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Adam opens the show discussing an awkward conversation at the dinner table after he invited Dr. Drew and his wife to the house. He also talks a bit more about his animated Mr. Birchum pilot, and the successful opening weekend of Seth MacFarlane’s film, ‘Ted’. Adam then rants about an infuriating Google ad that featured one of his least favorite songs. Dr. Bruce is also in studio, and talks with the guys about Obamacare, CAT scan risks, and a caller raising an autistic child.

LeVar Burton enters the studio next, and Adam recalls getting a disgruntled call from him back in his Man Show days. The guys also discuss LeVar’s role in Roots, and how he got the part. Later, Alison opens the news discussing a new policy in Brazil where inmates can get reduced prison time for reading books. The guys also talk about the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce, as well as Alec Baldwin’s marriage. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about beautiful actresses going crazy, and Adam and LeVar disagree over Where The Wild Things Are.


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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. steve-o

    Get it On!

    Great to hear you and LeVar worked it out!

  2. hutch

    The reading rainbow guy has a tequila shirt :O

  3. TS

    Bob’s Burgers is fucking great, though Adam is right that nobody seemed to care.

    I invite the listeners to check it out on Netflix streaming, etc.

    • Chris Denman
      Chris Denman07-02-2012

      Bob’s Burger’s is pretty damn funny.

    • Seattleite

      Plus 1 this one! Love bobs burgers!

    • edgar

      Bob’s Burger is great show, too bad with the inundation of shows everywhere, be it tv/cable or internet it goes unnoticed

    • Cat & Dog
      Cat & Dog07-03-2012


  4. Count Dante
    Count Dante07-01-2012

    I think Adam is a bit off on his Fox animation theory. The main reason no animated shows were picked up is not because Fox is done with animation, but because Fox decided to try and cultivate the line-up they currently have. Instead of constantly bringing in new shows in hopes that something will become a break out hit. Animation on Fox isn’t going anywhere, they still make massive bank from it.

    Also, American Dad has become, by far, the best animated show in the line up.

    • Dude

      American Dad sucks big dick.

      • Big Daddy Don Garlits
        Big Daddy Don Garlits07-05-2012

        American Dad is bad… very bad.

    • mt

      american dad is fricken awesome. cleveland show i can do without

    • gendo1

      The above poster is someone that probably works for FOX. Look Adam, they actually care what you think!

    • AceFan!

      American Dad is so great! You are the first person who thinks it’s better than everything out there right now.

    • Cat & Dog
      Cat & Dog07-02-2012

      I’m not looking to get into an argument with a dumbass, but I’d like to point out the Bob’s Burgers is the best show in the Fox cartoon lineup.

    • Hegro

      Another Macfarlane sycophant? Ugh. Please go away.

      • Silent Running
        Silent Running07-02-2012


    • Derp McDerp
      Derp McDerp07-02-2012

      Dante, you are correct about American Dad. The recent episode with Steve and Roger driving the Ferrari was about as funny as anything Seth MacFarlane has come out with.

    • Stan

      I agree with you on American Dad, that show is hysterical

    • DrAwkward

      Roger is by far the best part of American Dad. The best Paul Lynde since Queer Duck!

  5. j m szczerba
    j m szczerba07-02-2012

    is that roots cover a joke or is that the real deal? it looks like a spoof of a movie about slavery, lol.

  6. james

    YES, Geordi Laforge in the hizzie! As a big next gen nerd I am excited.

  7. squirrel

    Ugh. Officially and beyond sick of Bryan. Sorry, dude.

    • Mike G
      Mike G07-02-2012

      Squirrel I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s embarrassing when Bryan chimes in and tries to tell jokes.
      Too bad he’s not even that good at his drops. He’s tolerable and sometimes hits it perfectly, but I keep wondering why he still has his job.

      • DeBoh

        He Had Cancer…. Really

      • squirrel

        Amen, Mike G!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

      He has good days and bad days.

  8. Charlie S.
    Charlie S.07-02-2012

    Would love to see the Mr. Birchum animation…. where is it?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

      Fox made YouTube take it down.

  9. Sluggh

    When did Burton have a lobotomy?

  10. Steph

    I can’t believe no one commented on that weird giant hand on Ireland’s boob.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

      I think it’s her hand.

