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At the top of the show, Adam welcomes author Peter Rader to the studio. He and Peter go way back, as Peter’s wife directed episodes of The Adam Carolla Project. Adam talks with Peter about how he got involved with writing Mike Wallace’s biography, and the guys look back on Mike’s exciting life. Peter also talks about a new documentary he’s working on with his wife, and Adam rants about People Magazine and constantly having his last name misspelled.

Alison opens the news by reading through Forbes list of most powerful celebrities. Also in the news, according to the FBI, women are pulling off 1 in 10 bank heists; almost double the rate from a decade ago. Adam rants about some of Queen Latifah’s films, and then talks with Peter about writing the script for Waterworld. Later they talk about restaurants with self-serve beer taps, and Adam recalls his poorer days of splitting the bill with his friends.

Linda Ramone enters the studio next, and talks with Adam and the gang about Johnny Ramone, revealing some interesting facts you may not have known. She also talks about dating Johnny’s bandmate, Joey, and the guys discuss how ridiculous it is that The Ramones never had a radio hit. Alison then returns to the news with a story about mini-horses. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about dog phobias and recalls an old 70s show called ‘Run, Joe, Run.’


Click through our Amazon link to purchase Peter’s book.

You can also purchase Johnny Ramone’s autobiography by doing the same thing.


Run, Joe, Run

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Doug

    Too Late with Adam Carolla and The Adam Carolla Project aren’t available on DVD. WTF?

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol05-22-2012

      You can watch clips of Too Late and full episodes of Ace Carolla Project on youtube.

  2. jw

    It was great hearing Adam in a good mood. Could we get a little more detail of what’s happening with Larry Miller? Really enjoyable show.

    • Poochie's Aunt
      Poochie's Aunt05-23-2012

      Yes, update on the great Larry Miller please.
      Is this the episode where Alison says her sister was so afraid so of mustaches she had to hide behind a menu? Did I really hear this????

  3. jack bauer
    jack bauer05-21-2012

    How come Adam never talks about his pilot with John Ritter

  4. sean h
    sean h05-21-2012

    The female bank robbery movie with Queen (ughh) Latifah isn’t Dead Presidents it’s Set It Off. Dead Presidents was actually fairly decent Set It Off not so much.

  5. Rob

    Bieber is a lesbian. ACEman is also looking lesbo these days with those outfits. That shirt with those pants? Standing behind the Ramone lady who couldn’t be more the opposite. LOL.

  6. Bruce

    Roger Federer, Spanish??? Not even close, lol. Try Swiss *huge ass sniff*

    • GumbyHendrix

      Yeah – like the other day when he & Drew were talking about KROQ playing that “BLACK FLAG” song about “all I want is a Pepsi…” – it’s Suicidal Tendencies ding dong. Stick to John Hiatt references ACE.

  7. porkchop

    FYI…Joey and Johnny were not brothers.Dee Dee, Tommy and Marky were not either.

  8. Timothy

    What’s up with that chick’s wig?

  9. daddy_monkey

    Those taps are a great idea. Either charge a set price for all you can drink or hook up a meter and charge by volume.

  10. Caliber Winfield
    Caliber Winfield05-21-2012

    Linda Ramone looks like thee ol’ life of the party in that picture.

  11. lol @ Federer
    lol @ Federer05-21-2012

    Lol @ Roger Federer ‘He’s spanish I think’. The stupidity of everyone on this show is just continuously ana disturbingly being revealed episode by episode. Please tell me that all Americans aren’t this just fucking out of the world and these guys are just really dumb.

    • Zeke

      Because they don’t know where the fuck Roger Federer is from, really? This is the shit you choose to call them dumb over? There’s much more stupid shit they say. Roger Federer is not even a household name in the US.

    • Rob

      So you can talk for an hour and half 5 days a week without making any factual errors? That’s amazing. You must also understand that most Americans couldn’t give a fuck about tennis. Go congratulate yourself on the back for knowing something they didn’t know you petty fuck.

    • david

      Who the fuck cares where he’s from? It’s tennis, we don’t care about it, thus we don’t know where its players are from.

  12. Oliver Wardle
    Oliver Wardle05-21-2012

    Linda Ramone! Awesome! I had pre-ordered Johnny’s autobiography a few weeks ago. Fantastic book.

  13. Jo ke
    Jo ke05-21-2012


  14. Rob Kine
    Rob Kine05-21-2012

    Come on Brian… Federer is from SPAIN? How many Spanish people are named Roger? Adam just went on a rant about being able to look things up in the Google box….

  15. danaconda

    God that ramone woman looks like a bitch in that picture

  16. Jeb

    How bout a smile Linda! Nice shirt ace man, I hope you have more than the one.

