie

    Love listening to Adam and the gang. But, this was the first show where I simply couldn’t listen. Lampanelli substitutes obscenities for humor. It’s truly boring and annoying.

  39. Tacoma Vinnie
    Tacoma Vinnie09-29-2012

    Wow second show in a row where adam doesn’t talk about how wealthy he is.
    Finally! Great stuff.

  40. Adam's Apple
    Adam's Apple09-29-2012

    This lisa lampinelli broad is so vulgar and disgusting! I cringed whenever she began to talk! It’s no wonder why she can’t eat. With a mouth as filthy as that I wouldn’t eat either! Hopefully she’ll starve to death!

  41. Shannon Murphy
    Shannon Murphy09-29-2012

    Where were you guys playing? It looks like a Hotel conference room.

  42. Gregg Scott
    Gregg Scott09-29-2012

    That was an amazingly funny episode of the podcast. I laughed hard many times. Almost nothing else makes laugh like this currently.

  43. Levelheadsteve

    I hope he doesn’t really still have his kids in pull-ups. If so, they are probably going to need some therapy.

    • JPat

      Seriously, that’s what I was thinking. They’re 6, right? I’m pretty sure at 3-years-old, kids should be dry through the night. Maybe the nocturnal pissing is genetic, since Adam had the same issue.

  44. billc

    Lisa Lampinelli is awful. She’s shrill and not the least bit funny. Don’t have her on again. Insufferable.

    • Doug B
      Doug B10-02-2012

      Lisa Lampinelli is awful. Her voice screaming into the microphone is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. This is one of the only podcasts of Adam’s that I have ever just stopped listening to less than halfway through. I just couldn’t take any more of this woman.

  45. Ryan

    Please no more Lisa L., I love the show but when she and Adam get together I can only listen for a few minutes.

  46. Doug

    For as smart as Adam is, he still can’t pronounce “almond” correctly. What the fuck is an ahmond? You’re not Austrian, Adam!

  47. Mason Jar
    Mason Jar10-02-2012

    Wow. What a train wreck Lisa L. is…..

  48. Elle

    Speaking of “service animals” and the people who exploit that “service,” I went to Hawaii last month, and this dude staying at our friends condos had his dog with him. He brings his “service” dog when he visits Hawaii, which he does often. I didn’t catch where he’s from, but he travels by plane. HE HAS A GREAT DANE! The dog gets his own seat & everything. The dude had gotten in a bad accident & used the dog as a crutch, but he’s just fine now. The dog is also only about 2 years old, so how long could the dude have been injured for & that a PUPPY would be a crutch for him? The dude even said he doesn’t need the dog for service anymore, but he just brings him along cuz he wants to & he can. Can you imagine getting on a plane & fucking Marmaduke is in the seat next to you?!

  49. c

    love this one…hillarious

  50. JPat

    Six-year-olds wearing Pull Ups? WTF?!

  51. Yossarian

    I heard Lisa screaming “fuckin'” a lot, was there some humor mixed in??

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