  11. Andrew

    What you’re missing about the Google ad is that Google thinks like a business. Maneater is an excellent example because two shitlords can put together a piece of crap and, through the power of Google, make millions.

  12. GOD

    Does he still dance to Tom Jones? Loved him in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

      He was also great on Silver Spoons too.

  13. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-02-2012

    “…he’ll put a finger up your ass.”

  14. J@mes

    Adam seemed to be in a beer drinkin’/ball scratchin’ kinda mood in this episode, because he really half assed it. What’s the point of having Levar on the show if Adam isn’t going to interview him?

    • B

      LeVar didn’t seem too interested in actually answering any questions.

  15. Douchy McFuckstick
    Douchy McFuckstick07-02-2012

    Adams first guess: 80,000 tons which equals 160,000,000 pounds.
    Space Shuttles weight: 75.5 tons

    Initially Adam was wrong by 79,924.5 tons (159,849,000 lbs).

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

      Yeah, but still.

    • RobK

      Actually, as I recall it, Adam’s initial guess was “hundreds of thousands of tons”. But who’s counting.

  16. Whitney

    Yay! I loved reading rainbow!

  17. Meh

    Carolla has a new show picture on Itunes that’s black and red, with a beacon of light glaring in the background. Immediate thought to mind was that this isn’t your old Carolla………it’s the new, dark, realistic, edgy Carolla. The Christopher Nolan version if you will.

  18. Big Daddy Don Garlits
    Big Daddy Don Garlits07-02-2012

    Good show, good guest.

  19. Rosen's Renegades
    Rosen's Renegades07-02-2012

    Count Dante, do you work for Fox?

  20. Mitchumm

    Love the new logo… LENS FLARE BABY!!!

  21. stnuntrnd

    The new, customized for the ACS, and relatively soft-spoken Myles L. Berman commercial is an improvement.

  22. Jesus farted
    Jesus farted07-02-2012

    Somebody needs to buy Adam some Afrin, he’s always got massive snot dripping out of his nose.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

      Then he would lose his nasally drone.

    • GreatCalves82

      Thats why he does the heavy sniff.

  23. So you're telling us you're a liar?
    So you're telling us you're a liar?07-02-2012

    Love how “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Allen Gregory” are deemed to be shit now, considering Carolla did live spots when those shows were premiering in which he went off-script and provided his personal opinion that the shows were good.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-02-2012

      Clearly, Adam would do a commercial for “Jerry Sandusky Brand Shower Paddles” if they cut a check that didn’t bounce…

      • MC White
        MC White07-03-2012

        Would the paddles be used for “scrubbing” or “paddeling?”

        • Poochie's Uncle
          Poochie's Uncle07-03-2012

          One side is for scrubbing, the other side is for paddling.

    • Stan

      well they were paid ads and people pay extra for live reads because they’re free formed and also Adam and his people knew that if those two did well Bircham would likely get picked up, Adam was understandably playing the game

  24. Steve

    Larry the cable guy got his start somewhat similar to Adam. He would call into a local morning radio show in Orlando and joke around with the hosts. He created the character Larry the cable guy and became quite popular locally. He keeps a house in suburb of Orlando and by all accounts of those who meet him he’s an incredibly nice guy.

    • Chuck

      “Larry the cable guy got his start somewhat similar to Adam. He would call into a local morning radio show in Orlando and joke around with the hosts. He created the character Larry the cable guy and became quite popular locally. He keeps a house in suburb of Orlando and by all accounts of those who meet him he’s an incredibly nice guy.”

      Yeah, well, that’s different, because Ace….uhhh….swung a hammer, and …..uhhh….Donny….uhh…..North Hollywood High…..and…..Birchum…..and……I mean…….uhhhhh………boxing…….jimmy……and…..uhhh

  25. Matt

    Adam your interrupting rarely bothers me but could you and Rosen plz let the doctors finish their thoughts more often…idk why spazz even shows up anymore he’s not allowed to talk and you’re constantly braking his balls.

    • reb

      Agree; the thundering “Let me just say this. . . as I’ve said many times before” often cuts off something with something less interesting or, more often, something that’s been said . . .many times before.

  26. Matt


  27. Bobby

    I just finished Adam’s book and I recommend it highly to everybody. It is a great read. After Adam said “How can we be so smart and so dumb?” Bruce said capitalism….but was then cut off by Adam. I sure hope Dr. Bruce was not going to take a dump on capitalism. Though not perfect (nothing man made ever is) it is far and away, when married to individual liberty and freedom, the greatest, most dynamic, and powerful economic system ever devised. Check out the youtube video entitled “Milton Friedman-Greed”.

