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Adam opens the show by announcing that Kevin Smith will be appearing in studio tomorrow to help clear the air on their recent argument. Adam also goes through the Girl Scout Cookie rankings, and yells at Larry Miller for not liking the right ones. Later, Adam rants about remote controls with low batteries, and whether or not you tip the hotel housekeeping.

Alison starts up the news discussing the results of the SAG awards. Adam also goes on a jag about Yakov Smirnoff and breaks down the flaws of Rocky 3. Adam then tries to give advice to a lazy 14-year old son, and talks with Alison about the latest happenings at Occupy DC. Adam also takes your tweets for a round of What Can’t Adam Complain About, and he wraps the show talking to callers about high school reunions and animated caricatures.


Eye of the Gingrich

HuffPo Girl Scout Survey

Bill E. Goat

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. R

    I’ve been aboard the pirate ship since day one, and this is the most disgusting grouping of pictures yet. Jesus Christ.

    • Ledgewood

      Yeah, Larry’s tie is pretty awful.

  2. Badger

    Countdown to a long series of posts where people complain about 1) Larry Miller 2) the roadtrip game 3) Still mad that Adam has twins and a podcast and you have neither 4) THIS PODCAST DID NOT REPRESENT MY POLITICAL BELIEVES 5) Adam did not discuss the plight of the african peoples enough 6) Kevin Smith was right about everything 7) General frustrated projecting

    • Zeke

      you really enjoy the kids on the show when that happens?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-31-2012

      The Badgster,
      It’s because of these Cyber Tough Guys that we have “Comment Moderation” – thank you Ass Holes!

  3. MPG

    Ace, you’re a good guy so you go easy on people when they have a beef with you. Don’t go easy on Kevin Smith if he is still acting nuts. I’m starting to think that he needs to be taken down a few pegs.

    • lodstudios

      Tired of complainers, if he really wanted to do a show with Adam he would have not stopped until it happened. Never been a Smith fan, this isn’t exactly helping his cause.

    • Zapoli

      Two douchenozzles enter …

  4. Cyrus

    Awesome. Love Larry Miller!

    • GW

      Please kick the Shit out of Kevin Smith…..Get em HAMMER!!!!!

  5. BlackTexJapan

    Yakult- Been trying for years to explain to my Japanese colleagues that Yakult has one of the worse names. In all offices throughout Tokyo a little old lady rolls around a cart and delivers the Yakult products each day to our offices. I must send you a photo. You guys are incredible. Thanks for keeping me laughing day in and day out. P.S. Alison, glad you are starting to speak out/up more, really adds so much to the show.

  6. BlackTexJapan

    Japanese exchange student. Good stuff my man.. Hard work is right on point.

  7. Red Menace
    Red Menace01-31-2012

    a very entertaining episode. Larry & Alison shined, and Bryan’s drops were a hoot. Good job guys!

  8. MrMind

    Love Larry Miller. AAAhh Come Oooooon!!

  9. Andrew

    Alison still getting hotter and hotter everyday!

  10. Dubadubaduba

    Badger, you are the kind of poster I like. Sadly people won’t listen and then do those things you joke about.

  11. AngelAdamFan

    Already uncomfortable for tomorrow’s podcast, but can’t wait to hear it.

  12. Huck

    Pretty close to a duck face there, Ace…

  13. Rrrrr

    Adam you are looking young again. Love the Larry!
    I hate kevin smith Baby doll Dixson is correct. this thing was not good for you.
    Adam your number one,. the best there is in the biz. You are in a class of your own.
    Leave kevin smith behind!

  14. Adam

    I wish someone stopped Kevin Smith after Clerks. Everything since has blown. I for one am glad Adam did not work with him because I would have been suckered in to watching more Kevin Smith crap.

    • Carols Daughter
      Carols Daughter01-31-2012

      Clerks is one of my all time favs and I’ve been disappointed with every-single Kevin Smith movie since….
      Yes, I’m including ‘Chasing Amy’ too

  15. The Grantman
    The Grantman01-31-2012

    Larry Miller is the best thing since sliced bread… but then again I’m on a low carb diet.

  16. Blue Maverick
    Blue Maverick01-31-2012


    Why the duckface with Larry?


  17. brandoneus

    Which friend is in rehab and for what?

  18. Richard

    Look at that Blue Steel Adam has going on.

  19. mike

    I’m sorry larry, that’s wrong

  20. Eric M
    Eric M01-31-2012

    A comment about hotel tipping. Most places rotate staff so
    If you leave $3.00 to $5.00 a day on the pillow the
    Housekeeper who did the room that day would be taken
    Care of. Also not all staff share tips as assumed

  21. robert_r

    is it just me or does this whole thing with kevin smith feel contrived?

    • HotBlackDesoto

      I do smell a little cookery going on in the fudge-packing kitchen. If not mutual, more from Kevin Smith for the pub. Maybe they can get Mean Gene to moderate their debate.

  22. Jon P
    Jon P01-31-2012

    Boss: “Jon how could you spend $30,000 last month on your expense account?”
    Me: “Easy. I skipped lunch.”

  23. Manny

    I got your back Ace. I hope you make Kevin Smith cry, the guy is such a whiny bitch!

  24. big jim
    big jim01-31-2012

    In America, you listen to podcasts.
    In Soviet Russia, podcasts listen to you!

  25. MikeA

    Good one Ace Man.

