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Adam begins the show discussing his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which taped earlier today. Larry Miller is in studio, and relates to the experience of doing a late night talk show and sensing the energy of the crowd before you come out. Adam also talks with him about one of Jay’s super expensive cars, and gives an update on his dog Molly.

Alison opens the news discussing Blagojevich’s 14-year prison sentence. The group talks about corrupt politicians, and also discuss disturbing details from the Sandusky scandal. Larry brings up an awkward conversation he had with an insurance guy, which gets the group talking about the abundance of insurance commercials these days. Alison then talks about a Mythbusters experiment gone wrong, and the guys wrap the news taking about celebrity treatment on airplanes.

In the last part of the show, Larry tries his luck during a few rounds of the Hypothetical Road Trip. The guys then return to the news, and wrap the show talking about Rolling Stone’s best movies of the year, and the problems with not letting girls have access to Plan B without a prescription.


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  1. The Farm
    The Farm12-08-2011

    I think its about time for Molly to go to the farm. $10,000 in and still adding to that bill, that’s crazy!!!! I guess this is just a RICH white guy problem. LOL And you wonder why people what to change your tax bill from 48 school teachers to 51, Keep telling stories like that and you will never get your taxes down to the 45 school teacher level.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana12-08-2011

      Let’s get rid of all forms of graft. This bull sh** economy is based on let’s pay ourselves more than we’re worth, then roll the difference into debt.

      It’s clear that this won’t work anymore. And the hit, when it comes, will hit both rich and poor equally.

      I think if we had eliminated out-sourcing and focused on domestic education, we could have avoided this.

      But it is what it is. The American middle class, in terms of labor, is now lower class.

      It’s like an Earthquake — a tectonic shift, a good analogy because the plates are connected. And when they move, they don’t care. They just do.

  2. Sluggh

    Can’t get enough of Larry’s wit and energy. The perfect guest for any occasion.

    • riley martin
      riley martin12-08-2011

      that better fuckin be sarcasm buddy

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee12-09-2011

        Oh Tans In Wa

  3. Tim

    Oh, good, another rant about how rich people should be allowed to break the law because they pay more taxes. I was afraid we might go an entire episode without getting one of those.

    • r

      Yes! My thought exactly. And how about just once Ace doesn’t excuse the behavior of high profile dicks with his one size fits all, “See, it used to be that this stuff happened all the time…..now, because of technology everybody finds out about it. Ace reveres the past WAY to fucking much.

  4. G-man

    I am so waiting for FLO from the Progressive commercials to do a Hustler spread….OMG (Please make that happen)…

    • JessMan


  5. Adam

    I don’t understand how Adam (anyone) could like Taco Bell. Must be the low self esteem.

    • Jacki

      Uh, I think you mean NO self esteem.

  6. Daniel

    Hypothetical Podcast Game, Larry Miller always wins over DAG!

  7. Dusan Mandic
    Dusan Mandic12-08-2011

    Aceman, you were thinking Neil Zirconium had a bit of Peter Graves in him, from the old mission impossible episodes, I used to watch those when I was a kid in the 90s and still loved them

  8. big Marges gunt
    big Marges gunt12-08-2011

    Hi Larry.

  9. AceFan!

    Only Aceman can craft an argument that makes me feel sympathy for Alec Baldwin. I love this podcast so much that I want to find a way for government to recognize a marriage between man and podcast. I want to raise kids with it. I would name one kid Ace and the other Man, especially if it was a girl. That way I could introduce Aceman to Ace and Man.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana12-08-2011

      The evolution of Social Media is Sexual Media, “Web 3.0”. It’s all about magnets.

  10. jd

    Once again, Bald Brian shows how ignorant he is about movies. “These movies haven’t come out yet”. Um, supergenius, All of the movies on that list have been released except for War Horse. I guess none of those movies are on his radar because they’re not Transformers 3.

  11. Bill Giovanni
    Bill Giovanni12-08-2011

    Keep ranting, Aceman! and Larry Miller you gotta get your rant on!

    If you ask me, Mayor Antonio Ramón Villaraigosa should have built that 20-foot concrete K-rail wall around City Hall as soon as he saw those Occupy idiots coming. It cost us the tax paying public millions of dollars in overtime pay to clean up their mess, and his.