  17. DonnySac

    The Porcelain Punisher lists Johnny and Joey as brothers – really?

  18. Hegro

    Lol did he just find these people on the street? How about getting some celebrities.

  19. rosemary

    I have had people skip out in a particular establishment and yes, i had to pay for the food.
    sleepwalking – they say to just guide the person back to their bed, don’t wake them up. my grandaughter does it when she is really tired and i looked it up. Great show guys.

  20. Bill

    Women bankrobbers only get away with 78 cents on the dollar. FUCKING HILARIOUS!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-22-2012

      Good stuff.

  21. Sam

    Not regarding this podcast, but just a general ‘good work Bryan’ message.

    You do a great job with Adams role plays.

    They drop at anytime and you are always on point.

    So, once again, love your work Bryan, wonder how sharp you’d be without the brain tumor?

  22. Joe


    • listen carefully and learn
      listen carefully and learn05-31-2012

      Adam does not complain enough about having his last name misspelled. For god’s sake, his father misspelled his OWN last name! It has been mentioned at least twice before that his real family name is actually Carollo.

  23. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-21-2012

    wow the power of music wow.

    As soon as they played the heavy punk Ramone Song Aceman drops 5 f-bombs in 60 seconds.

    subliminal effect? I say yes.

    great song by the way

  24. kennywc

    The movie Bryan is thinking of is “Set it Off”.

  25. Jessica

    “The dog smile.” – AR. Hilarious!

  26. goatfucker

    loved that carolla project, funny as hell & great cast of characters

  27. Eric

    The Adam Carolla Project was Adam at his best

  28. goatfucker

    great show corala!

  29. Russ

    a little dis-jointed today. the audio timeline was cut incorrectly.

  30. Michael

    Why does Adam keep on insisting that because people of colour and women are well represented in show business and sports, that somehow equates them having real power and influence? The people who actually wield some power, like politicians and owners of major corporations, are almost all older white men.

    • ross

      Agreed. The fact that the top 10 on some bullshit list of the “most powerful people in showbiz” or whatever is a direct result of the sexist nature of our society. Those women are at the top of the list because they are objectified by men, who are the ones spending the money on them.

    • reb

      Do you actually say “people of color”?

    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson05-24-2012

      Maybe you should check how they compile these lists. It includes hits on the internet and number of stories wrote about them in the media and things of that nature. Why would some older successful white corporate score high on things like that? If he was unsuccessful there would be more stories and more hits and he’d be more powerful? It makes no sense whatsoever.

  31. Chuck

    Waterworld has one of the weirdest Rotten Tomatoes score I’ve ever seen. It’s 43% with all critics but 80% with Top Critics.

    Does any other movie have such a huge discrepancy between the two scores?

  32. lANCE

    Waited tables and bar tended for years, now I design airplanes in Seattle (guess which company). As far as if your table dines and dashes, depends on how big of a douche your manager is will determine if you have to pay. His douchiness is typically directly correlated to how good of an employee you are. When bar-tending, you will always be responsible for walked tabs, that’s why I always grabbed a credit card.

  33. Jeff Douglas
    Jeff Douglas05-21-2012

    I am about to start the episode so maybe the description above was in error, but Johnny and Joey were not related. Ramone was a stage name taken from the name Paul McCartney used when checking into hotels.
    O.K., time to hit the start button on itunes.

    • DonnySac

      The 2003 “doc” End of the Century states that Dee Dee was using the sir name Ramones and that’s how they got their name.

  34. OvieTheGr8

    Is there any rant more fucked out than Carolla bitching about women/minorities being on the top celebrities earners list? I mean really. This is the same guy that talks ad nauseum about how Tyler Perry and Kirk Cameron have made millions appealing to a niche yet he continues to make this retarded point. I fail to see how Oprah’s success or Tom Cruise’s success for that matter has anything to do with the average person’s ability and/or chance at becoming a multi-millionaire. Of all of the retarded rants he sometime makes, this has to honestly be the most baseless one….

    • Pumpkin Bits
      Pumpkin Bits05-21-2012

      Also other people tries to point out that this list is fairly arbitrary. It is hard to tell if Adam is dumb, or just choosing willful blindness in his rants. No one on that list has any real power, but it doesn’t back the view point he has had before the conversation began.

      If he really thinks Jennifer Lopez has more sway than the average United States senator than I am baffled. She maybe has a slight chance at selling a Fiat at best.

  35. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee05-21-2012

    Anybody pick up the “Point Break” line to Thor from Tony Stark in the Avengers movie?

    • Andy90


  36. Charles Assad
    Charles Assad05-21-2012

    Please get the people from Hardcore Pawn on the podcast.