  28. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent07-02-2012

    Even though it came first, I think of Mandingo is the porn parody of Roots.

  29. Bubba Jesco
    Bubba Jesco07-02-2012

    As I recall, LeVar was upset about the title of Man Show skit, “Pioneer dads: A story of interracial gay adoption in the mid 1800s”… One of the funniest movie titles i has ever heard 😀

    • Todd

      Dude. You were right. Way to get this in before he confirmed it on the 7/9 podcast!!

  30. Steve

    great episode

  31. Jude

    Has anyone subscribed to the archives? Are older shows available for download or just streaming? Any video content?


    • Will

      Wondering same thing.

  32. Shane

    You should have asked LeVar about John Amos!

  33. Wes

    “…and Adam and LeVar disagree over Where The Wild Things Are.”

    Where ARE the wild things, really?

  34. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood07-02-2012

    to the Adam who I know isnt reading this,

    you might get better guests if you engaged with them beyond being impressed with yourself for remembering a bit about his 35 year old TV show.

    • Whatthewhat

      Seriously! Like when Adam interview Rome Livingston and said most people know him from Swingers….Uh NO…Office Space. DUH Adam!
      Just because you haven’t seen the movie…geez do some research.

      • Whatthewhat

        Ron Livingston

  35. Bill

    Why are doctors they only people to complain about getting more customers?

    • Josh

      Because they’ll be getting paid less to serve all these new people in the system? Well that’s what my Dr said when I asked him his opinion on Obamacare….well to be honest his first comment was “It sucks”.

  36. thedecade

    it’s weird that its weird…

  37. David

    Forcing me to pay health insurance by threat of government tax is not moral or practical in any way.

  38. Foz-man

    Look at that picture and realize that Leval Burton is only 2 years younger than Dr. Bruce.

    Black don’t crack!

    • Foz-man


  39. Adams love child
    Adams love child07-02-2012

    Was it just me, or was there some tension in the room for the entire Burton interview. Why does almost every actor from Star Trek wildly disappoint me in real life interviews. I think part of it was the gay talk. My Gaydar picks up a huge bogey coming at our six from Commander Laforge.

  40. Will

    Is it me or was Mr Burton a bit detached? I know the Aceman talks…and talks but what exactly did Lavar contribute?

  41. reb

    People who don’t like the podcast shouldn’t leave negative comments because it is hugely burdensome to those of us who like it; in fact, we are offended, SO offended.

    • Adam's a Racist
      Adam's a Racist07-03-2012


  42. Tom

    The Simpsons writers and actors just signed a big new contract, but I’m sure Adam is right and animation is on its way out. Of course it couldn’t be that Fox didn’t like his crappy show just like NBC and CBS.

    • james

      The Simpsons should have been put out of its misery ten years ago. Fox and the producers of a once great show are more than happy to let it die a long sad death before it will inevitably be canceled.

  43. spidly

    Tickets should be handed out to anyone;
    looking for address going 15mph under the speed limit,
    not taking the right turn on red,
    coming to a dead stop to make a right onto a side street,
    trying to merge on the freeway at 45mph,
    who speeds up when you hit a passing lane on a rural road,
    speeds up when someone attempts to pass,
    takes up two parking spaces,
    who takes the entire green light to get thru the intersection…

    • tboner

      Exactly right! That’s why Adam should never speak kindly of Portland again. He would HATE the pussies who drive up here.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-03-2012

      Worst. Poem. Ever.

    • Haggis

      And driving slow in the fast lane, then flashing brights when you pass. Are you listening Seattle?!

  44. Canadaddy

    Why is everyone busting Adam’s balls for carrying the show when an up-tight, uncomfortable limp guest makes himself known in the first 5 minutes?
    Did you really want to listen to another 40minutes of short poised answers from Sir Geordi La Forge?
    Not me.

  45. Carlos

    Based on what Adam says about Natalia, it seems that she has a similar character to him and instead of yelling at him “I hate you!” when she’s 14, she will join him on the podcast and complain about things. And Sonny will say, “Father, you shouldn’t drink so much, it makes you more angry.”