    Seems Villaraigosa has no problem getting an application for an eight-and-a-half-foot wall around the mayoral residence in Windsor Square, probably to keep those Occupy bums, I mean protestors out. Again, at our OUR expense.

    Does Mayor Villaraigosa really need a divider to separate him from us 99% commoners? He’s has got a $220,000 salary; numerous concubines; a security entourage a drug lord would be envious of; more vacations than our President; free ball games; concerts, etc., etc., etc. And City Hall is worse, wasting millions on constituent-polarizing deals, over-funded pensions and inflated city salaries. In the meantime, we Angelinos are either broke, jobless or both.

    I mean, the only way I could even begin to forgive this Mayor is if he brought back Operation Pothole to save our handmade vintage Borrani wire wheels.

    Again, keep ranting, Aceman and until next time, keep the air in the spare in your exotic car collection.


    Bill Giovanni

    PS. What happened to that great Car Cast banner? And on the latest Car Cast banner it looked like at Laguna Seca you apex the turn-in point too late. The objective in any corner is to have the highest exit speed. Just look at the wretched Photoshop work. You could see a line where the photo was repositioned.

  12. Guinny_Ire

    You do realize Obama came from Chicago don’t you? One of the top 3 corrupt political cities in the country. Only people surprised by this are people not aware of Chicago.

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana12-08-2011

      I realize he’s Black. Right from the start, you put an arrow through my heart.

  13. Dustin

    The streak of always agreeing had to end some day. Drive was a great movie.

  14. dryanalrape

    Festive tins….unbelievable!

  15. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana12-08-2011

    Only 13 comments? Either this show was lame (but it wasn’t) or the Censor was high (a distinct possibility) or the dream is dead (say it isn’t so).

  16. Ryan

    Love Aceman but come on, quit defending Baldwin all the time, it goes against your moral compass. Adam is so smitten because a famous actor is friends with him that he defends him to no end. If this was another celebrity that acted in this manner over and over Adam would rip him to shreds. Seems highly hypocritcal to me.

    • Eric

      You must not listen to very many of his podcasts. Most things he says is contradicting to something he says later. I have only listened for a few months, and at first thought it was hilarious, but the more he strays away from comedy the more it turns me off. Not the smartest dude in the world, stick to comedy man.

      • Backdoor Nugget
        Backdoor Nugget12-12-2011

        yup, continuously contradictory.

        the contradictions are so egregious and his arguments so obtuse that it could only be to piss off the overly ernest. like a prank.

        sometimes there are little kernels of truth, on the whole it’s a vacuous act of self-interested buffoonery.

        i like it.

        now go fuck yourselves you losers.

  17. Harry Balsangna
    Harry Balsangna12-09-2011

    Where is the Amazon banner on the front page? I don’t see it.

    • T

      it’s under the ‘support the show’ tab.

  18. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper12-10-2011

    Three hot chicks wanna get Taco Bell with you, Adam, and you say, “Wait a minute, I’m a celebrity and I’m not supposed to be eating Taco Bell with strangers.”

    I’l pretend I didn’t hear that pretentious comment, Aceman. Yes, you most definitely should have gotten Taco Bell with them. And just imagine the delights that would have awaited you afterwards!

    It’s a win-win, dude!

  19. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith12-12-2011

    I wrote an extension for Chrome to remind you to go to amazon through Adam’s link if it sees you go straight to Amazon.com. That’s all it does. Search google extensions for “Adam Amazon”.

  20. chargeman

    Jesus, Adam this is what the 99% movement is about! The corruption. Not that some people are rich!! Take more than 5 minutes to look into something before going off on it for an hour. You agree with them!!!

  21. Kevin

    Why can’t I get the podcast anymore? The app won’t let me stream or download anything other than the most recent episode. This website is giving me the same guff.. meaning clicking play does nothing, clicking open in new window opens a new box with a media player that also does nothing. Contact? All I see are tweet IDs and littered all over the page is “contact by e-mail.” What fucking e-mail address!?!?!?! I don’t tweet. Why can’t I just e-mail you? What the fuck? WHY the fuck? This is driving me FUCKING CRAZY!!!

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