  26. Sarah

    Alison– change your mascera every 6 months! it does expire and worse– you can get eye herpes!! From the eye of a whore… trust me, hahah

  27. Carols Daughter
    Carols Daughter01-31-2012

    OMG. The phone call with the kid….EPIC!

    • Jason

      Agree, hardest laugh in a while…

    • AllAboutACE

      “I don’t take rides with strangers!”

  28. Kyle

    Is that an Emmy?

  29. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper01-31-2012

    It’d be great if Larry MIller could be on every day. No guests – just Ace, Bald Bryan, Allison & Larry.

  30. Dave

    LIVE on ACS Podcast!
    Adam “Aceman” Carolla vs. Kevin “Not-so-silent Bob” Smith
    Feb 1, 2012

    Bring your A-game Aceman!!!

  31. Daniel Doyle
    Daniel Doyle01-31-2012

    Adam, your getting ahead of yourself. YOUR CAREER IS BASED ON YOU THINKING YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. Dont jump on Kevin because you think he’s full of shit. His career is based on the film business. You argue for a living. By definition, you are full of shit. I love you… Havnt missed an episode since day one. Your getting ahead of yourself.

  32. Beaver

    Kick his ass Sea Bass! oh… I mean Ace Man.

  33. Listener

    Adam’s call with the lazy 14-year-old (“let’s pretend I’m giving you good advice… play along”) was a brilliant way to convey to the kid the absurdity of scheming one’s way into money.

  34. Mark

    You know why they won’t take Inn-N-Out east of California? Because no one is going to eat there when they can go get a real burger at Whataburger. Keep your silly faggot burgers in California thank you very much.

    • Jll M.
      Jll M.02-01-2012

      Up yours Mark.

    • AllAboutACE

      Mark, so glad you could stop by and leave us a little piece of your ignorance… Now get the hell outta here! Go back to listening to Kevin Smith… maybe watch a little “Chasing Amy” while you and your sister cuddle!

      P.S. Tell your sister I said hi and she left her thong at my place!

  35. Lara

    Such great advice to that kid from Sacramento. When you are right, you are right. Pot can be so insidious, the only people who know that have seen the disastrous effects for themselves.

  36. Ross

    I freakin love Larry Miller, good guy. And don’t listen to them about your tie Larry, it is a little slice of awesome.

  37. Maccaguy

    I’ve been a Kevin Smith fan since Clerks, but over the last couple of years (since pot became his prime directive) it’s become more and more obvious that he loves to hear the sound of his own voice far more than anyone else on the planet, and worst of all, in a smoke-induced stupor, he is convinced he is right. Look at the ‘too fat to fly’ incident: he tried to board an earlier flight, and when they didn’t accommodate him, he had his little fit. Look at his ‘selling’ of “Red State”: that was nothing more than a publicity stunt to get his name some press.

    I’m hoping that with the correspondences that Adam has already brought to light, the verification of Babydoll Dixon, and with any evidence others on Ace’s staff might have (concerning booking dates, etc.), he takes ‘too fat to fly’ down a few pegs tonight/tomorrow.

  38. J Pete
    J Pete01-31-2012

    I still wish Allison could self edit a bit.

  39. josh lake
    josh lake01-31-2012

    If they keep talking about that atrocious Rod Stewart photo, I feel compelled to keep shopping it for Larry.
    Avert your eyes!

  40. Tyler

    Holy shit, tomorrow is going to be awesome.

  41. state your name
    state your name01-31-2012

    Adam thinks lint either goes in the toilet or the SINK? WTF? Lint can only be discarded using WATER? I mean, flushing it is dumb enough, but… trying to rinse it down a SINK drain? Seriously? Too bad Adam doesn’t read these comments. He’ll never know he can just toss it in the trash…? WTF?

  42. state your name
    state your name01-31-2012

    And Larry (THE expert on all things bathroom-related, such as shaving, hampers, and soap chips) said NOTHING about the lint disposal? WTF?

  43. chu

    kevin smith is douchenozzle with his facts complete screwed up…too much pot for that hack…

  44. Hoo Roosh
    Hoo Roosh01-31-2012

    Deathwatch 2012: Adam Carolla podcast.

  45. the point man
    the point man01-31-2012

    January 2012 was a banner month for the podcast. They found their groove. Number 1 undisputed. Lets see if they can stay consistent.

  46. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.01-31-2012

    Alison’s laugh…. fake or not… I’ve noticed lately is very annoying…

  47. Flatulator

    Nice, laid back episode. Good times. I love that kid.

  48. mechio

    Good show. Larry kind of looks like Pete from MacGuyver in that pic.

  49. ScottyWhy

    Bald Brian, keep working “Checklist Hot”. I started using it the first time you said it a few months back. It is excellent. We will make it part of the lexicon. Perfect way to describe a C+ to B. (yeah, you hit all the marks but I’m still not impressed)

  50. Phil

    Who the hell puts dryer lint in the toilet OR sink?! It goes in the trash! Because it’s trash!

  51. Slis

    Love the emmy on the table behind Kimmel.

  52. Takeda

    In this episode one can hear the Adam is getting quite comfortable with Larry. Maybe even friendly.

  53. Avery

    FYI, the cross in the circle that the so called “nazi” had tattooed on him wasn’t a target, it is a Celtic Cross. Bald Bryan is a fucking moron. And what kind of “nazi” what be dating Alison? Stevie-Fucking-Wonder could see that she’s a jew.

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