  37. jay Norris
    jay Norris05-21-2012

    I have a question for Allison R… if you read this, could you please explain what was meant on today’s show when Adam mentioned the need to play your intro as being part of an FCC requirement. if Adams show were going to be rebroadcast for air I could understand this. Who requires this and why? I thought the interweb’s were the wild west.

  38. Frank

    What’s the comment Alison makes at 6:54 that made Adam laugh so hard?

    • BringBackT

      Imagine how the body was

  39. DonnySac

    Linda said her favorite song was the KKK – supposedly Joey wrote that song about Linda with Johnny being the KKK.

  40. Rob

    I really don’t enjoy the show (as much) when Adam doesn’t have like minded guests on. He does the interview and then they just sit there quietly while everyone else cracks wise. No disrespect to Mrs Ramone but she didn’t really add anything to the show. I much prefer when the show has guests who contribute to the conversations taking place. Its almost like I sense her presence and she laughs softly sometimes but it just fells almost uncomfortable. I prefer guests with more relation to the show and to Adams style. 2 cents

  41. jamfu

    Are you kidding the Ramones fucking sucked. They had to be on the top ten list of the shittiest no talent bands of all time.

  42. JessMan

    wasn’t there a man show sketch where adam was writing his name out on a chalk board? i’ve always remembered it: CAR-olla

  43. JessMan

    o, she’s a new yorka? hmm couldn’t tell

  44. Megan

    Depending on the resturant if you dine and dash the server usually has to pay. I worked as a waitress through-out college at both a chain-resturant, Chili’s and an up-scale resturant and both made you pay if someone left without paying their bill. The reason they would give is that the table is your responsiblity from the time they are sat to the time they leave. If they are able to get up and leave without paying and you not noticing until it’s to late your not being as attentive as your job title entails. Never happened to me but I’ve seen girls leave with next to no money because they had to use other tables tips to cover the table that left without paying.

  45. Ioughta beSedated
    Ioughta beSedated05-22-2012

    The only thing that sucks more than the Ramones, is This chick. Thankfully her voice made me shoot myself just before finishing this comm

  46. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface05-22-2012

    The Ramones were awesome, but their live albums were so much better than their studio albums. It is as if they were trying to produce the studio albums so that the songs sucked as much as possible.

  47. James Rockin
    James Rockin05-23-2012

    I love that Linda’s favorite song is KKK the song Joey wrote about Johnny stealing Linda from him.

  48. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson05-24-2012

    If you don’t think Britney was hot 12 years ago you’re clearly and undoubtedly a die hard homosexual.

  49. Russ

    I wonder if any of that New York accent is elevated to keep with the Ramone punk rock attitude?
    Adam got a kick out of Linda’s use of a double negative, then Linda caught the joke… or at least she thought she got it.

  50. Donny Lee
    Donny Lee05-24-2012

    The Ramones are one of the most overrated bands of all time.
    They wrote one cool song and then proceeded to write and play the same song 200 times.

    They were cool, but they weren’t revolutionary. The first punk bands were the MC5 and The Stooges.
    Not the fucking Clash or the Ramones.

  51. raynman

    Dine and dashers beware, the waiter will have to pay for your food. As a long time vet of the restaurant biz if the boss is a doosh or the waiter does this one too many times he will have to pay. Why? because sometimes people pay with cash, and the waiter tells their manager that the table dashed, and they keep the cash. If the boss comps the tab the waiter makes off with the dough. The boss does not know if they really dashed, or being scammed by the waiter.

  52. Dirk Dootson
    Dirk Dootson05-25-2012

    I wanted Adam to ask her to say the “It’s just a waste of my time” line. For some reason I thought she kind of sounded like Sonny…

  53. Peggy

    Wow. Linda seems like a total MESS.

  54. Ashland

    A little uncomfortable when Adam seems to brag about how many terrible songs charted higher than the Ramones, with one of their widows sitting right next to him. Kinda felt bad for her.

    Oh, and to all the trolls posting about how much they don’t like the Ramones; Even if you don’t like them (and I myself am kinda luke warm on them), you have to recognize how much influence they had on the next couple decades of rock. Otherwise you’re just a bag of hot air. But I guess comment boards are just another place where you like to be a DB who thinks his opinions are like gold nuggets for the world.

  55. A.R.d.

    Don’t be so hard on the show staff. Americans are supposed to be horrible at geography. It’s just not our thing, We like the Kardashians.

  56. A.R.d.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Littlest_Hobo This is one of teh best dog related shows ever.

  57. Jake

    Adam “Don’t fist rape a fist raper”
    Linda “ok”

    That my friends, was hilarious!

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