  46. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies07-02-2012

    Maneater is a great song, Adam has to stop being such a music snob.

    • david


    • Tim

      It’s not a great song, but it’s not the all-time-horrible type of song that Adam thinks it is, either. It’s a “meh” song that probably didn’t deserve to be #1, but there are hundreds of examples of those. I’m not sure why Ace bags on the same two or three of them.

  47. Scotty Terror
    Scotty Terror07-02-2012

    Enough with the theme songs! They were not funny the first time…

  48. jpg

    Dr Spaz was especially annoying this time. He’s getting a little to confident…

  49. Craig

    Doctors always seem to prescribe MRI’s. I’ve never seen a Cat-scan machine. There’s no risks to an MRI, it’s just magnetic fields.

  50. Roekest

    Damnit, Carolla! Now I have “Maneater” stuck in my head. This is going to take some serious bong hits tonight to erase this from my mind

  51. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson07-03-2012

    The Space Shuttle weighs several hundred thousand tons? The USS George W Bush, the worlds largest aircraft carrier, weighs 102.000 tons. I’m pretty sure the Space Shuttle doesn’t weigh several times more then that. And of course it’s gliding. It’s traveling at mach 25! What would be the point of more thrust? Sometimes Adam doesn’t seem very smart.

  52. kevin hardyman
    kevin hardyman07-03-2012

    Adam, LeVar seems to be as lively as The Most Interesting Man in the World. Also, Bob’s Burgers rules!

  53. zyzz

    lol @ LeVar Burton being familiar with FM Bradleys work

  54. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica07-03-2012

    Dr spaz and jordy? might as well just talk to callers instead. What do either of those zeroes have to say about anything that might be funny? spaz talking about violating the patient doctor confidentiality act? yuk yuk. Lavar burton talking about getting lowballed by Chumley on Pawn Stars and selling his next gen costume for 85 $?

    Wait that might actually be funny but im dreaming of course.

  55. Brett

    I wish ACE would give the guests a little more time to talk – I mean I’m a big LeVar Burton fan and would like to hear more about his career – wide variety Roots, Star Trek, Reading Rainbow. How did that happen and what is he doing now? Also what does he think about the Star Trek culture with all the shows?

    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson07-04-2012

      I agree wholeheartedly. I can’t believe they didn’t ask him several hundred thousand questions about Str Trek: The Next Generation.

  56. ChopperDave

    i was going down a three lane one way street and there was a guy going 15mph in the center lane. i went to go around him and right as im about to pass, he finds the street he wants and jacks the wheel at the last second hits me and runs me off the road. i ended up in a church lawn. assholes need to pay attention to whats going on around them and not expect everyone to yield to their idiocy.

  57. Tim

    I drive an Element, I give a shit !

    • Haggis

      I drive a hybrid and it is NOT to make a statement. It is to save gas money. I see more minivans and Conservative Cruisers (Crown Vic’s, etc.) driving slow and getting in other people’s way to make a statement than hybrids.

  58. sloozen1

    Ted better be more than what I saw on the commercial….If I pay a price can I sit in on a show? I will give to the pirate ship?? The Eurithmics SUCK!….You were not a top, you where a tumbler to their coaster…Oh BTW Just listened to you do your Howard Stern interview last week or so, AWESOME interview!!!! Cars should have a light that means UNSURE ABOUT SURROUNDINGS….Adam welcome to middle class 2012 PEOPLE don’t drive $120,000 cars…..I like Dr. Bruce….. I have a feeling Adam is taking a puff or three before the podcast and I like it…The national care thing is about END OF LIFE COSTS it will bancrupt the USA>…Orgasm headaches are a curse…I’m full goodbye…

  59. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson07-04-2012

    I love how Adam talks like he’s created all these number one TV shows. He did The Man Show. Which was absolutely terrible. And probably not Adam’s idea anyway. Get over it.

    • reb

      he and kimmel created the show. when has he claimed it was “number one”?

  60. Dilly

    Adam got on Sara Gilbert (rightfully in my opinion) for bringing up a personal issue in an interview that had nothing to do with it, then did the same thing to Burton when calling him out for the phone call. Also bringing up the the black c*ck theory was not funny and just stupid, Burton (who I actually don’t even care for) avoided it expertly. Time and a place for the funnies, this instance was not one…

  61. ArrestedDeveloper

    People need to call Adam on his shit more often.

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